Letter to my future self

November 29, 2018

Take 10 minutes out of your life and watch this video. It made me cry, twice. This is the cutest thing I have seen in awhile. And what does this have to do with gymnastics? Nothing really but the little girl who plays younger Candace ( Kayden Magnuson) is a gymnast in Canada and she has killer toe point, so there.

My favorite part of the video starts at 7.55. The 8 year old Candace reminds me so much of my niece when she was little. No cares in the world, happy, smiles all the time. So full of life. I have pictures and video of her acting silly and goofy and now that she’s older that part of her is completely gone. It makes me sad. At 8 everyone gets along there are no real bullies. Everyone gets invited to every birthday party. No one feels left out. There are no jealous little bitch neighbors who borrow your Ipod and send nasty tweets to boys because they are jealous you get all the attention and they don’t. There is no stress at school. No best friend betrayals.

Let me know if you watch the video.

Every few years Krystal Uzelac attempts a comeback. Here is her latest. She looks pretty good for an old lady. The improvement if you watch from the beginning is pretty amazing.

The next USA “IT” girl for skating? Okay so I heard good things and went and watched, part of her LP and was bored. Just didn’t get the hype and you know how Skating and Gymnastics fans LOVE to over hype the next “it” girl but I decided to go watch her SP and now I get it. She’s got some potential but you know how I feel about the word, potential. I read somewhere she has some jump issues so we’re not talking the next Olympic gold medalist but with the way skating is going in the US she might be around awhile. Trust me this is a positive opinion with teh way US skaters have been since the retirement of the Kween.

Latest camp info according to Forster’s facebook ( thanks for the info, Gypsy)

Physical Abilities Test winners: Kayla DiCello (Hills), Sloane Blakely (WOGA), Lilly Lippeat (CGA.) Jordan Chiles has been named to the National team.


Turnier der Meister

November 22, 2018


Vault and Bars

Beam and Floor

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 5.09.50 PM

USA-Gymnastics photo. Vault Finals

Prelims Results
Vault and bars

Beam and floor

No Amanar for Jade Carey? Why is she even here?

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

This National team camp article made me laugh.

US Olympic committee makes a move to decertify USA-Gymnastics

November 5, 2018

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 5.33.04 PM

I know this will be discussed so here you go. Discuss. At least they waited til Worlds was over.

Β USOC’s statement

Now for MY opinion. Unless you are going to give the person you put in charge a chance to do their job, you might as well end USA-Gymnastics and start over.

Kerry Perry quit because she wasn’t allowed to do her job and Bono quit because she knew that no matter what she did, someone was going to find fault with it. Both woman were put in a, no win situation and never had a fair shot at accomplishing anything.

I do find it ironic that the USOC wants to do something, now! The abuse happening in the sport of gymnastics has been happening, a very long time and they sat on their butts and did nothing, until the Apocalypse happened.

USA-Gymnastics response to the USOC…

Here is what will happen if USAG is decertified
according to this, Yahoo article.

If anyone from USA-Gymnastics is brought to the new organization, why even bother?


A cute article on Chen Yile As someone who HATES spiders just like Chen Yile, I once took a shower , multiple days in a row, with a spider because I didn’t want to jinx the Red Sox during the playoffs in 2013. TMI , I felt like sharing πŸ™‚


Chusovitnia should be hired as the athletes rep for the US. This is EXACTLY what the athletes rep should be doing and no, just because the gymnasts want something doesn’t mean it should be implemented but having someone to bounce things off of is a good idea.

2018 World Championships : Event Finals. Day 2

November 2, 2018

Live Results

Start Lists

2018 World Championships : Event Finals. Day 1

November 1, 2018

Day 1

Live Results (Both days)

Start Lists

Day 2

Start Lists

Right now I’m making them the same blog. Might change it later.



Uneven Bars

I saw Nina, Simone and Morgan on bars. What happened to the judges caring about handstands? Simone and Nina missed almost all of their handstands and the judges didn’t seem to care. The FIG highlight video shows it very clearly. Yeah I know they only deduct to a certain degree but the low bar Simone handstand was way off and Nina herself was way off on a few.

I saw Simone’s vaults with her, throw back to the 80’s leotard ,which she changed for Uneven Bar finals but that’s it so far for that event.( Add Chusovitna to the list now. Just saw hers) She was very underrotated. The one event of Simone’s I never get bored watching is her vaults but this year they have been as chucked as everyone else’s have been. At least at Worlds. Her form has been an issue too. Aimee come back. these Woga wanna be’s are trying to take everything I liked about Simone away……

You know I don’t even have the energy to go look for videos. I know I complained about last years worlds but I will never complain again. This has to be the most boring Worlds I have ever watched. The difference with Kohei and his gymnastics is so beautiful to watch and he gets lowballed with the judges but even when Simone is a mess these judges don’t seem to care.

2018 World Championships : Woman’s AA

October 31, 2018

All Around Results

Stars lists

Simone starts on Vault in a group with Mai, Morgan and Elsabeth Black, Melnikova and Nina Derwael.

I’m gonna make a prediction.

Simone, Morgan, Melnikova. I never make predictions. πŸ™‚

Video can be found at nbcsports.com/live I will be recovering from a parade πŸ™‚


Simone falling on Vault was a shock but she was clearly short if she couldn’t get it around to her feet. Her execution score was an 8.133 so I’m not sure short of not giving her the credit for the vault what they could have done to make this score any lower. Her block, crossed feet, leg separations , un-pointed toes. Those are the deductions I came up with watching it twice. I think if anyone else had done this vault and fallen they wouldn’t have been given the 6.4 start value. You don’t land on your butt like that unless the vault is underrotated….. I found Morgan’s DTY always overscored. She has the same form issues…

Uneven Bars– Best routine Simone has done on bars all competition. A little short on her first handstand on the low bar and one or 2 other’s but not enough for the big deductions. I feel like ALL short handstands should be deducted which would make it more fair for everyone…. Morgan’s handstand on the low bar after her Pak was pretty short and she had some short handstands before her dismount but I don’t remember her other routines without watching them again. Overall no big complaints about these bars scores but then again I bet I would have them if I saw the videos of other bar routines and the nit picking deduction they all seem to get but no one in the US does. I’ll be honest and tell you when it comes to bars I usually need to pause to see the small deductions like in Simone’s routines but judges should be trained to see these all on their own.

That was the worst beam routine I have seen Simone do since she became “the rock.” I read somewhere that Simone has not received credit for the front punch in pike position all competition and she missed both her other connections in this routine. At first when I saw the score and heard about the issues I was shocked the judges actually deducted her enough to receive the low execution score after watching the routine I think they could have done the same with her difficulty. I happen to like that the judges are taking deductions they should have always taken. I wish they would do that with the switch ring…… Morgan’s routine was a mess. I don’t even know what to say. The US gets these free passes by the judges that is blatant cheating and it just doesn’t seem fair. I only saw Melnikova’s beam once and remember thinking to myself that was clean for her and I just imagine what her score would have been if she put up the routine Morgan did. Those judges would have had her execution scores at low 6…..

Very good floor routine for Morgan with some nice landings. Better than prelims but scored lower but IMO this routine was scored fairly, she was overscored in prelims…. OOB, Messy landings on a few passes but her tumbling carries her through as always….

I can’t find any other routines. FIG is banning everyone who puts them up . Happy for Mai.

2018 World Championships Team

October 30, 2018

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 8.06.14 PM

Sorry I’m late to the game I’ve been celebrating a World Series Championship and was too tired to come online yesterday.


USA-Gymnastics info with pictures…

Check the previous blog people reading this in 2021 because I was late posting the results and everyone made their comments there..


United States

For the first time in a long time I LOVE the leotards. A little too sparkly for me in general but I love the design.

Wasn’t impressed with any of the US Floor routines. Simone and Grace have no artistry and Morgan over does it. Simone flew OOB and yet her execution scores were only 2 tenths difference from day one to day 2. Simone is getting the Gina Gogean treatment on floor that because of her tumbling ability the judges don’t care about any mistakes she makes. Gina actually wasn’t a bad dancer and no one stuck tumbling passes like she did but she lacked grace ( watch her junior routines. They were way better) Simone should be a power tumbler with her strength but I disagree with anyone that attempts to call what she does “artistic” I dislike all the US Floor music.

Big bobble for Eaker on Beam yet practically the same execution score as her qualifying routine. Interesting they gave Riley another chance to compete on beam after falling in prelims. Marta would not approve πŸ™‚ Always shocking to see Simone fall. I saw something on youtube about Eaker getting credit for her switch ring when she shouldn’t but it looks like she is getting credit, regardless. Simone’s execution scores again are way more generous for her mistakes vs anyone else. I bet the FIG does nothing about this blatant favoritism. Would have been a 3 tenths improvement without the fall vs prelims.

WHOEVER SAID THIS ANNOUNCER IS ANNOYING IN THE COMMENTS SECTION IS 100% RIGHT. Her voice is as annoying as Nastia’s phony ass voice. I am pretty sure this is the same lady that was in Canada last year because I remember thinking she was annoying there too.

Simone had a much better routine in team finals and practically the same execution score with 2 mistakes in prelims , both overscored. They are determined for her to win a medal on the Uneven Bars I could see many missed handstands for Riley in this routine but her execution score went up 3 tenths from prelims. I don’t remember her prelims routine. Morgan looks tired during this competition. Her bars looked slow and lethargic. Notice Simone didn’t seem to clap for her when she finished bars while all the other girls did.

I’ll never complain about Simone’s vault scores even with a huge step because the child is super human when it comes to execution and block on this event. Morgan’s vault looked better here then prelims. So did Grace.

OVERALL, The US is that much better than everyone else it really doesn’t matter how badly the judges over score certain members but it DOES matter during event finals. I wonder if the judges will tighten up the scoring then.


October 29, 2018

Back to gymnastics tomorrow and if you’re bitter, I DON’T CARE. I won’t feel guilty for celebrating this win.

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 1.18.49 AM

2018 World Championships, Qualifying: US

October 26, 2018

Results, Qualifying

All Around

1. Simone Biles πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ 60.965
2. Morgan Hurd πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ 56.465
3. Mai Murakami πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ 55.632
4. Nina Derwael πŸ‡§πŸ‡ͺ 55.564
5. Angelina Melnikova πŸ‡·πŸ‡Ί 55.465
6. Ellie Black πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ 54.999
7. MΓ©lanie de Jesus dos Santos πŸ‡«πŸ‡· 54.798
8. Luo Huan πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³ 54.131






Tomorrow, 11 AM

Live video

FIG Articles


2018 US Woman’s World championships Podium Training

October 22, 2018

It’s tomorrow. Who knew? I’ll be at work and in a meeting til 2 so let me know what you see in the comments section.