Mai Murakami saves Worlds


I want to rant so badly with the Floor judges but for now this blog is to highlight the only good thing to happen at these Worlds, Mai Murakami.


2017, Worst Worlds EVER: Event finals. Day 2


I won’t be around til like around 7 or 8 so I’ll miss all the fun. I get to torture myself at Fenway watching the Red Sox get swept. (Fun)


2017 ,Worst Worlds EVER. Event finals, Day 1




1 Paseka Maria RUS RUS 14.850 14.700 6.000 8.700 15.000 5.800 9.200
2 Carey Jade USA USA 14.766 14.800 5.800 9.000 14.733 5.600 9.133
3 Steingruber Giulia SUI SUI 14.466 14.633 5.800 8.933 -0.100 14.300 5.400 8.900
4 Black Elsabeth CAN CAN 14.416 14.566 5.400 9.166 14.266 5.200 9.066
5 Chusovitina Oksana UZB UZB 14.366 14.433 5.400 9.033 14.300 5.200 9.100
6 Wang Yan CHN CHN 14.350 14.500 5.600 8.900 14.200 5.800 8.500 -0.100
7 Olsen Shallon CAN CAN 14.233 13.533 5.800 7.833 -0.100 14.933 6.000 8.933
8 Miyakawa Sae JPN JPN 13.800 14.500 5.800 8.700 13.100 5.400 7.700

Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 3.35.25 PM

2017 Woman’s World’s AA : *************


This meet now officially has a million asterisks next to every winner. I don’t even wanna watch this.

You get 3 votes

This blog will turn into the woman’s AA blog.

LIVE Blogging US Worlds Qualifying


I’m home. Instead of going to Revere for dinner we went local.


Forget Gymanastics. Michelle Kwan is jumping again. Just throwing a beautiful double axel like she hasn’t skated in 7 years:)
Quick Wrap up



I love that Mai is in the lead but the fall by Ragan means she has no shot at winning this thing unless Ragan falls and remember, Ragan lost several tenths in her start value from the fall and missed connections.

Can Hurd and Ragan switch Event Finals???( I know they can’t people ) I would much rather see Ragan’s beam over her floor and vice versa for Morgan ( though her beam is pretty when she hits)

Sae messing up floor will forever be the biggest disappointment of a non injury related miss at this worlds. Kohei and Larisa’s injuries are just tragedies but as far as event finals go, Sae not being in the floor finals SUCKS.

And China messing up beam, sucks.

Event Finals

Q 1. Paseka RUS 14.933 (14.866/6.0 + 15.000/5.8)
Q 2. Carey USA 14.849 (15.066/5.8 + 14.633/5.6)
Q 3. Steingruber SUI 14.750 (15.100/5.8 + 14.400/5.4)
Q 4. Olsen CAN 14.649 (14.366/5.4 + 14.933/6.0)
Q 5. Wang CHN 14.550 (14.400/5.6 + 14.700/5.8)
Q 6. Miyakawa JPN 14.516 (14.900/5.8 + 14.133/5.4)
Q 7. Black CAN 14.483 (14.500/5.4 + 14.466/5.2)
Q 8. Chusovitina UZB 14.349 (14.366/5.4 + 14.333/5.2)
R1 9. Volleman NED 14.183 (14.466/5.4 + 13.900/5.2)
R2 10. Melnikova RUS 14.116 (14.400/5.4 + 13.833/5.2)

Q 1. Yeryomina RUS 15.100/6.3
Q 2. Ilyankova RUS 15.066/6.2
Q 3. Fan CHN 15.000/6.3
Q 4. Derwael BEL 14.966/6.3
— 4. Melnikova RUS 14.966/6.3
Q 6. Seitz GER 14.700/6.1
Q 7. Locklear USA 14.566/5.5
Q 8. Luo CHN 14.566/6.0
Q 8. Varinska UKR 14.566/6.0
R1 10. Fenton GBR 14.533/5.9
R2 11. De Jesus Dos Santos FRA 14.500/5.8

Q 1. Alt GER 13.533/5.9
Q 2. Hurd USA 13.500/5.6
Q 3. Schäfer GER 13.433/5.3
Q 4. Black CAN 13.433/5.8
Q 5. Teramoto JPN 13.333/5.7
Q 6. Yeryomina RUS 13.233/5.4
Q 7. Liu CHN 13.233/5.7
Q 8. Murakami JPN 13.200/5.6
R1 9. De Jesus Dos Santos FRA 13.066/5.7
R2 10. Varinska UKR 13.033/5.1

Q 1. Smith USA 14.433/5.8
Q 2. Murakami JPN 14.200/5.8
Q 3. Carey USA 14.100/5.7
Q 4. Fragapane GBR 13.933/5.7
Q 5. Moors CAN 13.866/5.4
Q 6. Santos BRA 13.733/5.5
Q 7. Ferrari ITA 13.600/5.7
Q 8. Mori ITA 13.500/5.6
R1 9. Black CAN 13.433/5.0
R2 10. Sugihara JPN 13.433/5.3

Rotation 4: Floor

Ragan is pissed.

Morgan on floor. Big step back on first oass. Might have been OOB. Split screen. Same with second pass. Knee down on third pass. ALmost knee down on last pass. 12.533

The announcer is on crack. lol

China off Beam (NOOOOOO) This rotation sucks.

Luo on Beam: NOOOOOOOOOOOO And almost fell on dismount. I HATE GYMNASTICS


Ragan on Floor: I was watching Lou (NOOOOOOO)
14.433 Exe. : 8.633 | Diff. : 5.800

Liu stayed on beam.
13.233 Exe. : 7.633 | Diff. : 5.700 | Pen. : -0.100

Jade: 14.100 Exe. : 8.400 | Diff. : 5.700


Rotation 3: Beam.

Ashton was hitting beam til she fell. Jade should have done beam. I don’t care what anyone says it would have been great for experience.

12.333 Exe. : 7.033 | Diff. : 5.300 ( This score is extremely high with a fall.

Luo hit bars, 14.566 Exe. : 8.566 | Diff. : 6.000

Hurd doing great on beam though some missed connections. Big bobble on switch leap ( no credit for that) Step on her full in.

13.500 Exe. : 7.900 | Diff. : 5.600

Ragan off beam. 12.900 Exe. : 7.200 | Diff. : 5.700 (That fall was huge. She would be in first if she stayed on. )

Fan on bars: 15.000 Exe. : 8.700 | Diff. : 6.300 ( Her dismount had a big step so expect this to go up if she hits it)


Rotation 2: Uneven Bars

Now the feed is freezing.

Mai just nailed the hell out of that floor routine. Quad triple turn. Nailed
first two passes. Small steps on last 2 passes but that better be in first.
14.200 Exe. : 8.400 | Diff. : 5.800

Hurd stayed on bars but she stalled/bobbled on top of bar before dismount. If that was a connection she shouldn’t get credit. 14.333
Exe. : 8.533 | Diff. : 5.800

Ragan stayed on but had the same leg separations she had at Nationals.
14.133 Exe. : 8.133 | Diff. : 6.000

Ashton also stalled on top of bars towards end of routine. 14.566 Exe. : 9.066 | Diff. : 5.500
(BS me she has better execution then the Russians.)

COME ON SAE!!!!!!!
OOB on first pass with both feet. Short on her third pass. These judges will nail this routine:( Hands down on double layout. Boo
13.133 Exe. : 7.333 | Diff. : 6.100 | Pen. : -0.300



Rotation 1: Vault

Morgan Hurd: Nothing is more creepy then hearing adult males scream for little girls. Really?

Nice DTY by Hurd. Iffy form and small step. 14.466

Same DTY from Ragan. Slightly more distance. Slightly bigger step. 14.466

Jade, First Vault: Amanar with huge step. 15.066 (way overscored) Hit her second vault with leg form issues and step. 14.633 (Into second behind ,

Hey I can type and watch at the same time. You would think with, what, 15 years of computer use I would have figured this out already:)

I better get to see Sae and Mai on floor.

US Leo’s are red with gold trim on the collar. Don’t love. Don’t hate. At least they are not pink. I like the red, white and blue one the girl to the left wore though.

US Starts on Vault. Did I miss Oksana Chusovitina or is she in this sub-division?

God bless the US video person but show us floor instead of Japan standing around.

I hate the split screen.

2017 Worlds Woman qualifying: Day 2


I forgot gymnastics was happening tomorrow and accepted a dinner invitation so unless I can get out of it I won’t be home for the US tomorrow night. At least not all of it. I am trying to get out of it. I’ll be at work for Romania so someone PLEASE update me with scores ( E and D) If you are around. Thanks

LIVE Results


Romania ( 1.35 eastern time.)

US , Japan and China (which the US conveniently left off for their youtube channel)

Worlds Women’s Qualifying: Day 1


Russia, Canada

(Here is a Live video of Canada’s Youtube which is actually on right now.

LIVE Results

Australia, Great Britain, Spain, Israel…


All Around

Another reason to hate Canada. WORST WORLDS EVER: Mens qualifying, AA


All Around

This is for future reference when I want to remember what happened at this years Worlds after Canada killed Kohei.

Hey Canada, Gymnastics is a sport not a Taylor Swift concert. The set up sucks. The fans are too far away from the action and the lighting looks like something out a horror Christmas movie starring Tim Allen.

Poor Kohei and FU to all the people saying his reign ended. It didn’t end it was stolen from him.

Sam Mikulak had no business being named to this team. Penev didn’t even make an Event finals (some specialist) I don’t blame the guys on this team for this situation I blame Brett Mclure who didn’t do the job he was hired to do. It’s not like the guys choked per say they just weren’t good enough. Except Sam. He choked. Penev the floor specialist was beat out for floor finals.

Full Results

FIG Results

US Podium Training: Woman


So basically everyone made mistakes but Jade. Everyone fell at least once but Jade. They all looked nervous. Valeri went out of his way to talk to Ashton at the end of training but seemed to be bored with everyone else. Hell even Liukin looked nervous.

I used to know how gymnasts trained vs competed but hell, I don’t even have the ability to care enough to know that.

This team is boring. All of them except Jade’s tumbling.

What did you think?


7 PM Eastern time October 1st

This Instagram has partial videos of other teams podium training.

Kenzo’s 3.5 Yurchenko. Wowzers. As usual his form is crossed but still.

Andrea Raducan had a baby girl.


Podium Training: Men


It starts tomorrow.

USA-Gymnastics has the times

I’ll tell you one thing the set up of this stadium, sucks. It looks dark. The seats are a mile away from the competition. No wonder the seats were cheap. You might as well stay home. Glad I did.


My thoughts…

I hate this introduction thing. This is a gym meet not a concert….

The US men are a mess on Vault. Penev didn’t even come close to landing his triple Yurchenko. Whittenberg fell and was out of control. I thought both guys were gonna kill themselves. Yul landed knee’s locked.

Yul fell on the Parallel Bars and on his dismount. Marvin has a messy routine and nearly put his hand down on the dismount. Whittenberg had some issues in his but he nailed his dismount.

Mikulak had a very good High Bar but he front loads his routine and then does nothing til the dismount, which he stuck. He also NEVER shuts up. This is the most boring podium I have watched, like ever. Marvin has a boring high bar routine with nothing in it. Code whoring his way through. He stalled on one move and a sloppy dismount. I looked it up he has between a 6.0 and 6.2 start value but it’s literally just a boring routine to watch. Yul didn’t do a full set.

Penev walks like he needs his diaper changed. Yul had a lot sloppy twisting form but a lot of great landings on Floor. Whittenberg OOB with what looked like both feet then he fell. He’s having a really off day..lots of sloppy landing for Penev but he stayed on his feet. Fell doing an extra pass after routine. Pretty sure he didn’t do that pass during his routine.

The US men being themselves on POMMELS Yul fell twice. Sam messed up a few times but didn’t do a full routine. Marvin hit his but hit his foot on the pommels at the end. Mr Hollie Vise had a few bobbles during his routine but stayed on and then Sam did his full routine and fell 3 times. This was the Only event the US have shown 4 guys so far so they must still be undecided. Pretty obvious who shouldn’t be competing here…

Whittenberg hit his Still Rings but a messy landing. The wires swung quite a bit during this routine but this was his best routine of the night. Alex had a great routine. The wires rarely swung for him at all. Step on landing. Nice routine for Marvin though his wires moved too but not as much as Whittenberg.

Overall not a great day for anyone but Yul ( and even his pommels were a mess)