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My thoughts on the Olympics (Updated)

November 21, 2016

I’ve gotten a few e-mails from people asking me if I planned on giving my opinion on the  Olympics  now that I am feeling better (sort of) and since this Patriots game is boring me to tears I figured this would be as good a time as any.

I’m typing in bed with my computer on a pillow at a very weird angle ( so my back won’t hurt )so please excuse any and all mistakes.


King Kohei: The judges did their best to screw him over in favor of an ex soviet ( It’s a shame  I can’t blame Nelli for this) but my reaction during the actual event can easily be summed up in the title of the blog I wrote that day, titled, Fuck you judges, LONG LIVE KING KOHEI.  Lying in bed, in pain dealing with my ******* up ovaries and fallopian tubes, this was my one true moment of glee during that entire Olympics. I had honestly thought he was going to get screwed like he had been this entire Olympics but for once the judges , judged him fairly . And for anyone that thinks he didn’t deserve it, bite me:) Look at the execution scores esp during HB and tell me how Oleg and Kohei even came close to the same execution scores on that event.


BIGGEST Disappointment: Daria Spiridonova falling in the Event Finals during bars. Seda  Tutkhalian making the All Around only to throw it all away during the AA. Seriously kid. Shang Chunsong being screwed left and right especially on bars and beam. (She is the real bronze AA medalist and I’ll be defending that til my last breath) Dragulescu,  not winning a vault or floor medal.

Favorite moments: 

:Aly making the AA:) Daria hitting beam during prelims ( never expected that) Simone living up to her hype. Kocian winning a silver on bars ( yes I know it surprised even me) SEE, King Kohei, above.  Leyva winning 2 medals in EF, proving he should have been on this team in the first place. The moment Aly’s beam score came in and she played the role of leader and quietly ran over to Mihai to smile to not upset the phony gold medal winner but only of hugging when the camera is around.. Naddour winning an individual bronze. (Hollie Vise finally gets her Olympics) The Japanese men winning gold. Though I felt bad for China. The Chinese woman’s  team winning bronze.

Mean things I liked because I’m a bitch: Gabby not making the AA. Don’t for a second buy that phony smile. If anything she was relieved  she didn’t have to explain the American way of thinking you’re a  failure for not winning gold. Chris Brooks , NOT doing well in the AA ( I know, hater:) The entire US men’s team for not winning a team medal. The ego of this program in general when they haven’t accomplished jack shit since the 80’s annoys me. You don’t see the US women’s program half assing practice or running around screaming like they can win gold when they know the best they can do is finish third IF they hit.



Simone Biles:  Boy did this kid live up to the hype . I even think she was somewhat underscored. These certainly weren’t the Worlds judges from 2015 when it came to the way they scored her. They nit picked her more than anyone else on team USA ( she was actually the only one nit picked on team USA) and yet she shined like anyone who has watched over the last 3 years knew she would.

The Uneven Bar judges:  Whoever provided the crack throughout the competition to these judges should be sent to jail for treason. The fact that this routine was absent from finals so Nelli Kim should make sure Aliya Mustafina could win gold is right up there with the 1992 Olympic AA for biggest joke in Olympic history. Funny how BOTH sets of results involved Nelli Kim in some form.  I am not sure why the Chinese didn’t sub her in for Chunsong Chang in the Event finals ( she was 9th in qualifying) She easily would have won bronze at least even with the judges cheating for the Russians and Americans.

The All Around controversy that wasn’t but should be: Simone and Aly were leap years ahead of most everyone else and it was nice to see Aly finally win her AA medal but I will never believe for a second Aliya Mustafina and her shitty twisting form deserved to beat Chang Shunsong and her shitty twisting form during this All Around.

Aliya has the edge on vault and that is it. Shang has a 6.8 to Aliya’s 6.7 on bars and she owns her on beam and floor with start values of 6.4 to 5.3 If this competition had involved any other nation but Russia, Shang Chunsong would have won the bronze medal. That’s a plus start value of over a point and a half  yet Aliya won by over a tenth. If this had happened to the US all hell would have broken lose. I haven’t even seen it debated because the gym world is so far up Aliya’s ass they couldn’t find there way out with a map and a flash light. I’m not an Aliya hater either. She missed a mandatory combination on beam and that is why her start value was so low but it shouldn’t matter. All that should matter is what she performed.

Event Finals-

Vault: The outcome will be far more remembered by me for what wasn’t accomplished vs what was. Dipa and Oksana got credit for crappy Prods that in a real world never should have happened. The then reigning Olympic champion was very close to getting credit for her triple twisting Yurchenko which IMO was closer to being what it was intended to be than what actually got credit by Dipa and Oksana. Paeska won a silver medal with her shitty form. Guila finally won an Olympic medal and Simone was once again the class of the meet with her usual great vaults.( Feel free to fix the grammar in this

Uneven Bars: No complaint with the results but only because I can’t remember how Chang Shunsong competed. Though I could debate Kocian getting under a point in deductions with all her form issues. It’s always nice to see someone sneak into the medals who you didn’t expect ( bronze for Sophie Scheder) even at the expense of your favorite (Oh Daria) Aliya deserved her medal ( but only because Yilin was lowballed and didn’t make finals due to cheating Nelli)

Balance Beam: Sanne Weavers routine is not my favorite but she did a great job and deserved her win. I like how she said after the fact she had planned a huge 7 plus routine to compete with Simone but scrapped it after Simone fell on the beam. She was going for the win and I like to see that fire from people. Unless it’s attempting a Prod vault you know you’re lucky to land on your feet and try and take advantage of a ridiculous loop hole in the code 🙂 Laurie had a great routine for silver and Simone snuck in for bronze.

Floor: We all knew Simone would win as long as she stood up. Aly took second thanks to her great tumbling ( though I still say she should have upgraded that last pass and gone for broke but it probably wouldn’t have made a difference anyway. The judges love Simone for her tumbling and never seem to really deduct her for her landings but she did pretty well this time) Tinkler is one of my least fave gymnasts in a long time based on her gymnastics only  but even I couldn’t help but feel happy for her because she was so happy. The US mentality of all that matters is gold is sometimes hard to watch. It’s nice to see someone so happy with a bronze.


I know I was gone for  most of the Olympics so tell me what you thought. Favorite moments. Least favorite moments. Best Vault, bars, beam, floor etc…..



Fabian Hambuechen winning High bar.



Shawn Johnson and the tour video

November 14, 2016

Shawn doing videos like this while tired is pretty funny to me.  Many people think she came off as kind of bratty but I think she is just being honest. Or she’s hung over or channeling a member of the 7 Dwarfs (dopey, sleepy, bashful, dim-wit) Keep them coming Shawn


Just for the record I’ve been told there has been more tour drama than someone is letting on. I am leaving names out for now…

:One tour member was so fed up with how someone else was acting ( that person would surprise the world)  that she threatened to quit if something wasn’t done about it.

:Another tour member didn’t show up for several tour stops she was scheduled for and did not inform anyone she wouldn’t be there.


Non tour related but very much related to a gymnast on the tour  has been informed if she ever wants to be the face of anything she better start being nice to people. That is why you see this person in the middle of every picture with her arms around everyone with a big fat phony smile on her face. It pretty much just proves she is the phony we knew she was all along.


Sometimes I rant about Politics (not as much as I could) but this is hilarious. I always thought Michelle Kwan was a smart cookie but I guess not. Shame on you, Hillary using the Kween. Props to Darius for having a brain.

Cup of China link to Results



And here is when you know you made it. Someone buys your domain Gee I thought I made it when someone signed up for tumblr under my name and called me names but this is better