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#MemmelGate 4 years later. Maddie Desch retires from elite

May 28, 2016

Maddie Desch from Instagram


Dear friends, family, and fans,
Today I am announcing my retirement from elite gymnastics. As some of you may know, I have been battling with a back injury for the past few months and it has prevented me from training at the level that I want and need. I recently found out that it was re-fractured, which leads me to this hard decision. I am so grateful for all of the opportunities I have had to represent the U.S. and wear that USA on my back. I have made so many great memories. I have not only grown as a gymnast, but a person through all of my experiences. With the little time that is left, I have decided to let my body heal and look forward to the amazing chapter I have ahead at the University of Alabama. I would like to thank everyone for their support throughout my journey as an elite gymnast.
Maddie Desch



Do you realize it’s almost been 4 years since Chellsie was screwed out of a chance to compete at Nationals because Marta was afraid she would show up and kick ass again like she did in 2008. Then of course there was the girl who sold her soul for tour money and a job being a judge .


Above is an interview with Chellsie from the Skating Lesson.


2016 US Classic roster I wonder if anyone will get screwed this year?




About 25 minutes in Chellsie confirms what I have been telling you people for years that Marta was fixated on getting those DTY’s on that Olympic team because she thought that would be the key to winning gold. Told you so:)


The discussion on the 2005 AA is hilarious. I love attitude Chellsie. Dave is a pesky interviewer but he didn’t ask about Nastia calling Chellsie fat and saying she stole her medal. Very disappointing.


Did I hear Chellsie say that she and Alicia  went to the USAG higher ups about to complain about not being picked at Trials? She kind of alludes to it and then doesn’t follow through. What ballsy


VERY disappointed in one part of this  interview. They gloss over #MemmelGate with how she felt and never ask her at all about the fans petition or the backlash of that competition. She talks about how Marta saw her hit a great floor routine during training but the entire issue that happened when she wasn’t allowed to compete was completely glossed over.

If you didn’t watch this interview and thought of the one or 2 things you would have wanted asked one would be the Nastia calling her fat thing (and how Marta sent Alicia to smooth over the fued it caused and 2 would be everything about Memmelgate and Classics and not being allowed to compete. Now I get glossing over the fat comment but the MemmelGate was huge and it would have been nice to see it addressed.Yeah I know, go get your own interview GTT:)





The skating lesson: Tabitha Yim

May 17, 2016


Some of you probably have no clue who Tabitha Yim is but I had such an unbridled hate for this girl back in the day all I can do it laugh about it now.

People praised her as artistic and every time they did I wanted to scream. She was this spastic ball of arm waving and stiffness that everything about her and her gymnastics drove me crazy but the one thing Tabitha did that a lot of gymnasts I dislike never do is she changed my mind.

Not her gymnastics. I think I will always dislike her gymnastics but how do you not respect someone that proves you wrong?

Tabitha was always inconsistent and spastic and injury prone. I figured by 2004 she would be dead and buried but not only did she show up in 2004  she finished 4th at Trials and probably would have been on the Olympic team if she didn’t get injured. Okay so she didn’t actually prove me wrong with the specifics to her gymnastics but as I watched the 2004 Trials back in the day she kept hitting that  by the time Trials ended I remember thinking to myself I hoped she made the team.  If you know me once I hate you I don’t change my mind.

If you have some watch the video above.Tabitha competed at the Worlds as a gymnast but she also made it to the novice level as a Figure Skater at the same time. She talks about her time in skating and gymnastics where she trained with some well known US skaters.  (watch  her facial expression change when she talks about Sasha Cohen) About how once she made the world team for Gymnastics the people at the US Skating wanted to let her petition to Nationals and why she turned it down.

She currently coaches the gymnastics team at the university of Arizona and graduated from Stanford with a degree in Biology.


I am off to watch some videos of her gymnastics which I have not done in years. I want to see if she is as spastic and annoying as I remember:)


2001 Tabitha was spastica. 2004 Tabitha was more calm but the floor in 2001 is what drove me nuts about her. It’s Nastia-esque. The arm waving exists


2016 Chinese Nationals. AA

May 16, 2016


Watching the entire thing just to hear the beautiful music that has been in the background the entire time. Though it’s hilarious hearing telephone for floor music.



(8.35)  Vault:  13.800

(32.06) Uneven Bars: 15.400

(52.45) Balance Beam: 15.500

(137.37) Floor: 14.850


Oksana the Prod Killer

May 10, 2016

Not bad. Not bad at all.


Olympic Draw




Yao Jinnan back in action

May 1, 2016

Link to routines


So far only beam.