2021 World Championships wrap up. Happy Retirement Mai

October 26, 2021

Videos: Women [Qualifications] [All around ] [Vault] [Bars] [Beam] [Floor] Men : [ All Around ] [High Bar] [Floor] [Pommels] Thanks Rocio.

Results: Woman [ Qualifications] [All Around] [Vaults] [Bars] [Beam] [ Floor]

We started this World championship with everyone bitching about who wasn’t going to be here instead of who was. With the US team caring more about making money on Simone Biles Gold-ish tour the gymterhaters spent more time complaining about the lack of participants at the World Team trials than giving credit to who made the 2021 World “B team”, Russia’s Valentina started an uproar of her own when she left “Injured” Listunova at home and declared the real Olympic champion, Vlada Urasova was only doing 2 events. She changed her mind and then went on vacation, not even bothering to show up. After she pretty much browbeat Melnikova into giving up her time off, no less. The rest of the World also acted like this World Championships had the Wuhan Virus but in the end, this Worlds actually ended up being one of the most pleasant to watch in years.

After my retirement blog for Jiang Yuyuan, I doubted I would ever have a retirement blog for another gymnast but here we are. Mai Murakami, the princess of being screwed over for medals (Not Queen because that honor belongs to Shang Chunsong) has decided to hand in her grips and settle into retirement life. You don’t remember Mai being robbed but she had some amazing floor routines back in the day but the judges just refused to give her any credit for them. Anyway, this blog is about the 2021 World championships and Mai won two medals on the only two events she competed including a surprise bronze on beam and Gold medal on Floor where the judges tried to screw her over in her own country. Shame on you, judges (Remember I mentioned earlier that strange things happen when Worlds or Olympics are held in Japan well add this one to the screwing of the Kween in 98 (If you don’t know who that is we can’t be friends) the scoring at the 1995 Worlds for gymnastics (Lilia Podkopayeva winning a medal on bars, tying with Mo Huilan (SURE JUDGES) etc… (I know there are more I just can’t remember right now) Happy retirement Mai.

[ Mai crying on the medal podium ] [Floor Gold medal routine] [Beam bronze medal] [Congratulating her gold medal beam teammate]

Screwing of Princess Mai [2015 Worlds] [2016 Olympics] [2021 Olympics] (There’s another I can’t remember)

I don’t usually talk about the men and besides Kohei and some suspicious judging that seemed to keep the Olympic AA champion in silver medal position but this second vault by Carlos Yulo, was freaking amazing. The Dragalescu vault is no joke and he nailed the hell out of that landing. I feel like it deserves a mention. I also think Hashimoto Daiki should have won the High Bar final. The Chinese gymnasts usually have such amazing form that when they win I never have an issue but I watched the final (linked above) and boy was he overscored. Daiki had a messed up landing but I don’t feel like the judges were judging the two routines the same. Funny how the start value didn’t benefit him like it did Hu Euwei. Suspicious scoring in Japan is an occurrence that happens a lot and it doesn’t favor Japan. This being the case. Good thing he’s young. I also think Macchini should have had bronze on High bar over Brody who was the sloppiest gymnast in the final and his dismount was sloppy.


Angelina Melnikova came here as the favorite for the All-Around gold medal and she didn’t disappoint. She also surprised the World when she made all 4 event finals adding her name to the likes of Olympic and World legends, Shannon Miller, Lilia Podkopayeva, Simone Biles, and Aliya Mustafina. Gold in the AA. Bronze on Vault and Silver on Floor.

Podium ceremonies are usually pretty boring unless a bee shows up or someone behaves like a toddler and forgets to congratulate the Gold medal winner (I’m looking at you Kim Zmeskal and Svetlana Boginskaya) but we now get to ad, medal switch to the list of fun and meaningless medal ceremony mishaps that in a few years will make us smile suspiciously (I mean was this really a mistake or was Valentina dressed as the person giving out the medals and she decided to make a statement by giving Angelina the wrong medal. Guess we will never know)

LEANNE WONG GOES 10ish FOR TEN and the US ” B”Team Makes a statement.

Call them team B team all you want but even though the US didn’t come home with an individual gold medal they took 2 out of the 3 available spots in the All Around beating the should have been Olympic champion in the process. If the 2 per country rule didn’t exist all 4 gymnasts would have qualified to an Event final. Sure that says more about the judging than anything else but I don’t make the rules. And can we please celebrate Leane freaking Wong going 8 for 8 in prelims and the All Around? I don’t think I remember her ever doing this. Even as a junior. I knew if Leanne hit bars at a competition there was no way she would hit beam and vice versa but after having a shaky performance to make the team, Leanne showed her mettle and will from here on out be called, Leanne F-IN Wong. I have never been more proud of a US gymnast’s performance at a World championship, EVER. She didn’t back into an AA medal with a fall. She wasn’t expected to come within 3 tenths of being the World AA champion. People expected Kayla to be the one in the running but Leanne did what very few US gymnasts have ever done. She went overseas and scored better than inside the US and proved she belonged here. I hope she sticks around next year and competes Elite. **** Hand on beam in event finals is why I say-ish and she still got a 13.333. Without the hand and the bobble she might have won.(and then I would call her underscored)

Let’s pretend that the beam didn’t eat 5 of the 8 medal hopefuls for dinner during the EF and instead celebrate the surprise Gold medalist, Urara Ashikawa. IT’S TOO BAD I CAN’T FIND A SINGLE VIDEO OF HER WIN BECAUSE NBC HATES WHEN THE US DOESN’T WIN A MEDAL AND IGNORES THAT THIS COMPETITION ACTUALLY INCLUDES GYMNASTS UNDER A DIFFERENT FLAG so I have to leave you with an interview instead. I read that Russia didn’t even show the meet. What the actual F&*%?

Kohei’s last meet BUT WAIT. Damn that close catch on HB or he would have had a medal but since he isn’t retiring, I don’t have to write a farewell blog. I AM SO…. 1 2 34 567- 89

The US was one slipped hand from having two men on the podium for pommel horse. Who would have ever thought that could even be a dream? Stephen Nedoroscik made the impossible happen and he’s knocked the annoying Yoder down a peg which is a plus. I don’t begrudge people celebrating their wins but it was nice to see Nedoroscik win with complete class and respect for his fellow competitors. Like Leanne, he had to go out of the US to get credit from the judges who clearly pegged Yoder as the superior Pommel horse worker. The bad news is Stephen only seems to compete pommels and that isn’t going to put him on future teams.

OVERALL, this Worlds results were fair and balanced (For the woman and save execution scores in qualifications for certain gymnasts on bars and beam) but the Gold medalists all deserved their medals and I can’t remember a time where at least one result didn’t result in bickering amongst the gymterhaters.

Being happy with all the Gold medalists. Medalists overall really at a World Championships is like finding a Unicorn dancing among the Lillies at your local 7-11 but Melnikova as World AA champ. Andrade winning Vault. Wei Xiaoyuan winning bars. Urara Ashikawa ‘s surprise win on beam and Mai winning Floor. All deserved. I have only one medal BULL SHIT SCORING and that’s Luo Rui on bars but I rather enjoyed watching the Woman’s portion of the 2021 Worlds. It is so much more enjoyable to not know the outcome before it begins.

BONUS BITCHING :)! Are the Vault judges blind?

Elisabeth Geurts from the Netherlands qualified in 2nd place for Vault with, somewhat underwhelming execution. Her second vault had a very messy knee bend that had no business qualifying second into a vault final. Her first vault was also sloppy tho not as sloppy as everyone else doing the same vault. [Vault 1] [Vault 2] [Vault 2] (Two different angles) but my real complaint here isn’t with Elisabeth. It’s with the judges. If you watch the entire Event Final for Vault and check out, Elisabeth’s DTY, it had pretty decent form. She had a huge step back which brought down the execution but compare that to Melnikova with the same huge hop and what I would describe as worse than Paeska like form and yet if you look at the score the judges found Melnikova’s vault to be superior. There is no excuse for the judges giving, Angelina a 14.433 (9.033 execution) and giving Elisabeth a 14.366 ( 8.966 execution) Even with the 1 tenth deduction, Elisabeth clearly had better form throughout the vault. Legs together with only a small separation off the block. These judges were judging Melnikova on a completely different set of execution deductions. Now Elisabeth fell on her messy second vault so in the end it didn’t matter but the Vault judges at this meet need to be fired. Heck, at every meet they deserve to be fired. For them not to see the difference between these two vaults is criminal. Rebeca’s DTY had a few issues but she received a 9.4 execution score with far superior height and distance not to mention form. Asia DiMatto’s DTY was also a mess and it received an 8.733 execution score. You can say that all that matters, in the end, is results but one of these days the scoring is going to screw someone out of a medal and why not stop that from happening before it happens?

I am sorry there are not more videos for this blog but thanks to NBC being the only country that actually showed it on Television besides Japan, the individual videos are lacking.

Highlights: LEANE FREAKING WONG. Melnikova winning the AA. Maria Ceplinschi making Floor finals. Urara winning beam. Mai winning a beam medal. MAI WORLD CHAMPION on floor.

Sad. Qui Qui not making vault finals. The Chinese team in prelims especially, Li Shijia. Hatakeda Hitomi‘s injury. Luo Rui falling on beam in the EF. Mai retiring. KOHEI. Dragalescu not making Vault finals even though he didn’t fall. The US media bitching about Tom because the US didn’t win a gold medal while simultaneously whining that gold medals are not all that matters. The same people that bitch that Strug didn’t have to vault hurt are praising someone competing sick DURING THE MIDDLE OF A PANDEMIC?

OMG. I should be blogging about the hypocrisy of the US media and gymterhater fans . What has the world come to that I AM THE VOICE OF REASON WHEN IT COMES TO EXPECTATIONS?

Not a factor in the EF is NOT TOM’S FAULT. The girls are on tour for money. They clearly don’t care about their legacy in the sport of gymnastics over their bank accounts. That is THEIR RIGHT. Shilese whined about not making a team she never had a shot to make so don’t go there, gymterhaters. Tom did his job at camps. She’s mad he didn’t visit her at home and make recommendations. Um, he didn’t seem to visit anyone but Mykayla when he was in her town for a different reason so he stopped by. USAG doesn’t send him around to everyone. His job is to give feedback at camp. People are still mad that Tom went the AA route to pick a team but don’t realize there wasn’t a single gymnast at Trials he could have put on that team that would have absorbed the loss of Simone Biles. I do not get the hate. Jade made her decision to go the individual route. Her father blackmailed USAG into sending her with threat of a lawsuit says the rumor. There is no way in hell he could know Simone would go gymblock and Jade would be given joke scores on bars and if the AA proved anything relying on her would have been a mistake. Mykayla would have made no difference if added to the team. The medal would still be silver. AND CAN WE TALK ABOUT RELYING ON SIMONE’S SCORES? Why the hell wouldn’t we rely on Simone’s scores? She is the staple of the gold medal. They can say they went the AA route to pick the team because the score added up was only a slight difference but don’t think for a second the committee wasn’t worried about putting Mykayla up in a team finals on bars and beam. That is why Grace was there. In case Jordan with no reputation had a meltdown or wasn’t scored as well outside the US as she was INSIDE the US. WHICH IS WHAT HAPPENED. She hit beam (the event she wasn’t going to compete) and fell on her best event. Someone is going to have to explain to me why Tom is all of a sudden the bad guy because while I get people thinking the team should have been picked with more transparency the only reason they have issue with this is that they took Grace based on AA and didn’t take the “best team on paper” with Mykayla’s vault. A whopping 2 tenths. Here’s some irony, Mykayla’s vault over Gabby’s bars in 2016 would have been exactly that situation if the extra judges didn’t raise Gabby’s bar score to ridiculous measure. (Adding in the two extra judges raised her bar score and out her in the EF but took Fan Yilin out of the finals. )

What are yours?

Rhythmic gymnastics live results

The wake up bats or go home, Red Sox/ It’s all on you now Patriots, 2021 World Championship Event Finals

October 22, 2021

[Live Results] [Twitch]

You can guess where my head is. ๐Ÿ™‚

Results : [ Vault ] [ Uneven bars] [ Balance Beam] [ Floor]

Start Lists (With the overscoring that has been going on during the Andrade Worlds I expect her to easily win vault and also win bars. Vault I get, bars, judges been gifting.

All I need tomorrow is Leanne Wong as Beam World Champion. Kohei as High bar champion and Mai Murakami as, Floor world champion. I don’t see Kohei winning HB because the current Olympic champion doesn’t have a gold medal at this Worlds in his own Country but that’s what I want and damn it, if you’re not giving me what I want with baseball the Gymnastics Gods owe me some happiness. I look forward to being disappointed. ,

The WHATEVER #REDSOX, 2021 US World Championships : All Around. Melnikova, Wong, Di cello

October 20, 2021

[Live Results] [Twitch] [ Full All Around Results] [Photos]

Angelina Melnikova is your new World champ. Only 3 plus tenths behind is newly consistent, Leanne Wong. Kayla sneaks into the bronze position with a fall. I noticed that Inside gymnastics was propping up Kayla way more than Leanne during and after the AA. They need to change their name because they suck. What happened to the second Japanese gymnast that qualified to the AA? She didn’t compete )Not the girl who got hurt) Just read that they made Wong wait for two of her scores. Gotta make sure she isn’t ahead of Angelina… I am watching videos with no sound because Nastia giving vaulting advice amuses the hell out of me.lol and her annoying fake voice is like chalk on a chalkboard. I do find it interesting that before worlds the talk was all, Kayla, Kayla, Kayla, and now those same people are saying Leanne was better. That isn’t what you said before blog guy… Did NBC skip Leanne on bars this morning? It isn’t in their video. I saw it on Twitter I’ll have to look for it again. Her routine is not in the NBC youtube video….. Angelina overscored on vault with those steps but Leanne went OOB for a tenth. Kayla’s form makes me wonder what the judges were watching. A few handstands for Angelina on bars. Some feet form too but that looked great overall. Beam same for both 1 & 2. One small balance check. Leanne has great landings for her first 2 passes but bounces for the last two. Leanne’s score was great. I need to check Angelina’s start value (the wolf turn had issues) but overall it looks like Leanne not going for her 5.8 start value on bars was the difference. Melnikova is not a great dancer when it comes to artistry though her spins are usually beautiful but this music is horrible and cut really weirdly. Kayla’s bar fall was unfortunate. She’s pretty clean for a Hill’s gymnast but her beam was a mess. There was only 2 tenths difference between her prelims and AA and she cheated every leap and jump in her AA routine. Her start value was a 5.7 in the AA and 5.6 in prelims but her prelims routine was light years ahead of her prelims. Same with her floor score. Prelims were way better and they received the same score. Watching both routines I feel like her prelims was fair and her AA overscored.

1- Angelina Melnikova 56.632 2-Leanne Wong [UB]. 56.340 3- Kayla Dicello 54.566 4- Vlada Urasova 53.598 5- Naomi Visser 52.832 6- Wei Xiaoyuan 52.699

Here is some irony for you. Silvia Stroescu is judging bars at Worlds.

Thursday, Oct. 21, 2021

5:00 a.m. ET โ€“ Womenโ€™s All-Around Final
LIVE on Olympic Channel
7:00 p.m. ET โ€“ Delayed coverage on NBCSN

I’ll be asleep. Shock me again, Leanne. Go 8 for 8.

2021 World Championships, qualifications. Qualifications

October 17, 2021

[Schedule] [Start Lists] [Results] [Video] [Live scoring] [Twitch]** [BBS]

Results: Qualifications” [All Around] [Event Finals] [US Photos]


1- Angelina Melnikova 57.065 [Gymnastea AA Video] [Floor 14.100] [Vault] [Bars 14.466 ] [Beam 14.033] 5- Vlada Urazova 53.065 [Gymastea AA Video] Mariia Minaeva UB 7th (2 per countried out) Verona Iana Beam (5th overall)

Different subdivision information, results and videos.

All info below is Through 7th subdivision. Overall Leanne qualified 2nd and Kayla 3rd. Konnor 8th on beam (2 per countried out of finals)

1 – Leanne Wong 55.749 [Gymnastea AA Video] [Floor 14.000] [Vault 14.366] [Bars 13.683 ] [ Beam 13.700] 2- Kayla Dicello 55.700 [Gymnasttea AA Video] [Floor 13.800] [Vault 14.500] Bars 13.900] [ Beam 13.500] Konnor McClain [Vault ] [Beam 13.466] eMjae Frazier [Bars 12.000] [ Floor 13.166]

(IMO. Excited Leanne hit 4 for 4. Both she and Kayla looked solid. Thought Kayla’s bars were overscored with all the missed handstands . Konnor stayed on beam but is out of Finals because Leanne and Kayla did better than her. Right now after 7 subdivisions, she is 6th overall but that includes two US gymnasts ahead of her. I still don’t agree with sending her to worlds for potential because an event specialist for beam should not be able to fall twice and still make the team but it is what it is. As for eMjae, judges scored her like I thought they would. Besides the pak which is just done badly, her handstands looked better than usual here. Messy landings on floor)


Mai Murakami [ Beam] [Floor]

Sunday, Oct. 17, 2021

Womenโ€™s Qualifications
7:45 p.m. ET โ€“ Subdivision 1 (UZB, CHN, TUR, ISR)
10:15 p.m. ET โ€“ Subdivision 2 (NED, ITA, GBR, HUN)

Monday, Oct. 18, 2021

Womenโ€™s Qualifications
12:00 a.m. ET โ€“ Subdivision 3 (CAN, AUS, USA, CRO, NOR
1:30 a.m. ET โ€“ Subdivision 4 (POR, SUI, ISR, COL, LTU)
3:00 a.m. ET โ€“ Subdivision 5 (DEN, JPN, LUX, TPE, UKR, CUB)
4:45 a.m. ET โ€“ Subdivision 6 (FIN, AUT, GER, ECU, EGY, NZL)
6:15 a.m. ET โ€“ Subdivision 7 (FRA, PUR, IND, SWE, ROU)
8:45 p.m. ET โ€“ Subdivision 8 (CZE, LAT, AZE, HKG, VIE, SLO, BLR)
10:15 p.m. ET โ€“ Subdivision 9 (BRA, PAN, IRL, MEX)

Tuesday, Oct. 19, 2021

Womenโ€™s Qualifications
12:00 a.m. ET โ€“ Subdivision 10 (RGF, SVK, KOR, BEL)

I cannot find Russia.

Lead up to the 2021 World Championships in Japan. Podium Training

October 12, 2021

Russia is on its way. Gymnastea has the [UB] [BB] top contenders. And now [Floor] [Vault]

The 2021 World Championships occur, October 18-24th

Podium Traning (This is being blogged while watching the ALCS so mistakes might happen. KEKE)

US Podium Training Worlds Website from USAG. Podium training Mai [Beam] [Floor] Ashikawa Urara [Beam] Mara Ceplinschi [Floor] Coline Devillard [Vault] Ruby Stacey [Beam] Anastasiia Bachynska [Floor] Wei Xiaoyuan [Bars]

Where is Chenchen? Not here? Okay. Leanne article. Mykayla Skinner tour video. PLEASE explain to me how parents can take 1, 2 or more kids to an event like this and afford it? I have wasted some money in the past on Red Sox tickets but just for me. Were in a pandemic and rich people can afford this chalk talk thing? It’s crazy to me. Gymnasttea has a Podium training video with highlights of some gymnasts. i can’t seem to find any Russians.

Line up

Uneven Bars : Leanne. Kayla. (No one else shown) Leanne looked messy and Kayla’s pak had huge form issues but rest looked good. No one else shown.

Balance Beam: Kayla (Almost fell off on her wolf turn. Had to hold on to beam. Some cheated leaps and jumps. Some knee issues but not a lot of bobbles so it was hit for her ) Konnor (hand on beam after attempted layout. Almost fell. Pretty turn. Nice leap combination to a back tuck, well connected but her second leap was really short of degree) Another bobble. She stayed on and fought,so good for her. (It looked like eMjae was going to go up on beam but the camera cut off. No Leanne. If she isn’t doing the AA this is stupid.

Floor: Konnor. (Completely piked first pass attempting to be laid out) OOB on double layout. Messed up her wolf turn. Not sure what it was supposed to be) Fall on her double pike to end routine. Liukin walked off.lol ) eMjae, hands down on first pass. Dou le layout messed up. Short of rotation. Fell forward. Stiff-legged double tuck. She looks nervous. Small step on double pike. Kayla. Smei big step on her first pass but the rest was great. THO, Hill floor routines are horribly danced. Kayla looks like she could pull off god choreography IF THEY GAVE IT TO HER. Leanne : Low, double double. Nice, whip, triple. Some leg issues but landed well.

Vault: Kayla: DTY. Very messy knees. Leanne. Not as messy as Kayla’s knees but close. Better distance.

If a World Team Trials exists but not one gets to see it did it really exist? World Team named

October 8, 2021

Frazier hitting at Trials gave USAG no choice but no one ever better bitch about Skinner’s form with Emjae being named to a World team. Dicello and Wong and Konnor who I KNEW they would find a way to put on this team even when she fell 3 times which is what they did. Rocio used to say the US could come home without a medal and with Melnikova, Andrade and Mai competing this team may prove her right. For the love of God, Leanne Wong, STAY ON BEAM AND STAND UP FLOOR. You’re the best hope.

Day 1 Results (AA) Press Conference comments

Videos [Alipio] [ Greaves] [ McClain] [Wong] [Dicello] [Frazier]

Leanne day 2 on bars

USAG put this up and it made me smile. Nastia looks so pissed:) I wonder if this was before or after the, you’re fat and stole my medal comment. A small, USAG video of the beginning of trials (It’s Eastern time for the AA)

Flo has the AA Trials tonight at 5.40 but I don’t know if that’s eastern or pacific or whatever but this will be the blog I reveal the named World Team. I’m too busy worrying about evil Devil Rays, injured Superstars, and abandoned without forethought baseball players at first, second and third base because like , who needs, MEN SCORING, delivering runs in a baseball game! Sigh (I feel like Simone. She misses her old quad gymnasts. I miss my old, sport fan followers who know what I am internally screaming about this very second. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll leave you with a picture, Kayla Dicello put on Instagram.

[Start lists] [BBS does a live blog] Sweet Home Alabama is finally on Netflix. I’ll be with Josh. ๐Ÿ™‚

Pick your 2021 US World team before it happens. Updated list of competitors. YANKEES SUCK

October 4, 2021

Addison Fatta is out. Injured or something.

New List of competitors below. Two more out. I wonder if they told them only AA gymnasts? Blakely is out and so is Ava. Had to get the Yankees Suck in before the Red Sox bullben gives up a ten run lead and Cora sits by and watches, and it’s on ESPN so…..

The nominative list has Kayla, Leanne, Skye and Shilese.

Here is your very short list of participants. FLO has the rights to the camp so unless someone wants to put the videos up secretly we won’t know much. My picks are in bold. I think they should send just the 3 AA gymnasts and let them fight for medal chances.

  • Ciena Alipio, San Jose, Calif./Midwest Gymnastics Center
  • Skye Blakely, Frisco, Texas/WOGA Gymnastics
  • Kayla DiCello, Boyds, Md./Hill’s Gymnastics
  • Amari Drayton, Spring, Texas/World Champions Centre
  • eMjae Frazier, Erial, N.J./Parkettes National Gymnastics Center
  • Olivia Greaves, Staten Island, N.Y./World Champions Centre
  • Ava Siegfeldt, Williamsburg, Va./World Class Gymnastics
  • Leanne Wong, Overland Park, Kan./Great American Gymnastics Express

Who you got?

Will we be stuck with a member of Simone’s gym so they can talk about Simone? Will Konnor be ready to handle her nerves under Satan’s father? Will Leanne Wong get to show her beautiful gymnastics at the next level so Tom can finally realize even if she is inconsistent everyone’s gymnastics should look her like? Will someone we don’t know be a huge surprise and beat them all? Will Olivia Greaves finally live up to her potential?

For me, I am picking 3 AAers. Picking Kayla and Leanne is very much based off last year but we don’t know what shape they are in months later and I think Skye’s beam is better than Konnor’s and she actually hits it more than Konnor.

Tell me your team and in 5 or 6 days we will find out who makes the team.

2021 USAG Camp. First camp after the Olympics. Is that Leanne Wong?

September 26, 2021

[Olivia Greaves article about Florida dumping her. ] [Russia cheating assholes article. Not sure how this is allowed]

Is this Leanne Wong ? I think it is. (Grins from ear to ear) (I might be excited if the picture was actually clearer) I got this off MLT’s gym’s facebook and I am pretty sure that is her on blue. Olivia Greaves and Kayla Dicello are also there. Ella Kate Parker finished 3rd in physical abilities.

Is this Leanne or what???????? I need something to get excited about and Leanne trying for Worlds would be it. ** Leane is at the camp. Konnor is not. There will be a trial for Worlds. Or at least a camp to decide. Happy dance. If she hits at a real competition with real judging and isn’t scored better internationally, I will be saving money for an investigation.

This is from google.

The Chinese National games are here! WOO. Let’s go Shang Chunsong. Judges suck

September 19, 2021

All info comes from, Golden China.

[Schedule] [Live Video] [Live Results] {Start Lists}

Vault and Bars [Results] No changes to Floor finals so no Chunsong:( Beam and Floor [Results]

All Around: [Results] [Picture] 1. Wei Xiaoyuan 2. Ou Yushan 3. Luo Rui 4. Lu Yufei 5. Jiang Jin

Team finals: [Results] {Start Lists} 1. Guangdong 2. Anhui 3. Beijing 4. Zhejiang 5. Fujian 6. Hubei (Shang)

Shang Chunsong competed bars,(12.666) beam(13.800) and Floor (13.000) and had the highest scores on her team on those events.


My girl starts on beam in the first subdivision. Hubei is her team. The rest you can search for yourself because gosh darn it, It’s Shang Chunsong or nothing:) (Okay, so Guan Chenchen is in sub-division 2 and competes for Zhejiang. Tang Xijing is in subdivision 3 and competes for Beijing. Fan Yilin is in subdivision, 2 and competes for Shanghai. She ends on bars and will not do any other event.

Qualifications Shang video [Vault] [Bars] [Beam] (No one else matters) Full Results with qualifying scores (If you care) and Event Finals. Hopefully, someone (not the top 2 ladies) pulls out of the floor finals so Chunsong gets in.

Basically, the judges suck and are sending her a message, retire. What a BS Floor score compared to everyone else. Keeping her out of the finals. So much for Chinese Nationals. I guess it ends in qualifying. She lost out on the AA final by .036 10th Guan Chenchen (Below the Chunsong video are some other videos.

Gymnastea always on the ball with videos

  1. Ou Yushan 2. Wei Xiaoyuan 3. Lu Yufei [VT] [UB] [BB] [FL] 7. Zhang Jin 15. Qi Qi Others : Li Shijia [Bars and Beam] Fan Yilin [Bars] Liu Tingting [Bars] Tang Xijing [Bars and beam]

Other Countries: Forgotten Individual and Team, Medalists at a Worlds and or Olympics.

September 13, 2021

To be honest, I couldn’t come up with any gymnasts who won World or Olympic medals that might have been forgotten with the exception of one. So I did what most everyone would do. I checked out, gymn-forum.net for results. I got some good ones:)

1992 Worlds Results : Qualification: [UB] [BB] Semi-Finals: [UB] [BB] [Finals]

In 1992 for some reason they had an individual Worlds the year of the Olympics. (They did this in 1996 also, but not before or after. Hmmm) In 1992 it was Romania that took advantage of the Olympic year, Worlds, and came out with some surprise medals. The most overscored gymnast of all time ended up winning a World title on the Uneven Bars, Lavinia Miloศ™ovici by default (Okino had a better routine and everyone else made mistakes, fell, or had to stay home because of injury) but it was Romania’s second squad that ended up sneaking into the medals. Mirela Pasca won a Bronze medal on the Uneven Bars and Maria Neculita won 2 medals, tying for Silver on beam and winning bronze on Floor. I had no clue Neculita won 2 medals at worlds in 1992. Below are Mirela on bars and Maria on floor. Beam is linked.

Maria Neculita on Floor

Elena Produnova is most known for her double front vault but I never realized just how much more she was than just the owner of the insane vault. She was 4th in the 1999 All-Around at Worlds and if she had a better landing, she would have been the gold medalist. ( I can’t even find her AA vault to see what she did wrong but it only scored a 9.349. Less than 2 tenths from gold) She also finished 4th on Vault, Floor and UB at those same Worlds. In 1997 she beat Gina Gogean for bronze in the AA and finished 8th on beam and 3rd on Floor. I also never realized she was part of the 95 world team that finished 4th. For the sake of this blog’s premise, I guess I will be adding her Floor medal at the 1997 Worlds medal, which I do not remember. (She also won a bronze medal on beam in 2000 at the Olympics and that pouting I do remember) Hindsight has me remembering her taking off her team medal in 2000 too but I pretty much blame that on Khorkina who’s loving personality shines through to all that know her :).

My favorite Romanian to watch is Christina Bontas. I remember her finishing 3rd in the All Around and the 1991 Worlds and winning the Floor gold medal but do you? (She also made all 4 event finals in 1991 ) Her career before 1991 also seems to be forgotten. She finished 4th in the AA at the 89 Worlds. 2nd on Vault and 3rd on Floor.

The 2006 Worlds was one of those, In-between, Worlds no one really remembers. You know it took place but if you had to take a Gymnastics quiz this is the competition you might have trouble remembering off-hand, who won all the medals. (Or any of the medals) That leads me to the Balance beam finals. Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs won Canada’s first medal by finishing 3rd on Beam during the Event Finals and what has to be the most surprising Gold medalist of all time, Irina Krasnyanskaya from Ukraine won the Gold medal on beam. (Both routines are below) Irina doesn’t even have a Wiki page I can link (or find)

Irina Krasnyanskaya, 2006 World Champion on beam (Beating both Romania’s Sandra Izbaza and Russia’s, Anna Pavlova.

So who has a favorite food cooked by mom? The 3 of you that read the blog and named your favorite flower, thank you for actually reading ๐Ÿ™‚

Who remembers Australia winning a team bronze medal in 2003? I actually do because I was there. China kept practicing on the podium, were warned to stop, and did it again and again anyway. Kind of a ridiculous way to win a medal but stupid rules are stupid rules.

Another forgotten Worlds, 2009. I was really happy for Koko Tsurumi winning an UB medal. As annoying as it is for me to see gymnasts overrated due to being from a Country not known for winning I enjoyed Koko. Her AA medal from that same Worlds is also something people have forgotten. Including me ๐Ÿ™‚ Lauren Mitchelle finished 4th in that AA. Add that too.

Anyone remember Beth Tweddle falling on bars in prelims and going on to winning the Gold medal on Floor instead?

This idea could actually go on forever. There could even be a part 2 and 3 so I am going to end it with, Cassy Vericel from France, winning a bronze medal on Floor at the 2007 Worlds. I remember this one NOT AT ALL. A good way to end this ๐Ÿ™‚

P.S.- I didn’t even look at the Olympics. Maybe, Alexandra Eremia winning a medal in 2004 on beam? She’s pretty much a completely ignored Romanian gymnast.