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Alicia Sacramone wants to write a book, and………..

March 28, 2013

Alicia Sacramone says she has been getting tweets about people wanting her to write a book. Yesterday she tweeted the tweet above and she wants to know what we think she should write about.

Well Alicia, I think you should tell us the truth about how much you hate the camps where you are not given enough food to eat.

I want to know if Marta promised you a spot on the Olympic team in 2012 if you didn’t compete on floor or upgrade your vaults and if that is the reason you left Trials after you weren’t named to the team. Is this the reason behind your mothers tweets right after you weren’t name?

How do you really feel about the free pass Nastia Liukin got to Nationals and Trials after skipping camps while you were working your butt off training after an injury?

Chellsie Memmel not being invited to Nationals after Classics?

During the time leading up to Trials there seemed to be a “buddy” attitude between you, Bridget Sloan, Chellsie Memmel and Shawn Johnson was this due to the free pass Nastia was getting because she is Marta’s pet? I don’t believe for a second you could really stand being near the little princess when she was getting this free pass

Anna Li posted about the bullying on the tour on her blog and many people speculated you were the gymnast she was talking about. What do you think of that and tell me, how damn annoying is it listening to Anna Li call herself an Olympian when she never was?

Do you even feel bad about how you treated Shawn Johnson when she beat you on floor at Worlds and do you realize it ruined your whole reputation with the fans? We all think the whole “Alicia is a leader” thing was bull shit and you proved it.

And by the way, how much does it suck to see Aly Raisman living your dream?

So many questions, so little time:)

What do you think peeps?


This petition also has been lost in the DWTS blog.


Only 9 signatures? Really people? This is the best we’ve got. If this petition does not have at least 25 signature by tomorrow it is getting its own blog.


Marta babbles her BS.

Aly DWTS Week 2, The Quick Step

March 26, 2013

Someone just sent me this link to a new petition they started.

Ban Pink from International competitions

Good luck with

I will look for a better version later in the week. Gymnastike has a version up but for some reason I can’t crap the link on youtube.

I don’t remember what Aly scored. has pictures.


Danell Lyva will be on Hell’s Kitchen tonight.


Someone started a petition
to award Denis Ten a Mens world figure skating Gold medal. If this petition was to give him the medal and take it away from Chan I would be all for it but thanks to Canada now everyone thinks they deserve a gold medal. Should Denis Ten have won? damn straight but unless the head of the FS union wants to fix the system than awarding a second medal is a waste of time.


Picture from USA-Gymnastics. Anyone else think these girls look exhausted? Kyla’s mother is tall and skinny so she is probably going to follow suit but she looks , well too skinny


Alicia wants to know what we want to know so tweet her and tell her. Let her know we need real info, we want the dirt not the BS Moceanu like crapola


Kyla Ross article. She is aiming for the AA at worlds. I hope she knows she needs some big upgrades on floor and a new beam and bars dismount.

2013 Jeselo Event Finals

March 25, 2013



Uneven Bars

1- Kyla Ross 14.550
2- Giorgia Campana 13.950
3- Brenna Dowell 13.900

Balance Beam

1- Simone Biles 15.100
2- Kyla Ross 15.00


I thought Kyla should have won beam. Any start value bump in Simone’s beam routine was lost when she bobbled 5 times and a competition between execution involving Simona and Kyla on beam favors Kyla by a landslide.


Cottbus day 2

Balance Beam Final D E ND Score
1. Anastasia Grishina 5.8 8.800 14.600
2. Vasiliki Millousi 5.7 8.600 14.300
3. Anna Dementyeva 6.0 8.275 0.1 14.175
4. Nöel van Klaveren 5.1 8.425 13.525
5. María Paula Vargas 5.8 7.525 13.325
6. Ana Filipa Martins 4.9 8.175 13.075
7. Oksana Chusovitina 5.5 7.650 0.1 13.050
8. Dilnoza Abdusalimova 5.1 7.850 0.1 12.850

Women’s Floor Exercise Final D E ND Score
1. Maegan Chant 5.7 8.050 13.750
2. Anna Dementyeva 5.8 7.875 0.1 13.575
3. Nöel van Klaveren 5.4 8.075 13.475
4. Cagla Akyol 5.3 8.000 0.2 13.100
5. Jessica Lopez 5.6 7.575 0.3 12.875
6. Silvia Colussi-Pelaez 5.2 7.875 0.3 12.775
7. Jasmin Mader 4.9 7.850 12.750
7. Ana Filipa Martins 4.7 8.050 12.750

Men’s Vault D E ND Score Average
1. Jake Dalton 6.0 9.250 15.250 15.187
5.6 9.525 15.125
2. Mikhail Kudashov 5.6 9.350 14.950 14.825
5.6 9.100 14.700
3. Caio Souza 5.6 9.325 0.1 14.825 14.512
5.2 9.100 0.1 14.200
4. Marco Walter 5.6 9.275 0.1 14.775 14.475
5.2 8.975 14.175
5. Andrey Medvedev 5.6 9.150 14.750 14.462
6.0 8.475 0.3 14.175
5. Shek Wai Hung 6.0 9.325 0.1 15.225 14.462
5.6 8.100 13.700
7. Pavel Bulavsky 5.6 9.400 15.000 14.325
6.0 7.950 0.3 13.650
8. Arthur Mariano 5.6 8.875 0.1 14.375 14.275
5.4 8.875 0.1 14.175

Parallel Bars Final D E ND Score
1. Nguyen Ha Thanh 6.3 9.075 15.375
2. Vasileios Tsolakidis 6.5 8.800 15.300
3. Lucas Fischer 6.5 8.725 15.225
4. Brandon Wynn 6.6 8.475 15.075
5. Alexander Tsarevich 6.6 8.425 15.025
6. Koji Uematsu 6.7 8.250 14.950
7. Nikita Ignatyev 6.4 8.375 14.775
8. Shogo Nonomura 5.9 7.125 13.025

High Bar Final D E ND Score
1. Andreas Bretschneider 6.8 8.225 15.025
2. Koji Uematsu 7.1 7.875 14.975
2. Alexander Shatilov 6.5 8.475 14.975
4. Umit Samiloglu 7.0 7.625 14.625
5. Glen Ishino 5.9 8.700 14.600
6. Alexander Tsarevich 6.3 8.225 14.525
7. Kristof Schroe 5.9 7.250 13.150
8. Igor Pakhomenko 5.3 6.100 11.400

New vaulting rules go Kaboom, ALREADY

March 23, 2013

Congrats Mckayla, your vault is back to counting even if you land on your ass.

On one hand the way they were doing it was hella confusing but on the other hand winning with a fall is what makes this sport a joke.

The French had a National championships and it was won by Ukraine. Anna Pavlova finished second. This really is a strange way to run a


37th Tournament of Masters in Cottbus, Germany. Results, event finals, day1

Women’s Vault Final D E ND Score Average
1. Oksana Chusovitina 5.8 9.150 14.950 14.887
5.5 9.325 14.825
2. Nöel van Klaveren 5.3 9.325 14.625 14.400
5.2 8.975 14.175
3. Maegan Chant 5.2 9.250 14.450 14.150
5.4 8.750 0.3 13.850
4. Hiu Ying Angel Wong 5.2 8.775 13.975 13.900
5.0 8.825 13.825
5. Makarena Pinto 5.2 8.600 0.3 13.500 13.900
5.4 8.900 14.300
6. Chantysha Netteb 5.3 7.900 13.200 13.725
5.2 9.050 14.250
7. Ofir Nezer 4.6 8.750 13.350 13.687
5.3 8.825 0.1 14.025
8. Paula Mejias 4.3 7.525 11.825 12.525
5.3 8.225 0.3 13.225

Uneven Bars Final D E ND Score
1. Anastasia Grishina 6.1 8.275 14.375
2. Jessica Lopez 5.7 8.450 14.150
3. María Paula Vargas 5.9 7.650 13.550
4. Jana Sikulova 5.4 8.025 13.425
5. Sophie Scheder 6.2 7.100 13.300
6. Yevgenia Shelgunova 5.9 7.350 13.250
7. Ana Filipa Martins 5.3 7.000 12.300
8. Ida Gustafsson 5.8 5.775 11.575

Men’s Floor Exercise Final D E ND Score
1. Matthias Fahrig 6.5 8.775 15.275
2. Eleftherios Kosmidis 6.5 8.625 15.125
3. Alexander Shatilov 6.5 8.675 0.1 15.075
4. Jake Dalton 6.5 8.475 14.975
5. Caio Souza 6.1 8.425 14.525
6. Dmitry Barkalov 6.4 8.025 14.425
7. Arthur Mariano 6.5 7.375 13.875
8. Koji Uematsu 5.8 6.000 0.7 11.100

Pommel Horse Final D E ND Score
1. Donna-Donny Truyens 6.6 8.725 15.325
2. Saso Bertoncelj 6.5 8.525 15.025
3. Zhang Yang 6.4 8.600 15.000
4. Alberto Busnari 6.7 7.650 14.350
5. Filip Ude 6.2 7.950 14.150
6. Glen Ishino 6.5 7.625 14.125
7. Robert Seligman 6.1 7.775 13.875
8. Dmitrijs Trefilovs 6.3 7.525 13.825

Still Rings Final D E ND Score
1. Eleftherios Petrounias 7.0 8.825 15.825
2. Liu Yang 6.7 9.050 15.750
3. Yuri van Gelder 6.9 8.750 15.650
4. Matteo Morandi 6.7 8.925 15.625
5. Daniil Kazachkov 6.4 8.775 15.175
6. Nikita Ignatyev 6.4 8.725 15.125
7. Tommy Ramos 6.7 8.400 15.100
8. Brandon Wynn 6.9 7.625 14.525

2013, Jeselo Team and AA Results

March 23, 2013

Junior Results.
Senior Team Results (Thanks H)
Senior AA Results (Thanks H)


GymPower on twitter had quick hits.

Vault (US)

Biles 15.900
Priessman 15.600
Ross 15.200

Bars (US)
Ross 15.400
Biles 14.850
Dowell 14.700

Beam (US)
Ross 14.700
Biles 14.750
Dowell 13.800
Priessman 12.450
Ersnt 13.350

Floor (US)
Nichols 14.300
Ross 13.350
Priessman 13.850
Biles 14.900


Not sure why Kyla has such low start values on floor and beam but if you add up her start value vs Biles she is 1.4 ish behind her to start which makes the AA results less startling for Ross fans out there. She has to upgrade. I for the life of me cannot understand why her coaches refuse to do this. Kyla’s execution scores were the only ones in the 9.0’s in the entire competition with the exception of Key on bars and some vault execution scores. She is capable of so much more. Kyla also had a 0,10 deduction on beam. I didn’t hear her being over time but she was on the jumping board before they called her name. Is that a deduction this season? Her beam was messy for her that explains the start value. She missed two connections and even her sheep looked a little short.
On floor she had no content. A double twist and a double back would not have cut it in 1992 let alone 2013. UPGRADE my dear, Please:) and where is the msuic? it seems to be missing for half of that

Biles had a stuck Amanar which was great and I have not seen any other routines of hers. Off too look for some


Bailie key won the juniors and I still don’t get the hype. On beam she does everything on flat feet and has Bross knee’s that look bent 24/7. Maybe I just have a different definition of clean in gymnastics then other people.

Kim Zmeskal is so hard up for attention she put her floor music in her gymnasts That is sad. key can’t dance but she has potential but that music makes everyone look bad,


Ferrari hurt her foot on beam.


Peyton Ersnt has some beautiful jumps on beam. Her sheep was beautiful.

Jeselo Training

March 22, 2013

Have I gone to hell?

March 22, 2013

Watching the first 3 minutes of this video made me feel icky inside. I was literally like WTF? Is this what passes as gymnastics these days?

This looks like a circus event to me not a sport and I feel bad that this is what we are reducing our sport to these days.

Its great to see the likes of Hollie Vise and Jana Bieger after the fact but this whole this just rubs me the wrong way.

I will give them all the credit in the world for throwing some skills but I just can’t get into this type of thing. Its too wrestling for me.

Gymnastike will provide live coverage of this for their Gold viewers. Lucky ducks:)


Inside the last Marta camp where we learn Kyla won the Senior AA and Ameilia Hundley won the junior. ( Biles was second and Priessman was third for the seniors and Key was second and Hernandez was third for the juniors. Keep your eyes on Laurie Hernandez if she doesn’t break she could be your 2016 Olympic AA champion)

Your real 2008 Olympics Gold medalist on the Uneven Bars

March 21, 2013

Yang Yilin is the gymnast that should have had gold on bars in 2008 but God forbid the judges do the right thing and reward her.

Apparently she is starring on, So you think you can dance in China. Thanks to sainabou nyang for the link.

1-800-868-3408 Vote for Aly Raisman. #DWTS Night one

March 18, 2013

I am sorry but i think Aly looked awesome. I think she and Pickler had the best dances of the night. I also feel like I am some pervert watching this though a

Just Jared has pictures from week 1

It was just creepy because to me Aly is a baby pretending to be a sex

Directions on how to vote for Aly. Thanks WCVB for this breaking news. I am so glad Boston has nothing better to out on their NEWS Station:)

If you would like to vote for Aly you can do so with this phone number. I am pretty sure this will stay the same for Aly as long as she is in the competition.




The Performance: I thought Aly did a great job. At least as well as Pickler and the girl with the weird name.

Aly’s scores are…

All 3 judges gave her a 7 (21 overall) That was typical judges fixing things for their Disney stars.

Aly dances 8th out of however many “celebrities” they have this year. Unfortunately for me she will probably be dancing in the second hour and I will be watching Dallas so I’ll have to wait to see how she did. Thank God for youtube:)

All discussion for this weeks dwts goes in this blog. I will add a video tomorrow.


In non Aly news,

I just tried watching some American Cup with Nastia commentating and it looks like youtube will be the way I watch gymnastics from now on.

Her voice went right through me. This is going to suck more than I thought.

First she never shuts up and the way she talks about all the gymnasts like she knows how they are thinking is going to annoy the hell out of



March 17, 2013

If you ever wonder why everyone hates Patrick Chan. Read this article. It explains it all.

Jeselo team has been named. Ohashi is out.

Kyla Ross, Simone Biles, Brenna Dowell, Peyton Ernst, Maggie Nichols, and Lexie Priessman. Amelia Hundley and Bailie Key will compete for the Juniors.

The following week, the team will travel to Chemnitz, Germany, for a tri-meet with Germany and Romania. Members of the U.S. delegation will perform with German athletes to create a fourth, mixed team.


Dancing with the stars started Monday night I believe and I will be doing a weekly update for Aly (as long as someone puts the routines on youtube)

TV Guide article on Aly and another site does pre-rankings. Aly is 1st on their list.