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Mai Murakami won NHK and Sae Miyakawa on Floor


Mai Murakami

Old news but I am short on time to actually think of a blog

And I finally sat through Angelina Melnikova ‘s floor win at Europeans. Not bad. Maybe this will be a turning point for her.

Dub Nation. Wooooo. Well not really lol but I like Durant (used to love him) and want him to win a title. Plus Steph is a Red Sox fan so. Just as long as the CAVS WAKE UP AND BEAT THE DAMN CELTICS.

2017 Koper Challenge Cup & Chinese Nationals


Larisa Iordache won bars with a 13.800

2-Ellie Black 13.800
3-Flavia Saraiva 13.450
4-Barbora Mokosova 13.400
5-Caitlin Rooskrantz 13.150
6-Rose-Kaying Woo 12.950
7-Yana Fedorova 12.550
8-Michelle Timm 11.600

Bars Medal Ceremony

Larisa’s beam qualifications

Vault Results

1- Rebeca Andrade
2- Boglarka Devai
3- Teja Belak
4- Ellie Black
5- Tijana Tkalcec
6- Michelle Timm
7- Anastasiia Bieliaieva
8- Rose-Kaying Woo


Eddie Penev won floor.

Donnel Whittenburg finished 4th on Still rings with a stumble on his triple pike dismount but it was still pretty impressive. Donnel also finished second on floor.

Full Day 1 Results ( Mens only)

Chinese Nationals

Results from

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 7.49.37 PM

Beam Results

1- Iordache
2- Ellie Black 13.100
3-Thais Fidelis 12.850

Flavia Saraiva 12.800

Floor Results

Thais Fidelis

101 reasons I consider College Gymnastics a joke


Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 5.57.20 PM

First year coach, Courtney Kupets will be paid 160 thousand smackaroo’s to run Georgia’s gymnastics program. Yep for the whopping 4 months of work she will make more money then most people make in 5 plus years (I am being generous here I

I wonder how much Suzanne is getting

The other 100 reason’s have to do with scoring:)

Here is what Greg Marsden thinks.

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 6.06.25 PM

( Don’t whine Greg if I could make a forth of my company’s budget I would be rich:)

Suzanne replied to someone on the College board about what her part in this will be..

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 6.09.35 PM

Last but certainly not least here are what the triple twist twins think about the whole thing. If you want to hear what Kupets had to say in her press conference you can find it here. This link comes from the blog above.

IMO, This is crazy. Giving her the job based on her amazing, albeit overscored gymnastics career in College is ridiculous. Especially with such a well known and successful University. Paying her this much puts her under scrutiny from the start. She will be under pressure from day 1 to win with a group of girls that really don’t have the talent to compete with Oklahoma or LSU or even UCLA.

The thing she has going for her is her name could land some recruits.

I love Suzanne Yoculan. I always have. I never hated Georgia the gymnastics program all through I always dislike the lack of common sense Kupets showed over the years (She did Elite gymnastics and didn’t know what the American cup but while I think her pay is bat shit crazy I guess we will have to wait and see if Little Miss Muppet can pull it off. As much as she has always annoyed me, if she has half the success she had as a College and elite gymnast she will be just fine.

JO Nationals, The sister and daughter edition


Aleah Finnegan

I’ll assume this is Alyssa’s sister ? Rachel Baumann

This filler blog is brought to you by the future College gymnastics association of America.

Missy Marlowe’s daughter