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Who do you root for?

September 30, 2012

redsoxbanner_2013 and Fuck ESPN, YOU SUCK TOO 🙂

Gymnastics is pretty dead right now. Baseball playoffs are coming up (urgh) so I want to know who everyone roots for. Overall.

Most people stay loyal to their home teams. Some stray (for instance I HATE THE CELTICS)

So tell me, Are you a sports fan? Baseball, Hockey, Football and Basketball faves? Tennis? Soccer? Gymnastics? Ice Skating? Cricket?

Are you partial to any celebrities? ( I love Taylor Swift even if she can’t really sing) Movie Star?

Okay Mr Dantzscher fans

September 29, 2012

For those who don’t know, Mr Dantzscher is Brandon Crawford. He plays for the San Francisco Giants and is married to Jalynne Dantzscher, ex UCLA gymnast and sister of Olympian Jamie Dantzscher.

Every day I get over 200 people finding this blog searching for some combination of Brandon or Brandon’s wife etc…. and they are almost always looking for the Wedding photo’s or info so I have decided to give them their answers.


Jalynne and Brandon met in College. Need more details read about it in my blog titled, The Crawfords

They were together through most of College and got married November 0f 2011.

Here is the blog I did on their Wedding with pictures.
The funniest thing is I searched for a half an hour looking for this blog at my own blog so I went to google and searched , Brandon Crawford wedding and my post popped up first. Classic:)

Jalynne is currently pregnant and due in December of this year. They planned an out of baseball season baby. I think I heard that in the video above.

Jalynne has a facebook page where she accepts everyone so if you need to find out info about Brandon that is where your infomagion will come from.


If you want to know anything else just ask. Or e-mail at I am not a friend of the family or anyone that knows them but info about the Dantzcshcer sisters has been around for a long time in the gym community.

i.i.i. ” illogically illogical IG”

September 28, 2012

I am not even sure if the title of this blog makes any sense to the real world but it makes sense to me.

I am SO bored and not tired so I I did something I have not done for awhile. I went and read IG’s message board. BIG mistake.

Every time I read that message board I leave with a migraine. I should know better.

So according to posters at that board, Shannon Miller’s career has no merit because the Soviet system was ” crumbling” when she won. Yet Gabby and Nastia were better gymnasts competing in 2008 and 2012 with the Soviet system not in existence?

More fun, Nastia is a better gymnast than Shannon because she won 5 medals when it was harder to win event finals medals.

(I guess that illogical logic forgets that 6 gymnasts competed and only two made event finals when being an AA gymnast was a must in order to make a team)

Oh and the 1993 World was the weakest World Championships ever. ( I really need some smiley icons at this The rolling eyes one would be freaking out right now. Someone needs to tell Shannon,Lilia, Gina, Lavinia, Tatiana, Oksana etc… that their careers were a joke)


Question for you?

Before 1997 every gymnast had to perfect two sets of routines, Compulsories and Optionals at World Championships. Do you think that was easier or harder then having to compete optionals twice?

I would think learning and competing two sets would be a hella lot harder than learning one even if the “difficulty” is so much harder these days. Especially when you consider just how technical compulsories were during those days.

Q2- What are the big skills we do today that were not capable back in the 90’s? The Amanar was done by Simona in late 1999 or early, 2000 but she had a whole new vault to work with. Simona in 1996 easily would have been capable of that vault earlier if needed. Double doubles? Done in the 80’s. Full twisting double layouts? done in the 80’s.

I personally think we overstate the difficulty being done today but that is my opinion.


Canned Alexandrov anyone?

September 24, 2012


Alexandrov has been fired and I personally cannot feel sorry for him. You know who I feel sorry for? Roza Galiyeva and Shannon Miller. They were screwed out of a chance and an AA gold medal by not only cheating judges (Nellie Kim I am looking at you) but by Alexandrov himself. He is the one that chose to screw the rules in favor of a Gold medal over integrity and the true meaning of the Olympic games so if he lost his job it is only the beginning of the bad karma he deserves.

For Russia this sucks. There is no denying Alexandrov’s talent as a coach but like I said, It’s hard to feel sorry for a cheater.

Hey Alexander Alexandrov, Stay out of the US. We have enough cheaters here.

And just because I can:)


Aliya Mustafina training

September 24, 2012

Here is the link

New Mckayla and Kyla article

September 20, 2012

Interesting info in this article. Enjoy the read:)

Mckayla’s parents have not hired bodyguards and she is in talks to be on several TV shows.

Kyla’s parents asked her if she would like to go pro but she would rather return to a normal life (Pretty grown up decision and the correct one IMO for a 15 year old kid.)

“When I got back to New York, my parents asked me about” turning professional and pursuing lucrative endorsement deals, Ross said. “But I just sort of liked the life I have now. Doing all the media and stuff is fun but I’m not the kind of person who likes (the attention). It’s not really my personality. I enjoy sort of having a normal life. That’s sort of how I think of it.”

Mckayla’s pretty impressive response to the criticism of her unimpressed look.

If I was smiling they would say why is she smiling?” Maroney said. “She just got the silver medal. And if I was crying. They would be why is she crying? She needs to be happy about that. So no matter what you do not everybody is going to be happy with it. And just kind of the way it is when you’re in this environment.”

and my favorite comment of the article.

“What will you be wearing Thursday night?” a reporter for a television entertainment new program asked Ross, Maroney and Douglas, the Olympic all-around champion, at a Staples Center press conference where they were announcing the musical acts that will be appearing at MTV Video Music Awards two days later.

Ross was caught off guard by the question.

“Umm, a dress?” she said.


Dear Mckayla’s mother,

If you do not want people calling her sexy and saying things about her for the love of God, control her internet. Parent 101

Camp update

September 19, 2012

Someone sent this to me. They got it off facebook. Guess Marta wasn’t impressed.

No announcements made today 😦 After all the waiting, they were told to wait some more…no additions to the National Team until next camp in October, per (name removed). Thanks for all the support and prayers, everyone! (name removed) had a great first US National Team training camp! I pray (name removed) stays healthy all the way. She’s coming home this afternoon, we can’t wait 🙂 Great job, (name removed) girls! We’re all so proud of you!

Wrapping up life like a TV movie

September 18, 2012

So like it was 10 O’clock at night and of course I started a movie on youtube. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could end our drama like a TV movie? Created a fake profile and pretend you are a guy to make fun of your BFF? I’ll forgive you in thirty five minutes. Lets all have lunch at school like the last 2 hours never happened?

The reason I am writing this is because I can be a total bitch. Sometimes I might take it to the extreme. No I have not learned a life lesson, I just realized watching this over the top, drama filled lifetime movie that sometimes I can be mean for the sake of being mean and sometimes I am mean to an under age kid who might read this and think I hate them.

In reality while I don’t like the way certain spoiled brats act my comments are directed at the way you are acting, not so much at you. So if you happen to be a 16 year old AA champion and you call yourself, America’s sweetheart 20 times in an interview just because I point out that your ego needs to change that doesn’t mean I don’t think you should not exist. You deserve to live just PLEASE, Don’t end up in my living room.

I am not going to stop being me but as my disclaimer said, I am what I am so read at your own risk.

TV Movie

Demy and Nabieva still training

September 17, 2012

Here is a link because I cannot embed youtube videos anymore.

Remembering the 2008 tour

September 17, 2012

I know I said TMZ, GTT was over but I was bored looking through other peoples photobucket and came across a few pictures from the 2008 tour. There was some drama back then like a member of the tour allegedly getting kicked off the tour for drinking and there were even some hook ups. I wonder if we will get any tour hook ups this time around?

Remember when Chellsie Memmel dated Joe Hagerty? He just married someone else and she is engaged.


Remember when Blaine Wilson hooked up with the rhythmic gymnast, Aliane Baquerot and they got married on tour? (Vegas baby)They just had their second child (I would have bet the farm this marriage would have ended by now but it has not. (She is pictured next to him) Talk about a story to share with the kiddies. Hey remember when we hooked up on tour and decided to tie the knot for the hell of


Anyone else remember any 2008 tour tidbits?