The, HELL YEAH! Olympic Individual celebration blog. MYKAYLA SKINNER, Silver medalist. Floor finals too

August 1, 2021

I am SUPER excited. If Mai wins Floor gold I might just call this the best Olympics ever! (That will be a lie. KOHEI!:( Mykayla went from being screwed out of 2 Olympics, to Olympic silver medalist and let me tell you, I thought she had no shot in hell of winning a medal being stuck as the first one up. I am off to watch it now and I’ll let you know what I think. Also congratulations to Nina, Yeoseo, Anastasia Iliankova , Rebeca and Suni for their medals.

[Full Results] [ Floor Results ] and starts values (Listunova, Carey, Jessica G, Melnikova, Ferrari, Murakami, Andrade, Jennifer G. LETS GO MAI! Seriously, I might not survive if she doesn’t at least medal. MAI, MAI, MAI

Event Finals Results : [Vault] [ Bars] NBC LIVE video for woman’s floor final.

This will also be the Floor finals blog. I also want to say that this truly sucks for Jade but she still has Floor finals and is pretty much guaranteed a medal there with messing up her vault. THAT BEING SAID, While I 100% agree there needs to be a 30 touch warm-up people need stop screaming about it now because she fell. There were 8 gymnasts in the final and most of them adjusted fine plus I read the US girls didn’t show up to the practice earlier in the day? Why are certain gymnasts always given the excuse for making a mistake but someone like Skinner would be crucified if she used this as an excuse. One touch warm up article.

2021 Olympics Event Finals. Biles out. Skinner and Dos santos in. Toxic gym fans

July 30, 2021

The AA blog is too long (It’s getting impossible to reply) If Skinner wins gold (Shut up, I can dream) She might get her own blog but otherwise, all 4 event finals are going here.

NBC Main feed for [ Vault ] and [ Uneven Bar ] Live Results for [Vault] [Uneven Bar] FULL Results

Start lists for VAULT and UNEVEN BARS

ROCIO!!! I read a tweet that Rebeca Andrade is doing the Amanar. I can’t find it anymore (I was on my tablet) so AHHHHH:) {Skinner’s new Olympic blog} [Paseka thinks she gave up too early] AKA, WHO KNEW Simone would drop out. USA girls don’t like doing their own hair and makeup #thirdWorldProblems


Okay, So let’s talk about the Toxic Gymnastics community. Gymcastic was either quoted in an article or did a video on how mean the gymnastics community is. I didn’t watch it or read it. I never saw a link ( I FOUND THE LINK. Read the hypocrisy:) but there are a bunch of people calling out Gymcastic of all people for being so hypocritical. This one Twitter linked a segment on Gymcastic where Jessica made fun of Shang Chunsong for being malnourished. This Twitter is appalled that Gymcastic of all people is talking about Toxic gym fans. This Twitter handle is titled, Mary Whoreretton. Who’s Toxic again? This isn’t about this Twitter. I don’t know who this girl is but when I saw people were calling Gymcastic out for having opinions (albeit quite ignorant and completely uninformed opinions) do you really get to bitch about anyone else when you’re calling someone a whore? There is another twitter person who I won’t link to who also is really complaining about Gymcastic yet they are the ones who screen cap what gym fans say ( Not link, mind you but screen cap so they won’t have to take responsibility for their actions when the person defends themselves) and make fun of them. Who’s Toxic again? A third account (also not linked) is calling out Gymcastic and when trials were going on I remember this account, talking about the team and tweeting, ” Simone, Suni, Jordan and anyone but Mykayla Skinner. ” WHO’S TOXIC AGAIN.

This blog used to get called Toxic all time by some of the biggest assholes the “Gymternet” has ever produced. (Attacking Mykayla Skinner’s mother at a gym meet and BRAGGING about it on their forum comes to mind) I get E-mail’s from people telling me Redditt said this or it said that about a gymnast. I don’t read reddit but I have gotten tons of E-mail from people who were attacked on that site. When they attack this page I get e-mails and comments too. As for the gymnasts they were openly rooting for Simone to get covid because she wasn’t wearing a mask, hanging out at football games. They made fun of Skinner for getting covid) I would have to go through a hundred e-mails and or comments but I don’t have the time but, WHO’S TOXIC AGAIN?

I have approved at least 15 people in the last week. Want to know why? Because they have been attacked for having a differing opinion about Simone pulling out of the Olympics. Or they get belittled for liking Mykayla Skinner. The same Gymternet that attacks anyone and everyone who doesn’t follow the party line and then plays the victim needs to, LOOK IN THE MIRROR!

I am not defending Gymcastic for that comment about Shang. I am not defending Gymcastic at all. If you don’t like what they say or how they are, don’t listen to them. Are they hypocrites for being part of the problem and not seeing it? The 8 ball would say, yes but like most adults, I choose to not be around people and things I don’t like. Call out Gymncastic, twitter, reddit, GGMB, Gymuniverse or gymnasts themselves for whatever you like just make sure you’re not just as bad as they are when doing it. Or you’re very much a complete fraud and hypocrite.

One more thought. I know my place in the world of the “Gymternet” with this blog. I don’t pretend to be nice. I don’t pretend not, to be bitchy and say things someone might not agree with and do it, unapologetically. That is the problem with this article and the gymternet as a whole. They don’t think they ever do anything wrong. People also desperately needs to understand the difference between an opinion and toxic. Just because you don’t like an opinion it doesn’t mean someone isn’t allowed that opinion. Last but not least, STOP BEING SO OVER SENSITIVE. If someone doesn’t like your favorite, get over it. (Video) And if you don’t, I feel sorry for you.

[Shang Chunsong article] (Might be old but I just found it. I MISS YOU CHUNSONG:)

The, Me, myself and I, 2021 Women’s, Olympic AA. My quick thoughts

July 28, 2021

The, Me Myself and I, women’s 2021 Olympic AA is ready for you to discuss. Drink that Vitamin C kids.

[Live Results] [Main Coverage] [4 events at once] [BBS Schedule I keep getting my links from:) [Full Results of the Olympics) [Start Lists]

IMO: The only thing I truly want when watching gymnastics is fair judging. We did not get that in the 2021 Olympic All Around final. The Floor judges especially were not judging Vladislava Urazova the same way they judged, Suni, Angelina, and Rebeca. All 4 had messy landings. Angelina had issues with her wolf turn. Rebeca stepped OOB two times (one with 2 feet) Suni wasn’t perfect. The only one of them who was scored fairly was Vladislava Urazova. Jade Carey didn’t come into play medal wise but she stepped OOB and had hops on her landings she didn’t have in the prelims and still got one of the highest Floor scores of the meet. The Uneven bar judges didn’t judge all the leg separations by Suni the way they judged Vladislava Urazova who had a great routine. They didn’t even notice the out of control pak. The beam judges were not watching the same routines we were watching. Urazova was close to perfect as she could have been. Suni had 3 bobbles including a significant one on her wolf turn to start the routine. Rebeca had a great routine too(Though I need to watch this again to judge it fairly) Mail Murakami hit all 4 events today with some of the best routines she has done. She wasn’t judged with the same eyes these judges scored everyone else.

Suni is American so no one will complain which means NBC will celebrate this win and never discuss what happened. Hell, Shannon Miller was American and only Tim Dagget gave a care in the world about that. That predated Nancy Kerrigan hysteria (She should have had gold also)

ALL I asked for was fair judging. If you can watch Vladislava Urazova and Suni on beam and think the routines they did were only within 4 tenths of each other or watch floor and not see the landing deductions and come to the conclusion Suni deserved to win, we weren’t watching the same competition.

I have been a huge defender of Suni since she was a junior. I saw her potential and if she had done her prelims beam and bars in the All Around I wouldn’t be saying a word. She didn’t do that.

Thanks for listening:) P.S.-

Will Simone compete? (Nope. Simone is out) Can Suni hit beam, 3 competitions in a row? Will Angelina rack up all the Gold medals? And for the love of GOD, Will MAI FINALLY BE SCORED FAIRLY by these asshat judges? Will Andrade be the judge’s favorite again with a totally overscored beam routine? Will Listunova replace Urazova? Will Urazova shut me up for even suggesting that? Will we get a Gadirova twins duo on the Podium? Can China step up and remember they are beam hit machines? Will Ellie Black remember she almost won an AA medal in 2019? (Nope. Ellie is out) Will Melanie De Jesus live up to the hype? Will Nina Derwael Nastia her way to an AA medal? (And by that I mean a big bar start value and overscoring:) Who did I miss? Not sure about blogging Tuesday in the AM but we will see.

Who do you have? I’m going Simone, Suni, Mai/Angelina with no way to break the tie so they both get a medal. I’m never right by the way 🙂

Shannon Miller making the rounds on the news channels CNBC, TDT and Huckabee. The first 2 are about Simone.

Unpopular opinion: Simone is out because she knows she doesn’t have it anymore and she doesn’t want to lose. Now, she is the martyr instead of the most decorated. Michael Phelps is the best Olympian of all time and best he could get is an NBC gig after winning a gazillion medals. Olympians have a shelf life. Gabby isn’t even in commercials anymore. Olympians have shelf lives. Best of luck to Simone dealing with her demons.


Me keeping track for future reference


Mai did the DTY. Start values [5.4 – 5.9 5.8 – 5.9] Vault score whacked all Olympics for top group esp Jade. Cheng’s for Andrade and Carey. DTY’s for rest. Jade most overscored.

Bars: Mai 5.9 7.833 (13.733) Andrade 6.3 8.366 (14.666) Carey 5.5 8.000 (13.500) Urazova 6.3 8.566 (14.866) Melnikova 6.3 8.600 14.900 Suni 6.8 8.500 (15.300)

Beam: Mai 5.9 7.966 (13.766) Urazova 5.9 8.300,(14.200) Melnikova 5.4 8.300, (13.700) Suni 6.1 7.733 (13.833) Rebeca 5.7 7.996 (13.633) Carey 5.1 with 6.443 (fall or would have been 7.443)

Floor: Mai 5.9 8.100 (14.000) Urazova 5.100 8.300 (13.400) 5.7 8.266 13.966 Suni 5.6 8.100 (13.700) Rebeca Andrade 5.9 8.166 13.666 ( 4 tenths OOB) Carey 6.3 7.766 (13.966) 1 Ooob

Jade’s execution vs Mai is blatant cheating especially bars and beam and even floor. Andrade was grossly overscored on floor but her bars and beam were also underscored. Sun’s biggest gift was execution on bars and score overall on beam. Urazova underscored compared to every bars on. Floor scores were high for all with their landing issues especially Andrade EXCEPT Urazova who was deducted way more harshly than anyone else.

All around judges. Explains the floor results in the AA.

2021 Olympic team womens final

July 26, 2021

[Full LIVE RESULTS] Tuesday morning at 6.45 AM Eatern time. [Team Final Results]


[Main menu] [All 4 cam] [Just USA] [ Adex for those who don’t live in the US]


Congrats to Russia for Gold. So happy for Melnikova. Thank the FIG for allowing juniors to compete this year. Please AKA US fans are complaining Russia as a Country was banned but allowed to compete. Sour grapes. US was second. Congrats to Suni, Jordan and Grace for doing their best (Minus that floor routine) I will never understand people who walk around smiling and happy after falling but to each their own. AND GREAT BRITAIN WON BRONZE! I really wanted Japan to ahve their chance at home but GB winning gives me chills. Kinsella was the right choice. Morgan was teh right choice. No chance at a medal, huh GB fans? SUCK IT. Last but not least….. I will never understand psychological issues as an excuse for Simone pulling out of team finals. Injury as the excuse, fine but she didn’t look hurt. She also didn’t look like she was mentally having issues. She was smiling, happy and making jokes. The GOAT on the leotards. The . Simone vs myself thing for facebook. That reaked arrogance not I’m having a hard time dealing with the pressure. Let’s say she continues and does aa and wins. Vault and wins. Floor and wins. What, no pressure there? I don’t get it. I just don’t get it.

I will be sleeping. I think USA will pull it out. Simone is desperate to be GOAT then a way to end all discussion is to show up when your team really needs it.

Can someone tell me why they are making Skinner go home when she is the next in line for Vault finals if someone from the US breaks a leg? I don’t get it and case it was missed someone else told me Jordan was offered Dancing with the stars before the Olympics started. Interesting if they will keep this offer is the US doesn’t win gold. (Not my info. Heard it from a friend who…

Mykayla is getting some media attention at this Olympics which is nice to see. Usually the media forgets non medalists. [Grace article] Skinner on The Today show and OMG, Do you have to make this about Simone? Hoda and this other &%$# are so fake. Skinner on NBC talking with Laurie. Skinner has her own video up. Talks about her career leading up to the Olympics. We wait til she gets home for the next. Mykayla on Access Hollyweird

Any guesses on Team final line up? Vault ( Grace, Jordan, Simone?) Bars ( Grace, Simone, Suni?) Beam (Grace, Suni, Simone?) Floor ( Jordan , Grace, Simone?) Should be interesting. (Too late it’s up already)

Vault: Grace, Jordan, Simone Bars: Grace, Simone, Suni Beam: Grace, Suni, Simone Floor: Grace, Jordan, Simone.

I AM NOT a fan of this one gymnast from one team goes then another gymnast from another team goes BS in a TEAM FINAL. TEAM FINAL is the one time I think it should be actual team.


Vault: Melnikova, Urazova, Lilia Bars: Urazova, Melnikova, Listunova BB- Urazova, Melnikova,Listunova FL: Urazova, Listunova, Melnikova

(MORE PROOF VALENTINA KEPT LISTUNOVA LOW IN ORDER FOR THE PRELIMS. This really sucks for Listunova. She was pretty much screwed out of the AA by Valentina putting her up before everyone in prelims.

12 years ago today I signed up for this blog. So that would be 2009. Who knew we would still be here 12 years later. I knew the anniversary was in July but forgot until wordpress congratulated me. Thanks to all of you for making this blog what it is even when I struggle to stay interested in this sport. It’s your opinions that get me to show up every day. Thanks to all of you but especially Jas, who has probably been here the longest. Gymnerd has been here a long time too and Rocio, we don’t always agree but I love talking to you. A special shout out to Hart of Dixie . Even though I am 100% team Skinner I feel like we are the only ones not wishing for Grace to make mstakes at this Olympics.

Wait until Rocio see’s this. 🙂 NBC did not have this angle. This was not shown. (Lets see if he really reads this blog:) And who was it that I was discussing the title of Simone’s facebook show with being ignorant. Someone tweeted this. It made me laugh THO she only competed a DTY in prelims but if she up grades 🙂

Suni article. Thanks hart of Dixie

2021 Olympics Subdivision 3 : USA WORST OLYMPICS EVER!

July 25, 2021

I am only staying up for the USA. Thought they would get their own blog to make it wasier.

Live Results [Full Results] [AA results after 2 sub divisions] [Full Fig Results] [Team After 4 rotations]

[Main Coverage] [Individual feed with all 4 apparatus] [Just team USA]


TEAM: 1. RUSSIA 171.629 2. USA 170. 562 3. China 166.863


USA starts on Floor.

OOB on her first pass but rest was great. 13. 466 Suni up next. Short last pass but rest was great. Grace was a bit nit picked, IMO. Larisa hit beam and is hurt. 13.433 for Suni. Jordan hit beam. One suspect pass with a lot of form issues. . Rest was very good. 13.566 for jordan. Larisa. 14.133 for beam. Big step back on first pass for Simone and huge OOB on another. The USnot scorig well on floor here. Simone was OOB but she will still get a 14 with the start value. WOO. 14.133 FOR SIMONE. Great routine for Skinner. No clue what the judges will do but she’s happy. 13.566 for Skinner. tied with Jordan. WOW. Olympics judges > US Judges. Skinner loses out of final (if) because of start value. but so proud of her. Suck it US judges. Jade hit her floor routine. Good landings. Same old form but double turn with leg up was completed. Not sure about other dance. 14.100 for Jade. The judges overscored her with her piked tumbling. Less deductions than Jordan? Don’t think so.

Rotation 2:

Short DTY for Suni. Messy landing . 14.333. Stuck DTY for grace but it might have been OOB. Nope right by the line. 14.533. Nice DTY for Jordan. Messy legs before the landing but best vault so far for the US. Small step. 14.700. OOB Cheng for Simone. Still way higher and further than anyone else. huge OOB and off to the side. 14. 966 Smi big step on her Amanar but huge again. HERE WE GO SKINNER. THIS IS YOUR OLYMPICS. Don’t screw this up judges. 15. 183 aergae 15.400– ALMOST stuck Cheng for Skinner. No preflight issue, slightly piked. 14.933. Big Step and wonky landing. Shit. 14.800- 14.866 average. Step and form issues for her Cheng. Same 15.166 BS. I’m done. Stuck Amanar. That Cheng was a gross overscore. Skinner is in tears. Jade’s first vault score was a joke. Her form in her second was too high also but she stuck it so I won’t complain but I guess form doesn’t matter. why bother having it? Not having to go all out the last 2 months worked well for Jade. Everyone else had to peak and peak and she didn’t. And we wait and wait for Sanne’s beam score. Mykayla is in the 3rd position for the AA 🙂 THIS IS A RIDICULOUSLY LONG WAIT. UNFAIR TO EVERYONE. DO YOUR JOB JUDGES. If mai is out of floor finals I really am done with this Olympics. I see no need to watch. 13.866 for Sanne

Rotation 3:

Sanne is almost out of beam finals. She’s in 7th after 2 per Country. I hate when Olympics are in Japan. Michelle Kwan anyon.e i think one of the worlds screwed her too. Grace hit bars. Too far away to see form except the pak that was messy. 14.100 for grace. Jordan hit bars. Some leg issues but nice job for her. At least from a far like my 4 at once feed. OOOPS. I didn’t see her hit her feet. Shit. 12.866 for lieke on floor. 12.866 for Jordan. 1 big leg separation in the middle of the bar routine for Simone and some leg issues but a good job. Maybe not finals worthy though. We will see. They usually ignore her mistakes. COME ON SUNI. 14.566 for Simone. Suni missed outting her feet on the low bar for the higher start value but rest was very good. She was off and then missed her feet. Lets see what the judges do. 15.200. Wow. Jade hit bars. Same messy routine but hit. 14.133. LMAO at these judges. Skinner stayed on. Jade is ahead of Suni. Seriously I am over this Olympics. lol Suni needs to outscore Jade by 4.44 on beam. With these judges I am not sure she can do that. Skinner is ahead of grace too. Jade is only 2 tenths behind Simone in the i am sorry but come on. With Nina still to come Simone is close to being out of the UB finals. Jade needs just over a 14 to beat Melnikova. One bobble for Grace. slight bobble on her full turn. 13.066 for Grace. Jordan off beam. It had to happen eventually. She’s been too perfect. Shit. Hands down on dismount for Jordan. SHIT. That was a nice DTY by the Dutch gymnast. Get over it jordan. You still get a team medal. Ask Skinner about that. Great beam for Suni. 14.200 for Suni. YES. Great beam fior Simone until the dismount. 2 steps. Still should be huge because only one connection could be discussed. if Jade gets a 14. 1 something she goes ahead of suni. 14.066 for Simone. Fair considering she had a 4 tenths landing issue. Jade hit beam. Cheated jumps and bent knee’s but with these judges you never know. Some small adjustments and one quesntionable connection. 12.866 Great routine for Skinner. Close on most of her connections. Proud of you Mykayla. 13.233

Thoughts: Judges on crack. Mykayla beat Jordan AND Grace in the AA. Even if Jordan took away 3 mistakes (2 falls and a feet scrapping) she would have been behind Mykayla. Medal or not Mykayla made me proud. No one can justify the score Jade got on bars. Russia deserves props for hitting and being ahead of the US. The US better step up if they want to beat Russia in team finals. Simone needs to fix her issues. She’s the key. I thought she was a lot underscored on beam. The routine was near perfect but the dismount which was like 4 tenths. Mykayla’s Cheng was underscored and Jade’s overscored. Judges didn’t even pay attention to form. Jade had her legs apart the entire vault. Jade should be happy she went 4 for 4 but I TOLD YOU, Olympic judges ignored Aly’s form and gave her a 14.700 on bars. It’s just blatant favortism. AND YOU ARE ON CRACK IF YOU THINK RILEY WOULD HAVE HIT UNDER THIS PRESSURE WHEN SHE COULDN’T EVEN HIT AT TRIALS.

2021 Woman’s qualifications. Subdivsion 1 & 2. The Mai Murakami & Vanessa Ferrari watch. LIVE Blogging to myself

July 24, 2021

3 more hours to take the survey. Come on we are 11 away from 50. You can do it:)

I am going to give the US their own blog.

Live results (Full lists can be found at BBS. He did all this work might as well get credit:)

Subdivision 1: [Live Results] [ NBC Stream]

Japan & Italy & Mixed Groups

Subdivision 2: [Live Results] [NBC Stream]

Russia & China & Great Britain & Mixed Groups

Subdivision 3: [Live Results] [NBC Stream] [Team USA Only] [All 4 events at once]

USA, Netherlands and Romania

Subdivision 4: [Live Results] [NBC Stream]

France & Canada & Spain & Steingruber, Chusovitina

Subdivision 5 : [Live Results] [NBC Stream]

Belgium & Germany & Brazil gymnasts

The number 27 trend on twitter in the united states no less:) FYI. I picked Melnikova and Urazova in my poll to make the AA:)


Subdivision 2: Russia, Great Britain & China

This one might be tough. I’ll have the 4 feeds at once on….

China starts on vault Great Britain starts on bars… Russia starts on Floor

Rotation 1: Floor- Waiting forever for Listunova’s floro score.. small steps and ugly twisting form on her tumbling. Big steps on every pass for Angelina. Listunova was better. We will see the scores. 3 of 4 routines hit by GB. Whoever was second fell. China hit vault but they all had no distance at all. Urazova had a nice floor but only got a 13.633. Listunova got a 14.000 (Mai’s was betetr and more difficult) Angelina got a … Lilia landed stiffed legged in all her passes but it wasn’t too bad. Melnikova also got a 14.00 but she’s out of floor finals because of execution. Listunova had only a 5.6 and Melnikova had a 5.8… On bars Jessica Gadirova got a 13.800. Alice fell and got a 12.633, Morgan got a 13.833 and Jennifer a 13.066 .. Lilia only a 13.633. Depending on Gera, Melnikova is in. Gera put a hand down. Listunova and Angelina are top 2 with 14.000…. On vault fpr China Tang got a 14.300 for a 5.4 start value (Assuming DTY) OU 13.633, Zhanag 14.433 and Lu a 13.600…. Lilia got a 5.800 start value. I didn’t think her landings were that bad. She was nit picked. Angelina’s landings were a hug mess with huge steps .

Rotation 2:

Zhang hit bars. GB hit beam. First vault was sloppy from Russia but hit. 13.033 for Morgan. A little low. Tang hit bars. Angelina hit her first vault with a big step back.14.466 Urazova hit her DTY too . Sloppy Cheng but better landing for Melnikova. OOB. Another hit bars for china. I am only seeing bits and piece of GB on beam . OU hit bars. Lilia into first on vault. Listunova got a 14.300 on vault. Urazova a 14.600 Melnikoba 14.466 for her DTY and a 14.766 for her second. Her average is 14.616 . Melnikova is very overscored so far. Lilia averaged a 14.699 with a 5.8 (14.766 and a 5.6, 14.633) into first. 13.466 for gera. HIT BAR ROUTINE FOR FAN YILIN. Almost beautiful form. That was great . Step on landing and low dismount. Her biggest deduction…. On beam GB, Morgan 13.033 , Kinsellaa 12.100, Jessica- 12.866 and Jennifer 13.300…. china Zhang- 13.100- Tang a 14.433- Lu 14.700- Ou a 13.500 and only a 14.600 for fan Yilin. That dismount killed her…

Rotation 3: Russia on bars, China on beam, GB on floor.

Nice beam routine. Big wobble on full turn. For Zhang… Hit routine for listunova on bars. Her best form comes on bars. Minus the sloppy dismount. 13.966 for Zhang. That was to low. The one bobble. 14.766 for listunova. i felt listunova was better on bars then Melnikova who had lost of leg issues. Tang hit a beautiful beam. 14.933 for Angelina. A little bit of legs for urazova but she hit.14.866 Tang got a 14.333 on beam. Nice beam for Lu but I thought Tang was better.Lilia hit bars but I was paying attention more to beam. Hot floor for Jennifer Gadirova but some bouncy landings. Lu got a 14.100 on beam. Gera off on bars. Whoevers on beam is bobbeling through it all. 13.800 for Jennifer on floor. Chenchen NAILD BEAM. Almost every connection. wow. 14.033 Jessica got a 14.033 on floor. First 2 landings were great. Last emssy, messed up a dance element 14.033 (A bit high) Iliankova hit bars. Great job. 14.966. she will make event finals and well deserved. Best routine i have ever seen her do. They are taking ever for guan’s score. Morgan was given a 12.466, Kinsella a 12.766, Jennifer a 13.800 and Jessica 14.033- Chen received a ??? still waiting. I DON’T KNOW WHAT BS THEY ARE PULLING WITH cHENCHEN ON BEAM BUT RAHT WAS NEAR PERFECT. 14.933 for Guan. Well deserved. Maybe one iffy connection and the ugly leg separation on the layout with feet together. 6.9 start value. If she doesn’t hit in beam finals and win, WE RIOT!

Rotation 4: Russia on beam. China on floor and GB on vault.

I SWEAR TO GOD, If Mail doesn’ make Floot finals this Olympics is officially dead to me. 2 us Gymnasts will knock her to 7th. I don’t even know who is left. Nice beam for Urazova. Nailed the landing. Messy form on the dismount. 13.366 for tang on floor. 14.00 for Urazova. WOW. Best routine Melnikova has ever done on beam. Great job. 13.733. WAY too low for what she did. Judges suck. Listunova hit beam. A few bobbles. 13.866 for Listunova. Melnikova only had a 5.5. Probably going for safety. Lilia off beam. She did her job here. Made vault finals (or will) she was pretty nit picked on floor and only got a 5.8 start value. Tang 13.466 on floor. 13.433 for Zhang. URAZOVA IS AHEAD OF LISTUNOVA. Blame that on the placements because she was screwed . Lu 12.466 on floor. 12.266 for Lilia. Nice routine for gera on beam. She had a really bad night but that was a nice routine. OU didn’t do floor. Only a 13.766 for Gera. That was low. There is only going to be one Russian in beam finals. Urazova. Listunova is 8th right now before the US and Wever sisters. Well i forgot 2 per country. China had 5 routines in top 8. That puts her fifth.

  1. Russia 2. China 3. GB 4th. Italy and 5th Japan. AA 1. Melnikova 2. Urazova 3. Listunova (out) 4. Tang 5. Jessica Gadirova 6. LU 7. Zhang 8. 7. Lu 8. Jennifer Gadirova


Subdivision 1: Italy and Japan AA standings after 1 Rest of the results are at the botton of subdivision.

I’m here for Mai Murakami people. And maybe a little Vanssa Ferrari and some Martina Maggio who I like on floor.

First rotation Italy is on Vault : Maggio, Ferrari, Alice then Asia Japan is on Beam with Hatakedi, Sughiara, then MAI MURAKAMI (Please don’t Koji this Mai. My heart cannot take it) then Yuna Hiraiwa. Ashikawa is up last. I cannot find the sound button but I have both feeds on now. Well the individual feed isn’t working for me so I will stick with the don’t show half the people feed. We get british announcers. 🙂 The individual feed is working. Kind of small to see details. Nice 1.5 for maggio. Pre-flight issue and some bent knee’s. The first Japanese girl was a bit bobbly. I think it was Hatakedi. Big messy vault for Ferrari. Huge step. dty. 14.200 for Vanessa. Sughiara off beam and some more bobbles Another very messy DTY by Italy but not as big of a step. (Alice) Very messy legs. WATCH THIS FEED. It has all 4 apparatus and it’s not too bad. Another messy vault for the other D=Matto on vault. I missed the beginning of mai on beam but a good routine for her what I saw. A bit low and step forward on her beam. 13.466 for Mai on beam. That’s pretty goof for the first rotation and the dismount. This could also mean beam judges aren’t as nit picky. but the stupid regular feed missing Mai is TREASON. Italy scores went 14.100 (Maggio) 14.2 (Ferrari) and 14.333 for Alice and 14.233 for Asia. Japan : 13.000 for Hitomi Hatakeda. Sugihara had an 11.566 Mai (5.7) had a 13.466. Hiraiwaa had a 14.533 (5.6) and the specialist had a ASikawa had a 13.900. (5.9) felt Mai’s should have been higher than Hirawaii and sorry if I butcher the spelling of their names.

Rotation 2:

Japan on Floor: Order: Hatakeda then Sugihara(13.333) then Mai then Haraiwa(12.666) then Ashikawa. italy is on bars- Maggio,(13.700) Alice,(14.233) Asia(13.933) Vanessa. Hatakeda (13.333. 5.4 That was too low) had a great floor routine. Nice landings. Maggio was messy on bars but she stayed on. 13.700 for Martina. Skinner is going 14 if that was a Another great routine by Japan on floor. Great landings. Huge leaps. MAI HIT HER FLOOR. And she hit cleanly both her double turns. 13.933 for Mai. Should have been higher. Small steps on her landings but if that doesn’t make finals i’m killing someone. Last Japanese gymnast went OOB with both feet on a double layout. Vanessa did not do bars. 5.8 start value for mai on floor. Ashikawa didn’t do Floor either.

Rotation 3:

Vault for Japan. Mai is up 3rd. Hadakeda is first.(Fall on 1.5) Sugihara is second.(14.266 for her 1.5 (5.0) Mai is 3rd. Maraiwa is 4th. Italy is on beam. Asia,(Big bobble on her mount and some bobbles but she stayed on 5.3 – 13.133) Martina,( 5.0 13.066) Vanessa, (12.500 was her score. I must have missed something because she looked clean enough to me 5.1 start value) Alice (12.600. 5.3 Almost fell off on her double ? wolf turn) then Lara Mori. Maggio stayed on beam Less bobbles then Asia. Mai did two vaults. DTY and Cheng (A little short and piked but landed) Maggio ‘s beam score lower than Asia. I’m calling BS. Mai score a 14.433 for her DTY ( 5.4) and a (5.8)14.500 for her Cheng. Messy form for Mori on beam and lots of bent knee’s. 12.133 ( 5.1)

Rotation 4: Italy to Floor and Japan to bars.

Japan Line up Sugihara, Mai, Hatakeda, Hiraiwa then Ashikawa.. Italy on Floor goes.. Martina, Asia, Vanessa,Alice then Mora. Mai fell off bars. Martina only got a 12.700 on floor. Mai has old school form on bars. Legs together. Toes pointed. Vidaux fell on her second vault and had a sloppy forst vault. No finals for her . 12.133 for Mai on bars. That means an AA of 53.965. Old school form apparently doesn’t matter. Vanessa is now on floor…. She has big steps after every pass but her last one which was a stuck double tuck. She looks happy. That was not better than Mai. Her landings were worse. 14.166 (Sorry but no way was that better than Mai. Japanese girl is crying. She was getting her shoulder rubbed earlier. 5.8 start value for Vanessa. Mai is better scored otuside freaking Japan. Whatever. I am so done with this Olympics already. Only a 13.033 for Alice on floor with a 5.0 start value but her landings were much betetr than Vanessa. 13.400 for Mori on floor. 5.3 start value.

AA: Alice Damato- 54.199 2. Murakami- 53.956 (fall on bars) 3. Martina Maggio- 53.566 4. Asia Damato- 53.132 5. Hatakeda- 52.732 6. Sugihara- 53.531 7. Haraiwa- 51.632 Team 1. Italy 163.330 2, Japan – 162.662 Vault 1. Mai Murakami – 14.466 2. Vidiaaux- 13.499 3. Nekrasova- 12.666 Bar 1. Alice Damato- 14.233 2. Hatakeda 14.133 3. Asia Damato- 13.933 4. Martina Maggio – 13.700 Beam 1. Ashikawa- 13.900 2. Hiraiwa- 13.533 3. Murakami- 13.466 4. Asia D’ Amato- 13.133 5. Martina Maggio- 13.066 Floor- 1. Ferrari 14.166 2. Murakami 3. 13.933 3. Lara Mora 13.400 4. Sugihara- 13.333

Podium Training thoughts. Who made this line up?

July 22, 2021

IG Magazine podium training quick hits for most teams.

POLLS! [Vault] [Bars] [Beam] [Floor] You get 8 votes. 2 per Country. Please take the survey! 13 more to go til we get to 50. My goal:) [Larisa Podium training] [Team China Podium training] US [Vault] [Bars] [Beam] [Floor]

After watching the podium training we have the answers to the line up questions for qualifying. My question is who made this line up? If it’s Tom I can be annoyed and ask questions but if it’s Simone’s coach, Laurent Landi then I have some legit questions about fairness and him propping up his gymnast for EF chances.

Vault went, Suni, Grace, Jordan then Simone. Makes sense. No problems there. Then for the individual gymnasts it goes Jade and then Mykayla and I have HUGE issues with this. First of all, Mykayla is the silver medalist on vault at Nationals and Trials. Jade finished 4th at Nationals and didn’t compete two vaults at Trials. Mykayla Skinner should be the last gymnast to Vault and there isn’t a debate. If whoever decided this line up is going to say well, Jade won a medal at Worlds in 2019 and therefor she gets the last spot in the line up then I want to know why Suni, the silver medalist on floor in 2019 isn’t being put up second to last on floor in team finals. They have Jordan up second to last. You can’t take away the earned spot for Mykayla on Vault with that kind of logic and then not give the same benefit to Suni. I need to hear your opinions on the logic for the Vault line up.

Uneven Bars: The line up was Grace, Jordan, Simone then Suni. I guess this line up will depend on how the judges nit pick Jordan because she’s the new girl. Her start value is a 5.9 or Grace is sticking with her consistent 5.7 routine. I personally think Grace needs to step up in qualifying if she wants to move on to the AA final and that all depends on how Suni competes. When she hits she is easily ahead but Suni can be a bit inconsistent at times. I personally would have grace after Jordan . There is only one tenth between them and I think Grace is a much more natural swinger.

Balance Beam: Grace, Jordan, Suni, Simone. I do not agree with Jordan being after Grace. Grace only is going for a 5.7 start value but she is a much better beam worker than Jordan. This will again come down to the judges who know Grace and don’t know Jordan. If I had to garner a guess why this is being allowed I would say it is because they want Grace to calm down Jordan if she has nerves. Grace has the experience and Jordan doesn’t. They are hoping Grace hits and calms down any nerves Jordan might be having but last time I checked, THAT ISN’T GRACE’S JOB. She’s not here to help Jordan. The individual here is Jade then Skinner. This order is just to justify the screwing on Skinner on vault. It may shut up Mykayla but it’s not going to shut me up.

As for Floor: Here is my biggest issue. The line up is Grace, Suni, Jordan then Simone. Read the first paragraph. Jordan going after Suni is just ridiculous. Suni has the most complete floor worker we have and yes, even more complete than Simone. Suni is a beautiful dancer and she can tumble double double’s and beautiful double layouts. She can’t tumble like Simone but she is light years ahead of her in presentation. That isn’t even my issue. My issue is with Suni not going second to last. Jordan being ahead of Grace on every event and then being ahead of Suni on floor means Laurent Landi is using his head coach label to benefit his gymnast. Even if Tom made the lineup or “consulted” Suni is the better floor worker. Even injured. If you add up all the grievances I have it’s pretty obvious Jordan is the one gymnast being given an unfair advantage to potential EF chances. I don’t want to hear that placement doesn’t matter in this code because it still does. An extra tenth here and an extra tenth here after knowing what one gymnast did, will add up.

I need your opinion people. Am I using my Skinner colored glasses to see this as being unfair? (For the Vault line up) (ROCIO:) You will tell me the truth. What do you think about Grace’s placements in the lineup? I’m starting to wonder why she was even put on this team. If the lineups end up as podium training the only event Grace will be used on is Vault. Mykayla Skinner should have been on this team. Do you think Jordan is being given better placements in lineups because her personal coach is also the head of this team? Do you think Tom made the decisions?

WHY THE HELL are they wearing black and purple? The black leotards were supposedly supposed to represent the Olympic flame but they don’t.

Who’s ready for 2 am Podium Training ? LIVE: :)

July 20, 2021

Polls! [Vault] [Bars] [Beam] [Floor] Don’t forget to take the survey please.

Podium training: Follow the BBS for updates with skills.

Team is in black with pink and red sparkles. Mykayla and Jade in purple. the Netherlands is in red white and blue. Okay…. Grace up first on floor. Messy landings. Stuck full in. Suni up second. Bouncy landings. Only 3 passes. OOB on one of them. Jordan up 3rd. Better landings than the rest but messy tumblin on her third pass and she had a very messy wolf turn to start. Simone up last: I swear this is new music. Almost OOB on last pass but slightly bouncy landings. Much better than Nationals. Skinner than Jade on floor. Skinner looked very nervous. Her first pass looked better leg wise but piked more than usual. She was way in bounds. This floor looks huge. Jade had decent landings but her last pass was a bit uncontrolled. Skinner went to fist pump Simone after her routine and she kind of shrugged her off. She said good job but you could tell Skinner wasn’t sure that was. Then Simone screamed for Jade . Other: Jordan just practiced her triple wolf and it was better. Now we watch Simone sit there. Of course. NO COMMENTARY 🙂 Simone looks miserable. Now they are showing side-by-side double doubles for Suni and Simone. Simone gets a tiny bit more height. BBS has Jade’s floor at 6.6. Jade did a great double L turn fully completed in her routine.

Vault: Everyone is warming up. Timer vaults. Looked like Suni was about to go and the frame froze. Suni 1st: Stuck DTY by Grace.(2nd) I think we missed Suni going first. Jordan 3rd, crunched legs DTY. Simone last. Cheng. Small hop. Huge distance. Simone almost stuck Amanar. Huge. BULL SHIT. Skinner up first on vault. UNFAIR. Cheng. Same old vault. Almost stuck. Almost stuck Amanar. Jade last (BULL SHIT) Why even bring her and not reward her being second on vault twice? Very messy Cheng for jade. Not in center but near stuck but form was gross. Amanar, off to side. Out of control. Now they practice again. Simone fell on her triple double. It didn’t look like she fell on purpose to me. Grace stuck another dTY. Messy Suni messy landing but her coach said better than other vault. Skinner doesn’t seem to be doing another vault. unless I missed it typing. Simone did the triple double again with a semi big step but much better. Simone was OOB on her triple double by one foot. More like one heal.

Uneven Bars: I hate this event. I will just tell you the order and any big mistakes because bars skills are all toe on Maloney’s to me. In one touch warm up it went Grace, Jordan, Simone, Suni. Jade then Skinner (I mean really Fuck you Tom on this line up especially giving Mykayla last on 2 events that don’t matter. Skinner falling twice. Rough warm up. This might be actual order and not one touch. NOPE. One touch: ORDER: Grace first. Better form than one touch. Stuck landing. Jordan 2nd. We missed beginning to watch Simone stand there. Slight stall on one handstand. Simone 3rd. All kinds of really short handstands. Suni 4th: Great routine. Slightly piked Nabieva and one missed handstand but much better than one touch Jade then Skinner. Jade had a bunch of steps on dismount and usual form but not bad. Skinner hit her bars. Two short handstands but the form looked better except the Van leween. Now we watch Jade sit around and Simone stand. Apologies to Van Leewen on however her name is really spelled.

Beam: Practice. Triple wolf for Grace. Jordan having slight bobble issues. Looks like order will be Grace, Jordan,Suni, Simone Jade/Skinner. I am going to be pissed about Skinner not going last on vault when she won medals at the 2 competitions and Jade didn’t. Grace first. Beautiful wolf turns with pointed toes. Nice routine but I felt like something was missing. She walked across beam. Jordan second. Nice routine. Small bobble on side somi. Several bobbles by Suni. (3rd) Nice routine by Simone (4TH) She is cheating her leaps a bit. Jade then Skinner bUT WE WATCH SIMONE SIT THERE. Bobble on her full turn but the rest was solid for mykayla. Now everyone is redoing their mistakes. Suni much better than the routine. Simone is doing her double double off beam.

SO OVERALL: NO FALLS. 4 FOR 4 OR 6 FOR 6 if you would rather. Only fall was Skinner in one touch which doesn’t count. STILL, VERY ANGRY Skinner isn’t last on vault over Jade. Giving her the bars and beam end to look like you’re being fair is bull shit.

NOT ME. Seriously, couldn’t you switch the men and women? OKAY, So the polls are still open but it seems this poll isn’t liked by much anyone. Too much work to click right to vote? Apparently so. I’m leaving them up in every blog until prelims is over (Or team finals start) with hopes the 400 people who voted in the crowdsignal poll because it was on the page and easier decide they want to make sure their vote is counted. (I’ll add the links when I find them) LIVE PODIUM TRAINING VIDEO. It’s NBC. Sorry Rocio. I’m sure that guy will do it too.

Polls! And don’t forget to take the survey! We need to get to 50. Hollie Vise article. New Skinner at the Olympics video

Who makes the [Vault] [Uneven Bars] [Balance Beam] & [Floor] finals Pick 8! Also, don’t forget the survey. The survey is from google forms.

Other info : [Skinner article] [Shawn Johnson has baby number 2] The girl is named Drew. I suspect the boy will be named Mckenna or River (Just guessing) Moceanu puts herself on Mouth Rushmore of gymnastics and I’m going to add this to EVERY blog until someone calls her out:) [Morgan Hurd being bitter. ] Kind of funny. Better than crying and whining and blaming others for your failure 🙂 NBC sent Tara Lipinski to Tokyo. The second she’s on my TV I’s watching the Red Sox. It’s bad enough I have to look at Nastia dressing like a blind woman picked out her outfits I will not be subjected to Skating’s version of Nastia. Honestly, I don’t think there could be a more obnoxious duo than these two. [IG Magazine picks the women medalists] They go the safe routine and pick the “realistic” chances though, IMO it’s a bit underwhelming. They have only Melnikova winning any medals from the Russians. USA, Russia and China for teams. Biles, Lee, Melnikova for AA. Vault they have it being Simone, Skinner, and Guilia. UB, Nina, Suni and Fan Yilin. BB Biles, and the two Chinese and floor, Simone, Mai and Angelina. I find it highly unlikely the medals go like this. Someone always falls, someone always sneaks in. The Russian younglings are too talented to not at least sneak into a medal. I feel like these are the safe picks.

AND JUST A REMINDER! Because I can 🙂 My favorite, going for gold. He HAS to win this event.

So I had to find some info for this blog so I was searching on twitter and my God, the gymternet is in rare form. Attacking everyone that says anything about anything. I was sent a link to a video from Simone’s instagram and she and Skinner had a toast with some drink and the person hilariously was waiting for the fall out from the “Gymternet” about how their drinks touched each other. ” Skinner’s trying to take out Simone.” I’m like waiting for the outrage to Thanks for the laugh, Geo. Sorry Rocio! You need to give back the cookie. Okay, you can keep it because it was my fault for giving it to you before the team was official but you’re on warning. 🙂 (Who can tell I’m on vacation and bored? I’ve watched at least 10 movies on netflix or amazon and don’t want to start a series to binge right before this dragged out Olympics actually happens. I need to research when Koji goes in prelims.

For future reference. The BBS full schedule. for the US. CBC schedule streaming for Canada.

Us team line up guesses? MY Picks!

Vault: Suni, Grace, Jordan, Simone —-

UB: Jordan, Grace, Simone, Suni @@@@

BB: Jordan, Grace, Simone, Suni ****

FL: Grace, Jordan, Suni, Simone &&&&

—– No brainer for me. Jordan’s DTY is beautiful.

@@@@ No brainer for me again.

**** Simone is the better choice for beam and will most likely get the call but Suni beat her overall at Trials. I think she deserves the right to go last.

&&&& The only thing I think USAG might change is Suni and Jordan’s positions. They could switch. Suni was injured at Nationals and Trials and competed watered down routines. Overall I feel like she is a better floor worker but who knows what Tom will do.

The other two: Mykayla and Jade

Vault should be Jade then Skinner. Mykayla won silver on vaults at both Nationals and Trials and deserves to go last. Bars & beam: I think if Tom gets the decision they will trade off with one getting bars and one getting beam. It doesn’t really make a difference. Jade fell off bars at Nationals and beam at Trials. Skinner fell off beam twice at Nationals but overall had better results with combined votes on beam at Trials. Floor: Jade only competed on day one at Trials and scored a 13.133 but she beat Skinner on floor at Nationals both days (though the judging against Skinner was clearly different than the judging Jade got) Skinner beat Jade at Trials the deciding competition of the actual team. Jade chose to not do floor day 2 because she already had a spot on the team but that is hardly Mykayla’s fault. I think if Skinners gets to go second on Vault they will give Jade the better position on Floor but I still say Skinner earned the right to go second by results.

Olympic poll central: Top 8 plus others

July 16, 2021

[Where are they now? ] [ Skinner article ] [A mount Rushmore for US gymnasts without Shannon Miller?] [Gymnastics culture article] [The making of Mykayla Skinner’s floor routine]

Poll Rules : Though some Countries have 4-6 gymnasts listed please only pick two per your top 8 since the 2 per country rules exist. Thank-You 🙂 ( I created my own list. Then asked you guys. Then watched all the videos and read the blogs and came up with a dozen or so lists with all kinds of different answers so I added some names you might not think have a chance. 8 VOTES PER Tier 1. PLEASE, Let me know if you like Poll-maker or want me to try a different polling place. (I already don’t like it and am deciding if I should try a new place.

Tier 1

Top 8 Vaulters that will make the 2021 Olympic Vault final (Click on bolded link)

Top 8 Gymnasts that will make the Uneven Bar final at the Olympics (2 per country only)

Top 8 gymnasts you think will make the Balance Beam final at the Olympics (2 per country)

Top 8 gymnasts you think will make up the Floor Olympic final in 2021 (2 per country) Fixed

The survey has been removed because once again these stupid polling places say they are free and secretly hide that only so many people can answer it. If the polls do the same thing I am going, mad blogger. (It says any amount of votes. Let’s see if that actually happens

ONE MORE TRY. A new survey. I am trying google now. You need an e-mail to vote. Sorry.

Out there 2021 Olympic predictions that won’t happen but you never know…. :) Rare footage of MyKayla Skinner working on execution.

July 11, 2021

So how many of these gymnasts are 2021 Olympians? The entire Russian team. The Gadirova twins? Half the Chinese team? Thank the pandemic ladies.

Best title of a youtube ever. I don’t know if it was Mykayla or Jonas but mad props.:) I am on vacation for two weeks starting Wednesday so that is when I plan on putting up the predictions blog. Top 8 gymnasts you think will make the EF. I am not doing AA but I might do a which US , Russian and Chinese gymnasts do you think will make the AA poll. If I have time I might think of some others. If I say this will happen Thursday plan on Saturday. I was born with a procrastination gene ten times the size of anyone else 🙂 P.S.- Anyone know what happened to our code expert? I need to know what Skinner’s start value would be if she took out the double double layout and added the triple twist instead. I am highly disappointed she won’t be doing the full twisting pak and triple twist in Tokyo. She needs to go all out on the floor and so proud of her execution in this video on bars. Not perfect (Really Jonas the screencap you are using she has her feet apart) but still a lot better than she did at Trials. I hope she does this at the Olympics.

My crazy Olympic predictions, dreams and delusions. Share yours if you have time.

Suni Lee will beat Simone Biles in the All Around: If Suni had hit bars in the AA of the 2019 Worlds [Results] she would have only been 1.3 points away from beating Simone Biles for the gold medal. Lets pretend Simone doesn’t upgrade and continues her bouncy landings with both feet OOB. Let say Suni upgrades her beam from a 6.2 to a 6.4 (Which she did. I started this blog months ago) she hits it like she is capable of. Lets say she adds 3 tenths to her bar routine (out of a 6.7 or even 6.9) and that she upgrades her Floor to a 5.9. That puts her less than a fall away from what Simone competed in 2019.. It’s not actually going to happen because of course, Simone will pull some flip defying feat out of her bag of tricks and compete it like the Queen she is but don’t count out the potential of Suni. (**** To be fair Simone had an extra tenth taken off her vault in 2019 for being out of the line and a 4 tenth deduction on floor so that if we take away Suni’s mistakes we have to take away Simone’s too but it’s fun to speculate. Suni only received a 5.8 for beam in the AA instead of the 6.2 she got in prelims (where she fell) but Suni also got a 14.200 in the AA on floor and with Simone’s deduction she only scored a 14.400 ){Prelim AA Results}

Lieke Wevers will win gold on beam so that she and her sister Sanne can pose for pictures with their back to back Olympic gold medals on Instagram…

Simone will bounce OOB 3 times (with both feet incurring 9 tenths in deductions) and Mai Murakami will sneak away with the winning the gold medal on Floor in her home Country because damn it, I didn’t get to see Beth Tweddle win the gold at home and I deserve it with Mai (She deserves it too)

Sorry Simone, I know all my out there predictions are about gymnasts beating you (because basically you not winning 6 gold medals is the only thing that could really surprise us) so my next ” out there” “What if” is with you failing to win gold on Floor (or any medal) with your 9 tenth deduction, you will win the Gold medal on bars instead. Congratulations 🙂

Mykayla Skinner will make the AA after all US gymnasts fall 3 times. It’s happening. I need this 🙂 Seriously besides Gabby not making the AA in 2016, I have had some sucky Olympics since 2008. It’s about time I get what I want. What do I want? Mykayla to win a vault medal. Mai to win a Floor and AA medal. If those two things happen I can be happy I will call this a successful Olympics. It’s so nice to actually like almost everyone competing. I might dislike some things about certain gymnasts but there are no Gabby and Nastia’s competing. It’s kind of nice.

POLL: Which one of these , “Out there” prediction has the best chance of happening ?