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I should have thought of this myself

January 30, 2014

I accidentally ran across this blog while searching for a certain gymnasts ugly overrated Geinger and the name has struck a cord with me. GTT should change its name to Gym critic because that is what I am:)

This girl also cannot stand Nastia so I think we are kindred spirits. (I spoke to soon she likes Gabby and thinks she has great leaps) It hasn’t been updated in a year. My favorite blog entry of hers is, Why I hate Woga

The future of USA-Gymnastics?

Simone Biles has some amazing power and I give her all the respect in the world for her upgrades but I wish she would work on the things she doesn’t do well.

The Olympic village

Aly’s new commercial

January 28, 2014

I like the blue pair and that playground Aly runs through looks so familiar to me but I can’t place it. Reebok is the big time people. Great endorsement deal for Aly.

2014 Europeans official website

There is no need to watch the Olympics this year. The associated press has picked the winners. God I hope they are wrong. Imagine what Chan’s ego will be like if he wins? I would rather Plushenko win then him.

Looks like the fixed judging is in. The Russians have traded with Canada the men’s gold for the Pairs gold.

It says the US men’s hockey team won’t medal. We will see about that.



Gold — Patrick Chan, Canada

Silver — Yuzuru Hanyu, Japan

Bronze — Javier Fernandez, Spain


Gold — Yuna Kim, South Korea

Silver — Mao Asada, Japan

Bronze — Julia Lipnitskaia, Russia


Gold — Meryl Davis and Charlie White, United States

Silver — Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, Canada

Bronze — Nathalie Pechalat and Fabian Bourzat, France


Gold — Tatiana Voloshozhar and Maxim Trankov, Russia

Silver — Aliona Savchenko and Robin Szolkowy, Germany

Bronze — Pang Qing and Tong Jian, China


Gold — Canada

Silver — United States

Bronze — Russia

Camp Hell

January 21, 2014

Camp Hell

First camp of the new year:)

The first camp of 2014 is happening as we speak and a little birdie told me there will be videos. ( Okay so it wasn’t really a little birdie someone read it on GGMB) but below is a list of gymnasts at the camp (according to USA-gymnastics) but take that full list with a grain of salt because the right hand of USA-Gymnastics doesn’t always know what the left hand is thinking and they have been wrong in the past. I know ironic

Ariana Agrapides, MG Elite
Alyssa Baumann, WOGA
Simone Biles, Bannon’s
Nadia Cho, WOGA
Nia Dennis, Buckeye
Madison Desch, GAGE
Christina Desidero, Parkettes
Brenna Dowell, GAGE
Peyton Ernst, Texas Dreams
Norah Flatley, Chow’s Gymnastics
Sarah Finnegan, GAGE
Ashley Foss, North Stars Gymnastics Academy
Emily Gaskins, Cincinnati Gymnastics
Veronica Hults, Texas Dreams
Madison Kocian, WOGA
McKayla Maroney, All Olympia
Abigail Milliet, Denton
Lauren Navarro, Charter Oak
Abby Paulson, Twin City Twisters
Elizabeth Price, Parkettes
Lexie Priessman, Cincinnati Gymnastics
Melissa Reinstadtler, Rebound Gymnastics
Kyla Ross, Gym-Max
Emily Schild, Everest Gymnastics
Polina Shchennikova, TIGAR
MyKayla Skinner, Desert Lights
Ragan Smith, Texas Dreams
Deanne Soza, Arete
Olivia Trautman, Twin City Twisters
Alexis Vasquez, Chow’s Gymnastics

Well that sucked. Bring on baseball

January 19, 2014

You can’t win them all I guess but I am a firm believer in the journey meaning jack shit til after the fact so if we weren’t going to win the Superbowl I would rather lose in the AFC title game even if it is to stupid Peyton Manning.

I feel bad for which ever team plays them in a Superbowl because you know with the game being in NY the NFL is going to do everything it can to make sure Manning wins. Plus I now get to laugh at the fact that Tom Brady has once again lost after being seen wearing a Yankee hat. He hasn’t won a Superbowl since he was seen in that hat. The ultimate jinx.

Now I am off to find some gymnastics news to fill in the rest of this blog but I felt the need to get that out of the way. Its times like these I am glad I got rid of my twitter so I now don’t have to go listen to all the Patriots haters being assholes. The Patriot players are almost always 100% respectful no matter who they lose to so at least I can take pride in that.


If you are bored watch this. Drake does nail the Don’t read the article because it gives away the best parts. Just watch the Drake playing A-Rod part. Hilarious. (1.50 in)

Who wants to guess why I didn’t attend this event? Besides the fact I was working.

Aly Raisman Interview

An article about the US compulsories program helping out other Countries.

Legends of the Ice. I wasn’t going to post this article but I had to when I read the interviewer brought up Michelle Kwan and I easily saw Scott Hamilton’s eyes roll as the name was brought up. Must kill these skaters to see how loved Michelle is when she doesn’t have the Olympic Gold medal while they do and if it wasn’t for a cancer scare and Dancing with the Stars they wouldn’t be remembered today. Not Peggy of course because she is loved by everyone and an adult unlike bitter Scott. Trust me when I tell you there is still til this day huge bitterness in the skating community by ex skaters who had more Olympic success then certain skaters who are still loved by the general public. Its the same in gymnastics even though that gymnast had more success.

Sarah Finnegan begin again

January 14, 2014

Sarah Finnegan competed in Hawaii a few days ago and it looks like she is on the mend.

Training a full twisting Pak salto and doing Nastia like floor routines (started with a layout as her mount)

You can watch more videos from the competition at this person’s youtube including Brenna Dowwell’s new move on bars (horribly done with a huge leg separation)


Natasha Kelly is getting married in five plus months and she now has a page for her Wedding. Find out who is in it and how the proposal went down.

Michelle Kwan interviews Ashley Wagner and talks about how she felt guilty being named to the team in 06. Damn media and idiot Hughes fans making her feel bad for taking a spot she created makes my blood boil and hearing Michelle say she felt guilty pisses me off. Not for her but for the people that made the girl that kept skating alive for years feel bad for taking the spot.

I do laugh that Ashley thinks Mao and Yuna are her rivals. She wishes but gotta believe that was a dig at Gracie.

LOVING the media interviewing the media. The Kween rules the planet. God I miss Michelle Skating. I think we should start a petition to have a skating exhibition for Michelle at worlds in 2016. Too bad Christine Brennan is doing the interview.

She wishes the media was the same as it was in 98


Rachael Flatt is going to be a doctor and this was her last Nationals. They apparently didn’t show her long program on TV but she did a pretty good job (falling once) and she cried when it was all over. Boston loves a sap story so they cheered. A lady gave Rachael flowers and at first she didn’t see her and went into the kiss and cry but when she heard the lady had flowers she came back out and gave her a hug.

A lot of people hate Rachael but I am not one of them. This kid is an actual nice person. She’s smart and she seems to have a lot of great support from a real family and just because a bunch of fat old wanna be gymnasts feel the need to knock her down at every level because they are jealous she is smarter than they will ever be doesn’t mean anything.

Good luck on your retirement Rachael.

This dress was really beautiful in person.

Still the Kween: US Nationals Figure Skating wrap up

January 13, 2014

Still the Kween:  US Nationals Figure Skating wrap up

Very rarely does a legend live up to the hype but Michelle Kwan did. I admit to being a huge Kwan fan and I always figured when I encountered her there was no way she would ever be as nice as she comes across but she was. There is also no doubt that Michelle Kwan is still the face of US Figure skating.

I’ll start with the encounter. I can’t say I met Michelle Kwan but I did run into her. I was taking one of my nieces to the bathroom when I ran across a bunch of people taking pictures of the press section and low and behold there she was. An impromptu autograph signing was in process with about 10 people patiently waiting for a signature by the one and only Kween.

Michelle being as gracious as we have always heard she is was sitting there signing for every person in line. Of course I couldn’t join in because a whining toddler was insisting on peeing so being the best Auntie ever I obliged her request to go potty.

When we came back to our seats about ten minutes later Michelle was still there signing autographs and posing for pictures with a group that had tripled in size since we last left. I think Michelle would have signed through the rest of the competition if she was allowed to but a few minutes after the police came and dragged her away. I think they moved her further back in press row to make sure this didn’t happen again.

I need to build a picture of exactly why this whole situation above amazed me. The press box is at least 2 feet above the last level of seating where the line formed. Michelle had to throw things down to people and stand up to smile for every single picture. This was not a planned autograph section. This was people noticing Michelle in the press box and asking for autographs. It was way above the call of duty. I should have taken a picture.

Its sad for the sport when the best attraction you have is sitting in press row and you pretty much forget that she exists (Michelle is working for Fox and that is why she was there)
I was hoping she would hand out the medals but that honor went to Nancy Kerrigan. Tenley Albright also handed out something to the medalists.

Michelle is still the star of Skating. It was evident by the standing ovation she got when she received an award during the ladies Short program (where I was all the way across the damn “Fleetcenter” )and every time her face was shown on the screen she got the loudest cheers in the building. They played a Montage of US champs and the times Michelle’s face was shown on the screen the place would erupt out of complete silence. Not to mention that the Montage was played to the song, Hall of Fame and Michelle’s picture was shown first to the words, “You could be the greatest” A tiny bit of respect and mad props to the guy that made the montage:)

Aly Raisman was in the crowd and they interviewed her. She was too far away to get any decent pictures but she also signed a few autographs. She left shortly after they interviewed her. Must have been too much of a bother to sit there and be like THE KWEEN.


You all know the Results by now so lets get to the NON controversy. Ashley Wagner earned her spot on this Olympic team FAIR and square. She was the ONLY US women to make the Grand Prix Final where she finished third. She also won the silver medal at Skate America as well as winning the Trophee Eric Bompard.

Mirai had an amazing performance at Nationals and if we still skated under the 6.0 system I would argue she should be the National Champion but for the last 3 years she has been nothing but a head case and she did nothing to merit a spot on this years Olympic team. has a criteria and every single girl competing at Nationals knows the rules. Nationals is not the only result in deciding the Olympic team. The only controversy here is why anyone thinks they have a right to change the rules because they don’t like the results.

I am not a fan of Ashley Wagner by any means but I don’t understand how anyone can argue she didn’t deserve a spot on this team. She has carried for the last two years and is part of the reason we even have a third spot to argue about.

Ashley was scored pretty fairly here by the judges and I have wondered out loud why they didn’t hold her up even when she made mistakes. Maybe it is the pessimist in me but I wonder if the United States Figure Skating association isn’t trying to create a controversy. Its what sells. Sadly. I hope not at the expense of Ashley because the every 4 year fans are already up in arms about this situation and the “racism” angle is being played up by certain fans. I remember what Michelle went through in 2006 and I wouldn’t put it past the powers that be to do the same to Ashley.

Here is a few articles on the Controversy. Article one is the A-Typical “facts” and Article 2 pretty much had my point of thinking (but for different reasons) If anyone should be left at home its Polina Edmunds who IMO was grossly overscored this entire competition. Mirai was beautiful to watch in person and she again got the only true standing Ovation of the night by the fans if they left Edmunds at home and took Nagasu there would be no argument from me.


Nagasu had a great Nationals. She was beautiful to watch and my heart broke for her when I heard she wasn’t named to the team but at the same time people blaming Ashley for this decision need to get lives.

Nagasu has already petitioned whoever who is in charge to challenge the decision. She was at Nationals without a coach apparently.


This is why I HATE the (Thanks for the tweet Gigi) God forbid we celebrate all of our champions who traveled to Nationals for whatever reason. Michelle Kwan with 5 World titles at the competition. Kimmie Meissner a former world champion in the crowd and all they wanted to do was put the Olympic gold medalists on the ice to celebrate.

Looks like the skaters might have been told to stay quiet

Let the Olympic year begin. US Nationals Figure Skating:Long Program (Updated)

January 9, 2014

Long Program Start List.

1 7:12PM Vanessa Lam, All Year FSC 18 48.98
2 7:20PM Caroline Zhang, All Year FSC 19 47.87
3 7:29PM Rachael Flatt, St. Moritz ISC 20 46.57
4 7:37PM Yasmin Siraj, SC Of Boston 21 44.67
5 7:53PM Agnes Zawadzki, Broadmoor SC 13 54.18
6 8:01PM Franchesca Chiera, Panthers FSC 15 52.81
7 8:10PM Courtney Hicks, All Year FSC 16 51.69
8 8:18PM Kiri Baga, SC Of Boston 14 54.02
9 8:27PM Joelle Forte, SC of New York 17 50.53
10 9:02PM Samantha Cesario, SC of New York 11 54.88
11 9:11PM Barbie Long, Illinois Valley FSC 10 55.55
12 9:19PM Angela Wang, Salt Lake Figure Skating 12 54.40
13 9:28PM Leah Keiser, All Year FSC 8 57.41
14 9:36PM Hannah Miller, Lansing SC 7 57.49
15 9:45PM Mariah Bell, Rocky Mountain FSC 9 56.72
16 10:00PM Christina Gao, SC Of Boston 6 60.91
17 10:09PM Ashley Wagner, SC of Wilmington 4 64.71
18 10:17PM Ashley Cain, Stars FSC of Texas 5 61.45
19 10:26PM Polina Edmunds, Peninsula SC 2 66.75
20 10:34PM Mirai Nagasu, Pasadena FSC 3 65.44
21 10:43PM Gracie Gold, Wagon Wheel FSC 1 72.12


Last night was pretty boring. Sat next to a bitch that kept crossing her legs and kicking my niece so we switched seats and then did it to me. Dirty looks made no impression so I hope the gum I put under her seat somehow ended up on her shoe:) Okay I didn’t do that but I did think about doing it.

Saw Kimmie Messiner on the way out. She and about half a dozen guys that were probably old skaters I just didn’t care to notice who they were pushed their way out of the “Fleetcenter” like they owned the place. Kimmie was very loud too like she was trying to get noticed because I heard her way before I saw her.

They gave some kind of award to Michelle which was of course no where near my seat. Found Aunt Joyce in the crowd with a loud red sweater taking notes.

Overall everyone skated well enough with only a few falls. Rachael Flatt hit jump after jump in the warm up stepping out of only one (almost fell) but she messed up come the actual competition. Her dress was really pretty but you could tell there was no way they were letting her or Caroline Zhang near the front of the pack even if they were clean.

Gracie Gold is as frumpy a skater in person as she is on TV. She did a great job with the jumps but a 73 is a travesty of a score. Nagasu was great last night. Only true standing ovation of the night. The whole crowd was ready to stand up the second she finished her last jump. I still can’t figure out what the judges were thinking when they gave Polina Edmonds second place. Fish out of water. Nice to see Agnes Zawadzki finally get the scores she deserves. She wasn’t held up last night. Its about time. One little girl reminded me of Sasha Cohen (looks wise) I forget her name. I heard Ashley Cain was a horrible skater before I saw her skate last night and she wasn’t nearly as bad as I had heard. Yasmin Siraj was a total melt down last night. I remember her from last year where she did a great short but she was in last place last night. Thought Barbie Long was a bit underscored. Before Nagasu it was the only program I actually watched without looking at the clock to check the time. and last was Ashley who was not impressive last night. There was no connection to the music at all. She wasn’t overscored per say but she needs to step it up because it looks like USFSA wants to promote the jumping beans again. I can’t see them leaving her home from the Olympics because she easily deserves the spot due to the last 2 years where she held this program together.

Start Lists

Joe Inman is still judging? He is judge number 3. I expect to get a picture of him to slam his ass on this blog for the future.

1 7:57PM Ashley Cain, Stars FSC of Texas
2 8:04PM Franchesca Chiera, Panthers FSC
3 8:11PM Barbie Long, Illinois Valley FSC
4 8:18PM Joelle Forte, SC of New York
5 8:25PM Mariah Bell, Rocky Mountain FSC
6 8:39PM Caroline Zhang, All Year FSC
7 8:46PM Vanessa Lam, All Year FSC
8 8:53PM Yasmin Siraj, SC Of Boston
9 9:00PM Leah Keiser, All Year FSC
10 9:07PM Rachael Flatt, St. Moritz ISC
11 9:46PM Courtney Hicks, All Year FSC
12 9:53PM Angela Wang, Salt Lake Figure Skating
13 10:00PM Mirai Nagasu, Pasadena FSC
14 10:07PM Christina Gao, SC Of Boston
15 10:14PM Gracie Gold, Wagon Wheel FSC
16 10:28PM Hannah Miller, Lansing SC
17 10:35PM Kiri Baga, SC Of Boston
18 10:42PM Ashley Wagner, SC of Wilmington
19 10:49PM Agnes Zawadzki, Broadmoor SC
20 10:56PM Samantha Cesario, SC of New York
21 11:03PM Polina Edmunds, Peninsula SC

I don’t believe for a second these things are randomly drawn. What a coinkydinky that the ones in the hunt all skate right around each other. You can tell who doesn’t want on this team. Might as well have stayed home 1-12


January 8, 2014

Shannon, Nadia and Bart will be involved in an episode of Extreme maker over.

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. What up? Nothing much here as you know.

Nationals starts for Skating Thursday night. I will be there so I won’t be blogging live or anything. Any predictions? I think Ashley might win the short but I have this feeling Gracie Gold will win Nationals this year.

John Spinni will be retiring after 34 years with ASU. Yes I have never heard of him either “Holly” Vise is a new assistant coach.

He doesn’t look old enough to have been coaching for 34 years.

Marta named the American Cup team already. Recycling old news for you:)

Louis Smith is out of retirement. I forgot he retired.

Someone wanted to write a blog. I forget who it was (Sanity maybe?) whoever it was write it and send it along and I’ll post it.

That goes for anyone else that wants to write a blog.

Here are the protocals for Yuna Kim’s LP at her Nationals. Perfects tens for presentation and my favorites, Plus Grade of execution for a single axel. Its like US Nationals only in Korea. Remember when Sasha Cohen fell and got a 6.0 for presentation. Yep Nationals:)

A few hours ago Michelle Kwan was sitting a few rows away from my section. Someone chain her to those seats now so she will be there tomorrow night:)

It’s that time of year everyone. GymSkate Craptaular time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

January 2, 2014


We get to watch out of shape Nastia do a front walk over on floor and a bunch of skaters I have never seen before (at least not enough to remember. Good thing I am only going to the Ladies LP at Nationals this year)


NBC will show us the craptacular on January  5th but I will be waiting until stalker boy puts the entire thing on youtube a day or so after it airs 9Sorry stalker boy but I hold grudges when people don’t except my heart felt apologies 🙂

Someone searched my blog two days in a row with the following quote,

sean likes bailey even though she’s a loser and doesn’t exist.

My advice to Sean. If you like Bailey and she exists then don’t wimp out because some friend thinks she isn’t good enough for you. A real friend would support you. You like who you like. Good luck:)

G.T.T’S top moments of 2013

January 1, 2014

To end the year on a high note (not discussing why I am blogging on freaking New Years eve instead of getting drunk) I am currently writing this blog titled, G.T.T’S top moments of 2013. Instead of doing the usual like Kohei winning his 4th straight World title or Kyla doing well at worlds I am attempting to make this list a bit different. We will see how that goes.

Here you go

Liking Simone Biles: When I first heard about her existence the only thing that came to my mind was here we go again. Another overrated overscored junior turned senior Marta has decided to hype because she can. GAG ME! but then I saw her compete at the American Cup and she wasn’t as vile as Marta’s past pets would suggest she would be. Simone actually has decent form (she needs to work on the toe point) she actually has some substance to go with the power Marta loves to hype and an extra bonus is she isn’t trained by the devil in training himself. The good news is Simone’s personality matches her gymnastics so actually liking her and her gymnastics is easy.

Falling for a sap story: I hate sap stories. If your mom wouldn’t get up to drive you to gymnastics practice so you have to live with your coach or your dads a deadbeat there’s a good chance I won’t root for you to stay on beam just because you had a tough life but at Worlds this year when it came down to the last event I actually said to myself, I hope Simone stands up her floor routine. She deserves to win. Don’t think highly of me just yet people I actually wanted Simone to fall off beam so Kyla could win but when she actually stayed on I apparently had a change of heart.

The United States 2013 World Championships team For the first time in a long time I actually like all four members of the US’s world team. I might not like everything about their gymnastics and while Mckayla can get on my nerves sometime all 4 girls are hard working and likable. Last time that happened ? Never.

Bringing back the old / Routine of the year With every new code its inevitable that something from the past will be rated higher than it should be then code whored to death by everyone and their brother (Think the Onodi or Side somi) but Yao Yinnan bringing back the Mo and hitting it in the All Around is exactly the type of move I am happy to see back in action.

A year without the big mouths Jonathon Horton. Chris Brooks INJURED. While I would never wish an injury on someone for me this year was awesome because I didn’t have to watch these two spend more time chasing the camera than working on their gymnastics. Not that we didn’t have people like that this year that are even more obnoxious ( I am looking at you Sam Mikulak) not having to watch these two was pure delight:)

Best Gymnastics Moment of the year Simone Biles parents reaction to her winning the AA. I am sure all parents act like this but we got it on tape this time. I am sure they were crying as much for Simone as they were for her winning knowing that she hasn’t had the easiest life.

Team of the year (Sorry Case) BOO YA

Last but not least Thanks to all of you for making this blog last another year. I don’t want to name names because I will forget someone important but all of you make this blog what it is so Happy New Year:)