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Komeback Katelyn?

September 20, 2014

Look who is back in the gym (Thanks Brittany for the info)

Now don’t get too excited just yet this could be for College and she needs to get in shape but maybe just maybe we will have some real competition for next season even if it is from a Woga-ette which we all know means OVERSCORING

This is from Katelyn Instagram.

In celebration of this crazy sport that I can’t even begin to describe. Getting back has been one long, hard journey, but it feels good to be back. #HappyNationalGymnasticsDay

P.S.- I know how to spell comeback. This is a play on words 🙂


Russia changes team again. This blog is all kinds of awesome for news on Russia in English. (Thanks Ilanchik20)


Pac Rim Podium Training vidoes

March 15, 2012


Watch Kyla clear the Russians sitting on the sidelines

woo who.

Nice job by Jordyn

Woga Classic

February 20, 2012

IG’s facebook has some video
IG Article
Gymnastike Videos

Better Quality videos (This is the march in)

Other Videos

I wasn’t impressed but it is February so no one needs to impress now anyway.

That being said Rebecca Bross looked like crap. She was her usual aggressive self on beam but I will never get what it is about this girl that impresses people. She is worse then Carly Patterson when it comes to being robotic but at least Carly had a little bit of rhythm to her on her best event. Rebecca is just clod hopping skill landed low after clod hopping skill.

On bars her form was worse then usual. You would think with all that time off on the power events she would have worked on her execution and technique on bars but she didn’t even swing the bar well.

I know. I know. IT’S FEBRUARY!!

I know the world loves Katelyn Ohashi for her potential but I think she has lost a lot of the spark she had as a junior gymnast. Technically she is still a junior but she has grown a lot the last year. The rhythm and flow she had seems to be disappearing too.

Her beam skills are looking more secure but she isn’t going to credit for some of her connections if the judges are being fair.

Her floor had a lot of messy landings and she flung a couple of passes.

I will give Valeri a little credit. The scores were not scam cup worthy like I expected but then again his Princess Nastia didn’t compete. Then again I just compared her scores to other scores and she was generously scored compared to others.

Nastia was apparently rude to some autograph seekers last night. I read somewhere her shoulder was sore so we now have #NastiaExcuse#1

:Sore Shoulder

Here is Madison Kocian on bars. She hit almost every handstand near perfectly except two. She had several form breaks from the calves down and one big leg separation. I had originally had this as the most impressive routine of the night but I changed that when I saw a better version of the video.

Here is Simone Biles, Amanar. This kid has power.

Her floor was blah presentation wise and her double layout wasn’t as impressive as her vault but she has potential on these two events. It’s too bad I see her in College more then as successful elite.


Junior All-Around VT UB BB FX Total
1. Kaitlyn Ohashi 5.8 14.45 6.0 13.50 7.0 15.70 5.4 13.75 57.40
2. Madison Kocian 5.0 14.00 6.3 15.10 5.6 14.05 5.2 13.40 56.55
3. Simona Bile 6.5 16.15 4.5 11.35 5.7 14.00 5.5 13.85 55.35
4. Peyton Ernst 5.8 14.60 5.1 12.15 6.4 14.50 5.3 12.05 53.30
5. Polina Shchennikova 5.0 13.50 5.9 13.35 5.3 13.40 5.1 12.70 52.95
6. Olena Vasilyeva 5.0 12.85 6.2 14.20 5.6 10.70 4.9 12.05 49.80
7. Macy Toronjo 5.0 12.90 0.0 0.00 4.7 12.35 5.3 12.90 38.15
8. Veronica Hults 6.0 14.00 14.00


Senior All-Around VT UB BB FX Total
1. Mackenzie Brannan 5.3 14.05 6.0 14.00 5.3 13.60 5.5 13.25 54.90
2. Krystyna Sankova 5.0 13.55 5.3 12.40 5.9 14.10 5.6 12.05 52.10
3. Claire Hammen 5.2 13.60 5.1 11.90 4.7 12.70 5.1 11.75 49.95
4. Leslie Delgado 4.6 13.10 4.5 11.15 5.0 10.00 4.5 11.25 45.50
5. Briley Casanova 5.3 13.90 4.8 12.55 5.3 13.50 39.95
6. Hayley Sanders 5.9 13.90 13.90

Katelyn Ohashi on beam

February 20, 2011

Watch more video of 2011 WOGA Classic on

By now you know this kid drives me nuts. Not so much her fault more like the judges giving her say a score of 13.000 on floor when she fell twice ( Really Woga? Try and justify but I keep forgetting this kid isn’t eligible for 2012 so all she needs to do is learn to be consistent (and maybe actually do a switch ring that deserves to be credited)

Other wise this was a pretty impressive routine from Katelyn. Good for her.

I will give Liukin credit for putting real skills in this kids beam routine. Unlike his other gymnast and her code whoring cheap skills.

How interesting that Gymnastike chose not to put her floor routine up.

I also noticed that Katelyn looks a lot taller compared to last year. At Nationals she looked 6 in person.

Junior Pan Am’s start next week

October 28, 2009


Here is a list someone sent me that they got from a message board. Pick your team. IMO this is who the team will be if everyone is healthy.

Only 4 members allowed, These are my picks:

Jordyn Weiber
Kyla Ross
Bridgette Caquatto
Sabrina Vega


Morgan Smith, Brandy Johnson’s
Alexandra Raisman, Brestyan’s
Alexis Priesman, Cincinnati
Amanda Jetter, Cincinnati
Sabrina Vega, Dynamic
Gabriella Douglas, Excalibur
Jordyn Weiber ,Geddert’s
Kamerin Moore, Geddert’s
Kyla Ross, Gym Max
Bridgette Caquatto, Naperville
Sophina DeJesus, SCEGA
McKenzie Wofford, Stars Houston
Kennedy Baker, Texas Dreams
Napualani Hall, Texas Dreams
Hallie Mossett, West Coast Elite
Briley Casanova, WOGA
Grace McLaughlin,WOGA
Katelyn Ohashi, WOGA
Lizzy LeDuc, WOGA
Madison Kocian, WOGA
Sophia Lee, WOGA