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Simone Biles coach out at Bannons (With confirmed reply from Aimee)

February 27, 2014

Rumor has it that Simone Biles coach is no longer coaching at Bannons Gymnastics. Could this be why Simone is “injured” and out of the American cup?


Aimee Boorman will still be coaching Simone.

Stay tuned for any new info if I get it.

There is an official comment from Aimee in the comment section. (I have removed the comment for now but I posted them in the blog)

The E-Mail address has been confirmed so this comment was left by Aimee in the comments section.

Hi Everyone! This is Aimee, Simone’s coach.

It is true, we are no longer going to be at Bannon’s.

It is also true that Simone does have a minor shoulder strain that we are taking care of to protect her for meets that will be later in the season.

We try to avoid gossip, but we know that it will still happen.

Rest assured that Simone’s training will continue, even with the change of venue.

If you remain still, you will never grow, but sometimes growth is painful.

Thank you to everyone for your support as we make this transition!


Full Twist blog has quick hits from Podium training from the American Cup

Yuna Kim the Ice Queen not to be confused with :The Kween 🙂

Gold medal winner in ladies skating is one rude little biatch. Yuna however is a class act but in this & A reporter mentions that Adelina walked out of the medal winners press conference while Yuna was talking. Real classy Russia.

Q: Sotnikova walked out during the press conference after the free skate. 

▶YUNA: It was a press conference where the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd skaters were together. Usually, we all walk out together when it’s over. It was the last question of the conference, and the question had come to me. But Sotnikovia went ahead and walk out. She had already been there and had started answering questions before I got there. She still had her dress on. And when she got up and left during the middle of my answer, I just thought, “What’s going on?” It’s up to the skater to do what they want to do.

American Cup Podium Training this Thursday

February 26, 2014

Sign the petition for Yuna Kim

Link to Podium Training

You can also get live results from this lovely USA-Gymnastics page


IOC does Skating a disservice. I agree. Doesn’t matter if the cheating was real or not but the public thinks it is and the IOC not caring does not help in the credibility department.

Speedy will be gone in 2016 and if this “organization” (And I am using that term lightly) isn’t run by a Figure Skating expert all hope is lost.

Two judges tried to fix the Olympic Ladies Figure skating and the proof is in this article. Its too bad it will never be fixed.

Thank you Ashley Wagner for being outspoken. Now next time at least be out spoken about more than one thing instead of whining about being clean when you weren’t. You are dead on about the anonymous judging. Not that it would make a difference to this “Organization”

Both Russian members of the judging panel congratulated the winner after her skate.

All of these judges were blind.

Can we call a conspiracy theory on how the only angles we get are the ones that hide the flaws in the Russian jumps?

Leave it to NBC to try and prove there is no conspiracy by half assing a side by side without explaining the actual rules. Who isn’t surprised?

A better picture to see the height of Bailie Key.

Silver medalists are un-happy compared to bronze medalists. Well duh. Almost winning gold must suck.LOL sent me this link and she wants to know why the guy used Kwan? Good question.

You can stop whining now Khorkina, Galiyeva and company. Brenna Dowell moves on

February 24, 2014

SIGN THE PETITION. 2 Million people strong

WORST Article ever written. I wonder if this guy is literally this retarded or if he believes this bull shit he is shoveling?

Turns out the Russians weren’t any better at supporting the Olympics vs their own participants. Add this to all the people that walked out of the Men’s SP after Plushenko withdrew and there is now no reason to complain about the 1996 Olympics anymore.

Simone Biles has an “injury” and Larissa is out too. If we don’t hear any more complaining from her coach we now know what USA-Gymnastics bribed her with. A trip to the American cup. God I hope she

Arabian Punch front has an interview with Brenna Dowell. Part one and part two of “I’ve moved on” is an epic interview that proves gymnasts coaches are idiots

How the hell did Al Fong not know Brenna had no shot at competing? She mentions she knew she could do at least bars but then she goes on to mention that she was told to hit all her routines because she had a shot to do the AA.

NO she never had a shot to do the AA. Mckayla the Olympics silver medalist was doing at least vault. Mckayla the National champion on Floor was pretty much a lock for that too.

Honestly these coaches have no clue Marta plays games with them. I can’t even begin to understand this. Now we know why Al was so mad. He really thought she had a shot.

Lipnistksya’s coach
blames the media for her choking.

The Skating lesson hits the big time. Yahooooooooooooooooooo

Another version
of the above article but much better.

Good old Phil has an article on it too. BUT it doesn’t prove anything.

The sad perfect ending of Yuna Kim’s career.

Boycotting the Olympics from here on out. Yuna Kim was robbed continued

February 22, 2014

Judges hugging skaters. What will they think of next?

I am done with the Olympics from here on out. I don’t want to be a fan of cheating and corruption and at least for now I am no longer discussing the Olympics.

We will go back to Gymnastics from here on out until something is done about the cheating that went on.

This blog however will be about the Skating issue because there are a lot of great articles out there that need to be read so without further ado here we go.


In less than 24 hours this petition went from 7000 signatures to nearly 2 million. Can you remember the last time 2 million people all agreed on the same thing? I can’t. This petition crashed I don’t know about you but I call that awesome.

South Korea wants an inquiry into the judging. Not surprised by this. 6 of the 9 Countries on the LP judging panel are former members of the Soviet Union. The US and South Korea were removed after the SP in favor of adding a Russian federations wife and a cheating Ukrainian.

This article from the wire is so far the best article I have read on the subject and explains how the cheating happened. Can you guess which two judges gave Adelina 9.50 in skating skills? Those same judges gave plus 3 to Adelina on almost every skill and then turned around and gave Yuna Kim plus 1.

I am not letting the US off the hook here because the SP was almost as bad concerning the scoring.

The IOC doesn’t care if the judges cheated. Yep this article is classic ignorance.

Read this quote and tell me you didn’t just want to slam your computer through Speedy’s head ?

“Would you rather have an idiot acting as a judge than a good one who is a relative of the manager of a federation?” Cinquanta said. “It is far more important to have a good judge than a possible conflict of interest.

An insider Skating official is calling out the cheating, anonymously of course.

Perez Hilton is getting involved. NBC doesn’t want to even mention the word fix so I am glad the tabloid media is at least getting involved. Bring on TMZ. Hey say what you want about them but they find things. If anyone can do it they can:)

Kurt Browning and the NY Times have a theory.

Yahoo thinks Dan Wetzel their “reporter? is some how smarter than the rest of the world when it comes to skating. Don’t believe Browning, Witt of the countless ex skaters that know the sport but believe Dan WETZEL. Sometimes I wonder about you yahoo.

This article is about how the petition has no merit. 2 million people your voice doesn’t matter.

Want to know what Michelle Kwan really thought? Watch.

Live blogging the Olympics Women’s LP: Bring back the British

February 20, 2014


It was down a few minutes ago so try again later. It had half a million signature a half hour ago.

These things are such a waste but this already has over 7 thousand signatures. It can’t hurt. ( Almost 400.000 now, wow)


They see her two foot a jump and then a second and still say she brought it. I don’t even know.

Was Yuna robbed article

Bill Plaschke article

Ashley Wagner doesn’t like the judging.

More Christine Brennan with quotes. Hey Joe Inman, You need to shut up. You cheated yourself.

Christine Brennan is practically leading the charge on this thing.

LOL sent me these tweets from Christine Brennan that boggle the mind. This was fixed from the start people and not sure why I am surprised anymore.

I can’t agree with this result at all. Adeline got a gift in the SP and the long. The Olympics should never be in Russia again.

The second they over scored Adeline in the PCS this competition was over and Johnny and Tara refuse to even call this out.

We know Johnny is pro Russia. I don’t know I think Adeline should have been third.

I hate this idea that Yuna or any skater has to live up to the perfection of their past.

SHUT UP TARA You basically just justified your pathetic win. Who cares about scores because she had heart. Give me a break

This is why these two should never be on NBC. They suck


Yuna Kim I will be back after she skates. If that doesn’t win I am done with this sport.

She had perfect jumps except for one and that was hardly that bad but they are not going to give her this.

Ashley Wagner She double footed her triple triple but I thought the rest of her jumps were solid though edge calls for one or two which isn’t really solid.. Overall it was just good for Ashley.

They are taking for ever judges

Gracie Gold I was about to praise her then she fell. Solid jumps til the fall even landed well. No scratchy landings at all til the fall. She was slow and her edges were messy.

No Johnny this did not look like a gold medal performance to start. Don’t think that was a personal best. It was disconnected with the crowd (Johnny)

Adelina Sotnikova She hit all her jumps but a double foot on a triple, double double but I take back that Kostner isn’t an artist. Compared to Adeline she looked like a ballerina. This was a pretty good performance but the GOE should not be as high as Carolina but mad props to this kid for showing up at an Olympics in her Country.

Not sure I agree with that. Yuna is not winning this and these judges should be fired.

Carolina Kostner She hit her jumps but the last one was a little scratchy. It was a hit for arguments sake but I just didn’t feel the music with this. People keep calling her an artist and while she is certainly better than 4 years ago I don’t see the artistry as clearly as others. She will be in first and deserve it though so good for her.

10 points better than her personal best. Second in the LP behind Mao.

Yulia Lipnitskaya She might have a shot at this. She thinks she is out of it. Everyone else looks nervous. Ashley and Yuna both popped jumps in warmup.

She is hitting her jumps but not perfectly. A little scratchy landing. Just two footed a triple loop. Down she goes.

Russia over used her in the team event and it effected her here. Imagine if she had not done the team event.

I am afraid of what he score will be.

Into 1st. Don’t think I agree but

THE final group is on the ice.

It will be uninterrupted. Nice NBC now BRING BACK THE BRITISH

Ashley is talking over a bunch of skater entrances saying everyone has a shot to win when you lace up your skates. That’s a cute idealistic

No Johnny the difference is not keeping your brain together. Its who the judges like.

Its ugly dress day.
Nathalie Weinzierl This is very juniorish. No offense little girl but very impressive for a girl to get to the Olympics so congrats but the rest is underwhelming. Missing all her jumps.

Tara is now making excuses for the un-artistic like her. No there is no space for both. Why can’t skaters have both like Yuna?

Terry Gannon sounds thrilled that Yuna doesn’t have a lead. He is almost giddy about it.

Polina Edmonds Yes Terry we remember the Terror over score. Polina is nailing all her jumps and her spins are pretty fast. I spoke too soon. On her butt. She is trying to be artistic but I don’t know. It wasn’t that bad I don’t know. Her last combination spin was centered almost the entire time. Pretty good job for the kid.

Into 3rd with a new personal best.

NO JOHNNY. Its bad enough you are commentating.

Valentina Marchei reminds me of the Chinese. Black outfit with a red hair piece. They wear red leotards with pink hair ties and it just seems out of place. Her skating is boring me to tears.

Johnny calls it solid. Tara says she nailed it. I found it boring and slow moving. What the hell would you know about doing the little things Terror?

Where are the British announcers NBC?

I was enjoying them and now I am stuck with Tara who babbles and Weir. The two of them sound so monotone. They sound like Aly Raisman pre Olympics.


I missed Mao but it looks like she nailed it.Good for her.Way to fight back. I am watching Akiko who just fell but it was a pretty artistic pretty performance to watch.

The Royal screwing of Queen Yuna: The Olympic Ladies Short Program Results

February 20, 2014

The Royal screwing of Queen Yuna

All Results
SP Results
Protocals for the SP

I don’t even know where to start. The picture above says it all to me. Dick Button can whine about unpointed toes in a skating boot until he is blue in the face and it doesn’t change the facts that Yuna Kim is the complete package that none of these skaters should be able to touch if the judges were doing their jobs.

Yuna is at the Kwan dis-advantage of having had so many beautiful performances that even when she skates near perfect she can never live up to what she did 4 years ago and that is unfair.

Okay so Carolina Kostner has great skating skills and a new found attention to detail but I can’t get over the way she is scored when she makes mistakes to ever root for her. Too much has been done in the past to ever allow that to happen. Beautiful jumps but the PCS being better than Yuna to me is suspect.

Adelina Sotnikova, Julia Lipnitskaya. To the judges the name doesn’t event matter as long as she has a Russian flag behind her name.

Imagine the scores Julia would have received if she had stayed off her ass. They didn’t even look at her obvious Flutz . I don’t even know what to say about the scores Adeline received. If she had a triple triple that wasn’t from 2000 she would be ahead of Yuna.

Gracie stood up but she wasn’t clean. Her triple Lutz was wonky in the air and her loop looked underrotated to me but she wasn’t deducted for it. Her double Axel received -1 from half the judges and no GOE from anyone else.

Ashley stayed up but she double footed her triple triple and underrotated it being nailed by the judges.

Polina did a good job for her even with the under-rotation on her triple triple.

Mao Asada I don’t even want to talk about you.


What we learned today Yuna Kim is going to have to skate perfectly to win this thing. Carolina Kostner just needs to stand up for these judges and don’t count Julia Lipnitskaya out just yet. She might not win gold but she is still in the hunt for a medal. Adaline is known to choke in the LP but if she doesn’t expect her on the podium because these judges don’t care who gets a medal as long as they are Russian

The US girls should be happy they stayed on their feet but realistically they need to be perfect and have others make mistakes for a medal.

Gracie received some pretty good PCS’s for an average performance but the PCS marks were all close it was obvious to me these judges already have their minds made up.

Mao Asada is 19 points out of a bronze medal. No chance she makes that up but I want to see her go out fighting.


Learning the code

When it comes to PCS for a triple jump a plus 1 GOE equals .7 points. They then drop the high and low and average the rest then multiply it by .7 for your grade of execution.

Why the hell don’t they just drop the high and low and add up the rest? I don’t know.

So Adeline got more Grade of execution points for her easy triple triple than Yuna got for her Triple Lutz, triple toe. Overall because of the difficulty Yuna had more points.

Meet your 2014 Olympic Short Program judges

Google is your friend people.

Robert Rosenbluth is Judge # 1. He from the United States.

Judge # 2 IS Karen Howard from Canada. She judged the 2007/08 Grand Prix final

Franco Benini is Judge number 3. He is from Italy. He gave Kristi Yamaguchi a perfect 6.0 at the 91 Worlds.

Judge # 5 is from Great Britain. Her name is Diana Stevens She testified against a Ukraine judge who was suspended 2 years for cheating. (lll facts)

Judge number 6 is from Japan. Nobuhiko Yoshioka

Judge # 7 is Katarina Henriksson from Sweden.

Judge # 8 is Adriana Domanska from Slovakia

Judge # 9 is Sung-Hee Koh from Korea

Vanessa Gusmeroli is the Technical Specialist. You might remember her as a skater. She seems to have Chellsie Memmel’d the fast track to judging. She is of French decent and won a bronze medal at Worlds in the 96/97 Worlds.

The technical controller is Alexander Lakernik from Russia. He favors anonymous judging and apparently doesn’t give a flying **** what anyone else says. He was the head of Russian Figure Skating Federation in 2011.

Turns out the Ice network did this already (I found it in my travels)

Ladies Judges: Korea, Italy, Japan, United States, Canada, Russia, France, Sweden, Ukraine, Estonia, Slovakia, Germany, Great Britain

Canadian “Whine” anyone?

February 19, 2014

FULL Olympic Ice Skating Results.

Like I need another reason to hate Nastia. Bandwagon fans make me ill. I bet she can’t even name a Yankee but she goes to school in NY so of course she has the ultimate bandwagon hat.


The day after where we get more whiny bitterness
from Diva wanna be from the Canadian pair of WHINY babies. According to GGMB they both dated the same guy once. Ooooo

Canadian whining. I need a new picture for this article.

I looked everywhere for an ugly picture of Virtue and Moir for this whine bottle collage above and I could not find one. He is good looking, she is gorgeous its too bad their inside doesn’t seem to match their outside.

After winning the Silver medal they whined to the media that their coach didn’t pay them enough attention leading up the the Olympics well boo fucking-dy who Silver medalists you should have found a different coach a year ago if that was an issue.

You didn’t have a problem with the coach four years ago when you reaped the benefit of your coach while getting pumped up scores because the Olympics was in your Country.

I am not a big fan of Ice Dancing in general. I don’t understand why it is even an Olympic sport and if they had a point I would at least understand the complaints but don’t try and take away from the real Gold medalists moment. This is a time to celebrate not your time to whine.

I guess it is easy to whine when you plan on retiring. You don’t really need the influence your coaches name has anymore so why not throw her under the bus?



Article on the win for Charlie and Meryl

I got home last night just in time to see the last 5 Ice Dancing teams compete and I honestly wasn’t impressed in what I was seeing. The only team I enjoyed were the bronze medal Russian team.

Davis and White did an amazing job as did Virtue and Moir and the 5th place Russian teams LP was interesting in a weird old black and white movie type of interesting way but overall the sport does not impress me. Its dancing NOT a sport.

I too like many of the comments found the Canadians boring.


Katie Nolan can be funny. She has an opinion on the Shibsibs and yes Katie, we know Raccoons like

Short Program practice happened today.

Yuna Kim’s run through. I am so glad she exists 🙂

Pictures from Yahoo.

There is a great picture of the Russian skater giving Mao Asada a dirty look but I can’t find it anymore. Sorry to call her the Russian girl but Julia should change her name to Smith and then maybe I will remember how to spell it. Its okay Julia. (Yulia) I just learned how to spell Lipnitskaya. You are in luck and this may be a good omen for you because when I learned to spell Mientkwicvz and Saltalamacchia my team won world series. Ooops looks like I have forgotten how to spell Mientkwicv. Its okay. He went to the Skankees so forgetting how to spell that is a good thing.

I found the picture of Julia’s bitch face

Jeremy Abbott
is whining too. His mother taught him that. Lets be real Jeremy. Its hard to be an Olympian but you choke every time you skate. Its a fact.

Ashley Wagner is waiting to be the bad guy
. Get used to it Ashley.

Skating article about the mens SP.

Right Plushenko YOU were forced to compete. You didn’t demand a spot or anything ROLLING MY EYES.

US Classics is back in Chicago again.

Yuna Kim will be skating too.
Yep the Julia Lipnitskaya media machine is back in service.

Gracie Gold. Budding superstar or as I would say budding soon to be Olympic failure because the US media is over hyping

Charlie White plays the Violen

I love Yuna but there is only 1 Queen

Where are the medal ceremonies ?

Davis and White’s
medal ceremony. The Canadians are trying too hard to look happy. Why are the US jackets silver? (Red white and blue people) That clapping for the US team was pretty quick whiny Canadians. Russia showed more respect

Am I the only one that found that whole thing awkward?

BASEBALL’S BACK!!!!!!!!! : The Ice Dancing Edition

February 17, 2014

Sorry I am screaming. I am a little bit excited. BASEBALL IS BACK but the Olympics are still going on too. Not a lot of gym news going on so back to skating.

Ashley Wagner is coming around. It might have taken her awhile but no one can remain a Terror Lipinski fan if they have a working heart. Kwan will turn her into a human being. Shannon Miller-ing the world one skater at a time.

Mao Asada practicing.

Full Results

Ice Dancing SP Results
Christine Brennan article


Polina Edmunds mother is a lunatic. This is an old article but it seems like we have a new scary skating mom.

I have been working like crazy the last few days so I haven’t seen much of what has gone on today. I am working all day and night tomorrow too so depending on how tired I am this might be the last blog until the Ladies SP. I don’t even remember when that is. I am off Thursday.

See you then and please keep the conversation going without me. I am borrowing the boys phone tomorrow and will be reading the comments.

I say we give the Men’s Gold medal to Michelle Kwan. Men’s LP results

February 14, 2014

Daisuke Takahashi is the last of my skating loves. He is the only reason I got out of bed this morning for the Men’s LP of the Olympic games and I should have gone back to bed after he skated because what a splat fest tonight was.

Before talking about the LP can I just say how proud I am of my old man Daisuke? He was only 5 points out of a bronze medal in this Olympics and the boy is just not healthy. He is the last of my skating loves as I said above and I am going to miss him so much.

There has only ever been one skater that could get me out of bed before 12 on my day off and that is Michelle Kwan. Add Dai to that list this mourning. (My other skating love was Fumie Suguri but I didn’t like her enough to get out of bed:)

Anyway I am proud that he stayed on his feet and put down an overall beautiful performance to end his career on a high note. I know he two footed his quad and another jump but it did not take him out of the flow of his performance so if ANYONE can explain to me how he had the third highest componet score tonight BEHIND the splat fest that was our Olympic Gold and Silver medalist please do.

Nanyu 90.98

Chan 92.70

Takahashi 91.00


All Results

So Hanyu won while falling twice and I don’t care. He was overscored on his PCS but Chan was hardly any better. He fell out of 3 jumps and for once the judges didn’t give him the PCS scores to save his ass from a splat fest. Though for the life of me I will never understand how he got those scores for what he did perform.

This is why skating is considered a joke. Judges do not judge the performance we see they judge the skater based on their personal opinion.

It should be noted that Canada did not have a judge on the panel of tonight’s Long program and I can’t wait to hear the whining from the Canadian camp on this one.

Can we talk about Chan TANKING away the gold medal tonight please? I think LOL said it best when she e-mailed me these words after Chan choked. THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chan was crap tonight and no Hanyu was not any better but after the SP gifts Chan got there was no way either of these 2 men were not winning Gold or silver the difference is Hanyu deserved his SP score while Chan should have been further down in the standing.

The Olympic has to decide if they want a jumping fest or a Skating competition and I hold out no hope for them deciding in favor of a Skating competition.

Fernandez was so overscored in the SP I don’t care if he was low balled in the LP.

I am thrilled that Denis Ten won the bronze after Worlds last year but my personal preference was for Daisuke to take the bronze. I think if his PCS was scored correctly he very well could have had that bronze but the judges decided differently.


I am taking bets on how long it will be before Patrick Chan whines he was robbed. ” I didn’t fall” will be his excuse. I wonder if he will have the balls to do IT Russia or wait until he goes home?

I leave you with this tonight, Be thankful. VERY thankful that Plushenko did not skate in individual events at the Olympics because if he had landed 6 clean jumps he would be your Olympic champion tonight.

This little diddy was put into my head by the British commentators at Truer words were never spoken people.


Some people in Russia are calling out Plushenko. Its about time and can we please stop pretending he was injured? If he had a chance to win he would have competed. He knew if everyone else was clean he had no chance. Too bad he couldn’t see the

Stalking Michelle Kwan. I love her reaction to

By the Numbers How the scoring could have gone down before the Olympics LP for men

Cutest little skater ever

The selfish Yevgeny Plusenko. SP Live Blogging (NBC)

February 13, 2014

Evgeny Plushenko is a liar and just because the rest of the World is too stupid to see it doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

I saw this coming weeks ago and apparently I am the only person with a memory because the world seems to have forgotten that Plushenko never wanted to compete at the Olympics accept in the team event. He said it to the Russian media (This article alludes to it at the very end)

Then when it looked like he might not be named to the team (after royally screwing up his Nationals LP,finishing 2nd and not competing at Euorpeans) he then demanded a spot on the team and the Russian skating federation folded quicker than a house of cards and handed him the Olympic spot.

Now low and behold after getting to do the team event Plushenko is now “injured” and won’t be competing in the Mens final and we are somehow to believe this is a legit injury? I am calling Bull Shit.

He is quitting because he never intended to do the men’s event but his selfish ego couldn’t let the spot go to Maksim Kovtun. He had the nerve to beat him for the National title. He couldn’t give up the spot to Sergey Voronov who finished second at Europeans because God forbid he share the spot light with a guy good enough to win a medal at Europeans.

Plushenko is playing the role of Nastia Liukin here. He is taking credit for giving the good old “valiant effort” respect me because I tried. The only difference is Nastia didn’t make it to the Olympics and Plushenko did.

Nastia had to prove herself in person where as Plushy got the good old “secret camp” Marta wasn’t afforded last year and he proved he was ready “In private”

Plushenko is a liar and a cheater any way you slice it and if he had given up the spot I still might have been annoyed but I would have at least given him credit for letting someone else get a chance to compete at an Olympics in their home Country.

We are supposed to believe that Maksim Kovtun.”didn’t care about the Olympics any more” Come on.

I wouldn’t be surprised to hear the Russian mafia was involved here.

Anyone remember when Maria Butyrskaya’s car was blown up outside her apartment. Rumor back then was it was the Russian mafia. They didn’t want competition for Irina Slutskaya. Why else would a skater not care about the Olympics all of a sudden. As far as conspiracy theories go this one makes sense. Her ex-boyfriend, was allegedly murdered by the mob too.

I was at work all day and I just found out how Plushenko left the competition. He seriously went out there to skate and then quit? This isn’t a sport its a fucking Broadway play.


Yuna Kim, You are out only hope


I said before Russia supports anyone that is of Russian decent even if they don’t compete for Russia and it explains the overscoring of the US’s pair team. He was born in Russia and he ass kissed them like crazy after the competition.

Mens SP article. Chan screws up a jump and gets 97? Canada better shut up on the fixed competition because its clear Canada is the one that has a deal with the French to help Chan win for future considerations. What better way to hide your cheating by accusing others of cheating?

If you read any article in this blog read the Princess and the Princess and the Ice Queen. Haven’t I been saying this all along?

We will be discussing protocals when I actually get to watch the SP’s/


Mens SP

10 minutes of Plushenko faking an injury. The balls to do this in front of a camera. Give this guy a Tony

I bet we get the 2 Americans, Chan and Hanyu as SP’s and no one else.

More Plushy zZzZzZzZzZzzzzzzz


Wow that fall was hard. His leg flew up. Maybe he is playing the role of Plushenko on this performance. Pretty good for a guy that just fell into the boards. It looked like he had the wind knocked right out of him.
He was not even close to the rotation on that quad.

Jason Brown has small jumps. He reminds me of Weir. Pretty spin. Skating needs to let the word know if it likes overall good performances or jumps because the judging here does not let us know that.

What the Buckshow agree’s with me on Plushy

Hanyu Beautiful quad toe loop. Spin 3 times, change position, spin again, change positions. This is skating folks. Beautifully done but still. Skating just has repeats. The Triple lutz, triple toe was pretty and I checked the protocals and he got plus’s from everyone. Some one, some 2, some 3. How that only got 3 plus points better than Chan is judges cheating.

Looking at the protocals Chan steps out of a jump and 3 judges don’t give him a negative GOE. Those 3 judges need to lose their jobs. That is blatant cheating.

Clown outfit. That is no mime its a clown: Quad sow with a spin. That is new. Another turn out. Wow he got some gifts. This is third?

Shut up Hamilton.

Chan I am going to start calling him Ohashi 2 because he is a beautiful skater when he hits but when he messes up judges still attempt to cheat for him. Katelyn would fall and bobble and the judges would ignore it. It’s just wrong.

Quad triple was nice but not plus 2 nice and the triple was not as good as the quad. Triple Axel step out. No way that didn’t deserve-2 across the board. Not sure how he gets positive GOE on his slow spins. Traveling the ice too. That last spin was way slower than everything done by Hanyu.

Sandra is an idiot. One small mistake. He fell out of a jump. Why are the NBC announcers lying? Oh right, he’s Canadian

TAKAHASHI So he’s old and not skating his best but the quality of his skating never gets the Chan treatment. Beautiful artistry in this program. Great Triple lutz, triple toe. Not his best but hell if everyone can be overscored so can Dice.

Where is the German guy? He finished 5th.