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Kyla commits and I sigh

February 22, 2015

Oh Kyla of all places UCLA? You’re killing me smalls.

Returning Olympians except one

February 17, 2015

Aly looks good, has the Amanar back on the soft landing surface (tho her form looks worse than usual) and everyone has a punch front wolf jump on beam.Oh and of course Gabby wasn’t at the part of camp where she had to prove anything so no video so far.

Discuss and sorry I have been away. It’s been a busy time.

Anyone want to buy Steve Legendre’s home? You can. It’s a little brown inside for me and no clue who picked those white/greyish curtains to match that round at the top window. The outside of the house is beautiful after that not so much. The house is very Texas like. Oh and the Jeter drive sign is so damn classy I just cannot

Polina Edmonds won the 4CC’s. She was 4th in the SP and first in the Free Skate and first overall.