Integrity. What would you do?

Any time I can get the opportunity to use an Eminem song I will do it:)

Lets just say someone offered you some privy information if you erased something for them on your blog would you do it?

It isn’t illegal but I would be questioning my integrity if I chose to sell my soul for this information.

You can love or hate this blog but the one thing you should know when reading it is that I stand by my opinion. There have been multiple blogs I have regretted after the fact but when I wrote the opinion I meant it. Erasing those blogs would be a mistake.

I hate bringing this out in the open but I feel like I need some advice. I will say this though. I promised to keep names out of it when this subject originally came up and I still plan on doing that. What you told me was in private and what I wrote you I meant.

The question is what would you do? Would you erase something or would you leave it up?

Well I have chosen to not sell my soul even though I am sure the information would be worth it. IMO the integrity of this blog would come into question if I chose to do what was asked of me. Now some people think I have no but those people’s opinion don’t matter.

Would love to hear what you think. If you wrote a blog would you erase the information for different information? or would you leave it as is?

I am leaving the tags section empty. A promise is a promise.



TCO. Your comments keep going to spam for some reason. This conspiracy theorist un-spammed your latest comment:)

Oh and Robin, I don’t know the name of Couch’s music. Sorry I couldn’t find it.


14 Responses to “Integrity. What would you do?”

  1. exgymgurll Says:

    First off the person offering it doesnt have much integrity if it NEEDS to get out, and they’re only offering it in exchange they should just give it to you anonymously and let you do as you will with it. I dont think any true whistle blower would ask you to remove information in exchange for information. It will probably show up on another site…

  2. exgymgurll Says:

    I think if the news is that Nastia isnt really coming back *yawn* …totally not worth your integrity…I think I was right all along….I think she basically announced that in the video Aunt Joyce put up, her body language when she says “I’ll be in London whether or not Im competing” and she looks away …. and talks about Rebecca carrying on the WOGA legacy…plus interesting Nastia is working out in full makeup and hair… esp considering the piece is supposed to be about Rebecca and Rebecca obviously isnt in full makeup and hair

  3. just a thought Says:

    Maybe the person was offerring you just normal information, nt in exchange for anything, but considering that they were the ones who left the information, and you have no way for them to modify things people wrote themselves, they are waiting for you to show you have some integrity before entrusting you to other secret information.
    If someone finds that what they have done, even if it was an honest thing in the first place was hurtful enough to someone else, that others were talking to them about what hurtful thing was going on, and they want to stop it, that is having integrity.
    When the owner of the blog will not let the person delete the comments they left, the blog owner is more interested in having the gossip on their site then they are in having said integrity.
    So, if integrity is really the question in order, you would have much more by deleting the things the AUTHOR has asked to have deleted.
    If you were instead deleting something that you had written yourself, it would be a question of integrity the other way.
    The point is, the deleting the information is a show of integrity and trust, not an exchange.
    If people cannot trust that you are not out there to take something from them at all cost just to get a hit, then they are not interested in trusting you with further information since they know that the consequences will not matter to you.
    Further, unless there is someone else privy to the national training camps for the international elites, the information will not be posted elsewhere.

  4. gymtruthteller Says:

    I don’t think people understand how IP numbers but I’ll go with it.

    A- WordPress is the one that decided people could not delete their own comments not me.

    B- I wasn’t the one that posted the information you did.Maybe you should have thought about it before you did. I find it hilarious you are blaming me for your own words.

    What you wrote was not hurtful at all. The one thing that was hurtful I deleted for you.

    The rest doesn’t mention names or call anyone names.


    Exgymgurl, Thanks. That is what I thought.

  5. just a thought Says:

    So, you see the integrity issue is yours:-)
    That being said, it is true, you were not trustworthy when called upon, and therefore am really glad I didn’t say anything else.
    Oh, well.
    Best wishes.

  6. just a thought Says:

    Anything for a hit (why the integrity issue is yours), not anything to do the right thing.

  7. gymtruthteller Says:

    So long. I think the fact I am not spreading your name all over the internet after this proves just how trust worthy I am.

    Now not selling my soul for the possibility of getting information from you also ends up being in my favor.

    Have a nice night and good luck.


  8. dd Says:

    G.T.T You are doing the right thing.

    This person tried to blackmail you into deleting the truth. If you deleted it then I think everyone would be questioning your integrity.

    I can imagine all the wogaettes sitting here freaking out over what was said.

  9. Gyminy Says:

    I just like how you were going to gracefully let repliers tell “heshewhomustnotbenamed” that he or she was an idiot and not make him or her own up to it, but then he or she exposes him- or herself and looks like a total idiot. Nice job, “heshewhomustnotbenamed”… Oh and btw, this is the Internet. No matter if gymtruthteller deletes the info or not, it still exists. Once something is published, it can NEVER fully be erased. Prime example, the Chinese publications with false ages. Can you say “Whoops?”

  10. gymtruthteller Says:

    Thanks DD:) It is kind of funny think most of Woga read what was written and they are up in arms about it.

    Thanks Gyminy. The funny thing is I approved the comment because the name was different and then I realized that the IP was the same. Then I responded. There is another post by this person offering woga videos which I also approved then realized after the fact it was the same IP. Guess those videos won’t be coming anytime

    Oh well. To each their own.

  11. dd Says:

    Pretty impressive how closely you followed the comments to know heshewhomustnotbenamed and justahtought were the same person. It never dawned on me until I read the comments by Gyminy.

  12. Gyminy Says:

    At first, I was like, the person who asked gymtruthteller really wouldn’t be dumb enough to comment on this, would they? Then, I reread the comments and realized that, yes, they would.

    I mean, gymtruthteller was nice enough not to mention them by name. A futile effort 😦 Now we know that heshewhomustnotbenamed is still following this blog, despite trying to BRIBE the blogger.

    Gymtruthteller, your integrity is not being questioned here. Honestly, you are the only one out of the two of you that showed integrity.

    Heshewhomustnotbenamed/justathought- Bribing is illegal in most countries and in many of the states. People go to jail for it. Honestly, learn from this before you try to bribe a police officer to do your dirty work. If you didn’t want something out there, you shouldn’t have typed it in the first place. SMH.

  13. gymtruthteller Says:

    Thank you Gyminy.

  14. exgymgurll Says:

    If WOGA is up in arms about what you said or exposed SO BE IT!!!! If the truth hurts and you are willingly PAYING to submit your children to the system, your choice. Just wake up and realize the lie you are buying into has a lot more to do with telling all your friends at work that your kid trains at WOGA and having them be all impressed. If it’s not true why are they so upset why??? Because for the most part it is true and it struck a nerve….

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