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JO Nationals, Gabryel Wilson, Twitter and more

May 17, 2018

ALL JO Routines AKA future College gymnasts of America…


I kind of like this routine. A shout out to my second hometown favorite band, Bel, Biv, Devoe ( Sorry BBD but I’m am Aerosmith girl at heart but you and New Edition are a close second) though I’m not sure, ” But I know she’s a loser (How do you know?) Me and the crew used to do her and Keepin one eye open, still clockin’ the hoes is appropriate music for a floor routine.

Okay I decided to start a new twitter just for this blog. It will again be private. Just send me an e-mail if you want to follow it You can find it here This e-mail is for twitter only. The other email is for anything else (

New Camp info

I’ve gotten multiple complaints about not being able to discuss Nassar and his victims so I’m giving you one place to discuss ANYTHING related to it. So here you go, The Larry Nassar Situation. You have to be approved already to post and I won’t be reading so keep it civil….

Now back to, When I dial my babies number I get a click every time, MR Telephone man…….

The Larry Nassar situation

May 17, 2018

I got multiple e-mails from people who wanted to discuss it so I’m giving you your place. This is the only blog to bring it up.

ANYTHING having to do with it belongs here and that includes the ESPY’s and revolt the new generation is forging.

Chinese Nationals : Qualification

May 6, 2018

Floor Results

Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 8.11.27 PM

BB Results

Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 8.11.12 PM

Vault Results

( All picture results from Golden China)

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 3.34.47 PM

Uneven Bar Results

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 3.34.56 PM

AA Results

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 11.27.12 PM



Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 11.29.20 PM

5.9 start value with 8.1 in deductions. (My math is a 14.00) I know they are usually critical in China but this is some bull shit low balling. Besides the dismount it was amazing.

Gymternet China on Facebook has some more routines and scores.

Here is Chunsong’s Floor routine


Podium Training


Shang Chunsong :

(Beam) (Floor)

She looks great on beam but is a mess on floor.

Am I the only one who heard the rumor Chow is allegedly coaching their National team now or did I make that up?

The Chinese warm up is too cute

Who knows the first songs name ? I like it.. ( That looks like Chow in this video too) I find it hilarious that I had to go to China to hear an American song for the first time. Not only that it’s 4 years old.

( I searched her name and there are other older videos)

Qi Qi on Beam