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The Bronze

January 30, 2016

This actually looks funny and has better gymnastics then we see in most movies about gymnastics.

Sorry but not in the mood to College gym this week maybe later.




And the R rated version.



Because it’s Kohei

January 28, 2016

Triple twisting  double layout anyone? And he does it with beautiful form and perfectly laid out. Please stay healthy forever Kohei because you are the only reason men’s gymnastics exists for me.

And because I am slow apparently I blogged this already. Ooops Kohei is that good though so now it’s perfect.

WHATEVER!! 71 Days until Opening day

January 25, 2016


NFL got what it wanted. Manning in another Superbowl. From bringing in the ref who has lead Denver to an 8-0 record in games he has officiated to the BS calls in the first quarter when their guy hit Brady and stepped on him after the whistle to the pushing of the face mask non call and viola Manning the HGH cheater no one will talk about gets another shot at a ring.

Roger Goodell made it impossible for the Patriots to do anything this year and injuries to the only guys on this team that can catch the ball for half a season took away any chance we had at having this game in Foxboro and damn straight I’m bitter because the free pass Manning got for HGH being sent to HIS HOUSE something he never denied all the while harassing, literally the Patriots for alleged deflated balls THE SCIENCE EXPERTS HAVE ALREADY PROVEN WAS WEATHER RELATED has put me in a pretty shitty mood.

The good news for you is the people that like my ranting are going to get a whole lot of it the next two weeks. Enjoy!

It’s a real life ******* miracle: Shib Sibs win Nationals

January 24, 2016

Maia Shibutani and Alex Shibutani, AKA as the Sib Shibs just won Nationals with an amazing, beautiful *** damn LP. Watch those twizzles. The crowd wanted it and the judges shocked the world and actually gave them the lead.

You don’t understand. This is a miracle. Like a red sox win the world series and Patriots win back to back  Superbowl like miracle. It deserved it’s own blog.


Take that overscored Bates and Chock.

I am not covering that joke of a ladies LP on this blog. The judges didn’t show up for the ladies ignoring Gracie’s under rotations completely and plus GOE her up the ***.

Week 3: Fabulous 8 fall back to earth

January 24, 2016

Florida beat Auburn 197.075 to 195.900

Bridget Sloan won the AA for her third time this season  with a 39.575.   Peyton Ersnt had a messy beam and finished with a 9.625


The wonder kids all fell back to earth.

Lizzie Leduc nailed floor for a 9,875 but fell off beam. Illinois lost to Michigan 196.900 to 195.150.  Talia Chiarelli fell off beam for a 9.225 and received a 9.875 on vault and 9.800 on floor.


LSU beat Kentucky  Sarah fell off bars for a 9.300 but hit beam for a 9.900. Lexie competed bars and received a 9.900. She also competed vault for a 9.725

Katelyn fell of beam and got to repeat her entire routine but okay. UCLA wins

Ebee Price:    Katelyn Ohashi


Oklahoma bounced back from being screwed to win their tri meet by almost 3 points. I feel bad leaving Oklahoma out of these updates

US Figure Skating National Championships

January 22, 2016




Short Program

Polina leads and looked great but as much as people claim she has improved the presentation she hasn’t but she hit when no one else did and deserved her lead.


Gracie Gold singled her first jump and received no credit for it missing one of the 3 jumps / jump combination in her SP yet still got a 62.50 and is in second place. The overscoring and gifts she receives is astounding. This is the short program and they held up her PCS to hide the fact she got not credit at all for a jump. She skates around for quite a bit of time between jumps and spins in this SP.


Tyler Pierce who even with wonky landings on her first 2 jumps should have been in second. Love the dress.


Ashley Wagner sits in forth after falling on her first jump. Typical Ashley Ms Inconsistent. I love the music just wish the words would go away. Thought she sold it well after the fall

Everyone else fell or cheated jumps and in some cases fell twice ( Not yet ready for prime time Chen) it was pretty much a mess for everyone but Polina


Karen Chen.. Courtney HicksMirai Nagasu…. Miriah BellAngela Wang

Hannah Miller

More than just a Vault

January 20, 2016

Skinner with be at the Glasgow World Cup

Svetlana Khorkina turns 37. How time flies when you bleach your hair 🙂



Natalia Yurchenko interview.

Double tucks in 1983. Double tucks in 2016. Something is wrong with this

Way overscored

Her Vault   Hall of Famer

I think I like her bars the best.


NCAA Week 2: Fabulous 8

January 16, 2016

The most overscored College gyms of all time competed against each other today and Florida took the win 197.675 to 196.925



Bridget Sloan won the AA

9.850 9.975 9.925 9.900 39.650)

Katelyn Ohashi competed bars, beam and floor and got her biggest gift of the year with a 9.900 on bars. I knew eventually this would happen. Peyton Ernst competed beam for Florida for a 9.850.

LSU beat NC State with 3 falls off beam and 2 on floor.
Sarah Finnegan competed bars for a 9.950 and beam for a 9.850. Lexie did not compete.




Lizzy Leduc finished third AA as Illinois beat Rutgers by nearly 4 points.

She finished 3rd AA with a 9.775 on vault. 9.725 on bars. 9.775 on beam and 9.725 on floor.


Talia Chiarelli and Michigan beat Ohio state by over a point and a half. 196.950 to 195.275

9.850 on vault. 9.950 on beam and 9.825 on floor.


Price won another AA and Stanford  beat UGA by a little over a tenth



Suck it haters #PATRIOTSWIN

NCAA Week 1. The Super 7

January 11, 2016

I have decided our new NCAA feature will be called the Super 7 and feature each week (mood depending) the results of the following gymnasts. Bridget Sloan, Peyton Ernst, Lizzy Leduc,  Lexie Priessman, Sarah Finnegan, Katelyn Ohasi  and Talia Chiarelli.

If you want to add anyone else let me know because I originally wanted to call this blog the fabulous 8 but we were a gymnast short:)

Week one Playlist




Lizzy Leduc finished 5th AA and had two of her teams most impressive scores on beam and floor in her first College meet of her career. Then she tweeted about improving and how much she loved it which made me like her even more:)
The stupid tweet would not link so if you want to see what she said click here



Lizzy Leduc’s routines are at these times in case you don’t want to watch the entire thing. Also Lizzy’s floor was beautiful She was low balled or low schooled balled which happens a lot in College gym.

Bars (2.13)  Vault (23.48) Floor (54.11) Beam ( 127.17)


Sarah Finnegan (begin again) and Lexie  Priessman helped LSU get a gift at the expense of Oklahoma in their first meet of the season.  Sarah had a fabulous beam for a 9.925 and scored a 9.850 on bars for her two events and Lexie competed vault (9.775) and beam(9.725)



Bridget Sloan was Bridget Sloan leading her team to an easy victory and taking the AA in the process.

I know Peyton competed at least beam but her individual event scores are not mentioned.




Katelyn Ohashi fell off bars but had an other wise   decent meet to help UCLA edge Alabama…


Katelyn’s routines (Nice to see her smiling tho I will never understand the excited  teammates when you fall) Even before she fell her bars were rough. UCLA’s entire team had many form breaks during their bar routines.

I am not really a big fan of MS Val’s floor routines but I loved Katelyn’s. It was cute and like I said above it’s nice to see her happy. EX Liukin gymnasts that he killed or mentally burnt to hell succeeding in College is very much a let down for the potential they had as Elite’s but as much as the overscoing of Elite Katelyn drove me crazy and I think eventually she will get that same over score at  UCLA I couldn’t help smile when I saw her genuine smile after her floor. I feel the same way when I see Rebecca Bross happy. Half the time I expect all ex Liukin gymnasts to end up in mental wards. That being said she had some issues with the form in her tumbling.

Vault ( 3.29) Bars (26.30)  Beam ( 46.18)  Floor (114.13)



Talia Chiarelli probably hates Boston right now but I still like her (sorry daddy you had to go and you should have taken Cam Neely and Tuuuuuka Rask with you) but I have to laugh every time I see her name on her teams list of scores. Always one of the top performers for her team on Vault, beam and floor she of course doesn’t do bars. Oh Mihai you killer of AA dreams..

Talia’s routines (Tell me she isn’t a combination of Aly and

Vault ( 6.46) Beam (45.50) Floor ( 106.08)


Michigan Article

Because it’s Michelle Kwan

January 8, 2016

Even though I wasn’t technically a child during my Michelle Kwan yearsI still consider her a childhood memory. You know one of those you can’t hate for any reason even if they work for the biggest two faced liar on the planet. So without further ado here is Jenny Kirk and Aunt Joyce’s (sorry Dave Lease but you are your first impression)  interview with Michelle Kwan from The Skating Lesson.

I don’t have an hour to watch right now so lets just hope someone has the nerve to ask Michelle how she feels about being screwed out of 2 Olympic gold medals by cheating judges like Joe Inman.

I should totally do an interview with Michelle because I would get to the bottom of Sasha Cohen sending her people to snoop on what michelle was training and cheating judges in a heartbeat. Tho Michelle would probably be crying at the end of my ( I wouldn’t be mean but I would be asking the right questions:)