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US Podium Training: Woman

September 29, 2017

So basically everyone made mistakes but Jade. Everyone fell at least once but Jade. They all looked nervous. Valeri went out of his way to talk to Ashton at the end of training but seemed to be bored with everyone else. Hell even Liukin looked nervous.

I used to know how gymnasts trained vs competed but hell, I don’t even have the ability to care enough to know that.

This team is boring. All of them except Jade’s tumbling.

What did you think?


7 PM Eastern time October 1st

This Instagram has partial videos of other teams podium training.

Kenzo’s 3.5 Yurchenko. Wowzers. As usual his form is crossed but still.

Andrea Raducan had a baby girl.


Podium Training: Men

September 28, 2017

It starts tomorrow.

USA-Gymnastics has the times

I’ll tell you one thing the set up of this stadium, sucks. It looks dark. The seats are a mile away from the competition. No wonder the seats were cheap. You might as well stay home. Glad I did.


My thoughts…

I hate this introduction thing. This is a gym meet not a concert….

The US men are a mess on Vault. Penev didn’t even come close to landing his triple Yurchenko. Whittenberg fell and was out of control. I thought both guys were gonna kill themselves. Yul landed knee’s locked.

Yul fell on the Parallel Bars and on his dismount. Marvin has a messy routine and nearly put his hand down on the dismount. Whittenberg had some issues in his but he nailed his dismount.

Mikulak had a very good High Bar but he front loads his routine and then does nothing til the dismount, which he stuck. He also NEVER shuts up. This is the most boring podium I have watched, like ever. Marvin has a boring high bar routine with nothing in it. Code whoring his way through. He stalled on one move and a sloppy dismount. I looked it up he has between a 6.0 and 6.2 start value but it’s literally just a boring routine to watch. Yul didn’t do a full set.

Penev walks like he needs his diaper changed. Yul had a lot sloppy twisting form but a lot of great landings on Floor. Whittenberg OOB with what looked like both feet then he fell. He’s having a really off day..lots of sloppy landing for Penev but he stayed on his feet. Fell doing an extra pass after routine. Pretty sure he didn’t do that pass during his routine.

The US men being themselves on POMMELS Yul fell twice. Sam messed up a few times but didn’t do a full routine. Marvin hit his but hit his foot on the pommels at the end. Mr Hollie Vise had a few bobbles during his routine but stayed on and then Sam did his full routine and fell 3 times. This was the Only event the US have shown 4 guys so far so they must still be undecided. Pretty obvious who shouldn’t be competing here…

Whittenberg hit his Still Rings but a messy landing. The wires swung quite a bit during this routine but this was his best routine of the night. Alex had a great routine. The wires rarely swung for him at all. Step on landing. Nice routine for Marvin though his wires moved too but not as much as Whittenberg.

Overall not a great day for anyone but Yul ( and even his pommels were a mess)

World team named. Day 2 camp videos

September 20, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 8.16.08 PM

Not even pretending we are being fair. Sorry but Hurd has no business on this team and don’t get me started on Locklear.

Lance Ringnald lost his wife after complications on the birth of their twins. If anyone wants to donate You can do it at Go Fund Me

Day 2 Camp videos, Play List

Nellie Kim and her BFF, Valeri Liukin #ForReals… Camp Videos

September 19, 2017

You need any MORE proof she had a reason to cheat for Nastia? Read this interview where she admits she hangs out, socially with Valeri Liukin.


It’s NOT a conflict of interest to hang out with a gymnasts father? It’s NOT a conflict of interest to run down to the judges table DURING the Olympics when you “go fishing” with the guy who coaches and fathered a gymnast, in the sport YOU’RE IN CHARGE OF?

“The elite coaches – Valery Liukin, Evgeny Marchenko, Artur Akopyan – compete with each other, but they still go to hunt and fish together. I joined them a few times when I was the head of the WAG technical committee, and they kept criticizing the code, saying what needs to be changed. These people love their job.”


Not only does she hang out with that man but he casually whines about what he wants in the sport THAT SHE WAS IN CHARGE OF AT THAT TIME.

I just can’t. I literally just can’


Tomorrow night they announce the world team and I’ll make a blog but this shit CAN’T BE MADE UP.


And while we are at it, lets BRAG about our gymnasts and their under age drinking. Oh Miss Val….

I have this hate/hate thing with Miss Val.

I have no respect for someone who bribes the trolls of the worlds with good seats to Nationals so their message board won’t call her out for anything related to the negative part of her “Gymnastics empire” yet I respect her for making sure the gymnasts on her team are protected , at any cost.

If you watched that Jump, Jive and thrive video I posted a few weeks ago it’s easy to figure out why everyone seems to like her. Miss Val feeds their ego’s with a healthy dose of ass kissing that anyone with narcissistic tendencies would easily devour (why do you think she gets along with Nastia and Alicia so well?) It just rubs me the wrong way. It’s also phony.

Just some highlights but wait….

(anyone else think maybe they cut out the falls and that is why these aren’t full routines???)

Camp Picture

From now on, Jordan Chiles picks Team USA’s leo.

No upgrades shown from Ashton Kutcher on bars but they didn’t show her full routine (weird to cut it off there)..

Morgan Hurd was the bounciest of any video I have seen so far..

Trinity Thomas did a 1.5 Yurchenko. Did she do that at Nationals???? They also cut quite a bit of her routines out

Ragan being Ragan (Not Manny. That would be bad well not always bad…)

Who Makes the US World Team?

September 16, 2017



You get 4 votes



My US Nationals wrap up, part 2…

September 11, 2017

Before I start, god help us but Lifetime is making a Simone Biles movie


I must say up until Classic’s I wasn’t impressed very much with Trinity Thomas but after Nationals she was easily my favorite senior to watch. She needs to upgrade to be competitive but her beam was my favorite of the competition.

Anyone else notice that the scoring between day 1 and day 2 of Nationals took some dramatic turns for certain gymnasts?

I know Alyona Shchennikova made some mistakes day 2 but it seemed the judges decided they wanted no part of her on the off day. They also decided they loved Jordan Chiles between day 1 and day 2. When I came home and saw her scores I figured she finally lived up to the potential but she didn’t the judges just scored her like she did. Her beam routine on day 2 was easily the biggest gift of the entire competition.

When I first saw Ragan’s floor routine online I didn’t like it at all. My first impression was complete disgust. I just thought it was horrible but when I saw it online during Nationals I didn’t hate it as much and I finally figured out why, It wasn’t the same music. Apparently some guy on twitter sent Kim Zmeskal some comments about Dixie being racist so they changed the music, at least the beginning.

IG Magazine re-tweeted an article from some Christian website and then back tracked because some politically correct nut cases got upset. The guy received death threats and then he whined to IG it was their fault. Yet only a few days earlier he was proud of the trouble he had started because his tweet has been used in an article. The FUNNIEST part of all of this is the GGMB racists that were part of the biggest hate thread that place ever had made comments and or liked a comment about how wrong the music was on IG’s facebook page. Talk about ironic. Dude you and your co-horts seem to forget that anti-semitic hate filled thread YOU contributed to. Talk about hypocrisy… Go back to August 27th to read the comments.

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 7.12.54 PM

Ragan also did her Patterson during podium training. but she didn’t compete it during Nationals. I guess she knew she didn’t need it but she needs to throw it if she wants to use it when it matters, like event finals.

Speaking of Ragan this is the SECOND article IG has had about Regan where the headline painted a comment she made as arrogant only to go inside to see that the full comment was anything but arrogant. Is International Gymnast Magazine turning into a tabloid?

Has there ever been a year after the Olympic Nationals that didn’t give a surprise Parkette? Margzetta Frazier

The fall of Morgan Hurd…

She came in with a chance at taking the Senior title and left as the biggest disappointment of the meet. This is what happens the gymternet decides you’re the next “it” girl even though your start values don’t merit the title.

I know. I know, I am mean. I do like Hurd. She is easily the most aesthetically appealing Senior gymnast to watch but this code has taught us year after year that artistic will never trump, skill unless your dad is Russian and friends with the HBIC. I expect Hurd to bounce back and camp and don’t think it will necessarily be a bad idea to send her to worlds to see how she manages the pressure BEFORE they put her in a team situation which leads me to my thoughts on who should make the World team….. ( In a few days 🙂

Chinese and Romanian Nationals

September 2, 2017

Both are taking place right now.  The AA for the Chinese is the 5th or 6th of September and Larisa Iordache won Romanian Nationals.

For all the results of Chinese Nationals, this tumblr blog has them.

Fan Yilin on bars. According to that Chinese blog above she isn’t training with the National team but her FIG license was recently renewed and everyone is hoping she gets sent to Worlds. Her bar routine has a 6.3 or 6.4 start value. She is very much a sentimental favorite of mine after what happened to her at the Olympics last year. The blatant cheating to keep her out of the bar finals to make sure Aliya won still pisses me off.

Anyone find it ironic the Chinese judges can find nearly 3 points off in deductions on their gymnasts but the US judges can only find little over a point in Ashton Kutcher’s beam


All of Larisa’s AA routines. I like you hope she wins Worlds but only if Shang Chunsong doesn’t 🙂 Honestly all of the top competitors seem great. Even Ragan doesn’t bother me as much as she bothers everyone else. Angelina Melnikova, Elena Eremina ( and the million spelling versions of her name) the only one I don’t particularly care for is Riley so she will probably win:)



Russian Cup Results

Romania will be doomed on bars in a team event. Their net best gymnasts on bars… (Denisa Golgota and Ioana Crisan) Laura Jurca returned too…

Entire Romanian All Around



Yu Linmin is only a junior.

Rebecca Andrade looking more than powerful on vault.


2017 Chinese Nationals

Team Finals