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The World team. MY opinion.

September 24, 2011

I don’t like this team. I think it is crazy, ridiculous and an accident waiting to happen. That being said I see where Marta is going with it. She really had no choice.

Where do I start. Oh I know where to start. Anna Li. Having her on this team is a colossal waste of space. Not falling off bars is not hitting. It doesn’t matter how well she hits at worlds, she has no shot at a 5 member team at the Olympics. Not unless every bar worker breaks an arm. That is actually possible.

She can’t back us up on any other event because she isn’t competing them. She trains beam and is as bad as Gabby Douglas yet she will most likely be used in prelims at worlds on this event. Personally I would rather give Gabby a chance at beam even if she is a head case at that event. I believe prelims is 6-5-4

Gabby Douglas, she hit at camp. I can’t even complain even though she scares me. I think Marta is using this as a test event for Gabby. Hit and you are in the mix. Fall and you are in Siberia with Mattie Larsen.

Jordyn, Mckayla, Alicia and Aly were locks. No complaints here.

Now the others…

Shawn Johnson- All leaked info said Shawn was hitting and looking better then she did at Nationals. The problem is her start values are too low on any event but beam. I don’t understand why her coach refuses to upgrade that bar routine. Shawn is the only gymnast competing today that has the form of the 90’s on bars. Feet together. Legs together and straight. No leg separations. There is no way she should not be pushed on that event. There were only rumors that she didn’t compete floor at camp but who knows how true that is.

A non traveling alternate is pretty good for her on 8 months of training.

Chellsie Memmel- should have stayed home. Rumors have her at camp doing only bits and pieces of her UB routine. I also think I read somewhere that she did the full routine at camp during the final competition. Frankly that isn’t good enough.

If she wasn’t ready she should have stayed home. Instead she wasted her time and Marta’s time. That will not bold well for her concerning next year. There is no way Marta is taking a gymnast that falls a part at every competition to an Olympics where only 5 members are on a team. I love Chellsie. She is a rock star even with her form issues I would love nothing more than to see her on that Olympic team but I just don’t see it happening. Perhaps if she competes next year and stays healthy the entire time Marta will give her a shot.

Bridget Sloan- No info was leaked about Bridget at camp. The only thing I heard was she did more then just bars. Making the Pan Am team means she did something. Sounds to me like she is being punished ala Tasha Schwikert in 2004 when she did badly at Nationals and Trials but nailed camp and was told by Marta if she had done better at Nationals she would have been on the team. Completely forgetting the fact the whole point is to hit when it matters which is what Tasha did but was not rewarded for.

If I decided the line ups they would be as followed.


Gabby, Aly, Jordyn, Mckayla, Alicia

I put Alicia last because she has earned the right over the last 5 years. Team finals is a whole other discussion.


Anna, Mckayla, Aly, Gabby, Jordyn

If Anna is so great she should set the line up for bigger scores. This is probably not something anyone but I would do. Regardless I still would put Jordyn up last. This kid is going to be used on every event in prelims and team finals. She deserves some benefit.


Alicia, Gabby, Mckayla, Aly, Jordyn

Alicia starting first and being consistent calms down Gabby and Mckayla.


Mckayla, Gabby, Alicia, Jordyn, Aly

Gabby or Mckayla can be switched. Most people will put Jordyn last but I would give that opportunity.


VT: Jordyn, Alicia, Mckayla
UB: Gabby, Anna, Jordyn
BB: Alicia, Aly, Jordyn
FL: ????, Aly, Jordyn

Who ever scores the best in prelims should compete here. My guess is will be Mckayla.

What do you think?

So like they named the World and Pan Am teams

September 24, 2011

and like I was too busy to know so here you go.

Your team


2011 Women’s World Championships Team
Oct. 7-16, 2011, Tokyo, Japan

Gabrielle Douglas,
Anna Li, Aurora,
McKayla Maroney,
Alexandra Raisman,
Alicia Sacramone,
Sabrina Vega,
Jordyn Wieber,

Non- traveling alternate: Shawn Johnson,

Head coach: John Geddert of Geddert’s Twistars USA
Asst. coach: Jiani Wu of Legacy Elite

Pan Am

2011 Women’s Pan American Games Team
Oct. 24-29, Guadalajara, Mexico

Bridgette Caquatto,
Jessie DeZiel,
Brandie Jay,
Shawn Johnson,
Grace McLaughlin
Bridget Sloan,

Hallie Mossett,
McKenzie Wofford,

Head coach: Marvin Sharp of Sharp’s Gymnastics
Asst. coach: Jiani Wu


Chellsie Memmel was named to the Pan am team but dropped out.

The world team will be decided after training but Vega is the alternate.

This team turned out like I thought after Macko’s injury.

Oh so now you want my opinion? That is coming:)

Secret Camps

September 21, 2011

Jordyn Wieber’s coach put this on his facebook.

What is the point of hiding scores?
Marta is an idiot sometimes.
Two thumbs up to John for sneaking everyone info. Like Marta would leave Jordyn at home. He can say what he likes.

John Geddert posted this on facebook a few hours ago: “sorry the updates from the Ranch have been a little less detailed than normal. We have been told what happens at the Ranch is to stay at the ranch thus we are not supposed to post the verification scores. All I can say is USA is looking good and Jordyn is doing very well.”

JC Dominique Moceanu. Get your own career

September 20, 2011

I got a message today from someone who is friends with Macko’s mom on facebook and this person told me that Moceanu is now leaving messages on Lin’s facebook tagging her to make sure she can see it about Macko’s injury.

Is it possible for this publicity whore to get her own fucking life?

She sent Macko a message on twitter to wish her well. Fine I get that but to put something on your facebook and tag someones mother to get attention is fucking white trash.

Get your own career Moceanu. This is nothing out of the goodness of your heart. This is more BS to further your own agenda of Marta hate.

They killed Kenny. I mean Macko

September 20, 2011

No one knows for sure what the injury but I have received a few anon messages that she is hurt and the bible messages are rolling in.

It’s too bad. She was allegedly hurt on beam an event she wasn’t even needed for.

Heal soon Macko. GO Bridget Sloan!

And on the support front Nastia doesn’t seem to give a crap. She is tweeting how much fake fun she is having with Alicia and Shawn. Why is she there again>

I did it my way

September 18, 2011

When things are about to end badly sometimes the only thing you can do to survive, is smile through it.

Frank Sinatra says it perfectly in the above video.

The end might be near but he did it his way. So if it ends badly, Frank can live with that.

But wait a second. I didn’t do this my way. I did it Theo’s way and Theo did it George’s way and that is why this is ending like something out of a bad horror movie.

I miss Doug Mirabelli:(

It’s okay Sarah. Don’t try and understand what the hell I am talking about.

Gym Community supports Paul Hamm

September 11, 2011

They never supported Shannon Miller with her cancer scare but why the hell would they support Shannon for such a worthless cause like cancer when they can support Paul Hamm for getting drunk and acting like an idiot? (Rolling eyes)

Morgan Hamm put up a montage on facebook and asked all gymnasts and fans to support Paul Hamm by reposting the montage and several people have.

Dominique Moceanu’s husband did it. So did Dominique herself too.

What the hell is wrong with these people?

Dominique also posted these comments recently,

While it should never serve as an excuse, post-Olympic reality can be daunting. I’m concerned about my friend.

Does this mean Paul Hamm has given up trying to make the Olympics?

More camp 1 info

September 11, 2011

Pretty much what Aunt Joyce said with a little more details. Info from Abomb. I guess he threatened some more people for info and this is what he got:)


-AA results: 1. Jordyn, 2. Gabby, 3. Aly, 4. Sabrina, 5. Macko, 6. Bridgey

-Sac did not verify the new VT, but it was seen in practice at least once.

-Lots of falls on bars, but Gabby is inching closer and closer to being a lock on them, now having hit UB at Klassiks, Nats X 2 plus Dethkamp 1. Either she or Jordyn won UB, both doing great there. Also watch out for the return of McKenzie Wofford – she’s only been out of the cast for her broken metatarsel that kept her out of Championships for one week, but if she can improve that much more between now and 9/21, she should be on one of these teams. Macko finally made her Church-Pak connection in verification, but then strangely fell on the Tkatchev at the end (which she’s NEVER done). Nevertheless, she’s still making a hugely stong case for herself lately. Anna only verified UB and fell, not sure on what Sad

-I think either Shawn or Vega won BB, they both did great on it. Gabby hit her set there and I think Wofford did too.

-Jordyn won FX, but we already knew that from Geddert’s FB or twitter or something, I guess.

At this point, the world team could easily consist of: Sac, Jordyn, Aly, Gabby then maybe Macko, Maroney (did not verify anything b/c of her back), possibly even Wofford. Shawn and Vega are improving but their mutual lack of big UB D-scores makes it really hard to see how they would fit in. Maybe as ALTs? I’d much rather see them lead the Pan Am team.

It will all come down to Dethkamp #2, which will have TWO competitions, all with hard landings.

Where the hell have I been?

September 9, 2011

Paul Hamm arrested and fired? Wow I miss a few days with real life and all hell breaks lose.

I haven’t watched the video where he falls over yet but I can’t wait.

Sarah has to write a blog about this.

Honestly I wouldn’t mind him going away for say, 6 months and not being ready for 2012.

I’ll have more to say on this at a later date. I have a sleepover tomorrow night which means not much computer fun til Sunday night. There are only 3 things more important then my two fans. One is the boy and the others are the loves of my life. They trump about anything and I am the favorite:)


Camp fall down

September 8, 2011

The last day of camp was a lot of fun according to Aunt Joyce. I won’t be linking him because frankly I am over blogs only in existence to get gymnasts to be friends with them but take for granted that anything I say here about camp comes from Aunt Joyce unless noted.

So Anna Li, Bridget Sloan and Macko all fell off bars. Anna was consistent in training until it mattered, then she fell. Gabby hit bars. Chellsie did not do bars. Shawn hit bars but with no upgrade.

So what does this tell us?

Chellsie Memmel not doing bars is a big mistake. If she plans on saving herself for the next camp it is going to be to late. Chellsie also fell off beam.

Anna Li hitting in practice and falling when it matters SHOULD be a wake up call. Even considering her for just bars with the way this team is at the moment will only hurt the US in the end.

Bridget Sloan is the interesting case. She fell. She fell all over the place last year and hit when it mattered. Taking a chance on her didn’t bite us in the ass last time but that was last time.

No news on anyone else.

Looks more and more like Gabby Douglas will be on this team.

Maybe a good idea will be to forget bars and just use Aly or Mckayla and build up beam and floor by taking Shawn for beam and Sabrina for floor. Shawn could do bars, beam and vault in prelims. We could see how the judges will score her on bars.

That would make the team

Jordyn, Alicia, Aly, Mckayla, Sabrina and Shawn using whoever hits best in prelims for bars. It would be the extreme gamble that might pay off in the end.

In this scenario Gabby stays home. Sabrina is as big of a head case as Gabby but she usually hits floor.

In related news Alicia has a tweet that implies she is already on the team. Her ego amazes me. I can’t wait for her to be pushed out next year on a 5 member team. Time to knock her ego down.