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Semi live blogging. Men Olympic Trials day 2

June 30, 2012

I have been watching since four and yes this is still boring as hell, sigh. Men need to compete naked. That would pep the sport up:)

Horton’s vault score was funny. So was Legendre who literally took 6 steps and they still only found 1.5 in deductions. NEWSFLASH to the Legendre clan, Postponing the Wedding for a shot at the Olympics was a big waste of Neither of you is going. Alainia has already failed and Legendre was just beat by jake Dalton. I told you the boi was inconsistent. I called it years ago.

Dear Mrs Lleyva, THEY ALL WORK SO HARD (Accept Nastia) or they wouldn’t be here and spare me the tears. I have a friend that has had a job since she was 12 helping support her family because they didn’t have enough food on the table. Getting a job to help support a gymnastics career does not compare.

Kyla article. Nothing new but OMG, UPDATE THE FLOOR START VALUE PLEASE:) Thank you.

The men are as bad at trying to fix this competition as the women. John Orozco is their pet and everything he does get ridiculous scores. Can’t wait for the real judges to get ahold of him and Gabby.

It’s really way to bad that Paul Ruggeri is gay because he is so cute. He just does me no good being

Way to tank the high bar Horton. He was doing so well, had his feet together on his releases then it all fell a part.Leyva tanked vault. The guys are messing up but I still say we peak AT the Olympics. Hitting now makes little sense.

When is the womens event tomorrow ? I think I have to miss part of it.

Every update has a Yankee update. I guess NBC wants me to change the channel.

Someone needs to kill Al. If he says A gymnast from the Bronx, ONE MORE TIME and almost fall twice and still get a 14. Welcome to Nastia land but at least she has medals to back it up. Ozo (like Bozo) has nothing.

NBC thinks we will leave Horton at home. In favor of who?

So Tim says we will leave Horton home in favor of two vault/floor guys. That is interesting. I could care less about the men but Horton is the best score wise we have on two of the 4 events. His only really bad event is pommels and Tim wants us to bring 5 guys 3 of which suck on pommels. One of which just hurt his thumb.

Do the guys believe the hype with these scores like the women?

Legendre took steps on every pass but one. That Floor score is a joke.

Dear Steve Penny, those types are hugs are for thugs. Not adults.

Bow out Nastia. You are making a fool of yourself.

June 30, 2012

I listen to this interview and I remember just why I will never like this girl. Perhaps in twenty years when she grows up and becomes an adult (which she technically is now) she will understand just how obnoxious she sounds.

Who is she trying to convince in this interview us or herself? Acting like she is “honored” to be competing here at Trials, like she earned her spot getting here is ridiculous.

Listen to the interview, she is not bowing out gracefully. She is giving herself full credit for competing even though she isn’t hitting at all. She actually is politicking for a spot on the team with her “If I only had a few more weeks” BS.

Then of course she has to mention four years ago, acting like this Olympics doesn’t matter. I guess the politically correct thing for me to do right now is praise her for not quitting and giving it her all even though she is embarrassing herself out there but I honestly don’t feel that way. She is making a fool out of herself.

It was only two weeks ago where you told us you had upgrades planned after you tanked two bar routines. Then you show up at Trials with the same exact routines.

It’s time to admit not only to yourself Nastia but to the rest of the world that you did not give your all during this comeback until it was too late. Then maybe I will have some respect for you.

Even if she hits tomorrow and gets the going away gift of the Century it does not change the facts that Nastia thinks she is self entitled to get whatever it is she wants. That will never change.

Live Blogging: Womens Olympic Trials Prelims

June 29, 2012

Comment of the night:

Gymnastike: Shannon Miller on Raisman’s bars – “I kind of want to glue her legs together. and point her toes”



The news is talking to Aly’s grandfather. He says she puts a lot of time into gymnastics and that she should go to the Olympics. Now they mention Alicia, Aly said she was scared of Alicia at first but now they are good friends. (Old interview) They are live in Needham:)

Jordyn did her job but if Gabby has hit the Uneven bar she would have been in second. The fix is really in.

I am going to give Gabby credit for hitting floor. That was great for her but there is NO WAY anyone is getting a 9.00 in execution. It’s a joke to even think they will. Gabby was overscored on vault too.

Kyla, you need to hit that damn Amanar and fix beam. Did anyone else see the bitchy look on Nastia’s face after Kyla fell on vault? You know she wanted to smile.

Mckayla’s floor score was funny high but I am glad she hit.

I still say the same Olympic team. Kyla hit her alleged best events tonight. This will piss her off for night two.

What do you think???

I guess I am fine with this. Who needs to peak now, In a month but Kyla, Kyla, Kyla:(

ALY is leading off the news in Boston, Go Aly:)
Aly OOB, Both feet on first pass, sigh

Damn, Price ahead of Kyla in the AA.

COME ON KYLA- Shit, she fell on her Amanar. DAMN, DAMN, DAMN

WAY TO ROLL YOUR EYES NASTIA. What a bitch. Yep, Kyla has your spot. Deal with it.

Come on Mckayla: Floor- STUCK, 3.5 Hit second pass, small hop. She HIT, Yes! and I don’t even like

15.200, yep, umm no but

Gabby-Vault: Amanar- If that gets a 16.100 I am going to, FLIP

She got a Give me a break. MARTA SUCKS.

I was wrong. Gabby needs a 16.100 on vault. If she hits they will give her her close to it.

Sure is taking long for Jordyn’s score on floor, 15.400.

Wieber- floor: Stuck double, double. Stuck second pass, stuck triple turn? I don’t think she was OOB but it was close. Great routine.

Price- Floor: Can this kid tumble but her dance is, Maloney-esque.



They skipped Mckayla on beam, she only got a 13. She needs to hit floor.

Price only got a 14.500 on the UB but we didn’t see it so who knows why.

You were going to select Nastia Elfi? Why, because she screwed up 3 of the 4 routines at Nationals.

THIS BOARD HAS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You knew Gabby was going to get a gift on floor. Only 7 tenths behind Jordyn. Jordyn still has floor.

Kyla-floor: Hit routine but no upgrade. OMG, UPGRADE KYLA. 14.500. I will never understand why she is doing a double twist. It makes no sense. Even a double pike makes more sense.

They better NOT skip Kyla on floor.

Gabby-floor: Gabby hit floor, God help us what this score will She hit her passes with the cheap leaps out. Whose calling a 15.500?????????? Close, a 15.450. Thank God the Olympic judges will never give anyone a 9.250 execution score on floor.

Jordyn – beam: hit beam. I was too nervous but she missed one connection, hit two others.
Why did Kyla get rid of Phantom of the Opera???? Nope. A mistake by a commenter:)

Vega- OOB but hit floor for her.

I think that 15 was a gift for Alicia on beam.
NOOOOOO, Go away Kerri.

WHY, do we keep seeing Vega? She is second to last. Marta is going to name her an alternate because of her coach.
Sacramone: Bobble filled beam but not bad. She stayed on and for some reason I found myself rooting for her to stay on. What am I
Finnegan-floor: near fall. Too bad. She is pretty on floor.
Aly-Beam: one big bobble but the rest was typical Aly,
Elizabth Price is in second, woo whoo:) She needs to keep hitting because she is our alternate. She is Allyse Ashino.
Live link, not NBC. You need to download something.


They raised Kyla’s beam score to a 14.900. I wonder why?
Bross- beam: Off. Go home with Nastia. She is hitting the rest. I bet she nails the Another bobble, Here we go, Nope, on her ass. She’s crying.
Gabby- beam: switch leap was short of degree, a few bobbles and a missed connection. If this gets a 15 I am 14.900 No complainst for me, yet:)
Vega- Beam: hit, I didn’t pay close attention.
Mckayla on bars- Horrible messy, yuck.
Jas, Kyla missed two connections. Her first where she didn’t even do the second skill, and one other. Finnegan missed almost half her connections and still got credit for a 6.7 start value. That will not happen at the Olympics. Don’t they remember Mccool?.

Jordyn has the ugliest bedroom I have ever seen. Cute filming by her brother.
Nastia-beam: she did okay till she missed her switch ring NO CREDIT, not even close. Sorry retire already. A 14.500 is way too high but whatever. We know Marta is on control.
Jordyn-bars: nailed new dismount, muscled her weiler kips but pretty good
Finnegan-beam: messy connections all the way through and she had bigger bobbles then Kyla but it wasn’t bad but she should not get a lot of connection bonus.
Kyla-Beam: she missed the first connections and the sheep connection, had two small bobbles but she stayed on. Stuck the dismount. 14.600 NOT good enough but will take.
Aly: Bars: She hit, well for Form is so
sanitynmotion, You are right. They do think we at home are stupid about this code.

Nastia is not quitting. I guess she likes looking like a fool. It is almost like they have told her, you’re in just hitonce so she doesn’t care and I am still pissed they did not show Anna on bars.
How do you ignore Anna on bars NBC?
Gabby- she messed up , KYLA WAS BETTER

Gift for Gabby, a 15.250, really?
Anna Li- UB: No Anna, Thanks NBC
Come on ANNA.

Nastia still gets over a 14 for that shit. That score should be impossible. The mess up before the dismount was a freaking huge break even before the dismount and now we get Phelps? urgh.

Nastia doesn’t even care. wow

Vega fell on bars

Jordyn, vault: Amanar. Almost stuck, good enough.
Nastia- UB: FALL ON DISMOUNT: It was not flawless, missed handstands
Price- Vault: Amanar: neat stuck, pretty good.
Finnegan- bars: good for her, step.
Sacramone – vault: small step and messy form by landing, she looks mad.
Ross- Come on Kyla, stuck dismount, A-W-S-O-M-E 15.500
Vault: stiff legged amanar but good enough-15.550
Bross- UB- leg seps but not as bad as usual, stuck dismount. GREAT for her. 15.300
Maroney- Vault: Amanar- nice but a step Vault 2- short on second vault, underotated but good enough.

Marta talks, I tune out. Just start the competition already.
Okay, here we go:) 1 minute. WAIT, Now they say they will be back in twenty for helps, WTF
5 minutes to go and I have NBC on. The boy knows how I am so he is giving me a hard time but he will give me the television, I have my ways:) I still have the fake site online, just in case.

9 minutes to go. My feed is 10 seconds off of NBC so make sure you all chime in if Nastia messes up.

Here is the link to the competition quick hits from Examiner.


According to Jas, Bridget Sloan might be injured, via twitter. What a fun night. Marta has her first kill. I also read a few days ago Finnegan might be injured.

Elbow is what twitter says.

My TV says this things starts at 9 pm. Then I hear 8 PM. So which is it?

It’s the damn Olympic trials and people are wearing pink and purple. What happened to using the same leotards and switching on day 2?

This twitter has some far away pictures. Of course Nastia is in throw up pink. I think it was Jas that put the link.

I can’t find a link for the online coverage of Trials for NBC so I might be gone during day one. Let me look around.

Alicia is wearing the team finals leotard from 2008. This girl is ready and fighting her You go girl.

Live up-dates from IG on facebook.

Bridget Sloan is out. Damn you Marta. Kill the fun ones and leave Nastia as healthy as a horse. Of course she kills the UB worker.

Quick hits from warm up.

From now on I will be live blogging up so ALL new comments will be at the top.

In total non Olympic news

June 29, 2012

Look whose boyfriends brother (updated) was drafted into the NBA tonight. I think it is her boyfriend (h9os brother) but she was at the NBA draft tonight.

Here is a picture

Now the bad news, He’s a Wizard LMAO. Poor guy:)

He was drafted 3rd overall which means Kytra was seen on TV. I usually watch the draft but I forgot this year.

I hate this sport and I hate Marta killing everyone.

2012 Olympic Team:Pre Day one of Trials

June 29, 2012


Want to know what you thought?

I am sticking to my original team of ,

Jordyn, Kyla, Gabby, Mckayla and Aly and I don’t remember my alternates so let me go look for the blog:)

I am keeping my alternates because it worked so well for me last time:) I really want to change it but……………

Here is a cure article about Kyla and Mckayla

Live Blogging, Mens prelims

June 28, 2012

I am PMSing and mens gym bores me to tears but tonight I’ve got the Television cuz the boy knows when to leave me I have him trained.

I will be watching until 7.30 most likely and will blog live for some of that. After my farm is done.

The mens team, annoys me. I like Horton but his constant pandering to the camera’s turns me off. Not a big fan of any of these gymnasts and I hate Leyva so don’t expect a very nice live blogging tonight. Pissy GTT is sometimes more fun:)

Prayers together, aaaw. So set up, probably why I can’t stand an y of these gymnasts. I don’t mind if you want to pray but the whole group, it just looks so phony.

How is Horton a shoe in and Sam isn’t when Sam beat Horton easily at Nationals? Ahhh, Nastia logic.

Nice first pass Lleyva , not (Lets count how many different ways I spell his name tonight because I am not looking it up:) Sorry but that double layout was low, stuck but low.


Here is what I know about mens gymnastics. Every time the rings swing is a tenth off. That is the rule, oh wait, that was the rule years ago, then again I think Tim told me that so it probably isn’t

Sam was on the parallel bars. He has a nice swing but I have no clue if you are supposed to do it that way. All these routines looked great to me accept the first pass and messy form of Leyva and all the swinging in Horton’s rings routine.



Pommels is boring. The worst event. Dalton is up on rings. The rings are moving again, a lot.

Scoring Tim acting like steps matter anymore.

Just a hop back, MY ASS. Tim is so biased. It was a huge step for someone earlier but for Steve it was, just a step.

I HATE THE BRONX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am hungry and bored.
t happens. I HATE THE BRONX

Who wanted the fluff, here is the fluff.

I posted and now it is gone, hmmm No credit for the dismount . This sport is crazy but I hope:) No they gave him credit. The fixed competition is in tact.

HAHA Brooks, YOU Fell. Make fun of my Patriots and get what is coming to you, BOOO

Ooops, I forgot I was blogging. I was farming.

This really is boring.

I love how Sam comes out of nowhere to beat the likes of the obnoxious duo but I know nothing about him. Who can spell his last name for me???????????

Okay I am like really bored. Usually when the men hit the women tank and so far the men are doing great minus I HATE THE BRONX and Sender.

Horton falls off high bar. What a waste.

WOMEN’S FLUFF, SAY NO TO NASTIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was not a laid out double front/layout. Not even close. I bet they give Lgendre the credit anyway.

Well that is my night live blogging. Jeopardy is on.

Yes, Dalton nailed every floor pass. wooo, that better beat Legendreee.

Anyone else worried Kyla goes up second on bars whole Nastia goes up 4th. They have time to make sure she beats her score?

and Mr Hollie Vise (AKA, Alex Naddour) hit pommels (by the score) Ishino must have messed up (first rotation)

So after night one not much changes. Same team from Nationals. Now who gets the alternate spot?

Olympic Trials

June 28, 2012

Sorry I have been missing in action but life calls. Tomorrow is no exception. Work, the boy and my favorite little people in the world take president over gymnastics, even in an Olympic year.

I will be home tomorrow night but I am not sure when so if I get home in time for the men I will live blog. I just wouldn’t count on it.

If NBC shows Trials online there is more of a chance I will be online. If not it means me fighting the boy for the television during baseball season and lets just say I lose out big time when it comes to obsession of a sport:) plus I can’t really argue with him when I love baseball even more then the boy does and the only place the internet works is in said living room.

I leave you with this article that made my night. Usually when I read gym articles at night they piss me off but this one made me smile:)

Read the article if you like but my favorite part is below.

Liukin, who will be 23 in October, hopes to slip in the back door and be selected for one of the five spots on the Olympic team.

It’s real easy to root for Wieber. She has the complete package and all the credentials necessary to add Olympic gold to the treasure chest of awards she has already accumulated. And she has worked tirelessly for four years for this very moment.

It’s virtually impossible to root for Liukin
, who a couple of weeks ago at the Visa U.S. Championships placed sixth on the beam and did not earn a trip to the Olympic Trials on the basis of her Visa performance, but received a gift at-large spot on the basis of what she did four years ago.

As she awaited a decision as to whether she would be invited to Trials, she said in a television interview, “I guess I would understand if [I am not invited]; my scores weren’t showing that these performances would help the team in any way, shape or form, but I hope I get another chance.”

She could have taken that moment to bow out gracefully, too, but apparently the possibility of one more shining moment — even if she’s nothing more than a 100-to-1 long shot — was worth the gamble.

Ahaha. I could have written that

Olympic Trials start lists plus while I was sleeping

June 25, 2012

Thanks to Kel we now have the start lists for Trials,

Day 1
Day 2


Kerri Strug’s son Tyler is actually pretty cute.

More Kerri where she lies “putting my team before myself” OMG Kerri, NO YOU DIDN’T. You admitted back then you did it for your AA hopes. Revisionist history much.

Then if you look below they have a Dominqiue Dawes moment. A Mary Lou Retton moment and a Nadia moment but of course no Miller moment because apparently Shannon Miller never existed. Kind of LOL that Miller can’t get any credit from a network, SHE WORKS FOR, sigh.

Now I am watching the video and they have pictures of Miller crying from when she fell on vault IN THE EVENT FINALS. Way to edit that piece Yahoo SPORTS, lol

More OMG, Then the so called expert says, they were really choking, sorry Shannon Miller. Did I watch a different Olympics then these people? Miller messed up a floor routine she messed up due to injury and every time she competed because of said injury but they show an EVENT FINALS vault picture and act like she was the one that choked on vault.

Kerri needs to dress up a little if she knows she will be interviewed. She looks like crap. Hair on down.

Took Kerri over 7 minutes to mention the team. Kerri also is part of the 92 mens basketball team. That was her favorite moment. Someone needs to smack Summer

While I was sleeping

June 25, 2012

Beth Tweddle won both bars and floor at the British Championships. Bars were a little sloppy and I much prefer her other routine. I hope she is getting out the kinks now because she must win bars in London. Beth deserves the fairy tale ending.

Floor has new music. Beth is not a dancer but this routine suits her a lot better then the last one. I was actually enjoying it until about 40 seconds in but this is Beth. She makes Aly look like a ballerina.:)

A new montage of Kyla Ross that is pretty good. I love ones with dramatic music. NBC should hire this person to do the fluff music for the Olympics. One day I hope to have no life at all where I would have the time to create a montage, to the music Carmen Burana.:)

Kyla Article The Examiner is kind o0f useless unless it is quick hits .

Watching the Day Time Emmy’s

June 24, 2012

Watching the Day Time Emmy’s must be like sitting in a room with Marta Karolyi when deciding the Olympic team. Sure there are 3 people on the committee but only one opinion matters, the wrong one.

First we have the spoiled brat “veteran” that shows up to work when he feels like it getting the long winter off because he wants it off yet he still comes home with the award for outstanding lead actor. Even though Darnell Williams should have been the winner.

In the case of gymnastics we have Nastia Liukin and her free pass to the Olympic Trials and maybe even the Olympic team.

More to come when more awards are announced:)

Now I am pissed, Jonathon Jackson CAN’T ACT. If he was on any other show he would win NOTHING. I am so done with stupid General Hospital winning every award. It’s a God damn blasphemy. #Matt Ashford was robbed. I liken this in gymnastics to Annia Hatch being named to the team for one vault. Like Jonathon Jackson’s one dimensional lack of talent.

This blog is over. This award show is off my Television.