Tatiana Gutsu’s Hall of fame speech

June 30, 2022

SHANNON MILLER WAS ROBBED!!! Now that we got that out of the way, here is Tatiana’s speech after being inducted into the International Gymnastics Hall of fame.

Of course, it’s heavy on the Ukraine sympathy factor but she makes some good points. Props for giving Shannon some credit. No reaction from the Oklahoma crowd.

Dominique Dawes interview bashes Miller and Moceanu. Implies they were not really injured in 96

June 23, 2022

This is gold. Thanks, Lauren for posting this link.

We already know that Dawes is a bitter person over the attention she thinks she deserves vs what she gets but this interview where she implies her teammates were lying, just takes the cake.

The quotes from Dominique Dawes below will be prefaced by the factual errors in her reasoning. Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚ I have an extra day off this week and have spent that day sleeping until 5, then doing laundry. #Adulting

Dawes on the 96 Olympic Trials…..

Talking about Moceanu and Miller…

“I’m in pain as well, like every other athlete out there, and at that time, Shannon Miller, my Olympic teammate, and Dominique Moceanu were sitting in the stands and they were,

“Technically injured”

and so they were told that they didn’t have to compete and that they would be petitioned to be, on the team. And I remember at one point, having a conversation with my coach, at the time and saying, Hey, I’m in pain as well. Kelli told her that there wasn’t any guarantee she would be picked.

Didn’t I already, “Earn my way? If you’re going to say that these two athletes, earned their way, then why wouldn’t I be, kind of, lumped or clumped into that same scenario” She then talks about what happened to Dianne Durham, so she competed. “And I won the AA, but it really wasn’t satisfying, because you do feel, how the sport of gymnastics can really be unfair at times.”


Miller and Moceanu weren’t just “In pain” as she claims. Shannon had a broken wrist and Moceanu allegedly had a stress fracture.


They weren’t “petitioned” onto the team. Their scores from Nationals were brought into play so if those scores didn’t hold up, they would have been left at home. (96 Trials scores) Remember what you did at the 96 Nationals Dominique Dawes? Yeah, I do. You finished 6th after tanking compulsories. Guess she can’t see the difference between actually HAVING A, BROKEN WRIST or STRESS FRACTURE than, normal pain from being an athlete but hey, anything to make you be the victim

FACT C: Remember when Dawes lied and told the media that Shannon told reporters that she deserved to be on the team in 2000 because of her past accomplishments. (Shannon never said it. It was never printed anywhere) Yet here we have Dawes literally saying she deserved to make the team without earning it. This is classic. I love when people are contradicted on their past quotes and prove that they are truly the biggest hypocrite around.

** Dawes’s mention of Durham being black, to me makes it sound like she is implying she wasn’t allowed to petition because of her color. Not the fact that she finished 6th at the meet, a few weeks earlier.

AND DON’T TELL ME THE WORDS, “TECHNICALLY INJURED” Is not implying they were lying because it very much does.


2000 Olympic Trials

Visser now brings up Dominque knowing there was abuse in the sport after 96 and she is corrected by Dawes that it was 2000 when she knew for sure. (Research Visser)

“When I was 23 years old. Coming back for a third Olympics, and after my initial day of competing, I knew, that I really wasn’t wanted on that team. It’s not something that was said to me, but you just feel it, and you know it, and, it’s very clear who they were going to select, and I, made a decision that I didn’t want to do it, and I backed down, and I don’t feel if it was me being a loser or quitting or anything along those lines… You just don’t want to be in a circle, with individuals, um, that are unfair. And so I was forced to compete” (Talks about family coming to trials to support her because they knew how devastating it was for her emotionally. **** Just curious. Is this the same family that refused to drive her to practice which is why she moved in with Hill in the first place? #Askingforafriend) “And you just knew it was unfair, but you didn’t know who to tell or who to communicate it to…” She thinks she was picked….

“Mainly because I believe the individual they wanted on that team got injured at those Olympic trials. “

FACT A : (Again thanks to Lauren for her comments because they make sense) But what part of the scores, 9.287 and 9.162 makes anyone think that Shannon was wanted on that team? How does Dawes come to those conclusions when Elise Ray was scoring in the 9.8’s and everyone else scoring in the 9.6 range and above or around? Sounds to me like she is picking and choosing which of Hill’s “facts” to believe 22 years later

***** damn straight it’s the Fleetcenter and will “never be the Garden Points for Dawes for not calling the building it’s current name


The rest…. Never suspected Nassar. Then claims being afraid she wouldn’t make a team if she complained??? No one ever came to her about Nassar. Visser wants to know if it was because she considered her teammate’s competition… More Nassar talk….. Says more about what she thinks the victims were thinking…

On Kelli Hill…..

She says her parents let her go because they were overwhelmed with dealing with their life… “That individual dug her claws in… She saw that her parents were, removed from the situation, and she pretty much controlled me, 24-7… On Emotional abuse…. ” Culture of silence, where you can’t speak out. You can’t let people know how you’re feeling. The culture of fear. Where you’re constantly on eggshells, that everything you do is never enough. ” She felt like she didn’t have the option to leave…. Talks about getting up at 4.45 am to be at training… Now she is complaining about being judged and overanalyzed… (ME:Pick a sport without judges) Kelli threatened to send her to Bela for not doing something she wanted her to do. ” She remembers ” being scared because she was afraid there would be more abuse there than what she was dealing with at Hills)

Dawes was 19 in 1996. (Almost 20) I kind of find it hard to believe she felt like she couldn’t leave. I realize everyone deals with stuff differently but when I was 14 I played sports. I stood up for myself. It’s a lot different when you live with someone and feel like you have no place to go. I get that, but it doesn’t sound like her parents kicked her out. They came to support her in 2000 because they knew how ” devastating it was emotionally ” for her. She was 24 then. Lots of contradictions in this interview.

IMO: As for Hill, she sounds like a 90’s typical gymnastics coach, and I do feel bad for 16-year-old Dominique because she was a kid, and even though she could have gone home, I can see why she felt she couldn’t but 24-year-old Dawes, and even hell, 19-year-old Dawes. They had choices. And before you start with the, “In someone else’s shoes,” I realize I was never training for an Olympic dream but I played sports. When I was 14, I walked off a field because my coach was screaming at everyone. I had a soccer coach throw a shirt at me (I threw it back at her) Maybe not everyone in the world has my strong will but I also didn’t have a support system to go back to. My parents were never the supportive type. In fact, mine would have told me to get a job if gymnastics started costing as much as it did. They would never give up their lives for me to support a dream.

On the 1992 Olympics….

“I remember, at the 1992 Olympic games, Lesley. In Baltimore Maryland. ( Um????. fraudulent slip. I won’t call it out:) Making it in my mind, I made it. And I was forth, all around, and, I’m thinking, oh, I made the Olympics. Nope. You didn’t. You, no, you have to go back to this, this selection committee, training camp, process, and then we will decide who will make it. And I’m thinking to myself, like.. I knew that they were talking about this but, this is how they’re going to select the team, but then I’m thinking, Why have Olympic trials? Why have a ranking? Why have a photo op of people that you’re claiming are gonna be on this team? (Maryland blah. Being proud… ) but then I’m back to, ut oh, Nope, I’m gonna take it away from you because we want to let you know, that we’re in full control over you. And we’re going to now, scrutinize and ridicule every single one of your workouts. And so you go as a team… They bring extra girls, that hadn’t competed for over a year, because of injuries. They bring other people, so you know, Ut oh, she wants your spot. You’re training… If you fall off the beam, you’re thinking to yourself, oh, I’m not going to be selected now. If you actually have an attitude towards your coach, which many times I didn’t. I would shut down. I would look away because I couldn’t have a personality of my own. Heaven forbid I was, speaking up for myself. That you know if you speak up or you seem bold. You know it will be used against you. And so it was just constant criticism. And you’re on eggshells. And I remember, I got that knock on the door. I believe it was in the morning. And it was my coach telling me that you made the team. Like in, like for 1992, and I remember crying. But it wasn’t tears of joy. It was tears of, this is going to have to continue. That now I’m gonna have to go to Barcelona. I think we went to maybe, um, somewhere in France first to train. And now I’m going to be criticized each and every day because they will bring more girls, to let you know, that you’re still not on the team yet. And you truly never feel as if you made it, until the day of the competition, where they submitted all the names, days before, and then you know that you’re marched out in the lineup. So there was really never this feeling of, you know, adulation. Or joy. At all. You know you get to the Olympics and, you’re thinking, oh, okay. this is it? Okay. You never get to really enjoy it. You know. Just too much control”

ME: 1992 was a mess. That we can all agree on but I find it interesting she hated the sport so much that she came back for 3 chances. My question is, who did they bring in to make her think her spot on the team was in jeopardy? Betty competed at the 92 Worlds. She won a silver medal. Dawes had to know she was in the running for this team? Michelle Campi was third at Nationals in 1992. Less than a tenth behind, Kerri Strug (Zmeskal won. Miller pulled out) Campi also competed at Worlds in 91. The year before the Olympics. Those were the final gymnasts. Betty won a silver medal on bars so she clearly wasn’t brought in after being injured. Dawes needed to do some re-search before babbling a bunch of lies in this interview. She’s completely misinformed.

Now she is talking about Gabby, so…… ( Should be bringing up how obnoxious Dawes was towards Jordyn in 2012 because I remember ๐Ÿ™‚ THEY CRITICIZED EVERYONE HAIR IN 2012. And yes, grammar issues galore but guess what? This isn’t fucking Harvard. Feel free to send me my corrections ๐Ÿ™‚

Legacy of the Mag 7….

” Oh goodness… I think… That’s a very good question. I mean, those girls were, they were my competitors my whole life. I remember having a, an, image of Shannon Miller up on my locker, and I was thinking, when I wanna quit, I know she’s not quitting because she was the hardest working gymnast out there and just deceitfully so strong, like she didn’t seem like she would be strong but she was extremely strong and she, you know, never, never gave up. Um but, great girls. Amazing teammates. We put our egos aside, um, to do what we needed to do to make history and it was uh, it was an interesting ride, um to do that, you know, but I can’t, you know, ungrateful to be part of that team,and very humbled and honored to know we inspired a whole generation of athletes”

This is why she wants a change in the sport. More positive stuff…. She thinks some people should not be on the floor coaching. Former teammates are still depressed. Former teammate is still struggling. thinks these coaches are still not healthy and should be out of the sport.

That quote by Dawes about the magnificent 7 is filled with such two-sided praise it literally just made me tear up with laughter. They were competitors. No mention of friends. And she did the same thing during her Hall of Fame speech concerning Shannon Miller. A bunch of praise that just seems like a bunch of babble so she can pretend she actually admired her when we all know she didn’t.

Alicia avoids half-ass Question, Asian Championships, Shawn Johnsons and stuff I missed while I was working

June 20, 2022

So the Asian Championships took place and it didn’t include, Shang Chunsong, So I forgot to care….. Japan named their Worlds team in June even though Worlds usually takes place in like October and they left home their WORLD CHAMPION on beam. (It’s like Japan doesn’t like having nice things)… Some no-name, World cups took place…. Anything else? I can’t even come up with a title for this blog.lol Is Gymnastics now just too boring to care about or is there nothing to discuss but why Tasha Schwikert STILL hasn’t called out USA-Gymnastics for hiring Alicia Sacramone?

Speaking of Alicia, she was interviewed and asked about what happened in the car with Mckayla Maroney, (NOT SPECIFICALLY about her telling Maroney to STFU mind you) but she avoided the question completely, and not one, so-called, member of the, “but we care about kids’ mental health” media decided to man up and demand she specifically answer the part about Mckayla Maroney? So is Alicia really a puppet for Valeri Liukin running things behind the scenes? ( I didn’t pay much attention when this happened and now I have to do research, damn it)

The question Alicia was given and the response she gave will be at the end of this blog.

Shawn Johnson interview. I give a cookie to ANYONE who sits through this interview and tells me what she days:)

ALL HALE GYMNASTEA (She wants credit every time I use a video even though her name is on the video:) Asian Championships China won the team event by 10 points. AA: Gold [Zhang Jin] Silver [Tang Xijing] That’s as far as my research can go

AND last but not least, Lilia Akhaimova retired.

Question Alicia was asked and reply given according to Twitter

And why won’t this 2008 team just GO AWAY lol

Six degrees of separation. If Tasha Schwikert ” just wants to make sure athletes are safe, children are safe” why does she support the hiring of Alicia Sacramone & promoting Dominique Moceanu?

June 3, 2022

In this new article that just seems to repeat a bunch of bull shit from the old one, Tasha Schwikert says things like ” โ€œI just want to make sure athletes are safe, children are safe, our current and future generation are safe and they have an organization that is doing right by them and the athleteโ€™s interest is the No. 1 priority,โ€ then why does she have ‘No problem” with Alicia Sacramone being hired to run gymnastics in the United States?

This article may seem like a repeat of the last one but it isn’t. this article is focusing on the hiring of Tasha Schwikert who is an even bigger hypocrite than Dominique Moceanu when it comes to pretending to care about the mental and physical health of our youth. The second she decided to not have an issue with the hiring of Alicia, she lost all creditability. Then when she decided to promote Dominique Moceanu she solidified her hypocrisy.

Kevin Bacon’s six degrees of separation is real. By supporting Alicia for the role of coordinator she is condoning Alicia at the age of 24, telling a 15 year old Mckayla Maroney to shut the fuck up about talking about her abuser. And if we go even further into the Six degree’s we have Moceanu who had been a staunch defender and stalker really, of Alicia Sacramone, shoving her babies into Alicia’s hands for photo ops since they were born. Neither of these gymnasts have spoken up against Alicia.

Tasha had the perfect opportunity to call out Alicia in either article but she didn’t. She supported the decision by bringing up the hire but she didn’t do a damn thing. If this really was about the kids she should have said something?

By supporting Dominique, she is also supporting one of Alicia’s friends, Dominique. While blaming Tasha for what her friend of a friend might have done, it says a lot that Moceanu is still friendly with Alicia in 2022. Moceanu never came out against Alicia either. If you support these people for leadership roles knowing their history (and don’t be in denial. Dominique knows it all. So does Tasha) then you don’t give a damn about protecting children. She has NO issue working with Alicia either. Or Moceanu, who condones Alicia’s behavior by not releasing it to the press.

Mckayla Maroney’s Instagram post about being told to shut up. She also talks about how she listened to this older teammate because she looked up to her.

Moceanu would be a horrible hire for USA-Gymnastics and she’s just lucky my source says her friends list is private on her facebook account because she is friends with half of GGMB including the biggest whack job of all time who wished gymnasts dead and bragged about attacking Skinner’s mother at a Gymnastics meet. More proof she shouldn’t be near the federation of USA-Gymnastics. And neither should Tasha.

I would love to hear people’s reasoning for supporting Tasha? Or especially Moceanu? Lies by omission are still lies and by not publicly doing what you insist you are here for you are in fact condoning abuse.

E-mail me and let me know gymtruthteller@gmail.com

Alicia Sacramone known, “Queen Bee” and mean girl now partly in charge of USAG with Sell out for tour money, Memmel and Dan Baker. Paseka and Nabieva head to China? WTF is going on lol

May 26, 2022

Thanks to Rocio for the Paeska / Nabs news which is hilarious enough but explain to me how USAG-Gymnastics can put Memmel and SACRAMONE of all people in charge of USAG? we are SO lucky NBC hired Nastia or she would be in charge too.

Does anyone remember how Alicia acted on tour? The Anna Li blog. How she allegedly behaved during the tour. What is with the 08 SILVER medal team still existing? How she acted when Shawn beat her on floor at Worlds?

And as for my comments on Memmel does anyone remember how mad she and her father were so pissed about not being able to go to Nationals and then she was offered the tour and all of a sudden stopped complaining about being kept out after falling off beam twice at Classics?

I don’t have time to look up the sell-out blog about Memmel (Now we know why she kept quiet) or the Anna Li blog but I can’t be the only person who remembers how things went.

Memmel is the technical lead. How to do gymnastics with flat feet, bad form, and get injured before every big meet she ever competed at but one? And Alicia is the ” strategy lead” Strategize what exactly? How to choke away chances at Gold medals?

I am sorry but this is just plain hilarious. Alicia was loved by all the little girls because she was the cool gymnast with friends and a life outside the gym. That is why I always called her the Queen Bee. What qualifications does she have to strategize USA Gymnastics? She couldn’t lead her own nerves. The world loves Memmel. Heck, I love Memmel. She has the right temperament to run the safe space generation, organization but she is a walking injury. Do they really want her to decide the routines?

Were going full fledged, #TeamShileseJones here at GTT

May 10, 2022

Nice lines. Legs together for the most part. Well done handstands. Has a great Arabian on beam. I’m going to pretend her vault form and issues with dancing on floor don’t exist for the purpose of this blog (among other issues) but after watching the Jesolo meet and the form issues of the eventual Gold medalist from that meet on bars, I really have to know what the judges were watching when making decisions because it wasn’t what we were seeing on the screen. Bars upgrades are on the way. I just get so excited when I see a gymnast keep her freaking legs together for even part of a bars routine. 90’s gymnastics come back!!!!!!

And because Rocio and I always get excited when we see Shang Chunsongs name:)

Skinner Q&A

Gymnastea’s Shilese Jesolo video Training videos from youtube (Watch Jade Carey’s shit form on bars while only doing skills so we can pretend they don’t exist) At 1.32 Shilese upgrades. At least she’s trying to fox that ugly knee bend she has with the lead up to her dismount)

UCLA Hired a coach (Thanks Hart of Dixie) Tasha Scwkiert didn’t get the job. Guess the insiders were wrong.

Jade Carey’s bad form.

May 3, 2022

When people tell me Jade Carey doesn’t pike her Moors and does it with straight legs. The one on the right is during the start of her second “layout” and the one on the left is on her way down.

When people tell me Jade Carey hits a perfect degree on her leaps

When those same people tell me she has good form and doesn’t pike her full-twisting double layout.

Should we do some screencaps of her dance and Choreography and talk about the lack thereof or move to Vault?

Her alleged power is overrated. The fact is she is a chucker. She chucks skills. The “gymternet” loves to decide who deserves credit for things and who doesn’t based on their opinion of that gymnast’s personality. People like Jade so every excuse in the book is made for her bad form. The “gymternet” didn’t like Aly Raisman,(before she won gold) so her form was ridiculed but Aly’s tumbling form is light years ahead of Jade Carey. MY POINT! Bad form and chucking skills are bad form and chucking skills. Jade being nice doesn’t take away the evidence above

This blog was started during the Olympics. I needed a blog and was looking through old blogs I started but never posted. So since gymnastics is boring this is what I decided to post. Hey, I tried doing positive blogs but….. WAIT!

He is an interview with nice Grace McCallum saying nice things because she’s nice.

Oklahoma wins National Title. Found the individual judges

April 16, 2022

And it was well deserved. Their two best floor workers made mistakes but they came back sticking almost every dismount and hitting every handstand. Suck it Oklahoma haters. Bart Conner sounded like he was going to cry because Florida didn’t win and he’s from Oklahoma. Just more proof of the bias this so-called loved beloved commentators have towards Florida.

WOOOOO. [RESULTS] [Prelims scoring with judges’ names and scores.] [Team finals scoring with judges’ names and scores]


Jesolo team named. Future Results. Watch out for Myli Lew

April 3, 2022

Junior Resuts [Team] [AA] [event finals qualifications][Event Finals]

Senior Results [Team] [AA] [Event Finals qualifications] [Event Finals] [Photos]

Back to baseball!

[Article] Camp [Results] Podium training [PHOTOS]

Shilese beat Konnor. Looks like both fell off beam. Zoe Miller has a 6.5 bar start value but only got a 14.250 for a score.

Senior team

eMjae Frazier, Erial, N.J./Parkettes National Gymnastics Center
Shilese Jones, Auburn, Wash./Ascend Gymnastics Center
Konnor McClain, Cross Lanes, W.Va./WOGA Gymnastics
Zoe Miller, Spring, Texas/World Champions Centre
Elle Mueller, Ham Lake, Minn./Twin City Twisters
Ashlee Sullivan, Richardson, Texas/WOGA Gymnastics

Junior team

Madray Johnson, Dallas, Texas/WOGA Gymnastics
Myli Lew, Belmont, Calif./San Mateo Gymnastics
Zoey Molomo, Frisco, Texas/Metroplex Gymnastics
Ella Murphy, Frisco, Texas/WOGA Gymnastics
Tiana Sumanasekera, Pleasanton, Calif./West Valley Gymnastics School
Gabby Van Frayen, Lewis Center, Ohio/Gym X-Treme

Now, as for my comments about Myli Lew ‘s bar routine is a thing of beauty. She’s still a junior but look at those lines and her form for a junior is beautiful. A few leg separations but when I first saw this routine a month ago I was in awe. Juniors don’t usually have form. She just turned 15. She needs to add some difficulty but I can’t remember the last time a US gymnast had her polish on bars. She won bars and came in second on beam at camp.

Weekend full of gymnastics scoring questions. NCAA post season-ish and DTB Pokal Team Challenge & 2022 Figure Skating Worlds. British Championships

March 19, 2022

2022 Worlds for Figure Sk*****ting. (Asterisks for ladies)

Full Results (skating Worlds)

Okay so I slept on Worlds but Shomo is World Champion. Daisuke was lowballed but did us proud and Miyahara has retired.Damn, we gain an actual complete skater as world champ and then lose the beautiful Satoko. Ilia tanked his LP so now the people who said he should have made the Olympics over Vincent who finished 3rd have to be quiet. Pairs results have the *******s. Oh and Alysa won bronze, Mariah was 4th and Kaori won. The US did well after being the loudest mouths about how the Russians should be banned. That is interesting.

Thanks to Rocio, Jessica Gadirova won the British Championships. Follow by, Ondine Achampong and then Jennifer Gadirova.

[Ladies SP] [ Ladies protocols for the SP] [Ladies LP start list]

Mens: [SP start list] (If Shomo doesn’t win, WE RIOT!)

The US pairs teams in first and second highlights how low the bar is for that event without the real teams. Alysa is in 5th because her PCS aren’t inflated. Mariah in 3rd. Chen did a single for a jump(no credit). I think she’s in 8th. Kaori leads. Wakaba messed up her SP but people are bitching about her PCS being too low. Bell is here coachless but because Raef is “too tired” (why pay a coach?) and of course, Adam is facetiming her. I like Mariah. I hate her team. (Not Raef) I was sleeping. I am only here for Daisuke Takahashi. AND SHOMO

Takahashi and partner article. I am super excited. I hope he can get a top 10 finish and two spots. The US ladies have a shot at a medal with the Russians out. This is the weakest Worlds for ladies in like forever. The Japanese woman are the key.

This is my issue with the scoring of Konnor McClain. Her finals beam routine was great. I have no issue with the scoring (well, at least compared to what we saw) but go back and watch that mess of a prelims routine and compare. She never should have made the finals with that routine. It should have been in the 12’s with all the mistakes. These judges cheated for her. Liukin & Nellie Kim’s camping trips are producing unfair results for his gymnasts. It needs to be investigated.

Results DTB Pokal : Seniors [All Events] Juniors: [All Events]

Mixed Cup [Prelims] [Finals] Individual scoring [Women] [Men]

US [Article [Photos] won both the [Junior] and [Senior] Team events at the DTB Pokal Team Challenge. Konnor [Beam] was all over the place on beam and still had the best score.

Qualifications: Junior [Results] Senior [Results] Looks like only 1 athlete per country. No one for the US on Vault. Nola on bars and Konnor on Beam and Floor.

This youtube channel has videos

Asia D’Amato [Bars] [Floor] Konnor [Beam 2] [Floor] Giorgia Villa [Bars] Angela Andreoli [Bars] [Floor] Martina Maggio [Floor]

College is starting their own gift scoring with the Conference Championships. Just follow, The BBS for shit because I don’t have the patience to watch the gifts given out at this BS. I do feel like they will bend over backward to give any and all , All around titles to Trinity Thomas on her way out (At least I think it’s on her way out but ex-Olympian Elites like Suni, Jade (Christmas every competition) Jordan, Grace, and company will be included.