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Happy New Year

December 31, 2018

Lets try this again while I wait for my ride….

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The Simone blog will happen eventually. Hope everyone has a great new Year. Don’t drink too much 🙂

Merry Christmas

December 24, 2018

Yes, people actually made montages using Christmas Hope Santa brings you all what you want 🙂

Simone part 2 will have to happen after X-Mas 🙂

It’s a Wonderful Life: Simone Biles. Part 1:

December 16, 2018

(Part 1) ( Part 2)

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The movie, It’s a Wonderful Life, is a Christmas staple and since it’s almost Christmas time, I thought it would be a great time to start a blog about what the world would be like without Simone Biles in it. No, not Simone Biles the person. She’s still wondering around planet earth somewhere owning some other sport with her inhuman strength but what would the world be like if Simone never became a gymnast? Well the Italians would be a hell of a lot happier, literally……

2013: The year of Kyla Ross and ” What if”

2013 Nationals

You would think the big story would be all about , Kyla Ross. She would have been not only the National Champion but the World Champion but lost in all of this is what could have been, Brenna Dowell’s year. I couldn’t find the blog but I’m pretty sure she was the alternate gymnast for the American Cup that year but she also would have been the third gymnast to make the World team. Don’t forget, Elizabeth Price too because she was the non traveling alternate . It would be easy to just take the next gymnast in line and say they would have taken Simone’s medals but when it comes to the US you can’t forget about the gymnast we left at home who could have made a difference. Ersnt would have won a lot more medals at National but was injured by Worlds. Mykayla Skinner also could have been considered especially if Marta decided she wasn’t doing 3 All Around gymnasts.

Kyla also would have been the AA Champion at Jesolo and won beam. Maggie Nicholes would have moved into the AA medals at the Romania / US meet.

2013 Nationals

All Around: 1st- Simone Biles Kyla Ross 2nd- Brenna Dowell 3rd- Peyton Ernst

Vault: 1st- Mckayla Maroney 2nd- Simone Biles Mykayla Skinner

Uneven Bars: 1st- Kyla Ross 2nd-Simone Biles Brenna Dowell 3rd- Peyton Ernst

Balance Beam- 1st- Kyla Ross 2nd- Simone Biles Kennedy Baker 3rd- Peyton Ernst

Floor: 1st- Mckayla Maroney 2nd- Simone Biles Mykayla Skinner 3rd- Madison Desch

2013 World Championships

Poor Kyla Ross. 2013 would have been her year if Simone had picked another sport to dominate. She had a “heal” injury and didn’t compete at the American Cup but she would have won every competition she entered that year if Simone never existed. ( Jesolo, Romania/US meet, Classics, Nationals, Worlds)

It would be impossible to prove Mckayla Maroney would have been, World Champ if she made it into the finals at worlds but she would have had a chance if she had fixed her floor by the time the Event Finals came around ( she was missing a mandatory element if I remember correctly) but the Italians would have been in their glory if Simone had not existed. Vanessa Ferrari would have won two medals in event finals including World Champ on Floor ( If Mckayla didn’t get in her way)

2013 World Championships:

All Around: 1st- Simone Biles. Kyla Ross 2nd- Aliya Mustafina 3rd- Larisa Iordache (Mckayla Maroney had a 57.149 in qualifying which wouldn’t have been enough win a medal in the AA)

Vault : 1- Mckayla Maroney 2- Simone Biles HONG Un Jong 3- Guila Steingruber

Bars: No change in the medals but Sofie Scheder would have been 4th (Maroney would have been alternate to Nabieva for finals with no Simone and no second gymnast after Aliya ahead of her)

Balance Beam: 1st- Aliya Mustafina 2nd- Kyla Ross 3rd- Simone Biles Vanessa Ferrari

(Maroney wasn’t close to making this final even if Simone didn’t exist. Judging by her score she might have fallen)

Floor: 1st- Simone Biles Vanessa Ferrari 2nd- Larisa Iordache 3rd- Mai Murakami *** Mckayla Maroney would have competed instead of Simone)

So overall if 2013 I personally would have been a lot happier gym fan without Simone. Kyla would have been National and World Champ and Mai would have won a floor medal.

2014. The year of Mykayla Skinner “if”

Kyla would have been your back to back All around gold medalist at Nationals but Mykayla Skinner is the real gymnast who would have benefit from Simone not being at Nationals. She would be the National Champion on Vault and Floor. Simone didn’t compete at Jesolo . Kyla also would have won the US Classic with out Simone, Rachel Gowey would have moved in the 3rd with Maggie Nichols taking second.

2013 Nationals

AA1st Simone Biles
Kyla Ross 2nd- Maggie Nichols 3rd- Alyssa Baumann

Vault: 1st Simone Biles Mykayla Skinner

Bars: No change. Kyla fell and Lockler was first, Kocian was second and Nichols 3rd. ( Simone was 4th ahead of Brenna Dowell in 5th

Beam: 1st Kyla Ross Tie for Second Simone and Bauman who would have been second by herself but Maggie Nichols would have moved into 3rd without the tie.

Floor: 1st Simone Biles Mykayla Skinner 2nd- Maggie Nicoles 3rd- Alyssa Baumann ( ** for being a Wogaette. Kyla was fifth

******* Reputation matters and I have to believe if Simone didn’t exist Mykayla Skinner would have been given a lot more assignments as a girl with a great chance at winning Vault medals in international competition. Also the emergence of Maggie Nichols at this Championship should be noted for what happened in the future…

2014: World Championships Larisa Iordache ” World All Around Champion”

It’s hard to say what would have happened in Team finals if Simone never existed. The US still would have won but Madison Desch the alternate would have now been on the team and I really don’t remember enough about her elite career to figure out where she would have fit. This team wasn’t built for vault but I’m pretty sure Kocian had her DTY at this point. Baumann too had a DTY if I remember correctly. Beam would have been even more fun. Without Simone, Desch, Skinner, Locklear or Kocian would have had to have done beam ( hee hee) Floor would have either been Kocian, Baumann or Desch. Kocian and Baumann were so inconsistent on floor, Marta used Kyla in team finals because they couldn’t be trusted.

The All Around: Without Simone, Mykayla Skinner would have competed in the AA. She was 6th in qualifying. her score of 57.799 wouldn’t have been good enough for a medal but you never know. I’ll have to look up what she did in prelims and update this someday. Perhaps the best news of no Simone at this Worlds would have been , Larisa Iordache over Kyla Ross for World All Around Champion. Before researching this, I forgot just how close Larisa was to winning this out right. Simone’s vaulting was just so far ahead of everyone else it was hard for anyone to make up any ground on her but Larisa was the closest person we had to ever beating Simone. Both Simone and Larisa fell in prelims on bars.

2014 World, Event Finals

Larisa would have replaced Simone on vault. There would have been no difference on bars. Same with beam. Baumann had 3 people ahead of her even with Simone being out ( 14.066) she didn’t make the cut with her mistakes in prelims. On floor, Baumann was 10th with Roxanna Pope from Rain ( Romania/Spain:) ahead of her so she wouldn’t have been in.

All Around: 1st Simone Biles Larisa Iordache 2nd- Kyla Ross 3rd- Aliya Mustafina

Vault: 1st- HONG Un Jong 2- Simone Biles Mykayla Skinner 3rd- Alla Sosnitskaya

Bars: No Change ( 1- Yao Jinnan 2- Haung 3- Daria)

Beam: 1st- Simone Biles Yawen Bai 2nd- Aliya Mustafina 3rd- Asuka Teramoto ( **** many people thought she should have been in the medals over Aliya in the first place)

Floor: 1st- Simone Biles Larisa Iordache 2nd- Aliya Mustafina 3rd- Mykayla Skinner ** Vanessa Ferrari was 5th (moves up to 4th)

So overall again I personally would have been a lot happier with 2014 if Simone didn’t exist. Tho I must admit back in the day a lot about Larisa’s gymnastics I wasn’t a fan of. though I do remember being impressed with how improved her bars was.

2015: The :What if” year of Gabby Douglas 🙂

p.s.- My paint isn’t working so I can’t make anymore bad paint jobs so this will have to do. Just remember she’s faded in the picture because she doesn’t exist ( Work with me)