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2019 US World Team named

September 23, 2019

Screen Shot 2019-09-23 at 5.27.48 PM

USAG announcement

Simone Biles,
Jade Carey,
Kara Eaker,
Sunisa Lee,
Grace McCallum,
MyKayla Skinner

Non-traveling alternates

Morgan Hurd,
Leanne Wong


So they basically took the top 6 All Arounders from night one. Great. Fair, HOWEVER while I understand Tom’s need to , look, like he is being fair I’m sure plenty of people will find fault with this team. TOO BAD.

The US will win anyway.

Okay that being said there really needs to be a two day competition to decide a team. Like at Nationals someone who isn’t an AA gymnast had a great day because she has easier start values and hit her best events. That made her look like a lock for this team EVEN THOUGH on day 2 she was brought back to earth because the people with the real difficulty had better days.

At Nationals it was Jade Carey that hit her 4 events with mediocre start values that can’t be used in team finals (beam and bars) while at camp it was Eaker who hit her routines that can’t shouldn’t be used in team finals ( Vault, bars and floor)

Having a secret day 2 where each gymnast does 2 routines of the committee’s choosing that clearly never factored into the decision making is pointless.

Eaker had a great floor day one. She nailed all her easy passes but her 8.600 execution isn’t happening at Worlds. The only US gymnast that received a score close to that in execution at last years worlds was Simone ( with an 8.663) Morgan received a 8.433. Riley a 8.266 and Grace an 8.300 in qualifications Simone received an 8.533 in execution in the Event finals and Morgan received a 8.433. Team finals it went , Simone (8.466) Morgan (7.666) and Grace (8.133) The Worlds before the Olympics is usually less strict in the scoring ( IMO that is to add excitement to the Olympics AKA, revenue) so if somehow she does received an 8.600 in execution, Simone will be getting a 9.1. I just think the overscoring she received on Floor vs the nit picking the rest of the US received in comparison makes it look like she is a better AAer than she is. I have to wonder what they would have done with her “world participation” if her beam wasn’t as excellent. I mean they love to tell us Morgan’s bars are wonderful when in reality they are just okay. She isn’t a specialist by any means.

I get the feeling, Mykayla is going to be the one that gets screwed over here in the end.

With these gymnasts, Grace is going to be needed for bars. Eaker has a 5.5 start value on bars. The only way we get Jade and Mykayla on this team is if grace stays home because it’s clear they want Eaker on this team.

If I picked a team it would be this (BELOW) with Kara as alternate. Jade’s Vault brings more to the table than one beam.

Simone Biles,
Jade Carey,
Sunisa Lee,
Grace McCallum,
MyKayla Skinner,

Alt, Eaker

(Team Finals)

VT: Carey /Skinner /Biles
UB: Biles / Grace /Sunisa
BB: Grace / Suni / Biles
FL: Carey /Skinner /Biles

If you take Eaker that leaves no one for bars (unless you count her 5.5 start value) in team finals. Grace has been inconsistent but I think it’s worth the chance because Eaker can be just as inconsistent ( fell at Nationals)

I guess I’m trying to find a way to keep Skinner on this team. To me it comes down to her vault worth the third bar workers score. That’s a 15 vs Eaker’s 13 something or taking a chance with Grace. Either way Skinner’s vault brings more to the table then either and I think the floor judges will value her big skills more than the US has so far.



I’ve been reading around and read some complaints and wanted to comment.

“Skinner has no place on this team”– Really ? she finished 4th in the AA at the camp and improved from Nationals. Her vault is worth more than anyone elses bars and her Floor should score better outside the US. It always has.

“Eaker earned an AA spot” On what planet? She finished third at camp ( all the credit she deserves) but tenth at Nationals. if you’re going to balk at Skinner’s “one vault” then you need to balk at Eaker’s one beam.

‘MORGAN WAS ROBBED” Not really. She digressed from Nationals, AND, missed her best event. There are certain people on this planet that love her because they like her personality but this year she had issues at both Nationals and the camp. She usually hits at one and messes up at the other. The fact is this year she didn’t earn the benefit of the doubt because for two years in a row she showed up at Worlds.

Placings : Nationals / Camp (total)

Simone 1-1 (2)
Sunisa 2-2 (4)
Grace 4-6 (10)
Mykayla 8-4 (12)
Jade 7-5 (12)
Kara 10-3 (13)
Leanne 5-8 (13)
Morgan 4-9 (13)


Jordan 6-11 (17)
Trinity 9-12 (19)
Emily 11-10 (21)
Faith 14-7 (21)

People seem to think either Skinner or grace are the alternate. I think Grace did enough to be on this team. RUMOR HAS IT Carey’s Dad went behind USAG’s back ( no clue if this rumor is true) to get her chance at making the Olympic team as an individual. That was her right. That was her decision. IMO, next time the IOC/FIG does this they need to decide that if you go that route you can’t be eligible for the World team the year before the Olympics.


US gym fans are actually whining the US might not win by 8 points. Well, boo, freakity, whoooooooo. Embarrassing the rest of the World just for the sake of, is arrogant.

2019 Women’s World Championships Selection Camp: LIVE Blogging

September 22, 2019

If you want skill by skill analysis check out Rockergymnastix . I’m sure they will have something but it’s just me being me here.


Riley is out. More info in this article though it does seem kind of one sided.

Tom Forster,Tatiana Perskaia, Kayla Williams make the decision ( Kayla Williams, really? Why? )


Saw Mykayla and Simone hug. Maybe having Mykayla around will be good for Simone’s attitude.

Everyone in either red, white (Biles/Chiles) or blue except Skinner is , gag me pink and Morgan in white/blue/teal)

We still have two groups and it’s obvious by the groups who USAG considers part of this team already. Skinner only name with the second group)


Sunisa’s bars


Great routine for Eaker. She nailed every pass except the last one with a very small, step but that was a great routine for her. Not a lot of difficulty but she did a great job. 14.000 (5.4 8.600)

Simone had much better landings on her passes til the last one where she slid OOB with both feet. So not a fan of the stripper music. 14.800 (6.7)

Leanne Wong had a great routine til her last pass where she balked or landed weirdly and didn’t get to finish it. It was weird) 13.300 (5.2)

Jade Carey went OOB on her first two passes but nailed her third and I’m pretty sure only did a double tuck for her last pass. 13.900 (6.1)

Jordan Chiles fell on her last pass. Small steps on two other passes but her first pass she nailed. 5.6 (13.200)

Some landing issues for most of Morgan’s passes and a weird bobble in the middle of the routine i couldn’t tell what she was trying to do ( she kind of tripped ) but a decent routine for her. The somewhat small issues on landings weren’t big at all. 13.100 (5.2) ( A little low IMO. Unless that bobble messed up her start value.

Fall for Emily Lee on her second pass. 11.8 (4.3)

I kind of day dreamed through Faith’s floor routine but I did remember a great Double layout, stuck. 13.55 (5.5)

Wong- 5.4 (Fall on DTY)

Trinity- fall on her Biles. fall on her third pass.

Jade- Stiff legged her Amanar but almost stuck

Sunisa Lee- Floor . 14.100 ( Nice routine )

Messy, big step for Morgan on her vault but the lead camera missed it 14.800 (way overscored)they said her start value was a 5.8 (???)

Eaker, messy legs on her 1.5: 14.000 (5.0)

Great floor routine for Skinner. Stuck her first 2 passes, a bit of a messy step on her double double, and almost nailed triple twist. 13.850 (which I;m calling BS on)

A couple messy landings for Grace on floor but they were small feet shuffles. A little under-rotated on her first pass and a small step forward..

15.3 (6.0) for Simone on vault which I missed

Group A floor exercise scores:
Kara Eaker – 14.000
Simone Biles – 14.800
Leanne Wong – 13.300
Jade Carey – 13.900
Jordan Chiles – 13.200
Morgan Hurd – 13.100

Group B floor exercise:
Emily Lee – 11.800
Faith Torrez – 13.550
Trininty Thomas – 11.750
Sunisa Lee – 14.100
MyKayla Skinner – 13.850
Grace McCallum – 13.750

Group A vault:
Leanne Wong – 13.250
Jade Carey – 15.250
Jordan Chiles – 13.100
Morgan Hurd – 14.800
Kara Eaker – 14.000
Simone Biles – 15.350

1.5 for Trinity on vault. No distance. Small step: 14.00 (5.0)

Jordan had a few missed handstands on bars.. 5.7 913.950 (5.7)
Morgan messed up then fell off bars…
14.55 for Sunisa on vault
Stuck DTY for Grace
Slightly under-rotated DTY for Faith but had teh best height next to Simone

(Thought everyone was only doing 2 events but some have done 3)

Skinner 15.05 (6.00) on vault (Cheng)
Lots of short handstands for Eaker but all were slightly, missed except one which was missed, missed)

12.55 – Hurd on bars(5.9)
13.9 (5.5) Eaker on bars

Lots of missed handstands for Simone on bars and a fall on the dismount. 13.850 (6.2)

14.400 (5.4) Emily on vault

Just realized we never saw Aleah Finnegan at all and she was at the meet.

Hit routine on bars for Leanne but it looks like she missed her feet at one point but kept swinging ( I don’t know her routine well enough to know what she meant to do or if I am just looking for things . Nice routine.

They fixed Hurd’s vault start value to a 5.4

Not sure what went on during Jade’s bar but it was very slow. Some missed handstands but, I don’t know. It was : 13.350 ( 5.3)

14.150 for Wong on bars ( 5.9)

Simone is dancing around smiling in the background. Guess she isn’t mad about her

I agree with those who was like, yay Jordan during that floor routine then she fell..

Group B vault:
Trinity Thomas – 14.000
Sunisa Lee – 14.550
MyKayla Skinner – 15.050
Grace McCallum – 14.700
Emily Lee – 14.400
Faith Torrez – 14.700

Group A uneven bars:
Jordan Chiles – 13.850
Morgan Hurd – 12.550
Kara Eaker – 13.900
Simone Biles – 13.850
Leanne Wong – 14.150
Jade Carey – 13.350

Skinner stayed on bars but her form. I’ll try to not pass judgement til she has more than 3 months for 8 skills after 4 years but she needs to work on that. I watched a video of her the other day and her coaches screamed, form , she just didn’t listen.: 13.500 (5.8)

Bobble and big step on beam for Morgan.

I’m calling BS on Carey’s scores compared to others especially on bars.

12.700 (5.5) for grace on bars ( Wasn’t her best routine but that was harsh)

Nice Routine from Eaker on beam. Two of her leaps towards the end seemed short but other wise, she was great: 15.200 (6.8)

Simone hit beam…. 14.55 ( 6.2)

13.450 (5.5) Trinity on bars ( Big mistake at start but repeated skills)

I want Leanne Wong on this team to see what real judges do with her beam routine. One small bobble on her series and a step on landing (2 really) but other wise a pretty good routine… 14.05 (5.8)

I know Jade Carey isn’t known for bars and beam and in the past I have been critical but tonight they were really bad and the scores should be much lower.
: 13.440 (5.5)

A couple of bobbles for Aleah on beam but she stayed on. This was a good routine for her. Not sure why she is here for one event though.

” Before you came into my life, I missed you so bad. so BAD. Call me, maybe…”

Jordan was having another good routine but balked at a leap.,,,

13.200 (5.2) Aleah on beam.
13.05 (4.9) Chiles on beam
14.400 (5.7) Grace on beam
14.200 (6.1) Emily Lee on beam
13.100 ( 5.9) Faith on beam
13.350 (5.3) Trinity on beam
14.550 (6.0) Sunida on beam

Hit routine on beam for Grace with some leggy form issues but only one , slight bobble.

Group B uneven bars:
MyKayla Skinner – 13.500
Grace McCallum – 12.700
Emily Lee – 13.050
Faith Torrez – 13.500
Trinity Thomas – 13.450
Sunisa Lee – 15.000

I had been waiting for Sunisa’s bars and I swear they never showed it.

Kayla Williams looks bored to tears but at least she’s watch9ng Emily Lee’s beam. I don’t think Tom or the Russian even looked up more than
Same with Faith’s beam. Why are these girls here if you’re not going to watch them?

Faith had a really great beam til she fell.

Solid beam by Trinity but she has way too many arm movements after skills on beam that international judges would deduct for to be taken to Worlds.

A couple of mistakes for Sunisa on beam but not too bad. A bobble or two.

Solid routine for Mykayla on beam. Well done for her.

13.650 (5.8) Full in dismount

Group B balance beam:

Grace McCallum – 14.400
Emily Lee – 14.200
Faith Torrez – 13.100
Trinity Thomas – 13.350
Sunisa Lee – 14.550
MyKayla Skinner – 13.650


1. Simone Biles – 58.550
2. Sunisa Lee – 58.200
3. Kara Eaker – 57.100
4. MyKayla Skinner – 56.050
5. Jade Carey – 55.900
6. Grace McCallum – 55.550
7. Faith Torrez – 54.850
8. Leanne Wong – 54.750
9. Morgan Hurd – 54.100
10. Emily Lee – 53.450
11. Jordan Chiles – 53.400
12. Trinity Thomas – 52.550


After night one

: Morgan Hurd will be lucky to make this team. She messed up the one event she is needed for. It will depend if they take her for what she did at Nationals. She always improves as she goes along but IMO, that doesn’t mean she earned a spot on this team . That also doesn’t mean they won’t take her either. I don’t think she’s done enough personally but I can’t really complain if they take her , THIS YEAR ONLY because of what she’s done in the past. That would be like leaving Shannon Miller off beam at the Olympics because she fell 3 years in a row at Nationals. We all know she will hit when it matters ( though Miller never finished 7th at a trials, either)

: Kara Eaker is only useful for ONE event but based on the consistency of this team on beam they might need to bring her anyway. Her vault is a wash (only can be used as a none counting extra) Her floor is too weak and her bars too messy. Her beam has raised her status in the AA for way too long but again, I don’t think I would argue if she was put on this team as the fifth member.

: Simone Biles– DUH.

: Leanne Wong– I don’t know what to say. Your beam is beautiful ( to hell with these judges) but you fell on floor. Fell on , whatever your second event was ( I forget. I think it was vault) I don’t even know what to say.

:Mykayla Skinner – You upgraded your bars. You upgraded your floor. You upgraded your beam and yet people have already said you will not make this team. Lets be real, your beam and bars are irrelevant depending on who else makes this team but hell has no furry like a blogger scorned and if you finish 4th and don’t make this team, We riot !!!! If Marta was in charge she would totally take you for that United States of Amanar team we used to be but I just don’t know.

: Sunisa Lee- The judges love you. At least the National judges. I can’t wait for you to get that bar routine in front of the World judges and that beam, too. With you and Simone as about as close to a lock as a lock can be (Simone already being named to the team and all) we have our 2 AA gymnasts. Now we need a third bar worker for a team event. And a third beamer.

:Grace McCallum– I don’t know kid. You messed up bars at Nationals and you messed it up here so we can’t count on you for bars but if we could make you are third AA gymnast we could find a way to sneak Skinner on to this team .

I personally wouldn’t bring Eaker. Morgan has a resume. Leanne has potential and Eaker has one event. Okay so I wouldn’t personally bring Jade because I like Leanne’s potential and Morgan’s history of showing up when needed (and she finished 4th at Nationals)

My team after night one

Simone (AA)
Sunisa (AA)

Alternate: Morgan / Leanne

( I fully admit that Eaker will be on this team I just don’t think she should be. It was between leaving either her or Jade at home) AND YES, I realize Skinner will probably be the one left out.

OKAY. So your team will be made out of these gymnasts

Simone, Sunisa, Grace, Mykayla, Kara, Morgan, Leanne and Jade (IMO)

Morgan’s bars do not score better than Mykayla’s vault which is more than enough reason to add her to this team.

Who do you pick?

Screen Shot 2019-09-22 at 7.35.21 PM

And now the end is near And so I face the final curtain …..

September 20, 2019

The end isn’t near. It’s here. The Boston Red Sox, Your 2018, WORLD CHAMPIONS are officially eliminated from the playoffs and yes, I used the lyrics of a damn New Yorker as the title….

So long Mookie Betts. You need to be traded before next season starts because no way in fucking hell are we paying you 35 to 40 damn million dollars a season to show up every other damn year…. and….

So long JD Martinez. We know your not picking up your option. You think someone should have payed you Machado type money to hit into all those damn double plays and only hit singles when no one was on base with two outs. That sounds like a Yankee kind of thing to do… and…

GOOD RIDDANCE, JBJ. You pretty much already told the world you want your version of a movie line but this ain’t no Jerry Maguire movie. It’s ” real life” and your bad attitude needs to be shipped out of Boston…

And last but not least, I hope it’s not goodbye, Brock Holt. I love your enthusiasm and your Instagram posts with my favorite baseball players, kid, Griffith but if it is don’t worry, we will always have this…..

A new blog will be up Saturday night . I should be around to live blog the camp if my nieces don’t show up. We will see….


Japan’s Comeback kids

September 11, 2019

Kohei finished 5th at the All Japan Senior Championships which is a huge improvement from earlier in the year when he didn’t even qualify for the NHK Cup. He finished 2 points behind the eventual winner but had a fall on vault and pommels. Staying home from worlds might be good for him. He can get healthy and comeback when it really matters, next year. Watch him tumble in that floor routine above and tell me he is done.

Mai Murakami won for the woman , further proving to the world, Japan’s gymnastics federation is full of idiots. She will also retire , after the 2020, Olympics.

Terin Humphrey is pregnant. ( Thanks Gigi)

A message from your President

USA Selection procedures

This made me laugh. Conflict of interest? You mean like when the HBIC of making decisions, vacations with the father of a gymnast who is also her coach? You mean like that conflict of interest when one of your hand picked judges is on the floor judging a gymnast she coaches ?

Mens team Some people are questioning with Allan Bowers is once more an alternate