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Did you know????


Did you know?????

Julianne Mcnamara’s daughter plays 15 year old Kate on This is us? I didn’t even realize they had a teenage Kate ( I was bored and disengaged))

Simone has a boyfriend? ( well she’s dating) Glad to see she is living life and don’t ask me why this showed up on my yahoo feed.

Aly is joining the Navy? She’s not really ( as far as I know) but her outfit says she could be:) By the way if you watch could Gabby look any more awkward in this video? First I must say I actually love her dress. I think it’s the first thing I have ever seen on a gymnast I can say I would actually wear. Well know that isn’t true, Kyla’s dress from the ESPY’s in 2012 was cute too. Gabby just looks like she doesn’t want to be there. She looked the same at the ESPY’s, miserable. ( I also liked that dress)

USA-Gymnastics released some camp news ( has hell frozen over?)

Senior winners

1. Ragan Smith, Texas Dreams
2. Alyona Shchennikova, 5280
3. Jordan Chiles, Naydenov

Junior camp winners

1. Maile O’Keefe
2. Emma Malabuyo,
3. Adeline Kenlin, (Iowa Gym-Nest)

Riley is injured according to the Triple Twist wins.

Lilly Lippeat, Cincinnati Gymnastics; Konner McClain, Revolution Gymnastics; and Anya Pilgrim/Hill’s were the top 3 from the physical abilities.

Simone and her ESPY’s and is this show not a complete joke? Aaron Rodgers for best NFL player and best play over the Superbowl saving catch by Amendola?

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 12.57.17 AM

” But, if it’s not broken, then you don’t need to fix it. I think Brett McClure is still smoking the weed he and Jaycie Phelps were on during their entire relationship. If he thinks there is nothing wrong with the men’s team in the US he is a complete fucking idiot that should be fired already.

F*** NBC. 1 year ago today


Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 11.13.24 PM

The 2016 Olympic Trials were one year ago today. We can’t get video because everything good won’t let you embed on youtube because NBC FUCKING SUCKS. That is all:)

So I stole a picture from their website and of course it had to be Simone.

I remember this like it was yesterday. Maggie refusing to go to camp. Mykayla and Ashton retweeting or liking all the tweets that they were robbed. Gabby crying like she deserved her spot and hearing her mother knew ahead of time she was on the team regardless of how she did that day which is why she acted like she did. Simone kicking ass and taking names. Laurie being over scored. Kyla not being there. Me thinking of Rebecca Bross not making the team in 2012 ( I know I was shocked too) Aly being Aly and hitting when she had too. Brenna and company being ignored by NBC altogether. Nastia being a two faced phony fucktard. Tim and Nastia insisting Gabby should still be on the team even though she was the only one not to hit even tho you know Tim really felt that spot should have been Mykayla’s ( he practically said it when he mentioned how he felt bad for her). Me rooting for Madison Kocian to hit. Gabby crying after falling off beam and me feeling sorry for her for about half a second. Steve Penney running into the “decision” room to make sure Marta did her job and added Gabby even though she didn’t deserve it. Ashton falling off beam and her dad saying, it’s over. Ragan Smith nailing beam day 2 after sucking big time day 1. Hundley going 8 for 8 and never being shown and lastly but not leastly (its late) Kocian making this team for bars over Ashton even though she only beat her once the entire year, day 2 at trials.

So what do you remember?????