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Sloan, Raisman and Maloney oh my! UPDATED AGAIN

July 31, 2014

HELL NO. I say no. I don’t want Alicia around. Go back to wherever you are Mrs Quinn.

Beam and Floor Results for Comm games.

Its a good thing I don’t sell advertising on this blog like certain others or I would be failing miserably lately. Yep blame the RED SOX

Not in the mood to blog so……………..

Nationals for Brazil

Vault and UB results from Comm games.

Now back to mourning my baseball season.

5 Stages of grief

Denial WTF are you talking about
Bargaining WTF, Okay you can have Gomes but we keep Lester and Cepedes.
DepressionBut Yooou can’t take Jonny,Jon and John Waaaah
Acceptance- Not today ( See you in October)


Tonight I was at Fenway. Turns out Bridget Sloan was also at Fenway. We were in the same section and I had no clue. My seats were better than her but it makes me laugh to know she was literally 10 feet away and I had no clue. SMALLEST world EVER. Glad to know I didn’t have to suffer alone.

Bridget wants to know how the game is played and LOL had the best comment to that. Yep well the players on the field have no clue how to play either. WHATEVER RedSox. Is that a beer Bridget?

Look at Aly go.

Mckayla Maroney is out this year. Probably a good thing.

An open Letter to Jon Lester – UPDATED

July 30, 2014

I will probably delete this tomorrow but I just need to get it off my chest.

Thanks for your part in the 2 World Series we won Jon Lester but FUCK YOU.

FUCK YOU for being a money grubbing jackass that thinks your worth 24 million a year even though the only time you show up is in the post season every 5 years.

FUCK YOU Jon Lester for saying one thing to the fans and media and having your agent demand the exact opposite behind everyone’s back. I don’t believe for a second you didn’t do just exactly that because if you had not then there is no way the Red Sox would have you on the trade market at this very moment.

I am completely over these MLB players thinking they deserve these contracts because idiotic teams like the Yankees offer them.

Lester is 30 years old and has never had an ERA under 3 until this year ( Welcome to the contract year of a professional athlete)

While Lester may have had an amazing post season last year his ERA in the regular season was 3.75.

During 2012 when the entire team sucked Lester’s ERA was 4.82 and during 2011 when the team choked away the playoffs on the last day of the season Lester had a 3.47 so you are trying to tell me that equals a contract of over 22 -24 million a year?

What planet do Red Sox fans live on?

The owners of this team have not been perfect but they spend between 148 and 170 million A YEAR on helping this team win and I can’t believe how many people are picking this one player over the team itself.

I have never been embarrassed to be a Red Sox fan in my life but as sad and obnoxious as this is going to sound I think the worst thing to ever happen to this team was the 2004 World Series Championship.

Its made the fans a bunch of whiny self entitled brats that now think what they want is above the game itself.

If winning 3 World Series and having a payroll at 170 million isn’t enough for you then maybe just maybe you should go find a new team to root for.

I bet the Tigers would take this teams success the last ten years. I bet the Pirates would. The Orioles would and The cub most certainly would but you continue to whine because one player thinks he is above the team?

I don’t understand this and I doubt I ever will.


Red Sox Fans renewed my faith in them this morning when they didn’t jump ship even though last night they all had plans too. Thanks for getting it.

Flashback Monday

July 28, 2014

I know we could discuss gymnastics but that is not nearly as much fun as making fun of Nastia.

Can we call Anna Li a bully for putting this up:)

Happy Anniversary Everyone

July 27, 2014


5 years ago I started this blog. Thanks to all of you for contributing. Here’s to another 5 years

18 years ago today

July 23, 2014

Mag 7 win gold. Its too bad HD didn’t exist back then.

I have mixed feelings on this Gold medal. While it was great they won it also created some of the most obnoxious gymnasts the US has ever produced (as human beings anyway) I don’t know about you but I think the gymnastics world would have been better off with out the DoDo and DoMo birds but hey, my mind thinks differently 🙂

Do you remember where you were? I do. In my room at my parents house searching the cable channels for any and all results pertaining to the team event. They finally said gold across the bottom of CNN and mentioned something about Kerri Strug.

Rebecca Andrade and Flavia Saraiva

July 17, 2014

She already looks like a senior. Has an Amanar, Impressive skills on floor and need some bar work.

Flavia here had a beautiful beam routine going til the fall. A lot of potential here.

#MightyKacy and other stuff. Did Gage close?

July 16, 2014

Several people searched the blog today with the words, Why did Gage close?

Oh anon rumor starters though as someone mentioned below it seems a lot of Gage girls are not on the roster for Classics like Brenna. Just checked there are no Gage girls. Hmmmm

Feel free to discuss the Gabby issue here. I personally don’t care and I agree with Melanie. Gabby is 18 and making her own money lets stop blaming her mother for her decisions.

If Chow ever takes her back he’s an idiot.

Shannon Miler, Mary Lou Retton, Nadia, Bart Connor and some other bitch will be on a reality show.

US Classic list of competitors. No Gabby. SHOCKING

My best year ever MY ASS. Camp info

July 5, 2014

The other day my HORRORscope ( yep I went there) said starting the next day I would be having the best year of my life. Since then I have fallen down the stairs and scratched my arm. Lost electricity for 6 hours sitting in a hot house alone in 85 degree weather playing frame tag with my IPod light because I couldn’t find a flash light and the boy went out with his friends. and to top it all off the Red Sox haven’t won a game since that day. I think the karmic universe has found issue with me for something I didn’t even do. Well FUCK YOU KARMIC UNIVERSE. You will not
take me down.

Some camp info- (Thanks Jas) Simone Biles won the AA. Madison overscored because she competes for Woga was second and Kyla I refuse to upgrade Ross was third. Sorry Kyla I love you kid but if you are being beat at camp by Madison Kocian its time to turn in your Elite card and go have a life as the best College gymnast ever. Sorry negative me is staying until my best damn year turns into what it promised me.

My new anthem. At least the bitch part.