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Integrity. What would you do?

February 27, 2011

Any time I can get the opportunity to use an Eminem song I will do it:)

Lets just say someone offered you some privy information if you erased something for them on your blog would you do it?

It isn’t illegal but I would be questioning my integrity if I chose to sell my soul for this information.

You can love or hate this blog but the one thing you should know when reading it is that I stand by my opinion. There have been multiple blogs I have regretted after the fact but when I wrote the opinion I meant it. Erasing those blogs would be a mistake.

I hate bringing this out in the open but I feel like I need some advice. I will say this though. I promised to keep names out of it when this subject originally came up and I still plan on doing that. What you told me was in private and what I wrote you I meant.

The question is what would you do? Would you erase something or would you leave it up?

Well I have chosen to not sell my soul even though I am sure the information would be worth it. IMO the integrity of this blog would come into question if I chose to do what was asked of me. Now some people think I have no but those people’s opinion don’t matter.

Would love to hear what you think. If you wrote a blog would you erase the information for different information? or would you leave it as is?

I am leaving the tags section empty. A promise is a promise.



TCO. Your comments keep going to spam for some reason. This conspiracy theorist un-spammed your latest comment:)

Oh and Robin, I don’t know the name of Couch’s music. Sorry I couldn’t find it.

Shannon Miller cancer scare

February 26, 2011

From what I have been reading she is very lucky she got this early because this could have turned into something much worse.

In semi related news some gymnasts have created bra’s to be auctioned off for Breast cancer.
These are some gaudy looking bra’ and I don’t see them being used when bought. Maybe someone will frame

Sorry about the lack of updates. I am sure I’ll do something for the scam cup next week (or the week after. I don’t even know when it is.honestly) but it’s baseball season so I am very busy.

Old Shannon Miller radio shows for anyone interested

Jordyn Wieber on bars

February 21, 2011

Jordyn-Wieber on bars

I love her look on bars. Interesting skills. She even keeps her feet together. The angle of this video is kind of weird but I liked the routine.

You can find videos of other routines to the left. Except Kaitlyn’s floor routine.

Katelyn Ohashi on beam

February 20, 2011

Watch more video of 2011 WOGA Classic on

By now you know this kid drives me nuts. Not so much her fault more like the judges giving her say a score of 13.000 on floor when she fell twice ( Really Woga? Try and justify but I keep forgetting this kid isn’t eligible for 2012 so all she needs to do is learn to be consistent (and maybe actually do a switch ring that deserves to be credited)

Other wise this was a pretty impressive routine from Katelyn. Good for her.

I will give Liukin credit for putting real skills in this kids beam routine. Unlike his other gymnast and her code whoring cheap skills.

How interesting that Gymnastike chose not to put her floor routine up.

I also noticed that Katelyn looks a lot taller compared to last year. At Nationals she looked 6 in person.

Has Mckenzie Wofford quit gymnastics?

February 6, 2011

No less then 7 people today have searched my blog with some form of the wording below.

A rumor no less but an interesting one at that.

mckenzie wofford quits gymnastics, woga, 2011
Wofford leaves woga
Wordford quit

are just some of the words looked to find my blog today.

Will she or won’t she?

February 4, 2011

We haven’t had a Nastia blog in awhile so lets discuss her comeback. Will she or won’t she. She said she would announce it in 2010. It’s now 2011. According to GGMB she was on the radio the other day and didn’t sound to confident about 2012 but we all know this girl will do anything for attention so down playing would be the norm for her. She also said she is aiming for worlds and Nationals this year. Sorry double talk makes me laugh. She is aiming for Nationals and Worlds but doesn’t think she can make 2012? I don’t understand why people buy the snow this girl shovels. They have plenty of it in Texas right now from what I read.

My guess is her ” announcement” will come when she can get the most publicity. The American Cup is in a month.

I personally think she is going for it. Maybe not full out but very much like she did in 2008. She wants the attention. She wants her name in the middle of this so she can get as much publicity as she can. Then again this is me here and I am always preparing for worst case scenario. Which would be Nastia on team 2012. You know Marta will put her on that team is she can swing a bar and I would hate to see a deserving gymnasts that went all out get screwed so Marta can bitter her way to Shannon Miller’s medal count.

Alicia is off to Jamaica. I guess not training in early 2011 to keep your body fresh for 2012 makes some sense but it isn’t going to help the upgrades she is going to need.

I also have to wonder if maybe Chellsie Memmel is back because she knows something we don’t. MY opinion is she has no chance in hell of making this team if Nastia makes it but that doesn’t mean Chellsie thinks that way. Maybe Chellsie thinks she has a shot even if Nastia is competing.

Shawn made the National team at a camp she said she barely did anything at. Who knows what the hell that is about. Motivating Nastia? Marta playing games with a bunch of kids is totally ridiculous.
That motivating comment came via GGMB via IG.

Has anyone seen the tweets between Nastia and Shawn about camp? They are hilarious. Look these girls do not get along. Playing the friendly role is such a pathetic attempt by both of them to play the game it just makes me laugh. This is like a soap opera. Not even a good one. Like when Jill Farren Phelps wrote One life to live in the late 90 early 2000’s.

Woga Classic via GGMB and The Examiner

Jordan Weiber (Twistars)
Mackenzie Brannan (Capital)
Samantha Partyka (Champion)
Claire Hammen (GKs)
Brandie Jay (GKs)
Rheagan Courville (Gymnasiana)
Ericha Fassbender (Stars Houston)
Ariana Guerra (Stars Houston)
Sophia Lee (WOGA)
McKenzie Wofford (WOGA)
Madison Kocian (WOGA)
Lizzy LeDuc (WOGA)
Katelyn Ohashi (WOGA)
Ivana Hong (WOGA)
Jaclyn McCartin (West Coast Elite)
Hallie Mossett (West Coast Elite)
Emma Sibson (Zenith Elite)

Irina Yashina
Anastasiya Marchuk

Madeline Gardiner
Victoria Moors
Bianca Dancose-Giambattisto
Anysia Unick

Anne Kuhm
Aurelie Malaussena
Doriane Thobie
Marine Brevet

Mitzi Unda-Sosa
Alexa Moreno
Clarissa Gonzalez
Brenda Areli Medina Nabarro

Isis Lowery

and just for fun I took this off IG. Nastia’s latest tweet? Now she is even making excuses for her BS. Gotta love it. Name dropping at ESPN and that idiot Kid Rock.

@ESPN Magazine Party with @KidRock performing….Almost my bedtime already haha & I have training tmrw morning so I can’t stay out too late!

Meet MR Jalynne Dantzcher

February 4, 2011

These two will end up getting married someday. Or he will dump her for the first bimbo he meets in the stands when he finally makes the big leagues. (Just kidding Jalynne.:) That actually happens a lot. I know multiple people that went with a guy for years only to be dumped and engaged to someone else 6 months later.

Miss Jalynne does have good taste. Look at the eyes on this guy.

I guess we can forgive Brandon for being an A-Fraud fan. Seems like he has changed his ways:)

Of all the Dantzscher family members i have met the most genuine is Jalynne .

Johnson added to National team.

February 2, 2011

Shawn Johnson was added to the National team . So was Ivana Hong. Nastia was not.

Marta loves Nastia. She wants nothing more then to have her take over the overall medal count from that bitch Shannon Miller for stealing Kim Zmeskal spotlight 18 years ago. If Nastia was even close to being ready on bars she would have her funding back.

Marta is still bitter after all these years so if she chose not to give Nastia her funding there is a reason behind it.