Making fun of Nastia Liukin after all these years

July 11, 2018

Got sent this screen cap by someone who wants to remain anonymous and I had to post it. Did you know Nastia Liukin created the scrunchie boom we see


This is a must read if you’re confused about what this is about:)

I haven’t blogged about Nastia in years. This is fun:)

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 1.42.43 AMScreen Shot 2018-07-11 at 1.43.49 AM

1992 Shannon Miller is like, Say whaaaat?



2018 American Classics, Juniors and Seniors

July 6, 2018





They are not advertising Simone.


The Hopes Championships is going on now, Here

Watched the entire thing. Half the Juniors , all the seniors. Alyona fell on her dismount from bars and still got third. I could only see a quarter screen because for some reason, USAG wants a split screen without names attached which is a lot of fun for the Juniors but I found Sydney Morris completely low balled. Now keep in my you can’t see the feet in a bar routine in a quarter of a youtube size screen but she nailed every single handstand except one and that was pretty damn close and yet the score was only a 13.600. Aleah Finnegan reminds me of her sister. That is what I came away with in aprox, 3 hours and 15 minutes of gymnastics. Oh and Jade Carey did bars but while I was watching I have no clue which one she was. Score was only in the 12’s but looks like she’s doing AA now. SMART move with only 4 team members for 2020.

Bitter Paul Ziert . “New Rhonda Faehn named tomorrow” UPDATED: Tom Forster

June 27, 2018

My only memory of Tom is yelling at one of his gymnasts in 1996 and whining about Miller and Moceanu being named to the team without competing.

96 American cup fluff piece

Would be nice if the man is given a fair chance at this job instead of all the bitter hate we will hear from now on in.

96 fluff piece

Well that contradicts my above post.:) Don’t worry the ass kissing has already began. All the coaches love the selection. So do the ex gymnasts who coach and why not, you want your kid on the team…

Who thinks the alleged team will be decided by the results will actually happen now that we have the 4 team members? What if that means we have 4 vaulters that are really bad at UB?

The Kerri quote lol…

I can’t find the Doni Thompson video where Forster said something to her ( I think it was her)

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 9.03.38 PM

This guy really needs to get over 1996. I would hope Shannon Miller would be smart enough to stay away from this job. Not surprised the others want it.

Thanks to Gigi for this info…

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I always suspected Ziert hated Nunno and Miller and now we have some proof. This guy is one bitter piece of shit.

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 9.12.56 PMScreen Shot 2018-06-27 at 9.13.16 PM

Moceanu’s husband liked the comment making fun of Miller and Nunno. We all know his dumbass wife wants this job.

In that same comment section someone said Mihai’s time in Australia is up but I don’t know how true that is.

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 9.22.24 PM

According to Mary Lee Tracy the position being named tomorrow is for Likun’s position not Rhonda’s which means Ziert should just shut up and let the adults talk.. He’s too bitter to get a say.

Someone did Peggy Liddick wrong?


Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 9.25.43 PM

I love you Gigi 🙂

The new committee as of June 21st.

Chow officially named head of Chinese team

2018 Junior Pan Am Results

June 13, 2018


Official site
You Tube Videos

Thanks to Danielle for the video link

Bowers won the AA but am I the only one that thinks of all the girls she is the least watchable?

All Around

1. Jordan Bowers – VT- 14.650 UB- 13.700 BB- 13.200 FL- 13.200 – 54.750
2. Zoe Allaire-Bourgie VT- 13.600 UB- 13.600 BB- 13.150 FL- 13.100- 53.450
3. Leanne Wong – VT- 14.700 UB- 13.100 BB- 13.700 FL- 11.400 – 52.950
4. Tori Tatum – VT- 14.800 UB- 12.700 BB- 12.300 FL- 12.800- 52.600

**** Jafree Scott UB- 12.800 BB- 12.550.

Event Finals

Mykayla Skinner for 2020

June 4, 2018

I have been looking for something to blog and here we go. Mykayla Skinner and her Moors ( that never should have been named the Moors because the girl completely piked it)

Mykayla has some pike too but I have to believe she’s training this for more than College Gymnastics.

And some Trinity Thomas upgrades are in this video. She has decent form and I would love to see her upgrade and be competitive.

USA Gymnastics is putting up some old videos. At 9.40 you can see a much better version of Shannon Miller’s DTY. It was weird because she looked like she had it and then her knee’s buckled. She stood it up though it was way low. There was a video lurking around online years ago but it was blurry.

And if you have time watch the girl at 105.57 with Shannon’s floor music and Shannon’s lay out step out to end her floor This was just,

JO Nationals, Gabryel Wilson, Twitter and more

May 17, 2018

ALL JO Routines AKA future College gymnasts of America…


I kind of like this routine. A shout out to my second hometown favorite band, Bel, Biv, Devoe ( Sorry BBD but I’m am Aerosmith girl at heart but you and New Edition are a close second) though I’m not sure, ” But I know she’s a loser (How do you know?) Me and the crew used to do her and Keepin one eye open, still clockin’ the hoes is appropriate music for a floor routine.

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New Camp info

I’ve gotten multiple complaints about not being able to discuss Nassar and his victims so I’m giving you one place to discuss ANYTHING related to it. So here you go, The Larry Nassar Situation. You have to be approved already to post and I won’t be reading so keep it civil….

Now back to, When I dial my babies number I get a click every time, MR Telephone man…….

The Larry Nassar situation

May 17, 2018

I got multiple e-mails from people who wanted to discuss it so I’m giving you your place. This is the only blog to bring it up.

ANYTHING having to do with it belongs here and that includes the ESPY’s and revolt the new generation is forging.

Chinese Nationals : Qualification

May 6, 2018

Floor Results

Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 8.11.27 PM

BB Results

Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 8.11.12 PM

Vault Results

( All picture results from Golden China)

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 3.34.47 PM

Uneven Bar Results

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 3.34.56 PM

AA Results

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 11.27.12 PM



Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 11.29.20 PM

5.9 start value with 8.1 in deductions. (My math is a 14.00) I know they are usually critical in China but this is some bull shit low balling. Besides the dismount it was amazing.

Gymternet China on Facebook has some more routines and scores.

Here is Chunsong’s Floor routine


Podium Training


Shang Chunsong :

(Beam) (Floor)

She looks great on beam but is a mess on floor.

Am I the only one who heard the rumor Chow is allegedly coaching their National team now or did I make that up?

The Chinese warm up is too cute

Who knows the first songs name ? I like it.. ( That looks like Chow in this video too) I find it hilarious that I had to go to China to hear an American song for the first time. Not only that it’s 4 years old.

( I searched her name and there are other older videos)

Qi Qi on Beam


April 30, 2018

The 2018 Judges couldn’t even find much fault with this routine. Wow….

Mai Murakami’s Floor routine at Japanese Nationals.

Women’s AA Results :

1. Mai Murakami 112.398
2. Asuka Teramoto 108.896
3. Hitomi Hatakeda 107.664
4. Aiko Sugihara 106.030
5. Nagi Kajita 104.197
6. Sae Miyagawa 103.897

Day 1

1. Mai Murakami 56.032
2. Asuka Teramoto 55.431
3. Hitomi Hatakeda 54.032
4. Aiko Sugihara 53.565
5. Sae Miyakawa 52.299
6. Nagi Kajita 52.032

2018 Pacific Rim Championships Podium training

April 27, 2018

And I found Gabby I bet Shawn Johnson wishes she had thought of this first 🙂

( If Sunisa did not mess up bars she would have won the AA and finished first on every event. GET CONSISTENT SUNISA:)

(USAG has some junior men videos on their youtube channel. I guess Flo didn’t buy those rights)

Full Results


(Watch on youtube for playlist because it won’t let me embed the playlist)

All Around

1.Jordan Bowers 14.100 0.000 13.850 12.300 13.350 53.600
2.Kayla Dicello 14.450 0.000 13.350 12.450 12.850 53.100
3.Zo� Allaire – Bourgie 13.850 0.000 12.950 12.800 12.600 52.200
4.Sunisa Lee 14.500 0.000 10.650 12.950 13.350 51.450
5.Emma Spence 13.200 0.000 12.100 11.750 12.450 49.500
6.Abigail Magistrati 13.300 0.000 11.900 12.250 11.200 48.650
7.Miriana Perkins 13.500 0.000 11.750 11.700 11.200 48.150
8.Elena Chipizubov 12.050 0.000 11.100 12.500 12.350 48.000
9.Luna Fernandez 13.000 0.000 11.100 11.350 12.450 47.900

(Martina Dominici scored a 51.05 but ARG is not eligible to win medals given they are not in the PANGF)


1.Jordan Chiles 14.475 13.900 14.188
2.Marcia Jimenez 14.475 13.650 14.063
3.Grace McCallum 14.525 13.425 13.975
4.Sophie Marois 13.900 13.475 13.688
5.Charlotte Ryan 13.725 13.100 13.413
6.Haley De jong 13.650 12.575 13.113
7.Ana Karina Mendez 13.000 12.850 12.925
8.Ayelen Tarabini 13.075 12.600 12.838
9.Denisse G Mendez 12.200 12.825 12.513
10.Hsiu-Ju Chuang 12.650 12.125 12.388


1. Haley de Jong CAN 12.625
2. Martina Dominici ARG 12.6
3. Jimena Moreno MEX 12.375
4. Kate Mcdonald AUS 12.025
5. Maia Fishwick NZL 11.925
6. Talia Folino AUS 11.725
7. Grace McCallum USA 11.725
8. Marcela Sandoval COL 11.475
9. Yurany Avendaño COL 11.1


1.Talia Folino 13.175
2.Martina Dominici 12.500
3.Paulina Campos 12.275
4.Jordan Chiles 12.175
5.Jimena Moreno 11.825
6.Victoria Kayer Woo 11.575
7.Grace McCallum 11.275
8.Sophie Marois 11.150
9.Isabella Brett 10.975


1.Jordan Chiles 13.650
2.Grace McCallum 13.600
3.Haley De jong 12.900
4.Victoria Kayer Woo 12.825
5.Martina Dominici 12.550
6.Marcia Jimenez 12.400
7.Gina Escobar 12.275
8.Paulina Campos 12.250
9.Charlotte Ryan 12.225
10.Talia Folino 11.825


All Around

1.Jordan Bowers 14.100 0.000 13.850 12.300 13.350 53.600
2.Kayla Dicello 14.450 0.000 13.350 12.450 12.850 53.100
3.Zo� Allaire – Bourgie 13.850 0.000 12.950 12.800 12.600 52.200
4.Sunisa Lee 14.500 0.000 10.650 12.950 13.350 51.450
6.5.Emma Spence 13.200 0.000 12.100 11.750 12.450 49.500
7.Abigail Magistrati 13.300 0.000 11.900 12.250 11.200 48.650
8.Miriana Perkins 13.500 0.000 11.750 11.700 11.200 48.150
9.Elena Chipizubov 12.050 0.000 11.100 12.500 12.350 48.000
10.Luna Fernandez 13.000 0.000 11.100 11.350 12.450 47.900
11.Olivia Araujo Bagu 13.050 0.000 11.800 10.750 11.700 47.300
12.Sabrina Cortes 14.000 0.000 9.200 11.550 12.000 46.750
13.Sidney Stephens 12.900 0.000 11.600 10.150 11.900 46.550


1.Kayla Dicello 14.525
2.Sunisa Lee 14.375
3.Imogen Patterson 13.875
4.Sabrina Cortes 13.800
5.Hillary Heron Soto 13.800
6.Zo� Allaire – Bourgie 13.575
7.Kate Sayer 13.475
9.Miriana Perkins 11.550


1. Kayla Dicello USA 13.625
2. Zoe Allaire-Bourgie CAN 13.225
3. Jordan Bowers USA 12.9
4. Emma Spence CAN 12.6
5. Paula Arevalo COL 12.05
6. Sidney Stephens AUS 11.975
7. Abigail Magistrati ARG 11.85
8. Miriana Perkins AUS 11.7
9. Marisa Miranda MEX 10.35



1.Zo� Bourgie 12.975
2.Sunisa Lee 12.850
3.Kate Sayer 12.450
4.Kayla Dicello 12.375
5.Elena Chipizubov 12.300
6.Emma Spence 11.975
7.Abigail Magistrati 11.700
8.Sabrina Cortes 11.0759
Brissa Portillo 9.000


1.Jordan Bowers 13.725
2.Sunisa Lee 13.225
3.Zo� Bourgie 13.175
4.Daniela Briceño 12.645
5.Paulina Vargas 12.425
6.Emma Spence 12.275
7.Luna Fernandez 12.200
8.Kate Sayer 12.125
9.Elena Chipizubov 12.000

(Line up for Team/AA)
VT: Lee, DiCello, Hurd, Chiles, McCallum, Bowers
UB: DiCello, McCallum, Bowers, Hurd, Lee, Chiles
BB: DiCello, Chiles, Lee, McCallum, Hurd, Bowers
FX: DiCello, Lee, Chiles, McCallum, Hurd, Bowers