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Impress me: Alicia Sacramone

May 13, 2013

It takes a lot to impress me and not a lot of people do it. I am pretty critical when it comes to gymnastics (this is where you all say, GTT critical? noooooooooooooooooooo:) so I thought I write a blog on things that impress me and tonight’s blog is about, Alicia Sacramone.

In general Alicia the person does not impress me. Spoiled Queen Bee’s that have their minions do their dirty work for them are not high on my list of favorite people but Alicia the gymnast with clean form has always impressed me but this blog isn’t about Alicia the Gymnast. Its about Alicia the beamer. That’s right I called Alicia , a beamer.

Okay so in general nothing Alicia ever did in beam was very impressive. Watching her back in 2004 or 2005 or 2006 you wouldn’t have been surprised at all with what happened in 2008

but what happened after 2008 is pretty impressive. Alicia, the beamer never missed another beam routine. Call it Alicia being stubborn. Call it Alicia wanting to prove Marta wrong but whatever you call it, not missing a beam routine in 3 years is pretty impressive in my book and that is why, for now I call Alicia Sacramone, a beamer:)



Nationals, Day 1:

Nationals, Day 2:

CoverGirl Classic :

World Championships, qualifying

World Championships, Team Finals

World Championships, Event finals.



US Nationals. Day 1

US Nationals , day 2

Covergirl Classic


2012 US Nationals, day 1

Ignore the talk of her not earned tenth medal. Talk about a travesty.

2012 US Nationals, Day 2

Marta doesn’t play favorites, HA, Tim, HA

2012 Olympic Trials, day 1

2012 Olympic Trials, day 2

That bitch stole my Olympics

November 4, 2012


Alicia Sacramone went into the 2008 Olympics with a chance at winning gold on vault and floor and a small chance winning a beam medal. She left as the choke artist that cost the US team the Gold medal. (Fair or not that is her legacy)

Aly Raisman went into the 2012 Olympics with a shot at floor gold she left the most decorated US gymnast of the 2012 games. If not for the “tie” rule she would have tied Aliya Mustafina for the most medals of any female gymnast at the games and that would include an AA medal.

Can you just imagine how badly this must annoy Alicia? Alicia can tumble almost as well as Aly and she can dance. She has better form and technique is in reality is ten times the gymnast at her peak that Aly was at hers but in ten years Aly’s name will be remembered and Alicia will be that girl that fell twice and cost the US team the gold medal.

They technically did not compete at the same Olympics but Alicia could have taken Aly’s spot on the 2012 team if the stars had aligned. Even competing at different Olympics they both would have been in competition for the same endorsements

Aly had the kind of Olympics Alicia could have had. I can only imagine how that must boil.

First time I have ever liked Alicia Sacramone

August 9, 2012

Just got this off facebook. Alicia can actually not be an annoying phony. Who knew???

I know Alicia is in London with Kristina Comforte and that is her at 141


I also think some of this is set up.

This video however looks 100% scripted with fake smiles and all:)

and if you want to see how the girls act with no camera around check out this video. They don’t talk to each other and rarely smile. Kyla actually smiles but the rest look bored. Very interesting and yes I know that no one can smile all the time I just found it interesting that when the camera is not on them where they know teh filming will be use some of them act differently than all the happiness we see when the camera is on

Was Alicia Sacramaone, Hollie Vise’d ?

July 11, 2012

Alicia’s mother is very much a defender of her daughter. I guess I can understand a mom defending her kid but then I remember Alicia is like 24 years old and she should be able to defend herself.


Alicia’s mom has tweeted a few interesting things lately. She sounds kind of bitter. What do you think? (Here are the tweets)

tweet 1,

Great sermon at church this morning ,it was all about integrity, boy could I have sent that one to some organization ;)‪#theyhavenone

Tweet 2,

Do you ever wonder how some people can sleep at night when they don’t have an ounce of integrity#karma

I don’t know if Alicia’s mom should be whining about the integrity of anyone considering her daughter just accepted a medal for a competition she had no part in but something seems up behind these tweets.

If I had to make a guess I would say Gail is pretty mad her daughter was told to not upgrade vault and concentrate on Beam and her usual vaults in order to make the Olympic team. Two events the US really had no use for. Marta did the same thing to Hollie Vise when she told her to concentrate on bars and beam for a specialists spot that did not exist (she ended up taking two vaulters)

but that is just my opinion.

The problem I have with all of this is that Mrs Sacramone feels the need to tweet idiotic hints at a conspiracy but she doesn’t have the guts just come out and say it. Alicia is done. She is retiring why not come out and tell us the facts? Maybe Alicia doesn’t want to take away any publicity from the actual Olympic team. Or maybe she wants to write a book but something clearly went on. We the people deserve to know:)


Famous Boyfriends

April 23, 2012

Jalynne Dantzscher is married to San Fransisco Giants short stop Brandon Crawford. (I won’t show you his stats this year) Alicia Sacramone dates back up QB Brady Quinn.(He has no stats he is a back ups back up) Natasha Kelley is engaged to Tyler Evans who plays for Oklahoma (and has a chance at being drafted to the NFL) and today I learned that gymnast Nicole Pechanec who competes for Stanford is dating future number one pick of the no longer relevant Indianapolis Colts Andrew Luck. He is also a good boyfriend declining to discuss the draft because he was there to support his girlfriend, aww.

Why is does this current blog exist? filler:)

Edited to add that Brady Quinn is no longer the back up for Denver. He is the back up for the KC Chiefs. That is kind of like going from backing up the California Angels to backing up the Pirates. Ha

The Nastia Liukin way.

March 14, 2012

Everyone else was at camp. Not because it is their favorite thing to do but because they were told. It’s time to put up or shut up but not Nastia Liukin. She is “hurt” she can’t come to camp. She can’t show what she has 4 months before the Olympics. Oh no she is in LA filming the price to right?

Are you ******* kidding me?

She is there to “promote” the Olympic Trials. A place she wouldn’t sniff if the world was fair. Hell, I am not sure the world is even round anymore.

Any boss worth their shit would be banning this little twit from any camps in the future after pulling this little ditty but Marta probably sent her there to do it.

If I am Aly Raisman or Mckayla Maroney this pisses me off. They are one of the two likely left off the Olympic team so little miss perfect can be named to the team.

What about Shawn, Alicia or Bridget ? ALL were given no assignments at all after the most recent camp (even though they probably weren’t ready to compete anyway) They were practically threatened to be at camp but Nastia gets to stay home and rest her ” hurt shoulder”

Please tell me I am not the only person who finds this complete bullshit?

Someone tell Rebecca Bross to stop competing because it is obvious the only way on the Olympic team is to kiss Marta’s big fat ass. Just ask Nastia.


Alicia Sacramone does not believe in free speech

January 13, 2012


Got a message the other day from someone who said Alicia blocked her on twitter.

It looks like Alicia doesn’t believe in free speech.

The message I got said she only tweeted Alicia once or twice in response to someone that was harassing Alicia about not deserving the World medal and then she told that person enough already to leave Alicia alone. Next thing she knew she was banned from her account.

While “I did” say she didn’t deserve the medal” I wasn’t rude to her at all even when her mother and friends sent me harassing messages.

So #WARNING We now do not have to wonder if Alicia thinks she deserved that medal. She does.

Hey wait, I thought Nastia gave the team the pep talk that helped them win?

December 1, 2011

Here is an article on Alicia Sacramone. According to this article Alicia Sacramone gave the 2011 World team the pep talk that turned their sorry ass souls into winners?

But I thought Nastia gave them the pep talk. That is what she told us in that interview at Worlds.

(get over yourself Nastia. )

I am so confused (evil smile)

P.S.- If anyone has a link to that interview so I can add it here I would appreciate it if you left the link in the comments section. I can’t bring myself to search for Nastia anything:)

This perhaps was the funniest part of the article

“She’s nice with her teammates, incredibly supportive,’’ said Karolyi. “Behind the scenes, doing her little-girl talk so they feel good about themselves.’’

I wonder if Shawn Johnson feels that way?

Marta to Alicia after her injury at worlds, ” I hate you”

October 9, 2011

According to Abomb from GGMB this is what happened to Alicia after she injured herself at Worlds.

All of this information belongs to Abomb so if he made it up and you want to sue someone try suing him. He insists this is 100% true and I have no reason not to believe him. He thinks too much of himself to just make something up.

AS: (tries to punch into a double arabian, crumples to floor, screaming in pain)

MK: “I hate you.”

AS: (achilles torn; lie down and hurt)

MK: “Stop crying, you are acting like a baby”


If this really happened this is a disgrace. I am not an Alicia fan by any means but she has done a lot of USA-gymnastics and to be treated like this , is just wrong.

Do you even doubt me now that Marta still holds a grudge against Shannon Miller for beating her precious Kim Zmeskal?

Allegedly Marta also said this to Alicia at the Olympics. Got this from GGMB (I forget who said it)

Marta also said to Alicia after she fell on floor in beijing “congratulations you just lost the gold medal for the USA”. She didn’t speak to Alicia or say goodbye when the games were over.


It’s back.

USA-Gymnastics to keep Alicia on team to win 10th world medal. Why?

October 7, 2011

Marta will do anything to screw Shannon Miller and USA-gymnastics is following suit.

They will be keeping Alicia’s name on the roster so she can win her 10th world medal without earning it. Seems to me a lot of people feel the same way I do about this, It sucks.

There are all kinds of comments all over USA-gymnastics facebook page calling them out for everything from Alicia getting a tenth medal she didn’t earn to Shawn not being brought to Japan to my personal favorite, USA-gymnastics screwing over Shannon Miller.

Gotta love this. Mad props to USA-Gymnastics for advertising how to see all the comments but will they listen? nope.

You people do not know how to treat your Champions. Keeping Alicia’s name on the roster to get her a medal she had nothing to do with just to dis-respect Shannon Miller because she wasn’t coached by Marta is ridiculous. The nerve Shannon had to beat a Karoyli gymnast.

It’s bad enough your never give Shannon Miller the respect she deserves. Keeping Alicia on this team just to erase her name from the record books is sad and pathetic.

How many more gymnasts does USAG plan to sacrifice at these selection camps?

Congratulations to our world team that was able to survive USAG’s selection process. You girls are truly tough!

Sorry, but as heartbreaking as it is for Sac, why keep her on the roster to get a medal for which she did nothing? Record or no (and what a stupid way to get a record), if she can’t compete she shouldn’t be on the roster.