Not so fast Great Britain. Sister Act 3: The Olympics.

May 3, 2021

Meets coming up by BBS Dear Chinese Nationals. Unless Shang Chunsong wins a medal, I DON’T CARE:) Alexis Vazquez retires because she doesn’t like following rules.(Roster for “Captain” searching:) And someone DARES to skate to Lyra Angelica? As much as I love Miyahara I’m not sure how I feel about this. The cut is pretty different and she’s beautiful to watch but.. (No words needed)

Chinese Nationals:

Prelims- Shang Chunsong [Bars] 12.666 (4.8) [Beam] 12.766 (5.5) [Floor] 13.566 [VT] at 1.12.18 Other Videos All Around qualifiers (Shang at 22:) She also qualified for the floor finals. Team qualifiers. Top 12 teams qualify for Chinese Nationals. Shang Chunsong’s team sneaks it at number 8. Full subdivision 5. Full sub division 1 (Shang)

Sister Act was a movie from the 80’s . Starring whack job Whoopie Goldberg and a pre- Hocus Pocus, Kathy Najimy.. Then came Sister Act 2. It introduced the world to Lauryn Hill before she became a music star (Though some of us already knew her thanks to, As the world turns and please forgive this Duncan and SHANNON fan from making you suffer through his wedding to Jessica) and APPARENTLY, the fanatics of the sport of gymnastics want to make a third film and title it, Sister Act 3 : The Olympics. These same fans have taken it upon themselves to harass, Alice Kinsella to a point where she had to make her social media private. Well done gymternet. You’ve won. You must be so proud. NOT.

ALICE KINSELLA HAS NO CONTROL OVER WHO MAKES THE OLYMPIC TEAM. Great you want a double dose of sistery with the Gadirova and Downie sisters, good for you. That doesn’t give you the right to take it out of a girl trying to fulfill her childhood dream.

I read somewhere Alice’s coach has some connections to the people making the decisions. If you have an issue with that go tweet the federation or hell, even the coach, you don’t get to take it out on some girl with no control over the decision making. Don’t worry, trials won’t be private anymore. You got your way.

On a 4 person team if you can’t compete the AA you have no place on this year’s Olympic team. Not that Great Britain has a (click link) of winning a team medal anyway. The Downie sisters are not Simone Biles. Becky finally won her first bars medal in 2019 after choking away chance after chance after chance after…. (Qualifying in 5th and winning a medal after others ahead of her choked and she finally didn’t ) and Ellie slipped in for a Vault medal that same year but in case you didn’t know, 2019 was 2 years ago. Jessica Gardirova did really well at Europeans. She won a bronze medal in the AA (55.100) and a Floor gold medal with a 13.966 but she won those after Larisa Iordache had to pull out with medical issues. You know where a 55.100 places Jessica at the last World championships? 9th place. Europeans is no longer a measurement of where you stand in the real world of sport. Melnikova fell twice and still beat her. In comparison, Skye Blakely would have trumped her score at Euro’s. And gymnasts have upgraded since 2019…….

And I don’t want to hear about equipment issues. The Downie sisters aren’t new to the sport. They know how to adjust.

The medal count posted this yesterday. Flaming those fires. First their sour than their…..

Why did I blog about this again? God I don’t even know but the good news is Rocio and i can discuss it in the comments section. It’s our blog now. We do have guest stars sometimes. 🙂

The Shhhhhh awards. Brazil verification. Rodionenko on crack

April 27, 2021

I misread the date so welcome to the Shhhh awards… Brazil Verification Videos from Twitter..

Did Rodionenko watch Euro’s at all??? Not beating the US with 3 falls off beam any time in this

Shhhh 1 Shhh 2 shhh 3 shhh 4 shhh 5 Shhh 6 start at 2.50 (shhh) Though I will admit the music and hoopla is kind of funny while watching… I must say I really like this shhhhh. it suits her really well… If Shhh hits this routine it might be big for her Olympic chances. Okay maybe make the Trials chances but still it looks ambitious. Shhh is now an Olympic hopeful thanks to this routine. Shhh, I like a Hill gymnast. I must be getting old. Tho not this routine. #LeapsLivesMatter Can I say how much I love every leo at this meet? Loving the black ones especially . Please tell me this Shhh is not going to UCLA. College is her future but I liked her as a junior. She never really had the results but her vault is huge. This routine has potential. Just please not UCLA…. Shhh college

This shhh 1 is my new favorite, no chance in hell of making the Olympic team, gymnast. She’s a monster (but not in a mean way. Think the movie Monsters ) She’s huge (but not in a over weight way) but there was something about her I really liked. #SayNoToUCLA but she’s relatively clean ( though not perfect) but she did something that made me love her. REAL toepoint. The judges nit picked her to death #JudgesBeJudging) but she’s my hope for the surprise gymnast that makes it to Trials.

In honor of the Oscars that literally no one watched because Hollywood sucks, here are your award winners for the Shhhhhh Award… : The ugliest Leotard award (And nice tumbling) The Nice Leaps award… The Bazooka gum award… The, If I wasn’t doing gymnastics I would be in a jail for unicorns award… The, I get to see Leanne Wong’s DTY in the back ground award.. The, A nice routine but you’re going to UCLA in the future so I kept wishing you would fall award.. The, I am glad i didn’t spend 30 dollars a month to watch Jafreeze” (TM) not do a floor routine award… The, GTT didn’t even bother watching because I started with a double tuck award… The, kicking ass and taking names tumbling but I can’t dance award…

They won’t be around long so watch while you can. Follow the name on any link for more videos. I didn’t add a picture because I didn’t want to advertise the awards (SHHHHHHH)

2021 Europeans Results (AA & EF) American Classic Results

April 22, 2021

US Classic Results [Juniors] [Seniors]

Grace had surgery 12 weeks ago. Suni won bars and beam and the article insists this boosts Skye Blakely’s chance at the Olympics. Okay then. (Check the scores)

Live video from Qualifications. The video works on and off. Official [Twitter]

The All Around twitter had better updates during qualifications. This link is supposed to have video for the Finals but it doesn’t specify, AA or Event Finals. I believe it’s finals so ignore first link.


Results : Woman : All Around Men: All Around Woman: [Vault] [Uneven Bars] [Beam] [Floor]

BBC Video of the Womans 2021 European All Around

1. Viktoriia Listunova (56.731) (Video of all 4 events) by Gymnastea 2. Angelina Melnikova (55.432) ( Video of all 4 events) 3. Jessica Gadirova (55.100) (Vault and Bars) [Beam] [Floor] 4. Amelie Morgan (53.565) (Video of all 4 events)

Event Finals:

Vault: (Average)

  1. Giulia Steingruber (14.824) VT 1: 15.O66 VT 2: 14.583
  2. Jessica Gadirova (14.466) VT 1: 14.600 VT 2: 14.333
  3. Angelina Melnikova (14.416) VT 1: 14.600 VT 2: 14.233
  4. Anastasiia Motak (13.699) VT 1: 13.933 VT 2: 13.466
  5. Tjasa Kysselef (13.666) VT 1: 13.700 VT 2: 13.633
  6. Csenge Maria Bacskay (13.649) VT 1: 13.766 VT 2: 13.533
  7. Marina Nekrasova (13.183) VT 1: 12.433 VT 2: 13.933
  8. Sara Peter (6483) VT 1: 12.933

Uneven Bars:

1- Melnikova 14.500 2-Urazova– 14.333 3- Amelie Morgan-14.100 4-Giorgia Villa– 14.000 5-Alice D’Amato-13.700 6- Jonna Adlerteg – 13.666 7-Seitz 13.033 8- Filipa Martins– 11.333

Balance Beam: 1- Melanie Dos Santos De Jesus 13.900 (6.0) 2- Sanne Wevers 13.866 (5.6) 3- Bachynska 13.333 (5.6) 4- Amelie Morgan 13.166 (5.3) 5- Martina Maggio 13.000 (4.9) 6- Marine Boyer 12.866 (5.3) 7- Lieke Wevers 12.300 (5.1) 8- Elina Vihrova 11.200 (4.6)

Floor: 1- Gadirova 13.966 (5.5) 2- Melnikova 13.900 (5.9) 3- Ferrari 13.600 (5.7) 4- Martina Maggio 13.266 (5.3) 5- Maria Ceplinschi 12.966 (5.2) 6- Kim Bui 12.600 (5.1) 7- Viktoriia Listunova 12.033 (5.2) 8- Carolann Heduit 2.666 (1.6) (1.5 points in deductions on a routine she barely started?)

My opinion: Beam: Melanie deserved to win. She needs to work on her leaps. They were very cheated here… I thought Sanne was a bit nitpicked in the connections and considering how much I dislike her gymnastics that is saying a lot. Not a Bachynska fan but she had the best routine in a messy final for third. ***Favorite moment happened during Lieke‘s routine. As she was falling she banged her knee and grunted. Kind of impressive to be that mad as you’re falling off the beam. I don’t know, it amused me. I also like the girl from Latvia. (Elina Vihrova) Not sure what her start value is supposed to be but I enjoyed her beam routine. She’s very clean. I’ll have to remember her name.. Too many bent knees’s for me to like Morgan on beam. Pretty sure the announcer was wrong because no way she got in the 14’s with that routine. Probably a 5 tenth deduction. Found Boyer messy too. Too many bent knees and cheated jumps….. My opinion: Floor: I felt like Melnikova should have won here. She was a bit sloppier than she has been but Jennifer wasn’t perfect either. Melnikova added the illusion to her double turn with the leg up but stumbled out of it (she didn’t have that in the AA probably because she stumbled out of it even worse and couldn’t add the illusion but that and her landings probably cost her the gold. Now I’m bored. Maybe I’ll watch this tomorrow.


Verniaiev is posting on Social media. He’s not in jail for murder. Though with that Yankee hat in a picture I say lock him up and throw away the key…

Iordache went to the hospital after qualifying for the Olympics. She won’t compete tomorrow. Ferrari is out to concentrate on Floor finals.

2021 European Championships: Qualifications- Iordache makes the Olympics. Updated

April 18, 2021

Live [Video] [Scoring] [Schedule] [Official Twitter] Thanks Emerie [How to follow]

Qualifications :

The evil beam took the top 4 out but Larisa squeaked by Italy’s Martina Maggio to take the Olympic birth and now we can all watch the rest of Euro numero 2 without our hearts in our stomachs. Congrats Larisa and Russia for earning the extra spots… Updated: Anastasiia Motak [Beam] [Floor]

Results: AA Qualifications [Vault] [Bars] Beam] [Floor]

1. Angelina Melnikova 55.991 [VT 1][VT 2] [Bars] [Beam] [Floor]

2. Viktoria Listunova 55.465 [Vault] [Bars] [Beam] [Floor]

3. Vladislava Urazova 55.299 [Vault] [Bars] [Beam] [Floor]

4. Larisa Iordache 54.698 [Vault] [Bars] [Beam] [Floor]

5. Martina Maggio 54.398 [Vault] [Bars] [Beam] [Floor]

6. Amelie Morgan 54.032 [Vault] [Bars] [Beam] [Floor]

7. Vanessa Ferrari 53.765 [Vault] [Bars] [Beam] [Floor]

8. Jessica Gadirova 53.699 [VT 1] [VT 2] [Bars] [Beam] [Floor]

Others: Mara Ceplinschi 49.399 [Bars] [Beam] (Complete BS score) [Floor] Antonia Duta : [Vault] [Bars] [Beam] [Floor] Filipa Martins [Bars] Carolann Heduit (France) [Bars] [Beam] Alice D’Amato [Floor] Alice kinsella [Vault][Bars][Beam] Anastasiia Bachynska [Beam][Floor] Georgia Villa [Bars] Elena Gerasimova [Floor] Sanne Wevers [Beam] Giulia Steingruber [Floor]


{Start Lists} Highlights

Rotation 1: Maria Ceplinschi (Romania) starts on Vault. Georgia Villa & Alice Damato (Italy) start on Bars. Vladislava Urazova & Elena Gerasimova (Russia) start on Beam. Sarah Voss from Germany joins the Italy rotation on beam and she will also do Vault.

Rotation 2 : Anastasiia Bachynska & Anastasiia Motak (Ukraine) Tisha Volleman & Naomi Visser (Ned) start on Vault. Amelie Morgan & Alice Kinsella (Great Britain) start on Floor.

Rotation 3: Martina Maggio & Vanessa Ferrari (Italy) Jessica Gadirova & Phoebe Jakubczyk (Great Britain) start on Bars. Marta Pihan-Kulesza (Poland), Zsofia Kovacs (Hungary) start on Beam.

Rotation 4 : Melnikova, Listunova, Lieke Wevers, Marine Boyer start on Vault. Guila Steingruber starts on bars. Larisa Iordache, Antonia Duta, and the 2 gymnast from Ukraine start on Beam and Kim Bui & Elisabeth Seitz start on Floor. ****Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos will join Melnikova and company in the second rotation on Bars and that next rotation on beam.

Podium Training

Gymnastea’s put up some training videos. I have no clue what the schedule is for Euro’s but when I find it I will add it here. Training videos are Here and here but will be further down the person’s twitter as the competition goes on so remember that when looking.

Podium training: Romania (Video by De Arkan) (Larisa and Antonia on Vault

Larisa Iordache [Bars] [Beam] [Floor] Antonio Duta [Bars] [Beam] [ Floor] Mara Ceplinschi [Bars] [Beam]

Russia: Angelina Melnikova [Vault] [Floor] (Youtube Floor] Listunova [Vault] [Bars] [Floor]

***** I found this video of Angelina speaking English which is about the cutest thing ever so I am adding it here even though it has nothing to do with Europeans 🙂 That same channel has more videos of her speaking English which are just as adorable.

Mai Murakami 2021 All Japan:UPDATED

April 15, 2021

Euro’s is still going on so I am adding this here. Mai clinches her spot at the Olympics. The last time I wanted a medal this badly it was Beth Tweddle. I need Mai to win a Gold medal at home AND an AA medal. This leo is tragically awesome. Who designed this horrible thing, that doesn’t match that I kind of love??:) Vault: 14733 Bars:14.266 Beam: 12.933 Floor: 14.366 AA: 56.298 I thought she looked amazing on Vault and bars. She fell on beam and had an issue with her mount but she hit her Wolf turn which is a major improvement from when she first used the skill. No need to peak now. She looked very clean on bars. Old school form from the 90’s. She won’t get a 14.266 from the mean Olympic judges but with the exception of one handstand and one form issue I thought she looked great. The double double on floor looked great.

Thanks Gymnstea for always putting these routines together for those of us too lazy to search:) (I didn’t even know this meet took place)

A big bobble on beam and the wolf turns are back (Beautiful triple wolf turn done here so that’s positive) and has she also done the triple turn with the leg up on floor? Anyway, that is there but not a lot of upgrades. Not bad for April. No need to peak now. You will have some upgrades though right Mai? because I need you to win a medal at this Olympics. In the comments it says something about her not showing her upgrades but comments so…

Vault – 5.4 + 9.300 = 14.700
Bars – 5.7 + 8.233 = 13.933
Beam – 5.6 + 7.833 = 13.433
Floor – 5.9 + 8.400 – 0.1 = 14.200

Sae Miyakawa on floor and Larisa training for Euro’s

Thank you Julian Edelman. We love you and always will. Happy Retirement

April 12, 2021

If you grow up in a sports town you understand why this one is emotional for me. You get attached to certain players. They become synonymous with your team, your organization and then they sell out for money and go and play for the Buccaneers or Yankees.

You wonder why you ever spent time rooting for them in the first place and you realize it’s because you root for the shirt. That shirt represents you and you take it personally when someone badmouths your team after you treated them like a God for twenty years. You’re mad because you supported that player through hell and they didn’t even look twice on their way out the door. Instead, they go to ESPN and run their mouths about the evil “Patriots way” and you wish you had back those 20 years or at least could go tell them to **** off…

Then you have guys like Julian Edelman who play injured, always say the right thing, and don’t blame everyone else on the team when they mess up (or get their man like, supermodel wife to fight their battles for them) instead they retire and go out with class. Thank you Julian Edelman. Thanks for 3 Superbowl wins #FoxboroForever

MVP The Catch in Superbowl LI KILLING the Colts 🙂 Top Ten Edelman plays.

Skinner’s practice with Tom Forester watching. Dutch Nationals. College Gym, Regional Final. Miller opinion piece

April 3, 2021

Shannon Miller’s opinion piece on what USAG needs to do.

Leike Wevers : [Beam] [Floor] Sanne Wevers [Beam] Elze Geurts: [Floor] Tisha Volleman [Beam]

Follow the twitter for a few more videos. You know how I hate Floor routines that start with double tucks. This is why I am not linking Floor routines from this twitter but Lieke’s. I’m sorry but these are OLYMPIC wanna be’s or past Olympians. Not being able to do more than a double tuck wouldn’t have cut it in 1980.

Canada’s technical results You might need to click on the senior link to the left to see results. Ellie won with a 55.05 (and a really low beam score) Shallon Olsen running back and forth between Canada and the US for college gym finished forth winning vault. (14.250 / 14.450) but tanked floor and bars. Ava Stewert was second with a 53.400 and Rose Woo, 3rd, with a 52.300.

So I am bored and watching Nationals for college gym and shaking my head at the scoring. Michigan is so unpolished on floor. I didn’t see them all but what I did see there is not a dancer or performer. Taking big steps on ever pass and still getting 9.900’s. The same with their landings on bars. Maybe one controlled landing in the bunch. Yet, getting record scoring for their program. Florida of course being Florida scored. Bama getting, Bama scoring IN Bama. Ashley Miles is doing the commentating. She is doing a very good job. Bridget and Sam are doing the others and Sam just loves to talk about herself… UCLA celebrating each routine like they actually made Nationals. They didn’t. Frazier got a 9.825 on beam and actually acted like a fool after she landed. UCLA will forever be the most annoying team that has ever existed. Nia Dennis had a huge bobble on beam and got a 9.725. If you are here you can watch at ESPN 3 Michigan does have a calmness about them and not a single girl on that team acted as bad as Frazier and her 9.825 on beam. It’s just arrogant… I think I liked Ashley commentating. She isn’t sugar coding mistakes by Alabama… Oklahoma nailing those landing on beam. Emily Gaskins just nailed floor for Bama. Beacutiful dance. Stuck Landings. Double layout was near perfect. 9.925.. Ragan Smith (9.950) had one slight arm movement on the beam but the rest was great… Kerri Thomas on Oklahoma just got hurt after a great beam routine. Missed her hand on beam and hurt her ankle. Yikes… Blanco had a nice floor but it wasn’t better than Gaskins but she will be scored better. (Yep, 9.950. It was a great routine but Gaskins was better)… Pertfect beam for Webb. That was great. Only deduction they could give is nailing her dismount and her feet moving together.. That was clutch after Thomas got hurt… (9.975) I think that should have been a ten on the way judging had been going…. What about Arkansas am I supposed to be impressed with about them again? They have been getting the Gold medalist coach scoring all season. Glad it isnt happening now… Even Ashley says Webb’s beam should have been a 10…. It will be pretty funny if Troutman pulls a Nicholes and ends up winning the AA at Nationals after being hurt all… Nailed Yuchenko for Gaskins(9.850).. Nicelandings for Draper on the floor but her first pass had a small step forward… 9.800 for Adams with a step… Olsen stuck her DTY (9.900). A bit messy but nicely done..Ucla would have gotten a ten… More great landings for Oklahoma… Lots of steps on landings for Bama but all seem to be 10 vaults… Ashley Miles is funny. She said she as asked if she can do gymnastics anymore and she tells people “Yes I can but why would I want too” lol….. The Arkansas gymnasts can’t get away from Chris Waller fast enough after… Oklahoma is so subdued after they nail a routine. That;s called class, UCLA… Alabama got Bama scoring the first rotations. Not so much in the second half… NCAA needs to hire Ashley Miles and this guy commentating with her for NCAA. They are so positive and nice but can point out the mistakes and not sound fae like Kathy and Bart…. Troutman is last on Floor. Nice routine by Webb (9.925).. Same score for Troutman….. Bummer I missed LSU on vault.( They showed some. Good landings but messy form on everyone. Bryant’s Vault was a 10. She sold that landing. Just came down and nailed it even if it was messy ) I don’t think I can sit through idiot Kathy Johnson. Bart is okay but Kathy is such a fraud. She is pro the favorites and nit icky to everyone else… Bart Connor spent ten minutes praising himself and ESPN. Okay… Kathy is not aging well. She has to be pushing 60… Old lady… lol…. Kathy is so pro LSU. Kiya Johnson fell and she makes excuses for her and talks about how great she is (Come back Ashley Miles)….. Need proof she is biased she isn’t even mentioning UTAH on floor. It’s all vault and LSU on bars.. Utah was just ignored through their entire Floor rotation even though they seemed to be hitting every landing so Bart could talk about Kentucky and Kathy make excuses for the form issues from UCLA on bars (and steps)….. I read a few places people complaining about UTAH being underscored. I think I know why. Their Floor routines were boring. They were clean but I was nodding off watching them. They need some spitfire after she makes her Olympic team (SKinner)…. I heard, booo’s. Soloski must have gotten a…. Nope, it was a 9.950 so I would have booed too…. LSU is behind Kentucky by .25… Last rotation. LSU has beam (eek)…. Vault for UTAH… Utah having issues on vault. 2 hit routines for LSU. Arizona state is hitting bars and Kentucky hitting Floor… Messy form for whomever that was on bars… Nailed landing for UTAH.. FINALLY… Another nice vault on UTAH but not as good as the girl before.I didn’t even notice what the vault was.. LSU hit another beam after Schnnikova had some bobbles… Johnson off beam. With the other low score they might be out…. Just that miss in the middle of the routine says Kathy Johnson. Oh you mean the fall?? She’s such a pro LSU stan I think she might cry…. LSU needs a 9,800 on beam. Kathy and Bart ignored the fact she stalled in her press handstand. It looked like she took a step on her landing but Kathy called it stuck… It will probably get more than a 9.800 but there were mistakes that should be deducted… That was a 9.925 for Campbell. Way too high…. Last regional scores. The fact that LSU even came close to UTAH on that last event was pretty wild…

3Arizona State197.600-.325
1University of Michigan198.100
2University of California, Berkeley197.750-.350
4Ohio State University195.625-2.475

Florida won their regional but the full stats aren’t working…

Florida 197.700
Minnesota 197.425

Denver 197.275
NC State 196.150

OYO: I want Ellie Black to win an Olympic medal (Interview) Mckayla Maroney commercial

March 30, 2021

You all KNOW how much I HATE Canadians (The Vancouver Canucks, The Montreal Canadians, The Toronto Blue Jays, The Montreal Canadians, The Maple Leafs, THE MONTREAL CANADIANS, etc… and I used to dislike Ellie Black too because let’s face it her form is a mess, her floor routine is weak and has always bugged me, her beam routine (at one point in time) was literally just her throwing the kitchen sink and praying she would stay on and she’s Canadian so by default I have to treat her like a hockey team from Montreal.. Then she won an AA medal in 2017 because Worlds were held in Canada it was the last straw for me, Ellie became the Montreal Canadian of gymnastics and I was hell-bent on banning her name from my memory.


Well, I don’t know exactly when it changed. She just gradually grew on me. She had been injured and came back at one of those gymnix or Elite Canada meets and I found her less annoying (gymnastics wise) than she had been to me in the past. She stopped trying to code whore a beam routine with skill after skill after skill and instead slowed down and started to perform… Then, when I entered the world of Instagram and followed every gymnast known to mankind, I started following Ellie too and she actually comes across as one of the most genuine gymnasts we have out in the world of fake niceness and hiring a makeup artist and hairstylist to take a “selfie” Instead Ellie worked out and laughed with her friends. Much like Claudie Fragapane, she as a person, I found to be much nicer than previously thought but it wasn’t until the 2019 All-Around during the World Championships that I realized I was wrong about Ellie. Not her floor because I still hate her floor routine but when she threw the Cheng and got hurt, I was gutted for her because damn it that Cheng looked great (Okay well better than Jade Carey’s) and she was this close to winning another AA medal and if you know me at all you know I actually love it when someone proves me wrong and Ellie did that day of the AA. With that Vault upgrade and that almost All-Around medal, well it put Ellie on a shortlist of gymnasts I want to see win an All-Around medal at the 2016 Olympics behind, Mai Murakami, Larisa Iordache, and Angelina Melnikova.. (Hey IOC, Can we award a pewter medal like they do at US National in Skating???

Full Coverage of the 2021 Figure skating World Championships

March 24, 2021

Full Results Ladies Short Program Detailed SP Long Program Detailed LP Combined results LP judges

The Russians swept the podium when Trusova fell twice but still got PCS rivaling the everyone else in the competition and were supposed to pretend this wasn’t a joke? Okay then. Congrats to the US getting 3 spots and while people will say mostly thanks to Karen that is BS. Bradie finished 8th in the LP and karen 6th. Hardly much difference and both got multiple deductions for cheated jumps… Interesting that the 3 skaters who fell ended up winning the medals because no one else can rotate a jump. Leave it to my other persona to sum this up perfectly.. “It’s better to chuck a quad and get credit for a triple then skate a triple and get credit for a double” Sums up this competition…

IMO….I watched Trusova win bronze even though she was slow as can be and fell twice and still win the LP. she also messed up a third jump…. Okay… Oh and 2 judges only gave her a -4 for the fall….. Shcherbakova won and deserved to win. She is way faster than Trusova and actually feels her music but some how ended up 8 points behind of Trusova in the PCS? Okay… These judges over scored Trusova’s LP because she was so far down and they wanted to make sure she got in the medals. It was blatant cheating. Karen cheated so many jumps and was rightfully dinged for it but you watch these performances and I just can’t understand the judging… Tuktamysheva finished third, also with a fall. In general she kind of bores me.She did in the SP too but her triple axel was beautiful. (The second one) Basically she skates around, moves her arms and jumps…… Bradie started out really well but by the end she was cheating her jumps big time… Same with Karen who also cheated a bunch of jumps (The lutz was the one I remember from watching earlier…. ) Videos don’t seem to be online…. I missed Rika earlier. I started watching her but had to leave before she finished (I think I was actually getting dressed and came back and heard Tara say she sucked… My nieces talked my brother into allowing them to come over if we stayed outside and I haven ‘t seen them in months so I said yes. Tennis anyone? (I am exhausted) My poor Miyhara is having a bad competition but her PCS being behind anyone is wrong. …

Top 14

2Elizaveta TUKTAMYSHEVAFSR220.4633
3Alexandra TRUSOVAFSR217.20121
4Karen CHENUSA208.6346
5Loena HENDRICKXBEL208.44104
6Kaori SAKAMOTOJPN207.8065
7Rika KIHIRAJPN205.7029
8Olga MIKUTINAAUT198.77117
9Bradie TENNELLUSA197.8178
10Haein LEEKOR193.44811
11Yelim KIMKOR191.78513
12Ekaterina RYABOVAAZE189.461310
13Madeline SCHIZASCAN185.78914
14Eva-Lotta KIIBUSEST181.471912

Short Program

So much for the Russian woman sweeping. Anna Shcherbakova leads with a 81.00 Japan’s Rika Kihara is second with a 79.08 and Elizaveta Tuktamysheva is 3rd with a 78.86. Karen Chen is a surprise 4th with a 74.40 Yelim Kim from Korea is 5th with a 73.63 and Kaori Sakamoto is 6th with a 70.38. Bradie Tennel had trouble on her combination and had to a do a triple double instead of a triple and she finished 7th with a 69.87 (She beat Karen with the PCS so probably would have been 4th if she didn’t mess up.. And always making me sad and choking away at least one part of the competition Satoko Miyihara is all the way down in 16th with a 59.99. The other Russian, Alexandra Trusova is down in 12th place with a 64.82. Rockerskating is your best bet for all info so check out his blog for details. I am off to watch (If the videos are still up:) Rockerskating’s Short program comments can be found here (Videos for everyone but those 4 are gone. Of course. I hate US television ) Madaline Schizas SP from Canada is also online… Kaori Sakamoto had a great entrance into her triple triple (which she messed up) and I loved her music but she seems kind of out of shape for a skater. She’s a normal size person but twice the size of every other skater. Her triple lutz looked cheated to me but I don’t know if she got credit for it or not #JudgesBeJudging So I am reading the Figure skating page at Reddit and everyone seems to believe Rika was robbed. The place is usually very pro Russian. Watching originally I didn’t see any blatant judging cheating but when you read the protcals it was clear these judges wanted her in front. Rika did cheat her triple axel (or didn’t cheat but did cheat if you watch in slow motion.. Lots of back and forth there) I didn’t watch Anna and feel like she made mistakes that were ignored so I wouldn’t say she didn’t deserve her rank. It’s interesting when you literally don’t care who wins to watch this and listen to the people who insist the Americans are in cahoots with the Russians to fix the The Americans are just fighting for 3 spots. I guess they could be in this for pro Chan and getting 3 pairs skaters for the Olympics in exchange for the Russian ladies but with Chen out jumping everyone there really is no need for that (A few years ago I did read an article written by a fan about his PCS jumping by like 4 times as much once he started hitting his jumps and you know I am no fan of that guys skating aside from his jumps and spins. He has not improved his presentation at all and he makes no attempt to improve it but watch the last Olympics when Daisuke Takahashi was put I think 4th in PCS behind the fall fest of Chan and Hanzu and it was obvious the judges were fighting between themselves to make sure their side won because Takahashi owns them both in the little things…. So my comments on Anna and Rika seemed to have disappeared (Thanks wordpress) I wasn’t a big fan of Tuktamysheva’s SP. Her jumps are actually the best of anyone but I found my mind wondering during her SP out of boredom… I was also kind of dis-attached to Rika Kihara‘s SP but about half way through she started to really connect to the music as it got faster and that is when she really sold the program… Anna Shcherbakova is a nice skater but I wasn’t in love with her SP. I don’t have any complaints. I think I will watch it again and let you know because I kind of forgot . I’ll get back to you… AH YES, The bent knee’s in the Russian spins. That is new. I wrote that and wordpress ate those comments… Anna stop with the hands above your head with your jumps. It doesn’t make them look appealing… Other wise she is very fast and seems to connect well to her music. She has some interesting positions in her spins. Overall I prefer Rika’s but I might be being a bit biased because the only thing I actually enjoyed watching these SP’s was the second half of Rika’s…… Karen Chen’s triple triple was definitely cheated. The second jump 100% but even the first jump. The judges don’t usually blatantly miss things like this in judging US skaters … 🙂 Yelim Kim’s SP finally showed up online. I linked it above. She has nice jumps but is very slow. Not a lot of artistic presentation to her IMO but her triple triple was nice.

Your judges.

Referee: Mr. Fabio BIANCHETTI Italy

Technical Controller: Emilie BILLOW Sweden

Technical Specialist: Ms. Vera VANDECAVEYE Belgium

Assistant Technical Specialist: Mr. Sandor GALAMBOS Switzerland

Judge 1 Ms. Lenka BOHUNICKA Slovakia

Judge 2 Ms. Francoise de RAPPARD Belgium

Judge 3 Ms. Peggy GRAHAM USA

Judge 4 Ms. Elisabeth LOUESDON France

Judge 5 Mr. Massimo ORLANDINI Italy

Judge 6 Ms. Marketa HORKLOVA Czech Republic

Judge 7 Ms. Katarina HENRIKSSON Sweden

Judge 8 Ms. Elena FOMINA Russia

Judge 9 Ms. Tineke POSNO Netherlands


Full men’s SP results

US men fell apart. Chen fell and is in third. Vincent fell twice and didn’t make the LP and Jason Brown well, he did his easy routine and ended up 7th and Chen beat him in the PCS Score. #JudgesBeJudging Jackie Wong’s Mens SP playlist. I didn’t see any of this. Off to find videos. Why can’t you ever make me smile Shomo Uno? He is the most beautiful skater on this planet and don’t @ me, you KNOW IT’S TRUE. He’s just never scored that way. KEEGAN MESSING WAS CLEAN. It is a huge miracle. I know, I like a Canadian skater. So weird (The female skater also did well in the SP and I kind of liked her. WEIRD) Yuzuru Hanyu is in first even tho Jackie thought his quad was cheated (Second video in case first is deleted ) and newcomer Kagiyama is second…. I will say at least Vincent has tried to improve his presentation. Chen never did and the judges marked up his PCS so bad he now gets credit for shit he never improved. When looking at the detailed judging PCS it looks like this group of judges are not going to prop up Chen with 5 plus’s even when clean which is how he usually still ends up in the top spot when he messes up… If Shomo had not fallen he would have been close to Nathan Chen who did fall and I would be up in arms.. That is just wrong….. Hanyu’s quad was 100% cheated but he still got credit. He even got plus GOE of 2 and 3 and even one 4 which is just blatant cheating. Haynu is also someone overscored but he was beating the Patrick Chan’s of the world so I was fine with that. He isn’t an artist either. Sorry Winnie the pooh fans. Minus the cheated quad this was a great performance for him. The fast music suits him and his spins are really fast. He sold this really really well. Like yesterdays Rika he really sold it the last half of the performance which is what was left in the judges minds…. Shoma Uno (Video 1)(Musics cuts in and out) (Video 2)(which is choppy) not a great performance. He looked very slow to me when he usually isn’t. Maybe he will hit his LP????? I can’t find any other videos. Oh well.

1Yuzuru HANYUJPN106.981
2Yuma KAGIYAMAJPN100.962
3Nathan CHENUSA98.853
4Mikhail KOLYADAFSR93.524
5Keegan MESSINGCAN93.515
6Shoma UNOJPN92.626
7Jason BROWNUSA91.257
8Junhwan CHAKOR91.158
9Kevin AYMOZFRA88.249
10Evgeni SEMENENKOFSR86.8610
11Matteo RIZZOITA83.3011
12Han YANCHN81.5212
13Michal BREZINACZE81.4313
14Deniss VASILJEVSLAT81.2214
15Daniel GRASSLITA79.4315

The men’s LP went as expected. Everyone tried to out (click link) the (click link) and failed. Figure SKATING is dead.. Check above for ridiculous scores and protocals. I am back to not following men’s skating.

OYO: The underappreciated Julianne McNamara. UPDATED

March 18, 2021

Someone added Julianne’s name to the wikipedia page. Link is below. It wasn’t me 🙂 Though very convenient it was added now.

Olympic Year Opinion: Julianne McNamara was better than you remember. Though sadly it doesn’t seem like many people remember her at all. I however am here to school you on why, Julianne is one of the most under-appreciated gymnasts the United States doesn’t remember existed.

Did you know that Julianne is the first US gymnast to make all 4 Event finals at Worlds ? In 1981 she made the Bars (Bronze medal) , Beam(5th) and Floor finals (7th) and in 1983 she made the Vault finals finishing 6th. (She also made bars finals that year and finished 7th) It wasn’t until 1991 that the US would accomplish this feat again at a World Championships (Shannon Miller who was the first to make all event finals at the same Worlds and Olympics) More under-appreciation? NO VIDEO on you tube

At the 1984 Olympic while the world remembers smiley, Mary Lou vaulting her way to gold with a perfect ten (with a step), Julianne quietly won the Olympic bar title and made the event final on Floor winning a silver medal. She is the only US medalist at that 84 games that would have had a chance to win a medal if the Soviets had shown up.

She finished 6th at the 1980 Olympic trials and could have won a medal on bars if the US didn’t boycott. Julianne could have potentially been a two time Olympian. Take that MLR!

If you talk to a die hard gymnastics fan and ask them the best US gymnasts the names mentioned with consist of Simone and Shannon.. Then you can debate the Shawn, Nastia, Chellsie, Alicia, Gabby, Jordyn, Kim Zmeskal etc… to finish out the top ten lists. If you talk to every 4 year fans you will hear the names Simone and Mary Lou. They might even remember Shawn Johnson from her Dancing with the stars win (and her Olympic AA gold medal. Yep she didn’t actually win that but a lot of people think she did) The one name you rarely ever hear mentioned is Julianne. IMO, She should be right up there in the top 10 discussion. She won her World medal at a fully attended, Soviet dominated competition when Americans were lucky to even make an event finals let alone sneak into the medals. There was some heavy Soviet favoring by the judges back in those times so for an American to sneak into a medal is a huge accomplishment. The only US gymnasts to medal before her were, Rigby, Frederick and a Kathy Johnson’s Floor bronze.

And if you need any more proof that Julianne doesn’t get the credit she deserves check out the USA, Wikipedia page for gymnastics. They list the medals won by gymnasts from the US and include only the ones who have 4 medals or more. Julianne has 4 but her name isn’t even mentioned ( Worlds- 1 bronze Bars medal. 1984 Olympics, team silver, Bars gold and Floor silver.

Sadly, USA-gymnastics doesn’t care about any gymnastics that happened before 2008 but that doesn’t mean the trailblazers that came before the Simone Biles of the world shouldn’t be recognized for their contributions. Julianne’s name should be on the top of that list.

A young Christina Appelgate. RIP Samantha Smith and a Julieanne flipping.