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WTF Wednesday, 2 hours early. Mary Lee Tracy takes over

August 28, 2018

Forster is gone already?

Don’t get me wrong I love MLT (suck it haters) but I am so confused

I really wish, USA-Gymnastics would hire someone to write their press releases who knows how to write.

Does this mean, MLT is the new , Rhonda Faehn? Now people are saying she’s taking over, Liukin’s old job before he became the new Marta.

Well, MLT has a new job. No clue what that job actually is:)

So much fun watching the usual suspects freak out at this hiring. Considering they hang with perverts and dictators you would think they would be less vocal.

My 2018 US Championships wrap up

August 22, 2018

Pan Am team named



This is the medal ceremony I taped. Sorry for the video issues but I was holding a sleeping toddler in my arms.

Updated: I saw Mihai Brestyan on day 2. He must have been waiting for his wife.

Lets see. I intended to attend only the two junior competitions but after the juniors day 2 I was informed by two very insistent nieces that they, and let me quote you here ” Really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, REALLY wanna see Simone Biles and so my day was extended. ( FYI they have no damn clue who Simone Biles is but after listening to other children ask ” Where’s Simone” they took an interest.. After their friend wasn’t allowed to stay til midnight to watch a Gymnastics competition , my friend drove her home, and then we went out to the Cheesecake factory for dinner and got cheap, bleacher, might as well have stayed home seats, last minute at one of the ticket agencies, for about 10 bucks a pop. Luckily the place was only a little over half full so we got to move down and watch the seniors.

Lets start with the Juniors. This group is by far, way more serious and focused then the Senior woman. Only Kayla Dicello seemed to smile at all during the competition. And OMG, I actually don’t want to tear my eyes out watching her either. Me, liking a, Kelli Hill , gymnast? I’m sick to my stomach for it but not only does she seem like a likable kid but her DTY is huge in person and she was actually pretty watchable ( though don’t get me started on her, Hill like, floor routine. Does that woman give any of her gymnasts dance training?

Leanne Wong is also a very serious gymnast. I didn’t even realize she was in the lead til I came home day one and looked at the standings. Her teammates were screaming and yelling for her on the sidelines of day two when she hit, bars and they were joined by Sunisa Lee. It was nice to see.

Al Fong was extremely happy to have a National champion. He hugged her and she hugged him back but it was a half ass kind of hug and her opposite arm was hanging down with only one arm around him. The impression I was left with is she isn’t really his biggest fan but that was one of the first times I saw her smile. Al engaged the fans after she hit her last routine of the night which only made them yell louder.

Now lets start with the low balling of itty, bitty, Lilly Lipeatt. The kid is clean enough. She’s solid. She nailed her beam and floor and still got scores in the 12’s? FU Judges. She’s also adorable. She wasn’t happy when she missed her release move in warm ups and she was SO pissed when she missed it during the competition she sat on the sidelines almost in tears but I don’t quite think she cried. But the dirty look on her face said it all. Then she went and nailed beam and people seemed to really enjoy her floor routine. I liked how MLT dealt with her. After she missed day 2, MLT kind of shrugged her shoulders as if to say, What can you do. Anyway, Lilly is amazing in person. She’s a future star for sure if these judges don’t stop screwing her over. I know her start values are like at 5’s but the judges seemed to have given her an extra 6 tenths in deductions just because she showed up.

Other impressions were, so many sparkles my eyes hurt. Tori Tatum‘s leotard on night one was so damn blinding. I’m surprised she could compete without being blinded. Aleah Finnegan reminds me so much of her sister in person. She was all over the place and grossly overscored compared to others. The juniors were all very supportive of each other. Levi Jung-Ruivivar fell off bars and her her elbow and the crowed cheered her on to finish. She was in tears and hurt…. I know there was more but I can’t remember right now….

Seniors ( Night 2)

We got there early and to my surprise guess who I was standing right behind? The entire Biles family and Ashton Locklear. Ashton wasn’t noticed at first but she was eventually and she smiled for the camera on cue. She wasn’t too happy about it but she did it. Mr Biles and Mrs Biles both smiled away for the camera’s too when all the little kids noticed they were there. You know rude, little gym kids and their obnoxious mother’s from my past competition blogs. I HATE THEM. I started the night behind MR Biles but ended the wait behind about 5 sets of pushy gym parents and kids who though nothing of cutting in line so they could get to Simone’s dad. At first he kind of rolled his eyes at being asked but he actually took a picture and engaged every kid and parent that talked to him. He was kind of impressive. Mrs Biles wasn’t talked to as much but she posed some and so did the brother. Anyone else surprised that the Biles family had to stand in line with us regular people to get into the competition? No one bothered Adria but she looks exactly like Simone in person. Though I think she’s prettier than Simone.

Simone Biles was BY FAR the favorite gymnast of the night. She got the loudest cheers but Morgan and Riley weren’t far behind. Simone is impressive in person. Her tumbling is huge. I personally found her bar routine messy and overscored. It will be interesting to see what the judges do with her short handstands. She didn’t smile a lot. Not like the Simone of old but she did have a conversation with Jordan Chiles where they both were laughing. Also during one of the audience participation routines, John Macready was with a bunch of kids showing them the dances he wanted to see and one of the camera guys started doing that ney, ney, dance at Simone which seemed to make Simone smile. The first real smile I’ve seen from her in a long time. I never got the impression she was bitchy I just feel like , she doesn’t feel like she fits in with these girls.

Morgan Hurd is also impressive in person. I find her floor routine a we bit over done. Half the time she smiled and she also engaged the crowd after each hit routine but before the competition started she was giving her coaches some attitude. She came from the direction of the uneven bars and stood at the front of the floor where she practiced her beam routine. One of her coaches said something to her and she chirped at them and literally walked away to the beam. They looked at each other and kind of rolled their eyes. I’m telling you that child has an attitude. That being said she didn’t seem to have any kind of attitude with the other competitors. She talked to quite a few of them.

Riley Mccusker spent most of the night by her self, preparing. She had a few interactions with Ragan (including a hug) and some others girls but she also reminded me of the old school gymnasts who were there to compete not socialize. The old school fan in me appreciates that type of gymnast. I loved the light pink color of her leotard in person but it wasn’t as pretty on the Television.

I felt really bad for poor, Ragan Smith She had what has to be her worst competition ever and in person she seems like a nice kid so I hate for that to happen to her. At one point she stopped to talk to Riley and MR Zmeskal (Chris Burdette) seemed to get a little short with her and ushered her off. Then Kim Zmeskal also got into it with her. I don’t know how to explain this because they weren’t mean in this situation. I think they were just trying to get her 100% focused. This entire situation was all of 5 seconds long.. Anyway I don’t feel like Ragan seemed too upset with what went on. Maybe she’s ready for a break. She too, much like Riley spent a lot of time warming up. She and Kim seem to get along..

Jade Carey is also a very serious looking gymnast. She does smile but when she’s finished with warming up. Her floor is hideous in person though her tumbling looks better in person then on video. She smiled and talked to Simone and her coaches a few times…

Trinity Thomas is stunning in person. Her beam is old school and unlike other’s she doesn’t throw extra skills in for bonus which hurts her scores but makes her beam actually watchable unlike everyone else. She’s so clean in person. A joy to watch. Was one of my favorites to watch before and is even more of a favorite to watch now. though I could do without the Gator chomp in her floor routine 🙂 She going to clean up in College..

Jordan Chiles is huge in person. Not weight wise but presence wise. She really stands out. She’s also all over the place. I don’t remember her standing still much except when her coach was pinning on her number. She too seems like a nice kid.

Kara Eaker looks like a smile would kill her. She actually looks mean. I’m crossing the street if I ever see Same with Adeline Kenlin. I don’t think she ever cracked a smile. Which is her right…. I liked , Luisa Blanco floor in person… Margzetta Frazier’s floor in person is as bad as Jade’s … Grace McCallum isn’t as sloppy in person. Okay I am sure she is still sloppy but it didn’t come across as bad as it does on video…. Shilese Jones was unforgettable. Not an insult she just kind of blends into the group… So does, Shania Adams and Maddie Johnston and Audrey Davis… Alyona Shchennikova. My memory of her is she spent a lot of time on floor warming up…. Olivia Dunne is very pretty in person. She also has a pretty smile. I don’t remember much about her gymnastics. Just her smile. And she had a small, loud, fan base rooting her on. Jaylene Gilstrap will end up in College on a team like Illinois and be a surprise finalist at Nationals someday. Why do I think that? Because I remember her. Nothing about her gymnastics stood out to me but she stands out in my mind compared to the other unknown gymnasts. ( Just looked it up she is going to Utah)… Deanne Soza and Ragan wore different leotards on night 2. That’s my memory of her. …

I heard Aly was there but I never saw her… Someone called out Chellsie Memmel‘s name and she turned and smiled at the crowd. Chelsea Davis looks like a smile would kill her.( Judge and ex gymnast) Kristie Philips was very talkative and smiley with the other judges… Saw Ivana Hong and Terin Humprey talk and smile with each other sitting behind the vault. Terin has partially green hair… Ivana Hong spent a lot of time hugging the gymnasts. She seems to be trying to get them to open up to her which is her job.. Saw my favorite Nastia Liukin and she actually looked happy for a change. Don’t worry she still had her bitch face… Sam Peszek and Bridget Sloan were a team in some kind of wear a mouth piece and try and say gymnastics moves with Justin Spring and another member of the men’s team. This was kind of gross to watch… Shawn, Bridget and Sam Peszek were invited in between rotations to talk on stage and John Macready named off the entire team that was there tonight. When he said Chellsie, Shawn clapped and was really excited…. Jordyn Wieber was coaching, Margzetta Frazier and seems very standoffish. The time I heard someone call her name from the crowd she didn’t even look up. She seemed unapproachable. Kim Zmeskal spent a long time talking to Tim by the floor at one point.. I also saw MLT and Kelli Hill talk on the sidelines. All the coaches were very helpful to the girl competing. Chris Burdette, especially. He was always helping with the bars or mats.

The anniversary of the silver and bronze winning teams from China. Lets see. Nastia only talked with Shawn on stage. Everyone else was dressed up in dresses but Nastia looked like she was going to a 70’s party. Someone needs to tell Sam Peszek she doesn’t have enough boobs to pull off a dress with a cut down to her stomach. She looked like her profession should be on someones street corner…. I got a picture of this but my computer is full so you will have to wait to see it. Please tell me why this team was honored? They choked. The biggest choker stayed home. I don’t remember the 92 team being honored. Or the 95 World team.


Why the HELL are the podiums done in the dark? It was pitch black. The girls already had their medals on (except the AA) when they came and stood in their line of 8… It was near impossible to get any pictures..

And last but not least, Simone and Morgan…. They were in different rotations and I never once saw them interact. The one time I saw them talk is above in the video as they leave the podium after awards. Morgan talked to Simone once. IMO, They were avoiding each other at all costs unless they had too.

I thought it was interesting that USA-Gymnastics made Morgan the last performer of the night so she would have the stage all to herself. Seems like rewarding her behavior isn’t the right way to go. You don’t reward, bad behavior by giving them the spotlight.

You can watch the video and the hug and come to your own conclusion but it looked forced to me. Morgan made sure to talk to Simone and IMO, it was because she knew the eyes were on her and she really didn’t have much of a choice. Simone didn’t look like she wanted to hug, Morgan to me either but playing nice is the right way to go when you’re representing your Country.

I videotaped the award ceremony for the All Around. The video is above. Right now it’s on private. It retrospect I should have zoomed out the entire time but I was holding a sleeping toddler and did the best I could… Did you hear the boo’s for that Kerri lady when she was introduced to hand out the rewards???

Dear Gym Moms….

Don’t dress like your kids. If you’re an adult male or even female, DON’T scream, Go Simone or Go Morgan at the top of your lungs like a child. IT’S ANNOYING. And to the gym mom that brought her loud, mouth pre-teen to night two for the LOVE OF GOD, Tell your kid to sit down and shut up. I know, she was excited to be there but we paid for our tickets too. We deserve to watch the competition in peace without your daughter screaming at the top of her lungs, ” You’ve got this” Let go Simone. Lets got Olivia. Lets go Don Johnson for three straight fucking hours. This little girl, literally, NEVER shut up. I was a section over but she was so damn loud people around me kept asking, who the hell is that high pitch kid screaming. You’re the mother. It’s your job to tell her to stop screaming. To stop calling the gymnasts names to get them to look at her. There were PLENTY of kids screaming for their favorite gymnasts but none were as annoying as your kid.

Thank you 🙂

2018 US Nationals: Day 2 Junior and Seniors

August 18, 2018

Live Results

Seniors are on NBC I think.

I’ll be at the Juniors again and I will see if I will be home for the seniors. I’m taking 1 BFF and 3 little girls to a gymnastics meet I really am too tired to go to but I can’t disappoint the double mint twins and their BFF. ( They’re not really twins) Somebody shoot me. What does it say about me that I don’t want to attend a gymnastics meet????

Here is the Senior International feed for anyone interested. No Nastia so there is a plus 🙂

2018 US Nationals , Day 1. Juniors and Seniors

August 16, 2018

The Juniors are on youtube. The Seniors on the Olympic channel. I will be at the juniors but won’t be around for the Seniors. I’ll be at Fenway watching the Red Sox win. ( They have strict orders to win any game I’m at.


Start List:
Live Results:

Full Day 1 Results ( and E)

For the Junior men they had two youtube channels. One was all 6 apparatus at the same time and the other had individual routines. I can’t find that for the Junior woman but it might pop up so check, USAG’s youtube channel.

I still want to be Lilly Lippeatt when I grow up. One of these I wil be able to spell her name right.

2018 US Nationals Podium Training

August 14, 2018

Tomorrow , August 15th.

I will be at the Juniors on Friday so if you want anything filmed , let me know. I’ll see what I can do.

Draw for Worlds




I watched almost 2 hours of podium training and this is what i REMEMBER.

Ragan had 2 falls off bars on her release moves. Simone didn’t get through a single bar routine that I saw. Lets see, Simone did two beam routines and fell once and had issues with her landings both times but better the second. Riley fell on every event at least once. ( Didn’t pay much attention to vault except Simone who was bouncy but had no issues. Simone also nailed her floor. Emma had issues on floor ( Not gonna try and pronounce her name) Aloyna had huge issues on floor. Morgan fell off beam once but was but was fine the rest of the time I watched. Ragan has a new floor routine. I kind of liked the music but I think after awhile it will get annoying.( watched it again. Already annoying) Seemed like she had the same choreography. Chris Zmeskal ( yeah I know) was very helpful to Riley’s coach with the bars and moving the floor mats ( I didn’t see Kim) At the end of the meet the Texas dream girls and Riley were talking up a storm by floor. Then they moved to beam and had a photo shoot switching gymnasts. 3 of them kept doing the gator chomp but I forget who ( Morgan, Trinity??? and maybe Ragan. Simone at this time was off talking to her coaches by floor. Turns out I did see Kim I just didn’t recognize her. I saw the black and white outfit but it was too far away to see it was Kim.

Who has an opinion on this Simone interview?

Someone seems a little arrogant to me. Don’t know who the guy was dominating all the questions but he was clearly trying to bait Simone. Did she really say she is happy to save USA-Gymnastics? wow

Thank you Ragan. Boston likes you too 🙂

Celebrating abuse? The hypocrisy of IG Magazine?

August 12, 2018

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 5.21.38 PM

The Parkette’s Gymnastics comedy of errors gymnastics club celebrated it’s 50 year Anniversary this year and IG Magazine honored it with it’s very own cover. The question I ask was this the right thing to do with a club that has several big issues with abuse in the past?

Jennifer Sey ? The CNN documentary? I’m sure there are more and as vocal as International Gymnast magazine and the people who own and run it ( I’m looking at you hypocrite, Paul Ziert) have been against every issue of abuse we have heard over the last year how could they think this cover was a good idea?

Not everyone had a bad experience with Donna and Bill Strauss. Kristen Maloney showed up to their party for 50 years. So did Page Cipolloni. Kristina Coccia.  Martha Grubbs. Even Kristal Uzelac was there . Elizabeth Price too.

I haven’t read the Jennifer Sey book but I’ve seen parts of it online and she doesn’t have the same experience the above people seemed to have had but I also know she was pissed she wasn’t included on the cover. Even if she claims she wasn’t.

My issue is more with IG and their hypocrisy then anything else and as annoying and whiny as I find Sey, in general, she should have been included on the cover. Then again they were probably afraid she would complain if she was.


Welcome to the ” filler” blog. Gymnastics doesn’t started til the 15th ) Podium training) so we get this. This specific blog is to discuss the cover and Sey not being included you know where specifics of the abuse discussion goes.

The I’m bored, Poll(s) blog

August 7, 2018

If you have a poll idea please send me an e-mail ( or


You can get Men’s night 2 tickets to Nationals in great locations for 81 damn dollars but night one of woman cost nearly 200. Nationals for Men’s is going to be empty. Nearly every session for men has seats available. By the way I bought tickets for the Junior woman. I refuse to buy senior tickets at these prices.

Stub hub has section 13 , row four for 29 dollars. lol

Weirdly night one for the woman is scarce on both stub hub and ace tickets has none but both have night 2.

Has there been an announcement for the 2018 Hall of fame from USA-Gymnastics? I can’t find any info.

2018 European Championships

August 2, 2018

Senior Event Finals

Detailed score

1-Boglarka Devai (HUN) 14.349
2-Angelina Melnikova (RUS) 14.233
3-Denisa Golgota (ROU) 14.166
4-Sarah Voss (GER) 14.083
5-Lilia Akhaimova (RUS) 14.066
6-Coline Devillard (FRA) 13.933
7-Tisha Volleman (NED) 13.799
8-Teja Belak (SLO) 13.533

Uneven Bars-
Detailed Score

1-Nina Derwael (BEL) 14.733
2-Jonna Adlerteg (SWE) 14.533
3-Angelina Melnikova (RUS) 14.366
4-Kim Bui (GER) 14.200
5-Uliana Perebinosova (RUS) 14.166
6-Lorette Charpy (FRA) 14.133
7-Juliette Bossu (FRA) 14.100
8-Kelly Simm (GBR) 14.066

Balance Beam-

1-Sanne Wevers (NED) 13.900
2-Nina Derwael (BEL) 13.600
3-Marine Boyer (FRA) 13.166
4-Melanie de Jesus dos Santos (FRA) 13.066
5-Ilaria Kaeslin (SUI) 12.466
6-Pauline Schaefer (GER) 12.400
7-Maellyse Brassart (BEL) 12.266
8-Vasiliki Millousi (GRE) 12.133

Detailed score

1-Melanie de Jesus dos Santos (FRA) 13.766
2-Denisa Golgota (ROU) 13.600
3-Axelle Klinckaert (BEL) 13.400
4-Celine Van Gerner (NED) 13.300
5-Ma8-rtina Basile (ITA) 13.166
6-Angelina Melnikova (RUS) 13.166
7-Jessica Castles (SWE) 12.800
Georgia-Mae Fenton (GBR) 12.633

Junior Event Finals

Detailed scoring

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 5.03.52 PM

1-Asia D’Amato (ITA) 14.233
2-Giorgia Villa (ITA) 14.216
3-Amelie Morgan (GBR) 13.966
4-Anastasia Bachynska (UKR) 13.916
5-Silviana Sfiringu (ROU) 13.849
6-Csenge Bacskay (HUN) 13.816
7-Vladislava Urazova (RUS) 13.650
8-Olga Astafeeva (RUS) 13.450

Detailed scores

1-Ksenia Klimenko (RUS) 14.333
2-Irina Komnova (RUS) 14.266
3-Carolann Heduit (FRA) 14.133
4-Elisa Iorio (ITA) 13.900
5-Giorgia Villa (ITA) 13.700
6-Zoja Szekely (HUN) 13.666
7-Anastasiya Alistratava (BLR) 12.600
8-Astrid De Zeeuw (NED) 9.900

Detailed scores

1-Giorgia Villa (ITA) 13.633
2-Amelie Morgan (GBR) 13.466
3-Elisa Iorio (ITA) 13.133
4-Ksenia Klimenko (RUS) 12.900
5-Fien Enghels (BEL) 12.866
6-Silviana Sfiringu (ROU) 12.700
7-Daria Murzhak (UKR) 12.700
8-Halle Hilton (GBR) 12.300

Detailed scores

1-Ioana Stanciulescu (ROU) 13.433
2-Giorgia Villa (ITA) 13.333
3-Amelie Morgan (GBR) 12.900
4-Antonia Duta (ROU) 12.900
5-Vladislava Urazova (RUS) 12.900
6-Olga Astafeva (RUS) 12.700
7-Sara Van Disseldorp (NED) 12.666
8-Claire Pontlevoy (FRA) 12.666

Senior Team Finals

Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 4.48.23 PM

Individual scores

Russia’s bar scores are funny to see. I’ve never seen them so low.

1- Russia 165.195
2-France 161.131
3-The Netherlands 159.563
4-Great Britain 157.263
5-Ukraine 152.129
6-Italy 151.496
7-Spain 150.063
8-Hungary 149.729

If we still had WTF Wednesday at this blog this would be This is the worst music I have ever heard in a floor routine. I’m surprised this didn’t get deducted for too many sounds.



More updated videos

* If you are looking at these days, months or even years into the future they will not be there without searching because this person on you tube uploads a lot so look while you can.

And even more videos

Results ( Top 10 teams)

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 4.07.43 PM

Event Finals qualifications

Top 8

No live streaming but plenty of videos . Most links were found by Rocio, of course who should probably start his own blog:)

Live scoring is down but UEG Gymnastics is posting some results.

Videos are found at these twitters..



Version 2 of Floor

Sanne Wevers –




De Jesus-




Junior Results


1. ITA 161.063

2. RUS 160.363

3. GBR 158.931

4. ROU 154.862

5. FRA 154.729

6. BEL 154.231

7. GER 152.897

8. UKR 151.796

All Around

1- Giorgia Villa (ITA) 55.065
2-Amelie Morgan (GBR) 53.832
3- Ksenia Klimenko (RUS) 53.532
4- Asia D’Amato (ITA) 52.632
5- Phoebe Jakubczyk (GBR) 52.366
6- Olga Astafeva (RUS) 52.199
7- Ioana Stanciulescu (ROU) 51.732
8- Silviana Sfiringu (ROU) 51.265

Event Finals Qulifications


1. Giorgia VILLA (ITA) 14.249

2. Anastasiia BACHYNSKA (UKR) 13.949

3. Amelie MORGAN (GBR) 13.916

4. Vladislava URAZOVA (RUS) 13.883

5. Asia D’AMATO (ITA) 13.833

6. Csenge BACSKAY (HUN) 13.749

7. Silviana SFIRINGU (ROU) 13.683

8. Olga ASTAFEVA (RUS) 13.666


Kseniia KLIMENKO (RUS) 14.333
Irina KOMNOVA (RUS) 14.166
Carolann HEDUIT (FRA) 14.033
Astrid DE ZEEUW (NED) 13.966
Giorgia VILLA (ITA) 13.966
Elisa IORIO (ITA) 13.900
Zoja SZEKELY (HUN) 13.700
Anastasiya ALISTRATAVA (BLR) 13.500


Amelie MORGAN (GBR) 13.500
Giorgia VILLA(ITA) 13.233
Daria MURZHAK (UKR) 13.166
Halle HILTON (GBR) 13.133
Elisa IORIO (ITA) 13.100
Kseniia KLIMENKO (RUS) 13.033
Fien ENGHELS (BEL) 13.000
Silviana SFIRINGU (ROU) 12.966


Vladislava URAZOVA (RUS) 13.500
Antonia DUTA (ROU) 13.266
Giorgia VILLA (ITA) 13.200
Olga ASTAFEVA (RUS) 13.166
Claire PONTLEVOY (FRA) 13.033
Amelie MORGAN (GBR) 13.033