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Iordache Wins Stuttgart World Cup

November 30, 2014

Play List

Women’s All-Around

1. Larisa Iordache 15.133 14.700 15.333 14.600 59.766
2. Jessica Lopez 14.600 14.833 14.200 14.166 57.799
3. Kim Bui 14.133 14.600 13.666 14.266 56.665
4. Vanessa Ferrari 13.800 13.933 14.333 14.366 56.432
5. Aliya Mustafina 15.000 13.833 13.600 13.966 56.399
6. Alla Sosnitskaya 14.333 14.000 12.933 14.100 55.366
7. Ellie Black 13.933 13.733 13.700 13.833 55.199
8. Lisa-Katharina Hill 13.933 14.966 12.700 13.266 54.865

The official end of my Skating loves

November 18, 2014

Fumie Suguri offically retired today. Yeah I know you all thought she retired years ago (so did I:) but today she announced it.

So with the retirement of Daisuke Takahashi last October and Michelle Kwan giving it up 8 years ago 😦 I am now officially retired from being a Figure Skating fan.

Oh sure I will be back to bitch about fixed Olympics competitions and the overscoring of Gracie Gold but the last reason to stay up late or wake up early to see who won a competition retired today.

Watching this video above made me teary eyed. Its a sad day when you know the last emotional attachment you have had to a skater is over because she is no longer competing. My love for the sport died years ago.

As much as I like Mao and Yuna its just not the same anymore. The Skating itself is unwatchable and the fixed judging is as blatant as ever. There really is no reason to be a dedicated fan anymore.

So Happy Retirement Fumie. I will always remember seeing you skate live at Worlds in 2003 where I argued with the lady sitting next to me because she insisted Sasha should have the bronze medal and I told her she was nuts ( I was right:) and your class on and off the ice was always a pleasure.

Here is Fumie’s statement.

I have announced retirement from
competitive figure skating carrier last week.
As most of figure skaters retired in their 20s,
many of you are surprised that I have been
competing until 33 years old.

My goal is always has been Olympic
After skated in XIX Olympic Winter Games (2002, Salt Lake City)
XX Olympic Winter Games (2006, Torino),
I kept skating even from very small local competitions
in order to get a chance for Olympic again,

“Holy Place” I don’t know any other words to
describe Olympic Games.
Olympic has cast a spell over me
when I first experienced in 2002,
since then I put myself together to
get another chance for 2006.
I got the chance, and proved myself.
There was no regret after my performance,
I did my best performance there,
although I finished 4th place.
I think I was missing something,but I couldn’t understand
what I was missing.
I thought I would never find out the answer
unless I go back to Olympic Games,
and this is why I had been skating until now,
because I always had a dream.

However as a competitor I had to face to the reality
that I will be 37 when the next Olympic Games
are taking place, and above all, I haven’t even
qualified for The Japan Figure Skating Championships
this year after I finished 8th in qualify competition.
I finally decided to leave competitive field.

Looking back my carrier, I have been skating for
28 years since I was 6.
First of all, I want to thanks to all the support
from fans. Their warm encouragements always
pushed my back, especially when I was down and
was about to lose confidence.
I am very lucky to have met all of you and
I would never been able to imagine my skating life without you.
Thank you again.

Also many thanks to my sponsor company,
Phoenix and Kappa skating club, to believe in my skating
and support my carrier.

Finally, I want to thank my parents, for your
enormous support and love to have me keep skating for 28 years.

After my retirement, I will keep studying under
Lori Nichol who has choreographed my program since I was 15.
Lori has taught me the joy of skating and skating foundations
Not only skating skills but also expressiveness occupied
important part of judgments.

When I think how I can contribute to future skating,
my answer is to become a professional choreographer
and pass tradition and charm of figure skating I learned
from Lori to younger generations.

My goal is always Olympic Games, this has not been changed.
I am not able to come back as a competitor,
although I will be back as a choreographer and
would like to show my programs through great skaters.

So, this is just beginning.
Until my programs receive standing ovation from spectators in Olympic Games, my journey will go on.

Thank you very much.


Taylor takes on Rhythmic Gymnastics

November 12, 2014

Looks like Gymnastics isn’t the only fixed sport at the Olympics and speaking of fixed sports

Taylor calls it rhythmic dancing most of the video and she clearly has not found her calling. Anyone recognize any of these gymnasts?

And just because it makes me smile I am posting this. Number 2 is freaking un real oh and Rask nice goaling tonight dumbass.

Shawn Johnson Signature Gymnastics Series

November 6, 2014


Shawn Johnson’s new set of Gymnastics Meets

Thanks Bess.

Hee Hee