The skating lesson: Tabitha Yim



Some of you probably have no clue who Tabitha Yim is but I had such an unbridled hate for this girl back in the day all I can do it laugh about it now.

People praised her as artistic and every time they did I wanted to scream. She was this spastic ball of arm waving and stiffness that everything about her and her gymnastics drove me crazy but the one thing Tabitha did that a lot of gymnasts I dislike never do is she changed my mind.

Not her gymnastics. I think I will always dislike her gymnastics but how do you not respect someone that proves you wrong?

Tabitha was always inconsistent and spastic and injury prone. I figured by 2004 she would be dead and buried but not only did she show up in 2004  she finished 4th at Trials and probably would have been on the Olympic team if she didn’t get injured. Okay so she didn’t actually prove me wrong with the specifics to her gymnastics but as I watched the 2004 Trials back in the day she kept hitting that  by the time Trials ended I remember thinking to myself I hoped she made the team.  If you know me once I hate you I don’t change my mind.

If you have some watch the video above.Tabitha competed at the Worlds as a gymnast but she also made it to the novice level as a Figure Skater at the same time. She talks about her time in skating and gymnastics where she trained with some well known US skaters.  (watch  her facial expression change when she talks about Sasha Cohen) About how once she made the world team for Gymnastics the people at the US Skating wanted to let her petition to Nationals and why she turned it down.

She currently coaches the gymnastics team at the university of Arizona and graduated from Stanford with a degree in Biology.


I am off to watch some videos of her gymnastics which I have not done in years. I want to see if she is as spastic and annoying as I remember:)


2001 Tabitha was spastica. 2004 Tabitha was more calm but the floor in 2001 is what drove me nuts about her. It’s Nastia-esque. The arm waving exists


2016 Chinese Nationals. AA



Watching the entire thing just to hear the beautiful music that has been in the background the entire time. Though it’s hilarious hearing telephone for floor music.



(8.35)  Vault:  13.800

(32.06) Uneven Bars: 15.400

(52.45) Balance Beam: 15.500

(137.37) Floor: 14.850


Oksana the Prod Killer


Not bad. Not bad at all.


Olympic Draw




Yao Jinnan back in action


Link to routines


So far only beam.

Test Event Videos


Thanks Rocío for finding them.

Full Results


Okay so lets discuss how this routine is even allowed? Every move is a turn or a turn combination. The judges need to find a way to stop this from happening. In the past I have called Sanne Weavers  interesting but this was over kill. If you can’t do two piked full in’s in a floor routine they need to find a way where only 1 or 2 turns total should count. She has a 6.4 start value for this.


Beam Event Finals Results

Floor Event Finals Results

Flavia slayed her floor final with great landings and a routine I am sure will satisfy the every 4 year fans looking for a new gymnast to go Gaga over.



Uneven Bar Event Finals Results


Perhaps the most impressive routine I have seen so far from this Test Event belongs to Elisabeth Seitz on bars. 6.6 start value. Pretty decent form (minus the pak) and very good  handstands. This was as good if not better than the routines that won bars at last years Worlds.


Vault Event Finals Results


Not a fan of this vault and never will be. Unless someone learns to do this vault like Prod I don’t want to see this winning Event Finals. They need to start adding deductions that add up if you are going to attempt to even try this vault in competition. It’s not fair to a gymnast doing 2 real vaults to have this be allowed to get credit. The gym world is lucky I am not in charge. Dipa Karmakar ‘s Prod. 8.1 in execution errors and still gets a 15.100. There needs to be even more deductions. Invent some.





Anna Sofia Gomez on beam. Liked this routine. It’s too bad she messed up in event finals.

Catalina Ponor on  Floor routine. 5.9 start value. Not bad for an old lady. The smile on her face at the end says it all. I bet she was thrilled to get through this routine,

Made in America. Air’s tonight at 8 PM



I can’t bring myself to watch it. Of course we only get to celebrate Marta and what she brought to the table and we forget the talent was already there before she arrived. We forget what the gymnasts not named Mary Lou Retton did to get to this point  because she was trained by Bela. And we will forget that one quads lazy self entitled set of gymnasts and coaches thought they could carry the legacy of the Mag 7 just because they existed.


So after you guys watch tell me what you think. Beware I am sure this will be Nastia and Gabby filled. No thanks if I want to watch bad TV I’ll turn on the Red Sox and watch them lose games out of stupidity.

And with this it ends for Romania…IMO



Team Results

Qualified Teams and Athletes

Romania is now officially out of the Olympics and I have a hard time feeling sorry for them. This is what happens when you see a problem and you have seen it for at least 8 years and you do nothing about. Anyone associated with the Romanian federation for gymnastics should be fired on the spot.


I feel bad for the girls especially those like Diana Bulimer that have been training for 4 years for nothing. I feel sorry for Larisa Iordache who has carried the program on her back for so many years and yet she still could be passed over for an Olympic spot due to sucky luck.  I even feel a little bad for Catalina Ponor who came out of retirement just for the Olympics ( though at least she had her dreamed fulfilled multiple times before) but mostly I feel bad for the Andreea Iridon ,Silvia Zarzu and names I’ll never know because they never received the  proper attention from their federation and will never be given their chance to compete at an Olympics.


So now what Romania? Will you now stop trying to bring back Belu and Bitang every 4 years to brow beat  these kids into submission or will you hire some real coaches (starting with bars) and get your ass in gear?

Oh and it shouldn’t have to be said but if Romania doesn’t give their one spot to Larisa Iordache I hope they never qualify for another Olympics again. It’s a NO BRAINER. Larisa has carried this team for years. This is her spot.


Men’s Team Results

Qualified for Olympic teams

Germany: 350.609

Ukraine: 350.160

Ned: 347.444

France: 346.583




College Nation Championships Prelims

Session 1

Florida 197.4750

LSU 197.335

Georgia 196. 7250

Session 2

Oklahoma 197.7875

Alabama 197.3875

UCLA 196.700


1- Bridget Sloan 39.700 (Florida)

2- Chayse Capps 39.6125 (Oklahoma)

3- Myia Hambrick 39.5625  ( LSU)



Oh Ebee Price, This is why I love you


Great article on Elizabeth Price. My favorite part,


“They were very surprised,” she said. “They knew I was thinking about going to college and not deferring. They definitely wanted me to stay and try for another year. They were probably a little disappointed. In the end, it was my decision, and there was nothing they could do about it.”

2016 Pac Rim Event Finals


Junior Event finals Live Video

Live Results

Start lists

Results with D and E scores


Simone and Laurie are out to “Rest” for the long Olympic year. Not sure why Simone did 2 Vaults during team finals if she had no plans on competing during the Event Finals but I don’t think anyone questions her sitting out ( not sure why she is even at this meet at all to be honest) but when did Laurie Hernandez because a seasoned veteran, 3 time world champion who doesn’t have to earn her position? It’s not like she had 4 event finals. She made one. Not a big fan of special treatment for non proven up and comers.



Just watched event finals ( beware after how Opening day ended this might be a bit bitchy:)



Thought Shallon Olsen easily deserved the Vault gold. Her DTY looked decent enough and while her Khorkina vault is messy I thought it looked much better than Khorkina used to do it.


Vault 2


Uneven Bars:

Ashton had the start value to win. Brenna fell again. I personally felt Brittany Rogers deserved the silver over Larissa Miller. Brittany has such pretty lines and she hit most of handstands and yet the rest of that routine has such messy form I wonder if  her coach has two personalities and depending on the day that is why the routine goes from pretty to ugly in the bat of an eye. Hey for me to be impressed by Canadians means something.


Balance Beam:

Aly was screwed over. I hate how judges ignore bobbles in beam routines. Did they deduct anything from Ragan at all for her huge wobbles because it doesn’t seem like it. Aly getting credit fir her layout aside I don’t know how the judges came up with Ragan’s score at all. The rest of the beam final you can take or leave.



Brenna’s score was a complete joke. She didn’t hit a single leap in that routine yet the judges didn’t seem to care. They were going to give the second American the silver  medal regardless of what was put on the floor. She had some good landings but I felt Shallon with 2 extra tenths in start value (something the so called announcers lied about in the video) and as good  landings should have been second. Neither Brenna or Shallon can dance. Aly deserved to win.


Don’t get me started on the men. At least they didn’t just up and down and act like fools this time but talk about a messy team. Thought Penev deserved the floor title over Dalton but the US men getting execution scores over a 9 is literally the craziest scoring I have seen from judges since they gave Gabby credit for an Amanar when she messed up and did a DTY at this same competition 4 years ago.




The Documentary

So I am sure you saw the trailer for the “new” documentary on the camps shown during the live broadcast. So what do you think? It kind of reminds me of when the Emmy’s nominate themselves from broadcasts of the Emmy’s. Marta apologists creating a documentary on her system.

We already know those camps are child abuse (ask  Wofford) and we already know they barely get fed at them but can we talk about how Marta gets too much credit for the US’s success the last 8 years ( Carly Patterson existed and was pretty good way before Marta) and how it took her 2 Olympic cycles to come up with the team gold medal because she did it her way instead of what was best for the team (Annia Hatch being hidden at Nationals because they were afraid she wouldn’t make trials instead of preparing for a floor worker that was needed and eventually cost the US the gold?)

The talent during the 1997-2000 quad just wasn’t there and that is why those girls didn’t succeed. Even the little talent they had crumbled under the pressure and was overrated anyway.

I think Marta gets too much credit. Remember she didn’t like Shawn. She didn’t like Simone.



2016 Pacific Rims Team and AA live blogging


Live Results


What we learned. Simone is still the Queen. Aly did herself a solid but really needs to get over mental block of that Amanar. Laurie is not the anointed one yet. I say her scores were average for the next it girl. Ragan competed really well for a throw in and once she throws full difficulty Laurie better  watch out. Brenna did a great job considering but I still felt Ragan was lowballed compared to the gifts Brenna got and Ashton just needs to keep hitting bars.


Good Night.


US: Rotation 4: Balance beam

Looks like Marta wants a test and so the US will finish on beam.

Ashton: Short leaps. Bad form. Long lines does not equal form Peszek. 14.450 ( ha my ass)

Ragan: Great routine from Ragan. Not even a bobble. 15.050

Aly: Bobble after piked front and so she didn’t add the jump to it but rest was solid. The Best I have seen her do the turn combination. 14.800

Laurie: Messy bobble on switch leap and switch ring looked short but rest was great. Low landing on the double pike. 15.250

Simone: Great routine for Simone. one missed connection. Drilled the landing. Simone just did an exhibition on beam that looked like she did it on floor. One of her best routines of all time. 15.550

Brenna: She missed every connection and was short on every leap but besides the obvious she didn’t bobble and she stayed on. It was a success for her. 14.100 ( real judges take a point off. she missed that many leaps and connections)



US: Rotation 3: Uneven Bars

Aly: Hit routine for Aly. She stayed on and had her usual messy form but it was a hit for her. 14.300

Laurie: Messy pak and some missed handstands but better than Jesolo : 14.800

Simone: Messy pak but not as messy as everyone else and she doesn’t flow on the bar. She also stalled on the top bar but still great. 15.050

Beware people wordpress is sending you to spam. It’s not me

Brenna: She missed several handstands and still has the form issues but she stayed on. 15.250

Ashton: Her usual routine tho short handstand on high bar. 15.550

Regan: A little messy but a pretty good job. 14.600



US: Rotation 2: Vault

Ragan: DTY. Nice landing. Iffy form. 14.600

Laurie: DTY, Piked, big step and a little form. 14.800

Brenna: DTY: Form, piked and step just like everyone else. 14.950 (again too high)

Aly: Amanar. Huge 2 steps and messy. 15.200

Simone: Amanar. Big step but dead on form. Beautiful. 15.800

Chang: Low and piked with a small step and even a little form issues but still pretty good. (missed the score)

Shallon Olson on floor. Great double double but she really doesn’t even pretend to dance but that was a nice routine for her. she had some good landings.

Megan Roberts: Had a great double  front piked and nailed her full in landing but like the rest of Canada they have no dance ability. They don’t even really present a routine well.

Kirstin Peterman: Now she has much better presentation she at least looked like she was trying to dance.





US: Rotation 1: Floor:

Please have no commentary. PLEASE HAVE NO COMMENTARY.

Our music is brought to you from the 90’s

Damn it. Sam and that annoying Evan. So damn close. Hi Sam. How’s your mother? You know the one that got you this job.


Big issues from Brenna on her dance. Leaps were short and her Memmel turn wasn’t complete and she looked like she stepped out on the first pass. Too high with all her leap issues. 14.550

Ragan was short on her double layout but I day dreamed through rest. 14.300

( Stop laughing Peszek. You sound like an idiot school girl. Every time she laughs, take a drink. I’m already drunk.

Laurie is back to the spastic dance. It was so much better in podium training but good landings.  14.950

Great routine from Aly. nice landing until it froze before her last part. 15.600

Great routine from Simone. Huge step on her first pass but rest was nailed. I liked this routine much better today than podium. 16.050






I need to get up for a Wedding tomorrow morning ( Oh fun, more when is it your turn talk) so I am not sure if I will live blog the entire thing but we will see. Off to find the Results page.




1 Simone Biles – United States15.800 15.050 315.550 116.050 162.450 1
2 Alexandra Raisman – United States15.200 14.300 614.800 415.600 259.900 2
3 Lauren Hernandez – United States14.800 14.800 415.250 214.950 359.800 3
4 Brenna Dowell – United States14.950 15.250 214.100 614.550 458.850 4
5 Ragan Smith – United States14.600 14.600 515.050 314.300 558.550 5
6 Nagi Kajita – Japan14.250 13.650 813.400 10T13.900 855.200 6
7 Shallon Olsen – Canada14.750 12.800 1113.400 10T13.950 754.900 7
8 Madison Copiak – Canada14.100 13.800 713.350 1213.250 11T54.500 8
9 Kirsten Peterman – Canada14.200 13.100 1012.700 1413.600 953.600 9
10 Courtney McGregor – New Zealand14.300 12.350 1213.450 913.450 1053.550 10
11 Megan Roberts – Canada13.850 10.650 1413.700 714.000 652.200 11
12 Charlotte Sullivan – New Zealand13.800 11.550 1313.500 813.250 11T52.100 12
13 Mackenzie Slee – New Zealand14.050 8.250 1512.550 1512.550 1347.400 13


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