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Live blogging the US Classic: Seniors

July 29, 2017

Only if this feed works:)

So far I get four apparatus at once. They did that earlier then changed when they wanted full routines. I can’t sign in to the Olympic channel because I can’t remember my password or user name. So this will have to do. I am also watching the Red Sox leave men on base on TV so this should be fun.

Damn I am out of Frosted Flakes and this hasn’t even started yet.

I will continue this because Rocio asked me too but I love doing this to NO one especially when I am asked to do it every time…. ( I apologize some of you were here and my comments beep didn’t tell em)

Live Results

Want Ads…. Tells me he’s been lying. I’m gonna put it in the Want ads….

I live. In America…… Owwww

Just got two irate e-mails because USAG and the Olympic channel had an ad for next years American Cup and showed Jennie Thompson but not Shannon Miller.

Rotation 4

If Shchennikova is the second best we have behind Ragan ( or even third behind Riley) The US is in trouble.

Huge Amanar but messy landing for Chiles

They are taking a long time for Gaskins score so they can lowball her.

Nice bars for Parea with a layout for a dismount. WHY BOTHER COMING????

Ashton falls on her dismount. Cheats all her leaps but hits everything else.

I am not sure what Souza did on floor but she either bailed or didn’t plan a first pass. I liked the beginning but that music was horrid.

Locklear got a 13.600 with a fall. Marta judges are now Liukin judges and they are worse.

This was soooooo boring. Parea won bars with a layout for a dismount.


Rotation 3

My feed cut out on Riley so I don’t know what happened totally but she had a few messy passes.

Whoever that Woga girl was she still had a better dismount than Nastia 🙂

Chiles was a mess on floor. Everything I remember about her is still happening. Sloppy dance and tumbling and messy landings.

Shchennikova is gross and messy and cheated jumps galore.

Hurd hit floor. Nice routine (messy dismount) but I don’t like the music.

Regan hit beam. Nailed everything but missed one connection in her leap series. 15.350

Deanne Soza looks ready for College gym.



Staying Alive. Appropriate music.

Laney Madson looks mad. No smiles for her hit vault.

Brandy Johnson’s daughter looks just like her from the back.

Trinity Thomas had a nice bars. (Only 13.900) Malabuyo missed every handstand

Riley stayed on beam (lots of bobbles)then fell on her dismount.

Regan had a messy form on bars and swung really fast (she couldn’t wait to get off) 14.550

Chiles off beam on two layouts and she bailed mid double wolf turn and stood up.

Marta got out at the right time.

Hurd had to put her hand on beam to save herself and had multiple bobbles but what she did well was done very well and rest was messy.

I only remember being this bored at a Classics once.

I missed the beginning but Adeline Kenlin just had a great beam routine. Best routine of the night so far (what I saw) 14.850



Abby Walker looks like a young Jamie Pressley.

Paulson hit her floor. She landed her passes well and has clean form but I don’t know I was distracted by all the violins. 13.250

O’Keefe messed up bars but side view means her form looked decent.

Only got half of Sunisa Lee on bars so we could watch Madsen (11.950) fall on floor and walk through her routine.

Jade Carey’s first vault was a 14.350 Her Amanar looked decent.

Purple and pink is the new hot pink…

Riley was very messy on bars. Horribly messy and she screwed up one part. She still got a 13.450. That will be biggest gift of night.

I know you really want to be elite Emily Gaskins but if Nunno couldn’t help you no one can and that pink bow is for 6 year olds. She got a 13.300 and I have no clue how.

Chiles hit bars but missed every handstand but one. 13.600

A Parkettes. Messy form. Marz Frazier

( my bad. Some people were here and m

LIVE Blogging the US Classic Juniors

July 28, 2017

Junior’s will be live on youtube tomorrow. IF I am awake I will live blog.

Results and Start lists



So basically lots of this was a waste of time. Wish I had known name juniors were competing with the seniors.

So go watch Lillian on youtube videos and Grace on vault and maybe Jafree on floor (even with the score)

This should be fun. No commentators.


We should get some names now because they all seem to be competing one event.

Audrey David messed up her double wolf and a sloppy last pass but rest was solid. Though her leaps are blah. She’s the anti Woga in dance or anti Woga on how they are perceived. 11.950 takes her out of the lead. Then Eaker took the best score on beam from her.

Poor little girl just fell on her beam dismount and her coach temper tantrumed to the back of the

Didn’t see it but Grace McCallum got a huge vault score. 14.650

Seems vault scores are deciding AA’s again… Took the AA from Eaker. Gave the AA to Grace. Brought up Jay Jay who had scores in the rankings of 21st, 15th and 8th on every other event.

Lillian nailed bars. Nailed the landing. Clean though she does have flat feet but I don’t care. She’s the only gymnast I have enjoyed watching today.

Maeve Hahn attempted Afan’s double turn but she was a little short.

Wong is no Kyla on beam either but she reminds me of her on floor and vault. Lots of bobbles and hands on the beam to stop from falling.

I kind of like Sienna Brown on floor. She’s cute and has potential.

I think the juniors are competing as seniors tonight. Yep they just said that.



There are literally 9 million juniors.

OMG Look at that face. You look like my new mistake….. If the high was worth the pain. Got a long list of ex lovers…..

Al Fong just literally walked up to Eaker on bars and talked to her.

Saw Wong on bars. She doesn’t look like Kyla at all there.

Come on Tienna. you have to hit one event today.. (They didn’t show her bars)

I think they raised Jones floor score. Could have sworn it said 12 something. It’s now 13.350

Jay Jay Marshall attempted some hard tumbling but it was poorly done. She has a double layout as her third pass and I am pretty sure that was a Dos santos 2 as her second. Full out in laid out position was her first pass but it was very piked. She also put her hands down. She got a 12.900 with a fall so that would have easily been the best score on floor of the night.

Jana Bieger is judging beam.

This feed is doing it’s best to skip Zmeskal’s gymnasts.

The when they do show Annie Beard it’s Kim Zmeskal and her choosing crappy music again. the bad news bears? This kid has so much potential and she deserves better. Kim loves to use her type of music so people will think of her shit floor routines. These kids deserve better music.

Lets dance. Lets shout… The back ground music is killing it today. Well mostly:)

The yellow and black leo girl just had huge air on her Pak Solto..

Lillian Lippeatt the future star even got shown on vault.

Way too many Woga gymnasts being seen on this feed.

Smirnov has nice presentation on floor.

They showed Jafree Scott on bars. She only got a 13.000 but she had her leg together for the most part.




Smirnov off beam , twice.

Gymnasty is a horrible name for a club.

Kyla Ross just went on vault. Another event Wong reminds me of Kyla tho without Kyla’s killer landings.

Dear Lauren Little, Point your toes kid.

I take back liking the leo. Well you still have the best name, Tienna. She fell twice on beam so the video guy decided she wasn’t worth watching any more and they cut to a Hill’s gymnast on floor. I would rather watch Tienna on beam.

Screen goes black. Thanks God.

This is the worst the feed has been in a long time.

Nice tumbling by Jones on floor but any gym that refuses to try and teach these girls dance shouldn’t be allowed on the floor.

Whomever just did bars had nice handstands but swung the bars really slow but the hand stands were awesome.


The fact that USAG still sends Nastia to events to attract viewers tells you how stupid they are. The one time I went there was lucky if there was 100 people and she gave everyone dirty looks. They can’t be so naive to think she is a good example of the sport? Sorry but they advertised some event she and the male choker Sam are doing….

Annie Beard was solid on beam. The clown leo’s belong to Zmeskal of course. Lots of form issues..

The little girl with bucket on her face is more watchable then this floor routine.

YAY. Lillian Lippeatt ( count how many times I misspell her name) is my new favorite to watch. Nailed her tumbling. Nailed her turns and leaps. She’s cute as a button and will improve the presentation .



Okay Smirnov had a crappy ending but such pretty handstands.

The Liukin influence on floor music is evident.

I think I liked Jafree Scott on floor. Sloppy landings and horrible music but she has some dance training. I see her owning college gym in a few years. ( I also don’t mean this as an insult. I mean Bridget Sloan like own)

Hills gymnasts with bad form on beam> Check.

Kaitlyn Johnson just Gabby Douglas’d her floor routine. Literally walked through it with no dance or rhythm.

I woke up at 11, did 2 loads of laundry and made popcorn all before 2.5. wHO’S SHOCKED? who’s proud of me? Who’s listening? No one of course. Why you people ask for live blogging and don’t show

Leanne Wong reminds me so much of Kyla on floor. Stop to rest wave your arms with flow.

Kim Zmeskal’s gymnasts are anti her as a gymnast. Well Barrios here reminds me of her. Form issues. Bent knee’s and a fall. I get Hernando Hideaway music in the back ground so that’s good. NEVER MIND. That was a Hills gymnast and now it all makes I don’t know who the gymnast was because they said one thing and put up a different name and now my screen has gone blank.

Now its back with 4 screens I can’t see anyone good enough.

Hands down for Konnor at the end but she is quite the little tumbler.

Dear Wolf turns, DIE, Love, Jenn

Tienna wins best name and best leotard but I am trying not to be critical because these are juniors.

I am going to skip this girl on beam for the same reason above.

I better see some Lillian Lippett here USAG.

I like the name Addison. I know someone else likes that name too 🙂

2017 EYOF, Komova, etc….

July 26, 2017

I HIGHLY recommend The All Around for all info on gymnastics. With the exception of IG the EYOF info is all from them and they deserve credit for their amazing coverage.

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 8.15.21 PM
(The All Around Twitter)

Live Scoring





1- Russia : 107.700
2- Italy : 106.500
3- Germany : 104.960

All Around
All Around Men and Woman (IG)

Event Finals

Event Finals


Team and Qualifying


The 2010 ( I think) EYOF champion is back training floor.

Sherbo interview. Gotta love how he lives here but makes fun of our gymnastics system.
Event Finals

21 years ago today ( IN 39 minutes:)

July 22, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 11.21.30 PM

This must be old but I have never seen Gotta love some of these comments

I got 100 on the quiz (haha)

Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 11.26.48 PM

Just for the record, the Mag 7 were the original group huggers. Everyone else copies them.

Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 11.32.29 PM

Did you know????

July 14, 2017

Did you know?????

Julianne Mcnamara’s daughter plays 15 year old Kate on This is us? I didn’t even realize they had a teenage Kate ( I was bored and disengaged))

Simone has a boyfriend? ( well she’s dating) Glad to see she is living life and don’t ask me why this showed up on my yahoo feed.

Aly is joining the Navy? She’s not really ( as far as I know) but her outfit says she could be:) By the way if you watch could Gabby look any more awkward in this video? First I must say I actually love her dress. I think it’s the first thing I have ever seen on a gymnast I can say I would actually wear. Well know that isn’t true, Kyla’s dress from the ESPY’s in 2012 was cute too. Gabby just looks like she doesn’t want to be there. She looked the same at the ESPY’s, miserable. ( I also liked that dress)

USA-Gymnastics released some camp news ( has hell frozen over?)

Senior winners

1. Ragan Smith, Texas Dreams
2. Alyona Shchennikova, 5280
3. Jordan Chiles, Naydenov

Junior camp winners

1. Maile O’Keefe
2. Emma Malabuyo,
3. Adeline Kenlin, (Iowa Gym-Nest)

Riley is injured according to the Triple Twist wins.

Lilly Lippeat, Cincinnati Gymnastics; Konner McClain, Revolution Gymnastics; and Anya Pilgrim/Hill’s were the top 3 from the physical abilities.

Simone and her ESPY’s and is this show not a complete joke? Aaron Rodgers for best NFL player and best play over the Superbowl saving catch by Amendola?

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 12.57.17 AM

” But, if it’s not broken, then you don’t need to fix it. I think Brett McClure is still smoking the weed he and Jaycie Phelps were on during their entire relationship. If he thinks there is nothing wrong with the men’s team in the US he is a complete fucking idiot that should be fired already.

F*** NBC. 1 year ago today

July 9, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 11.13.24 PM

The 2016 Olympic Trials were one year ago today. We can’t get video because everything good won’t let you embed on youtube because NBC FUCKING SUCKS. That is all:)

So I stole a picture from their website and of course it had to be Simone.

I remember this like it was yesterday. Maggie refusing to go to camp. Mykayla and Ashton retweeting or liking all the tweets that they were robbed. Gabby crying like she deserved her spot and hearing her mother knew ahead of time she was on the team regardless of how she did that day which is why she acted like she did. Simone kicking ass and taking names. Laurie being over scored. Kyla not being there. Me thinking of Rebecca Bross not making the team in 2012 ( I know I was shocked too) Aly being Aly and hitting when she had too. Brenna and company being ignored by NBC altogether. Nastia being a two faced phony fucktard. Tim and Nastia insisting Gabby should still be on the team even though she was the only one not to hit even tho you know Tim really felt that spot should have been Mykayla’s ( he practically said it when he mentioned how he felt bad for her). Me rooting for Madison Kocian to hit. Gabby crying after falling off beam and me feeling sorry for her for about half a second. Steve Penney running into the “decision” room to make sure Marta did her job and added Gabby even though she didn’t deserve it. Ashton falling off beam and her dad saying, it’s over. Ragan Smith nailing beam day 2 after sucking big time day 1. Hundley going 8 for 8 and never being shown and lastly but not leastly (its late) Kocian making this team for bars over Ashton even though she only beat her once the entire year, day 2 at trials.

So what do you remember?????