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Dear Kyla Ross: Updated

August 29, 2015

(added some blog commentator idea’s at the bottom)

The Gymternet has dug your grave for you Kyla. They say your bars look heavy and labored, your beam is weak and that the younger girls and comeback kids basically have more talent, drive, desire and skill level than you are capable of at this time in your career so it’s time for you to head off to La la land and compete watered down overrated floor routines for Coach Val. You know what I say to that mentality Kyla ? Blah blah blah gymternet. I couldn’t disagree with you more.

You’re Kyla ******* Ross. Two time AA medalist at the World Championships (Gabby and Aly can’t say that) You’re the gymnast everyone counted out last year until you took your 12th ranked difficulty to Worlds and still came away with the bronze medal in the AA. You’re an Olympic gold medalist that made the team 3 years ago by hard work and determination and I believe you can do that again.

You’re a fighter Kyla and it’s time for you to cowboy up. I am not going to baby you here. There is a lot of work you need to put in between now and the Rio Olympics but I don’t doubt for a second you are capable of upgrading and hitting those routines consistently. You just have to believe you can do it like I believe you can.

I am not your coach and can’t tell you what to do but that doesn’t mean I don’t have an opinion so here it goes. Don’t take it personally if you ever read this because no one outside your family wants to see you succeed as much as I do.

A- Talk to a Sports Psychologist. Marta thinks endurance is your issue but I personally think you are talking yourself out of hitting upgrades you aren’t comfortable with so you don’t have to compete them. It’s nice that your coaches let you decide if you are ready to compete your upgrades but this is the second year in a row you have messed up your upgrades and taken them out the next competition. This is not the time to be playing safe. You need to find out why it is you have issues with hitting these upgrades you hit in practice leading up to the competition and I think a sports psychologist can help you with that.

B- Upgrade and follow through with those upgrades. You need at least a 6.6 start value on bars to even be considered for the specialist role at next years Olympics. Kocian has a 6.6 start value and is becoming more and more consistent as she goes along and Ashton Locklear will have at least that when she fully heals from her injury so you have to be consistently hitting a routine equally as difficult if you want to be a member of this team. Find the routine you can work with and ..

C- JUST DO IT. You are capable of hitting these upgrades because I have seen you do it in practice so stop doubting yourself and go out there and push through it.

D,E,F,G and beyond I am not and will never be a code expert so I won’t even begin to try and tell you what you should upgrade with but my one hope is you get a new upgraded dismount off beam. That is your most consistent event and adding a few tenths off an already consistent routine for you would be huge for you when everyone else is throwing the crazy stuff and missing. Code whoring some double turns on floor might also be a good idea because I personally still think with your execution you could be an AA gymnast and even if you are the bars/beam specialist it wouldn’t hurt for you to be usable on floor and vault when your greatest threats for that spot are useless on any event but bars and beam.

Blog member idea’s
From bluejuliej : RAISE THE BAR: It can’t hurt to try and see how it works. There is no reason not to. Adex- Check out some gymnastics moves from taller gymnasts on youtube and see if you can incorporate them into your routines.

Okay that is it I guess but the one thing I hope you realize Kyla is a lot of us believe you can do this but as always the nay sayers are much louder then the positive people. Now go out there and prove me right.

2015 US Senior Nationals day 2 ( Live Blogging)

August 15, 2015


So tomorrow night I will live blog if I can get the computer to stay working. I will add the junior results to the day 1 blog instead of giving them their own blog so if possible PLEASE keep all the junior comments in that blog.

By the way I was watching Nationals on the computer last night and my niece says to me, why are they showing everyone standing around instead of the people on the things ( she meant apparatus) Why is it the 6 year old can get it but gymnastics doesn’t?

Mens world team

Off to join the boys in my living room and drink them under the table. Woomp

Best thing about tonight

A Red white and blue AA Podium
Simone is the Queen. No one compares.

Kyla was added to the National team. So were Baumenn, Kocian and Nia Dennis. No Dowell who did her dismount to fast on night 2 and fell. I honestly feel like her bars night one should have been enough to put her on National team but Marta hates her.

Overall judges weren’t as bad as I thought tho Gabby still got overscored.
Marta telling Tim, Gabby isn’t working enough in practice is hilarious. Not to defend Gabby but what kind of judgement is that? Not everyone hits in practice as long as they are competition ready isn’t that what really matters? Gabby was given some gifts over 2 nights and her beam scores and mess up on floor are big mistakes but not falls.( tho I missed beam night 2 I need to find that)

Maggie has some form issues and IMO she will get Natasha Kelly’d at Worlds but what a 2 nights for her. I am never the fan girl but major credit for what she did here if she keeps this up she and Aly will be fighting for the second spot behind the Queen.

Aly taking out some beam leaps was a good idea. Let her go full force at camp. So proud of my homie for doing so well and being floor champion.

Kyla I still love you and my dear Kyla letter will happen in a few days.

Bailie sweety please get a new floor routine.

Watch out Skinner Gabby would have beat you on floor if she didn’t mess up. Guess these judges were the usual

Hey Kyla got bronze on beam.

How did Kocian win bars when she hit her feet? I am almost positive they said 14.100 and now the scores say 15.600.
I don’t know what I saw but this alcohol clearly got to me.lmao


Rotation 4

What we have here. Aly on beam. Simone on bars. Gabby on vault. Bailie on bars , Brenna and Bailie on bars and Maggie on vault.

Nastia is trying to physch out
Brenna messed up bars. Say goodbye to Brenna and any chance at Worlds.

I think Maggie has second if she hits this vault. She hit her Amanar still yucky legs but better

Nia hit bars big time. Now build on that start value.

We need to see Kocian on beam? Not great but she stayed on. 5 tenth deduction on the leap according to Tim. They didn’t take it with that score

Step on DTY for Gabby
Simone hit bars. A little not perfect but still great.

Aly won floor over Simone with her fall. Wow these judges haven’t been as bad as usual.

Aly hit a watered down beam but good for her.

Kyla took out leap with Arabian and barely made double tuck but she stayed up and Nastia needs to shut up. 13.800 and now behind Nia. NOT good

If they want to they can screw Bailie and put Gabby ahead of her.

We are going to hear from Aly and Gabby but not second place Maggie?

Simone won vault. Key won bars. Simone won beam and Aly won floor


Rotation 3
Big step for DTY and Key
God Gabby has me rooting for a Wogaette ( see what happens when I do that)
Skinner hit floor and her dd laid out was much better then night one. Still bent but better.
Tim that was not a ten. It was beautiful but not perfect.( Night 1 Amanar)
Calling it now Kyla pulls out if she doesn’t hit beam. IMO she should pull out from floor anyway.
SHUT up Looks like Al is trying to make up for his Elfi comment
Like you couldn’t freeze for that BS my Internet that sucks????
OOB Maggie on first pass both feet. Stuck full in. OMG Nastia is talking more and more #MuzzleHerOopsIdonotHaveTwitter
That’s my girl Simone. Great Amanar slight foot move maybe.
Now Nastia is giving us vaulting advice.
Aly being Aly on bars. Messy but hit.
That’s my girl Kyla. Great beam. One slight small bobble and stuck dismount. The score will tell us where Marta stands. SHUT UP Nastia.
Much better floor from Gabby. Fell out of 2 leaps and her double turn connected to single turn was not connected but much better ( still not a 15) 14.800 a little high but not nearly as bad as I expected these judges to be.
Kyla has moved into 7th place even with all these mistakes.With out the falls she would be ahead of Gabby. What if’s don’t matter but still everyone makes mistakes.


Rotation 2

Simone nailed floor and Nastia is now giving Simone advice on how she should tumble LMAO.

Kyla should pull out of this meet at least floor. It’s her best bet to make world team.

I missed Kyla on bars did she fall again? It froze.

I think Aly and Simone tied for floor gold.

I want to hunt Zmeskal down for this floor routine for Key. She showed last year she has so much potential.

Thanks to my brother for his sign in for NBC

Locklear’s score pretty much proves Kyla is gone in Marta’s eyes at least for now

Risk reward game is what Kyla needs to do.

Maggie hit beam but did not full in for dismount


Rotation 1

Maggie hit bars a little messy

Short DTY by Kyla. This is mental.

This link isn’t working for me very well.

Kyla isn’t going to even get air time on NBC if she keeps this up



Thanks Gymgurl for the working link to tonight’s competition in my comfortable chair instead of the hard chair in the other room while the boys friends take over my living room with the big screen.

Simone has been demoted to third status according to NBC preview and Kyla doesn’t exist. Not surprised.

Nastia has her grandmothers shirt on. Hire someone to pick your cloths girl.

2015 US Senior Nationals : Day 1-LIVE Blogging :NOW

August 13, 2015


Lets discuss start value.

Gabby got a 5.6 start value on floor which means they gave her credit for one or both her double turns she was short on both and took off only for them being messy. Judges still being judges.

Gabby got a 6.3 start value on beam. Again getting credit for stuff she didn’t deserve.

Kyla only got credit for a 6.0 on bars. If she made the dismount she would have scored a 15.550 (her start value is a 6.5 if she hits. Maybe gymbot can tell me if I am right. Is there a connection bonus with her dismount that took away her start value because the videos you showed has her start value at a 6.5 if hit. Would explain the 6.0 start value.

Kyla only got a 5.9 start value on beam which was effected by the missed wolf. I feel like the beam judges gave some gifts to everyone tonight especially Gabby but Aly wasn’t as lucky.

6.2 for Skinner on floor. The double double laid out was very piked any chance she didn’t get credit?

Simone got 6.6 on beam which is generous.

URGH Judges


The low down.

Simone is human. Nice to see her beam scored fairly when she made mistakes but she is still better then the rest.

Maggie stayed on all 4. Good for her. Still find her form messy but she impressed me tonight.

What a sucky night. Yes Gabrielle stayed on all 4 events but with huge errors on floor and a beam routine that was a mess she was still given some gifts no one else would get.

Kyla I can’t even. I still love you but this is a mind game with you. Hitting your 2 no upgrade events and falling on the other two is in your head, I am writing a Dear Kyla letter for a blog, maybe tomorrow.

Brenna Dowell was great tonight and the one gymnast I felt was underscored.

Aly would be in second without the fall even with the gift on floor her Amanar only got a 15.200 which is still high but not as bad as it could have been.

Skinner hit four for four. Good for her.

Simone got a 9,850 execution score on her Amanar and every bit was deserved (crossed feet and maybe slight leg separation at end so maybe a 9.8 but wow. I can’t keep saying wow. That was Mckayla Maroney wow


Rotation 4

1. Simone Biles 61.100
2. Maggie Nichols 59.700
3. Gabrielle Douglas 58.700
4. Alexandra Raisman 58.650
5. Bailie Key 58.600
6. Alyssa Baumann 57.850
7. Brenna Dowell 57.550
8. MyKayla Skinner 57.500
9. Amelia Hundley 57.450
10. Nia Dennis 57.350
11. Madison Kocian 57.050
12. Kyla Ross 56.900
12. Megan Skaggs 56.900
14. Emily Schild 56.750
15. Lauren Navarro 54.400
16. Madison Desch 40.450
17. Rachel Gowey 29.650
18. Ashton Lockleat 28.350
19. Polina Shchennikova 13.700

Nia, DTY. Full of power
Kocian hit bars but was short on last handstand before dismount.
Kyla missed ounch front wolf and ommited wolf altogether then big bobble on leap. Oy Oy Oy.

4 for 4 Maggie. Hit floor. (14.550)

Brenna DTY. OOB but great for her 4 for 4 too

Gowey stayed on bars but missed some handstands. Flat feet too.

Hundley stayed on beam but a bit messy.

Typical Skinner floor.

NAILED Amanar for Simone. WOW small step on second vault but still very nice

Aly hit bars but not pretty (14.125)

Gabby fell out of both double turns and a jump and shouldn’t get credit for any of them. Then short on her second pass. 13.850 FINALLY A score she deserved.

Come to think of it 2 day competitions are a lot different then a Classic/ Jeselo one day event (event finals day 2 but still not a real prelims, team final, AA and EF)


Rotation 3

1- Maggie

Amanar, OOB Aly

Ashton hit bars

Gabrielle had a messy beam with missed connections and a few short leaps and a not even close switch ring but she stayed on.

Simone fell on her last pass. WTF Marta is phychcing out her best asset.

Nope. She fell on her dismount. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

Maggie hit beam but some bobbles and missed connections

I don’t want to watch this anymore.

Nia hit floor and Hundley bars with a trouble on one handstand.

Hit routine for Skinner with leap issues galore on beam. 14. 3 something

Brenna hit her tumbling big time but issues on leaps. (14.300)

Forgot about Bailie again til she showed up to floor. Short triple twist and double layout


Rotation 2

1. Maggie Nichols 30.750
2. Gabrielle Douglas 30.400
3. Simone Biles 29.950
4. Alexandra Raisman 29.300
5. Alyssa Baumann 29.050
5. Amelia Hundley 29.050
7. Bailie Key 28.900
8. MyKayla Skinner 28.800
9. Emily Schild 28.650
10. Kyla Ross 28.600
11. Lauren Navarro 28.500
12. Brenna Dowell 28.450
13. Megan Skaggs 28.250
14. Nia Dennis 28.200
15. Madison Desch 26.950
16. Madison Kocian 26.900
17. Rachel Gowey 14.400
18. Polina Shchennikova 13.700

That girl has a very nice handstand but wobbly girl wins.

Anyone know Gabby’s DTY Score?

Skinner hit her bars. No big mistakes just form and handstand misses but good for her.

Hand on beam for Key. Missing a lot of connections. 13.700

Kyla needs a sorts shrink because all of this is in her head.

Stuck DTY for Kyla.Preflight form again

Gabrielle was short on a few handstands but bet she doesn’t get deducted.

Simone was shaky to start but got it together second half. She stayed on but not her best.

Aly hit floor looked like she might have been OOB but announcers say no.

Desch didn’t miss her full layout. Big bobble for Kocian and her double front.

DTY hit for Hundley. Polina’s bars are a mes. Nia hit bars I forgot to watch looking for scores.
Brenna stayed on beam then took two huge steps on dismount.


Rotation 1

Brenna hit with one mistake. Nice for her.

Gowey stayed on with a few bobbles but she stayed on. She will fall tomorrow.

Nice job by Hundley on floor. Small step on double back bigger step on double pike.

Everyone is hitting. How boring. Note to self Baumann is the pretty Wogaaete. Few missed connections or slow more like it.

Tortuga a messy pak but hit. Any score yet?

Don’t like Gabrielle leo. Changed my mind. Nice DTY but some form.

Beautiful routine by Simone. (UB 15.150)

Aly NOOOOOOOOOO Fall on beam.

Pretty sure Kyla out her hand on floor. This night sucks. 13.550 only got a 5.4 start value. Really Kyla?

Maggie’s Amanar was ugly. Sorry much worse than her other ones especially after the block. (15.800)

Melanie Video

Aly starts on beam and Kyla ends on beam. Conspiracy theory

Desch off bars. Kocian off beam. Oy

Nia hit feet on floor on bars but thing was beautiful before that well maybe not beautiful she missed some handstands.


Okay well I forgot my nieces were sleeping over and guess who just showed up? I am about to start the best investment I have ever made, the movie Frozen. That should give me an hour:)

Anyone have a working start list with scores?

According to twitter feed I am following Bailie is wearing a version of Kim’s 1990 leo. OMG Kim please get over your own failure.

Place is half empty. wow I hope its late people.

Computer is working well (so far) as long as video cooperates I will be live blogging tonight. Please make sure to join me later and check the live blog for comments to your comments:)

Yes John because all the gym fans in the arena are stupid and don’t understand the way scoring works.Then again….

I have music and no video.

I hoe they show the gymnasts being introduced

Those 2 ignorant little girls just cut the line. How rude.

This isn’t a gymnastics meet it’s a freaking summer camp. I am old. What is a whip and Nene?

Oh look Carly’s National title gift:)

The childs choir sound great but really why?

Sainabou Nyang this isn’t a gymnastics competition it’s a summer camp.

We are going in order of success right because Sam being last is funny.

‘Hooker heals”

Bridget just ducked or they would have shot a shirt into her

Sorry Simone you are behind the comeback in that montage.

Kyla is wondering why she is in this loser group.

Sainabou Nyang I know they want to entertain but the die hards are watching and the every 4 year fans think it starts Saturday.

Riley is a cute child and a great dancer but that hair.

Love the leo’s by Simone and Kyla. I even like Gabrielle’s.

Sam you are such a pretty girl so please stop talking and proving you’re a blond.

US Junior Nationals: Full Results

August 13, 2015


Full Results both Days
Event Finals Results
Pictures 2


Thoughts: Ragan Smith seems to have the best chance of making this Olympic team if you go by start value and scores. She won both beam and floor and has a DTY but her bars is only a 5.6 start value. The AA gymnasts seem to be lacking in potential on their “best” events and the one that doesn’t lack has horrible form and I find blah to watch. Tricksters.

Live Video

Emily Gaskins and Steve Nunno

2015 US Nationals Podium training

August 13, 2015

Spent the morning with the boy waiting for his car to be fixed partially watching Podium training on his phone. Lets just say he has the eye rolling thing down pat.

What I remember seeing was Gabrielle on beam. Gabrielle on vault and Gabrielle doing a dance through of her floor routine., If Gabrielle was next to apparatus it didn’t matter who else was on the floor it seemed like the camera guy was focused on her. She had a couple small bobbles on beam and did no tumbling I saw on floor but she looked the way she looked at Classics. I think the vault was actually an Inside gym video. Can someone please tell me where she gets her start value on beam. Besides the one big move she has nothing else memorable in that routine. I just don’t understand where she gets her start value and the switch ring should not be credited.

I only saw Kyla for a second on bars (she landed her dismount low every time I saw it) and she did her beam routine a few times. She bobbled after her punch front every time and didn’t get the sheep jump connected so she made sure to end her beam practice nailing the connection twice. I never saw her practice floor and vault. I didn’t watch the entire training so I don’t know if she actually trained those events. I hope she is doing the AA.

Simone fell several times off beam. So weird to watch her fall she rarely ever does. Also saw her run through on floor and a few vaults.

Saw Aly have some issues on bars and also do a run through on floor.

Brenna Dowell missed every beam routine I saw her do. Her teammate missed her full twisting layout every time she attempted it but once.

Madison Kocian is looking better and better on bars. I think she is growing on me if only for that one event but like most gymnasts (except Simone who seems to always look the same) she always seems to have much better form in training then in meets. We will see.

Ashton Kutcher ( yeah I know it’s not her real last name but I always call her that) did a million beam routines and she too looked better then in the past. Her leaps are still gross but the rest was solid.

Hundley spent a lot of time on beam. A few bobbles but her leotard was my favorite of the day.

Just realized I saw a lot of Bailey Key and remembered none of it. Just watched her bars again where she was having a bit of trouble missing handstands. I know people consider Kyla boring but I never did but I really find Key so unmemorable and that was proved when I remembered nothing about her til I watched what I missed.

Maggie Nichols has bad form and it really hasn’t improved as much as people think. Her actual skills are still messy but she seems to have the straighten the legs and point the toes thing down pat right after she completes every move and it gives off the impression she actually has improved her form. I mostly see this on beam.

I find it so funny (ironic) how much trouble everyone is having attempting the two lay out step outs on beam. It was a staple of every beam routine in the 90’s but most gymnasts won’t attempt more than one in a row now a days and those that do 2 seem to have some issues.

Aly needs to get quicker at those connections or she is not going to get credit. They look better than Classics but the world judges might have issues.

Simone looked good on bars with only one short handstand. Someone should merge the Wogaettes into one gymnast because they all look alike.

I like Kyla’s floor music except the one part with the auuu like screeching.

Scary Amanar by Skinner, The Gage girls bars are ugly form wise. Brenna hit her routine but had huge form issues in parts but I must admit her big skill connection looks better and better the more she gets used to it.

Nia Dennis looked good on bars.

There you go Aly. Almost just perfectly nailed her beam routine with only one missed connection (leap leap back pike) and had Marta’s eyes (and Rhonda’s eyes too) on her the entire time. She did have a big step on her dismount but rest was best I have seen from her.

Consistency in practice does not mean a hit routine in competition. Gabrielle is a perfect example of this. So is Bridget Sloan and in the past Shannon Miller. If Marta had her way of taking only hit practice routines imagine how different the Worlds teams would look. I don’t know a pet peeve of mine with the way Marta runs things.

Now we got bad blood and now we got bad blooooooooodddd………

You stop that falling Simone Biles. We will have none of that. You’re the savior remember?????

Good news it’s Gabrielle’s gym for training. She tries her bars, has a few small issues jumps off after missing a handstand and stands there while she waits for instructions from her coach who has to remind her this isn’t her personal training podium time and ushers her out of the way so the next person can go up. This could be a case of a gymnast who thinks highly of herself and doesn’t feel the need to move but I don’t think it is. I think its a case of her mother never taught her understand that the world doesn’t revolve around just her. I have been re-thinking my stance on Gabrielle and the self entitled world she lives in and while I know SHE is responsible for her own actions it’s hard to learn to have manners if you are never taught to have them and before I get the oh please it was only one time she also seemed to think the beam was her time while she was in podium training. She isn’t alone in this manner have you ever taken public transportation during rush hour? It’s a freaking nightmare.

Kyla hit her DTY. A Wogaette on floor has pretty turns (not sure who the hell it is I think Kocian.)

I like the white leo Aly, Maggie and Kyla are wearing. None of the leotards are gross so far but it’s only podium training)

I love the beginning of Aly’s floor music til it turns into Hava Nagila. Aly is also working on her presentation with Mihai quite a bit here.

Besides Taylor I do not know any of this music in the background.

Podium training is going better than this Red Sox game is. No one looks terribly out of control except the red sox.

Anna Li looks just like her mother unless that is Anna Li which I don’t think it

I forgot I have to go watch the junior training to look for Steve Nunno screaming like a fool.

Aly’s very ugly Amanar

Ashton is on bars having some handstand issues but only slightly. Is it possible to love and hate someones floor music all at the same time? Nia Dennis I don’t know if I hate it or love it. I hate the damn screaming out Kyla has in her routine that you also have. There has been more of Gabrielle on beam then anyone else. Put the damn bars training on already.

One by one Maggie hitting her full in off beam.

Mens training is about to start. 4 windows in one. Don’t think so. Only thing worse then men’s podium training is 4 little screens of men’s podium training. Is this video guy purposely not showing bars or what?

Girls just wanna have they wanna have fun fun, girls just wanna have fun. FINALLY Music I know:)

We will end this with Maggie on floor. This music is a cross between horses and Ghosts. I will admit I kind of like the Ghost part

Thanks LOL for this. Silly RedSox there is no more 10 in gymnastics.


Interviews. Simone is too damn cute for words. So nice to have such a genuine person re the sport

Sister love

August 3, 2015

This reminds me of me and my

Mckayla giving advice for diets and telling people to ignore their doctors is f****** crazy. I do love the um like counter tho. I lasted 3 minutes watching this.

Taryn is adorable but she needs a better role model. Tell an 8 year old she’s too nice. Oy. Why does an 8 year old have a phone?

Forget Mckayla, Tarynn needs her own youtube video series.lmao This one you should watch.

Thanks to Diana for this. I have never seen it. This youtube channel is literally the best thing on the internet. It has tons of old meets home video style with routines you can’t get anywhere else.

Shannon’s mother sounds just like she sounds now. Baby Dawes is adorable to bad she turned into bitch Dawes. Even Kim was cute.

10 struggles being a girl sports fan. Yeppers. Been there and look who showed up in the article. Number 10 gets to me every October or September depending how we play.