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Can Kyla or Simone join the list of US All Around Champions ?

September 27, 2013

Can Kyla or join the list of US All Around Champions ?

The United States has 6 World All Around Champions and a very good shot at having a seventh this year so tell me which of these two do you think has the best shot at winning the 2013 World All Around title?

Clean and consistent Kyla Ross or powerful and explosive Simone Biles?

Simone has the edge in start value. Kyla has the edge in execution. Take your pick?


Remembering the past

Kim Zmeskal started the US’s world AA titles winning in Indianapolis in 1991. Shannon Miller followed it up winning back to back titles in 1993 and 1994. (Outside the US) Then we waited until 2005 when Chellsie Memmel defeated pure evil by the smallest margin imaginable. Shawn Johnson was next in 2007 followed by Bridget Sloan in 2009 and ending with Jordyn Wieber in 2011.

So who do Kyla and Simone remind you of when compared to successful world all around champions of the past?

For me Kyla reminds me of Shannon. Clean, consistent and labeled boring by the people that cannot find a real reason to hate is pretty much the gist of it IMO. Shannon has more rhythm and flow and is a better dancer than Kyla but no one else really fits the question. Kyla isn’t quite an artistic gymnast though she is working on it.

Simone is a combination of all other remaining gymnasts. She reminds me of Shawn or Chellsie on floor. Not much presentation but a hell of a tumbler. On bars she is Bridget. There but nothing special. On beam she is hit or miss. She could be any of them but Zmeskal who was a rock on beam. When it comes to vault I guess she reminds me mostly of Jordyn but only because they both have the Amanar. Simone is dynamic and impressive with her Amanar and that doesn’t really fit anyone else on the list.


Judging by past US World AA champions if I had to garner a guess I would say the judges prefer the Simone Biles of the gym world over the Kyla Ross’s. The US has only one artistic gymnast with a World AA title. In fact she has two of them.

Todays Podium training


Mckayla is not impressed and who wants to stab their eyes?

August 9, 2012

This deserved it own blog. 🙂

Watch this video and keep all sharp objects away when you do. Between Kerri’s voice, the only interviews and the fact that everyone talks to Kerri like she is either 5 or retarded is going to make you want to stab your eyes out with a pair of scissors.

(Link added. Sorry Jas now put away those scissors.:)

Judging by the people searching my blog mckayla and Aly are the names of these games.

A new article (thanks to Mim) about what the gymnasts will do for their future.

Shut Up Shannon: Finally some respect

July 25, 2012

I had to label this under Shut up Shannon even though she said nothing to annoy me today. This mention is about Shannon finally getting some credit from the main stream media.

I reserve the right to change my mind if actually names another gymnast ahead of Shannon but I am pretty shocked she got her named on a list of greatest Olympians. It’s only been 16 years. What took you so long main stream media????

Then they went and gave her the credit she deserved for being the gymnast to lead the US to gold. (overall it was her score that carried the team to Gold)

Here is the list of top 30 greatest Summer Olympians

Just don’t watch the videos. Some of these Olympians are just plain idiots.

Apparently I missed the other lists and I spoke too soon. ESPN is full of idiots. I guess I give them half credit for putting her name on this list.

Top 10

If that doesn’t work then look to your right. They have links.

ESPN makes NO SENSE, How do you make a comment like this and then put Mary Lou Retton ahead of Shannon Miller?

If Mary Lou Retton put U.S. gymnastics on the map, Miller redrew it

You can’t argue with the top 10 IMO. Michael Phelps, Carl Lewis, Mark Spitz, all amazing Olympians.


And just because I don’t want to give this next article it’s own blog I expect you to read this article. Consider it homework. Then I want you to laugh with me because you have to imagine Nastia reading this article and getting sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mad. It made me smile:)

Do you know the Pledge of Allegiance?

July 8, 2012

Rocco does. I expect nothing less from a son of Shannon Millers:)

Top 100 Olympic Moments

June 14, 2012

We were wrong. The June 18th was the womens soccer team not the Mag 7. That was a picture of the Mag I don’t care what they say. I should not be shocked. You didn’t expect ESPN to give credit to the whole team did you?

Like ESPN’s stupid list this one has some doozies.

Look here for the list

They have little pictures of the remaining moments and June 18th is the Mag 7. So who is that in the faded picture on July 12th? First I thought it was Dawes. Then Moceanu and then Miller and explain to me why the 1984 team is ahead of the 96 womens win when the freaking women beat real teams?

Help me out on that July picture. It is most likely Kerri and the vault getting their own credit and someone decided the whole team deserved some props?

Don’t look later in the pix. They have annoying people.

You tell me? July 12th


Mustfina leads Russian cup.
The Finals will get its own blog.Komova fell and has a new 7.0 start value on bars. Damn you Komova, That is Beth Tweddles bars gold biatch:)

NBC Screws Ross and FU Valeri

June 10, 2012

Yes she has to get used to this type of stuff but NBC made her wait for several minutes to do floor. Hell of a thing to do to a first year senior trying to make the Olympic team.

Conspiracy theory time, Marta planned this. I wouldn’t put it past her.

Than read this and tell me why she is even here?

Not as bad as the one done by reigning Olympic all-around champion Nastia Liukin.

Liukin, doing her first competitive bars since the Bejing Olympics, was unsteady throughout and didn’t have a landing other than to fly off the bars. Her score of 13.150 was the lowest of all 21 girls who competed in the event and afterward she said it was what she expected.

“I’ve only put this routine together in a week,” she said. “Martha knows what I can do. After nationals, I’ll have two weeks to go back and put the whole routine together.”

Her father and coach, Valeri, said the shaky performance was what he expected. “We have no landing yet,” he said. “It hasn’t been enough time. The first thing is to not get her hurt and she won’t do a landing Sunday in the finals. But by the time trials arrive, Nastia will have a full routine.”

It’s okay. We don’t have a dismount yet. “It’s what we expected??” Are you kidding me?

Nastia has been told she has a spot on this team if she hits. Can it be any more obvious by their ignorant comments? Daddy isn’t even making excuses for her. He agrees with her.

It gets better, Read this.

Her father and coach, Valeri, said the shaky performance was what he expected. “We have no landing yet,” he said. “It hasn’t been enough time. The first thing is to not get her hurt and she won’t do a landing Sunday in the finals. But by the time trials arrive, Nastia will have a full routine.”

Shannon works out with Yogi Bear

Okay it ain’t Yogi Bear. It’s some yoga thing but here it is.

I have to work tomorrow (thanks Boss) so I don’t know if I will be home b y 4 to watch the events unfold. I should be home pretty close.

Who can find the start list for tomorrow?

USA-Gymnastics set it up so we have to wait til the end to see if Nastia chokes. She again gets to go first because we all know they can;t have her body temp drop while she waits.

We end with Kyla on vault and we know that won’t be shown

See ya tomorrow

Podium Training

June 7, 2012

I finally watched this routine and could Valeri look any less interested in what Rebecca is doing? For Nastia he is under her the entire time, spotting. Rebecca he has his arms crossed and he looks bored.

Watch the beginning of the video too when Nastia says something to the girl in blue, she then turns around like she was told to move and she does. It looks like Nastia told her to move out of the way so she could see. You know what my reply would have

Here is what, whats her name has to say. I never remember her name. Still don’t and I don’t feel like checking to see so…..

Interesting tidbit, Marta making excuses for Nastia before she competes. Intersting how she says she wantsd the good routine at Trials. Funny I thought Nastia had to play by the rules. So why is Marta already talking about her at Trials, a spot she has not earned yet. Why? FREE RIDE. At least admit it Marta.

4:14 p.m.: Other Martha tidbits: She says that she needs to see a full bar routine from Nastia Liukin. She says she hasn’t seen one yet. She’d also like to see a beam routine with slightly better connections. Martha also indicated that Nastia’s bar routine doesn’t even have to be amazing (actually, the words she used were “very good”) — she just wants to see one. The “very good” one can wait for Trials.

Kim Zmeskal in charge of the little ones? Really? What talent has she produced so far again? Oh right, Chelsea Davis ZZzZzZzZZZZzzzzz(Rolling eyes)

Peppy Miller. Yes I want to smack her:)

I already like her floor and now she is impressing me on bars. Elizabeth Price is my new hero. Why you ask? because she can keep her legs and feet together during her bar routine. NO ONE else does that. I hope she hits and becomes the first watchable Parkette EVER!:)

This routine is growing on me. You can watch Shannon Miller and Steve Penny laugh at each others jokes at the end of Sarah’s floor routine. Oh Shannon. Steve would have screwed you over first chance he got if he was in charge of your gymnastics career.

Anna Li hitting bars.

Aly being Aly

Messy Sarah on beam.

Jordyn on floor

Gymnastics legends by GK Elite

June 2, 2012


Click here to see the catalog

I was at Gymnastike looking at Anna Li’s new 6.8 start valued Uneven bar routine and came across a link to GK Elite’s new leotard by Gymnastics legends. After trying to figure out how Amanda Borden and Carly Patterson were legends I noticed that the Olympians had designed the Leotards. The one thing that caught my eye were the colors. Red White and Blue baby. (I’ll just assume Bogi didn’t design those ones)

The conclusion I came to why looking was that our past Olympians are proud of the Red White and blue and that is why those colors are in most of the leos ( designed by Shannon Miller, Amanda Borden and Kim Zmeskal.)

You want to know why we have pepto pink being shoved down our throats these days at competitions? because we have a fucking commie running USA Gymnastics and the Princess gymnast is also part of the dictator nation. They aren’t proud of the red white and blue. They don’t give a shit about the US of A because they aren’t even from here.

I know technically because Nastia became an American citizen she is an American but her father still has the commie attitude when it comes to gymnastics and so does Marta. Just ask Chellsie Memmel and Mckenzie Wofford.

If I see a pink leotard on the US gymnasts at the Olympics I am starting a new petition, Ban pink

Shut Up Shannon part 2

May 26, 2012

Like the White Sox don’t have enough problems, Shannon Miller threw out the first pitch tonight at their game to promote the US Classic being in Chicago. Much better then the Shawn Johnson attempt. The other Sox could have used her tonight she might have been able to hit big mouth Scott on the first try instead of the second:)

A new feature on this blog

May 24, 2012

I have started a new feature on this blog. I am going to call it, SHUT UP Shannon.

Every time she says something that annoys me I am going to put it here.

She was a great gymnast. I will defend her wins to death but as a person she makes me want to vomit. How is she so damn perky ALL THE TIME?

Why did Nastia have to kiss her ass on twitter? Maybe if she didn’t we wouldn’t have to hear about her every time Miller brings up London. (I know, AA Gold medalist. Blah, Blah, Blah)

I actually don’t think Miller mentions her because of the ass kissing. I think Shannon is just so damn positive all the time she just can’t not get excited about shit like this.