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Jeselo Results

March 31, 2012

Senior AA
Senior Team
Junior AA
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IG Magazine does their write up and totally ignores the fact Rebecca Bross fell off both the events she did. Instead choosing to post she had knee surgery LAST August. I guess it pays to be a member of Woga. It’s a shame that this is the only Magazine we have to follow for this sport. Their biased coverage makes me ill.

9.3 execution score. Ticket to London

A Parekette I might actually like? naaaaaaaaaah ๐Ÿ™‚

Maroney on floor. Love how she beats Aly in the US but never out.

This is an improvement for her but still a mess.

You are injured and off your feet for 8 months and you don’t even attempt to fix your form? Her legs are as bad as Aly in this video. In fact I think she had more leg separations.

Messy and missed connections. I love how she nearly lands on her ass on her dismount but lands on her feet.

Doesn’t Gabby Douglas know Soap Opera’s are being cancelled left and right?

March 30, 2012

I guess they wrote this article before the Pac Rims because quoting Elfi Schlegel as your “expert” for gymnastics would be like asking Kevin Mchale for NBA trade advice. (for those who don’t understand this is a bad thing. A very bad thing)

Here is an article on Gabby Douglas It reads like a soap opera with bitter exes and ungrateful spoiled children bad mouthing their step parents. Drama, drama, drama.

The story starts with Gabby bad mouthing her ex coaches to time Magazine.

“I wanted to make my Olympic dreams a reality, so I told my Mom, ‘I need a better coach, and I need a better coach now,’ ” Douglas recently told Time magazine

And it continues with disgruntled ex coaches feeling cheated. Can you blame them? It must suck to train a child, see them finally start to reap the rewards of your success only to have them sell you out for the next big thing. You really start to understand where they are coming from when you find out Gabby’s mother borrowed money from them to keep Gabby training. Have you ever heard of a coach paying to coach a gymnast? That is crazy.

This article has a lot of mud slinging from both sides and I am sure the Gabby Apologists are going to start whining about Dena Walker being bitter but the bad words started out of Gabby’s mouth, to time magazine. Anyone being badmouthed would feel the need to fight back.

In the end Gabby really only has herself to answer to if things do not end up how she wants them too. If she wanted to train somewhere else she has every right to do that but if you are going to sling mud then you have to deal with the consequences when it all goes public.


Other quotes and my opinion,

Hawkins said she first tried to move her entire family in with an uncle in Texas, where Gabby would train with an acclaimed coach. But the coach, out of loyalty to Walker and Moure, would not accept Douglas. The next stop was Chow, who, after calling to tell the Excalibur coaches that Douglas was at his door, took her in.

Woga? Texas Dreams? Which coach actually has some integrity?

What is she to do, she wonders, when her gifted child reports that her coaches openly bicker so much that she’s lost confidence in their shared approach? When her daughter is falling behind rivals because national staffers say she’s being taught skills incorrectly? And when the gym refuses her direct request to alter the coaching arrangement?

“I wasn’t looking to move my child all the way to Iowa,” Hawkins said. “They didn’t leave me a choice but to leave. I won’t tell you all about the dysfunction that was going on in the gym.”

Gabby is 16 so any real fall out from this story is squarely blamed on the parent. The parent who also felt the need to ‘sling mud” I guess the apple does not fall far from the tree. Not only that but Gabby’s mother blaming Gabby being a head case on her ex coaches (Falling behind) lost all merit when Gabby tanked at Pac Rims UNDER Chow.

As for those coaches’ claims that she’s ignoring a debt of $20,000, Hawkins laughs at the figure. Anyway, she said, she has it in writing that Douglas was on full scholarship – with payback necessary only if Excalibur’s coaches got Douglas to the Olympics.

You know what this reminds me of? An episode of People’s court. The boyfriend borrows money from the girlfriend before they break up, then claims he was given the money as a gift. There is no way in hell that the Excaliber coaches lent money to Gabby’s mother and did not expect to be paid back.

Damage to reputation goes both ways, Hawkins said, and if there’s a money issue, “they have my number.”

Someone sounds bitter. Someone needs to shut up before Marta realizes her daughters talent isn’t worth the bad publicity. The 2012 Olympic team isn’t going to sell out fan friendly tours if articles like this exist. Not very likable.

Doha World Cup Finals

March 30, 2012


1. Beth Tweddle 6.9 8.275 15.175

2. Jiang Yuyuan 6.6 8.275 14.875

3. Lisa Katharina Hill 6.1 8.475 14.575

4. Larisa Iordache 6.2 8.325 14.525

5. Marta Pihan-kulesza 5.7 8.575 14.275

5. Diana Bulimar 5.6 8.675 14.275

7. Giulia Steingruber 5.7 8.075 13.775
8. Nadine Jarosch 5.4 8.325 13.725

Doha World Cup prelims

March 29, 2012


Easily my favorite Romanian. Even if she is a head case most of the time.

Steingruber – 13,600
Becket (RSA) – 13,575
Jarosch – 13,450
Belak – 13,400
Antipenko (Kaz) – 13,200
Mutlu (Tur) – 12,850
Manassova (Kaz) – 12,800
Frandofert (Pol) – 12,700

Tweddle โ€“ 15,800
Jiang – 14,900
Hill – 14,550
Bulimar – 14,500
Iordache – 14,400
Pihan – 14,150
Jarosch – 13,500
Steingruber – 13,450

Ponor- 15,250
Monckton – 14,350
Whelan – 14,050
Lรณpez – 13,900
Pihan – 13,700
Steingruber – 13,650
Malaussena – 13,550
Hill – 13,400

Bulimar – 14,950
Ponor – 14.450
Jiang – 14,050
Pihan – 13.800
Sabatou (Fra) – 13,550
Sajn – 13,250
Brennan – 13,050
Hill – 12,850

Hidden Gem

March 20, 2012

After sitting through what seemed like 100 Junior event final routines filled with badly done double tucks as their first tumbling pass on you tube I came across this little Gem I did not expect.

Nina Lou. from China on beam.

She had a 6.2 difficulty and did a very good job. Do yourself a favor, don’t watch her floor. It will ruin the mood.

I also have to throw in Amelia Hundley on floor. The routine we didn’t get to see (Thanks NBC) during team finals was done a little better but she finished second to the chosen one.

This is very much a MLT original (Amelia reminds me a bit of Jaycie Phelps)

and just for the record Katelyn’s score on floor was extremely overscored.

Live blogging taped delay. Woo

March 17, 2012

BOO Giants, Yay bruins, I LOVE MARCH MADNESS. The Peyton Manning ego maniac tout continues and now we have gymnastics.

Significant competitions LMAO.


Katelyn Ohashi did a good job on her vault.

What do you mean American great Shannon Miller Tim? Shannon was world great. I am surprised they mentioned her at all.

Emily Little falls off beam. She is now shaky on everything else.

Lexie Preissman on vault. Short landing. Not like her usual vaults. Both feet out of bounds.

LETS GO BRUINS!!!!!!!!!!!! (Expect this every once in awhile. They are on the other channel. Or I can watch the Celtics lose by 25 to Sacramento HAHAHAHAHA:)

What all the other teams mess up. Gotta love NBC. Christine Lee did a good job on bars but she swings the bars so slowly. She has that wobbly Canadian vibe on beam but she is staying on.
There you Victoria. Your floor on

Scary announcers. Someone throw popcorn at Al Trautwig.

That is called not keeping focus Gabby. Sorry but that was an over score. Still not buying the injury excuse. Maybe it was a precaution but it is highly suspect. NBC did not commentate this live. Tim was so phony on the whole Gabby vault thing. He knew it was coming and I suspect we will see the Australian injury on floor tonight.

As Missy pointed out in the comments. Gabby got credit for the Amanar on vault when she clearly did a DTY. Take another 7 tenths off that score to make it fair. Good catch Missy.


COMMERCIAL, What kind of father sits there and smiles while his kid jumps on furniture.

GO Kyla!!!!! The wild card, the sleeper. HA THE CONTENDER! Good girl Kyla:)

HOLY POWER Kyla. WOW, Huge power from such a tiny kid. She has to be training that triple yurchenko.

Jordyn hit. Hop and over score but still pretty good.

Lauren Mitchell on beam. Pretty good until the landing.

Tan Sixin on floor. I would not call her the A team. B plus maybe.


Amelia on bars. They should have shown her vault. WOW, She killed those handstands. Great job. Her score was too low IMO. I am sure the nit picky deductions got her but that was a lot better then a 14.000

Dear China, STOP smiling when you mess up.

Katelyn on bars, (1.38 was our first Nastia mention) Nice job Katelyn.

They BETTER NOT Skip Kyla on bars. Oh NBC. Way to pull your usual ****

Where is my damn baseball? I finally am awake before 3 and there is no baseball? What a rip off.

Some credit for Jordyn. Bout time. She is tired so he is closing the doors. Good job John.

Jordyn on bars. Nice routine. Probably a little over scored but she hit and it looked pretty good for her.

Georgia Simpson ambulance ride. At least they did not show the actual injury.

Kyla had the form issue on the van Lewin but what do you mean no difficulty Tim? She has a 6.2 only 3 behind Gabby and 1 behind Jordyn. NBC SUCKS!

THERE WAS NO LIMP while Gabby was walking to bars.

Love how NBC does not give scores after making stupid comments about difficulty.

Gabby was not perfect on bars. She pulled a Chinese bar routine stalling in the middle pulling up but we don’t point out the facts when the media loves someone.



That little girl in the gymnastics commercial did a great job on bars. That pull over she did on bars was great


Lauren on floor. Love how she leaps out of bounds but gets back in during her leap for no

That was a pretty good routine for Lauren. What I saw because it is hard to type while watching a routine. Leap out of every pass.

NBC is now making this a Gabby and Jordyn production. The camera is on them and the camera man just moved over from Lexie (who was sitting next to Jordyn on the left) to focus on Gabby sitting on Jordyn’s right. I hate NBC.



especially YOU Andy Petitte. R-E-T-I-R-E a-g-a-i-n


Chinese on bars. Tan messed up and she fell. I think we have seen this before……

The little girls from New Zealand are cute as buttons and NBC Acknowledged they exist. Wow. Little Milly (sp) just went sky high on that double tuck.


During Katelyn’s beam we are going to go into full OHASHI is too young for the Olympic mode. Let me sleep during that. It happens every 4 years NBC. Get a clue.


Amelia on beam, She is staying on but having a few bobbles. Being the lead off is huge in Marta’s head so her staying on is great for her even if she bobbles. Great dismount. Someone needs to give this kid mad props. She was pretty much named to this team mostly because she trains with Lexie.

Kyla has three small tiny bobbles and Elfi is acting like she made huge mistakes. I hate NBC. I knew they would nit pick her because that is what Marta wants.

How convenient that the Gabby is awesome fluff comes next. They are already getting the sap story fans involved.

Gabby was nailing that routine but the fall on beam made her fall apart. Then she limps again. NBC makes the excuses we heard last night. She did not limp until she fell which means the excuses everyone makes for Gabby are also in her head.

Still no scores. Really NBC? Why no scores????


Katelyn is kind of a stumpy little gymnast but very talented. She had a bobble after the sheep and a slight one on the turn. (Nastia mention number 2 at 2.29) but great job.

Jordyn on beam. I forget. She did a good job.

Katelyn was overscored on floor. She had bobbles after every pass and while I personally do not think you need expression on your face when you compete many people always complain when anyone else looks like Katelyn did during a floor routine. I will never understand how Nastia code whored her way to Olympic gold but Katelyn and Rebecca have real skills with real difficulty. How does a coach have such different plans for his gymnasts paths?

Tan fell. I missed most of it.

Lexis on floor: Double double, OOB but very high. She sells her routine but I just don’t find it watchable dance wise.

That song will not sound great in Rio Al because 4 years from now Lexie will have a new routine!!!! lol

Oh Kyla. I don’t love the floor routine and I want some upgrades (A double tuck? A double twist?) but for your first meet as a senior you did a good job. You need to improve if you want tat second AA spot.

China falls again. They have like a little assembly line of gymnasts.

More Kyla bashing by NBC.

Jordyn on floor. Will they show Amelia on her best event? Doubt it.

Jordyn nailed her first pass. Step on her double pike but she proves again why she is the WORLD CHAMPION!


I hate NBC and I hate the way they pick and chose their little princesses. I can’t take more years with this network.

Katelyn had the meet of her life. 4 great routines and yet Kyla was only 8 tenths behind her with more then a point worth of deductions on her vault. Do the math. Kyla would have been ahead of her in the AA and yes I know, would DOES NOT MATTER but to make such broad statements that Kyla has a lot of work to do and then praise Ohashi in the next breath when a Kyla mistake was the only difference in her being ahead of her is bad reporting. So far no mention of Kyla being second in the AA.

EXCUSES from Gabby. Better safe then sorry yes but EXCUSES!!!!!!!!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, I don’t care how cute the gymnasts from New Zealand are. SHOW US GYMNASTICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and just for Jen…. (WINK)



Pac Rim quick hits

March 16, 2012

Who do I have to sleep with to get some damn scores quick hits ????

Here is a picture Thanks to Geddert on twitter

Night time quick hits

usa-gym quick hits



YAY Amelia. BETTER execution scores for her DTY then Ohashi. TAKE NOTE US NATIONALS and stop over scoring Ohashi.

The rest, wow. Gabby tanks. According to quick hit she abandoned the Amanar. Sounds like it was mid flight. Kyla over-rotated her Amanar and Jordyn Wieber says. ” Me the World Champ bitches” okay not really but I am glad she hit. Only a 15.300 for Lexie. She must not have been perfect.

Kyla over rotating an Amanar. Maybe the rumored triple Amanar is true. Would explain the too much power. She denied it during podium training but “had a big smile” on her face was quoted.


Katelyn Ohashi 5.8 9.050 14.850
Lexie Priessman 6.5 8.800 15.300
Gabrielle Douglas 6.5 7.750 13.950 (-0.3)
Kyla Ross 6.5 8.350 14.850
Jordyn Wieber 6.5 9.200 15.700
Amelia Hundley 5.8 9.150 14.950

So far so good. Quick hits have died but based on scores everyone is hitting. YAY, Kyla and that execution score on bars but it looks like something wasn’t given credit. Only a 6.2 Difficulty score instead of a 6.3 Gabby hit bars which is VERY good after she choked away vault.

Uneven Bars,

Amelia Hundley 5.6 8.400 14.000
Katelyn Ohashi 6.0 8.650 14.650
Jordyn Wieber 6.3 8.700 15.000
Kyla Ross 6.2 9.050 15.250
Gabrielle Douglas 6.4 9.100 15.500
Lexie Priessman 5.7 8.600 14.300


Us is on a bye next rotation. I don’t understand the line up for beam. Jordyn last, fine but Kyla second before Gabby? Pulease.

Balance Beam:

Amelia Hundley 5.8 8.400 14.200
Kyla Ross 6.1 8.900 15.000


Right now we have Canada, Japan and some others. I won’t be here for this but I might be here tonight.

Here is the link

Facebook has some too.
Same person.

quick hits

How is it even possible to find 1.6 in deductions of a Yurchenko full ????

Pac Rim Podium Training vidoes

March 15, 2012


Watch Kyla clear the Russians sitting on the sidelines

woo who.

Nice job by Jordyn

The Nastia Liukin way.

March 14, 2012

Everyone else was at camp. Not because it is their favorite thing to do but because they were told. It’s time to put up or shut up but not Nastia Liukin. She is “hurt” she can’t come to camp. She can’t show what she has 4 months before the Olympics. Oh no she is in LA filming the price to right?

Are you ******* kidding me?

She is there to “promote” the Olympic Trials. A place she wouldn’t sniff if the world was fair. Hell, I am not sure the world is even round anymore.

Any boss worth their shit would be banning this little twit from any camps in the future after pulling this little ditty but Marta probably sent her there to do it.

If I am Aly Raisman or Mckayla Maroney this pisses me off. They are one of the two likely left off the Olympic team so little miss perfect can be named to the team.

What about Shawn, Alicia or Bridget ? ALL were given no assignments at all after the most recent camp (even though they probably weren’t ready to compete anyway) They were practically threatened to be at camp but Nastia gets to stay home and rest her ” hurt shoulder”

Please tell me I am not the only person who finds this complete bullshit?

Someone tell Rebecca Bross to stop competing because it is obvious the only way on the Olympic team is to kiss Marta’s big fat ass. Just ask Nastia.


USA-Gymnastics up to their old tricks again

March 13, 2012

Someone at IG captured this before USA-Gymnastics deleted it. This is so freaking

If you need any proof USA-Gymnastics is up Nastia’s ass here you go.

I don’t a single thing this person said should have been deleted. What isn’t true?

If someone wrote this about Shawn I bet it would still be up.

Thanks for the laugh IG. You rock.

Dear USAG,

For the sake of the sport, I honestly hope this whole Pro-Nastia mentality is a phase, and nothing else. The deletion of my comment is one thing, personally, it’s no skin off my back, I don’t really care, I have other forums at which to express my, ‘biased’, opinion. What really bothers me is that I can’t point out certain truths because they’re ‘anti’-Nastia.

I’m sorry, but in what …world must I worship the ground she walks on? She’s the one who constantly yearns for attention. Honestly, what kind of person, much less athlete and Olympic Champion, announces their ‘come-back’ during the World Championship a few hours after a team member injures their Achilles? Not to mention that she took credit for giving the team their ‘pep-talk’ right before they competed, when it’s common knowledge their team captain did so.

Also, I’m not going to pretend as if I believe Marta knows what’s best for the team, evident in the US not having won since 1996. She isn’t doing anyone any favors by not sending Sabrina Vega, Shawn Johnson, Anna Li, etc and giving them an international stage in the Olympic year to showcase upgrades, get their feet wet, and what not. It’s ludicrous, but hey… I’m not the one who chooses the teams… Oh, wait… Nastia is on that committee as well, isn’t she? It’s ridiculous.

I digress, why not send Nastia? Does she really expect to wow at Nationals and automatically make the team? Is she really that delusional? I’m not kidding, when I say that I will be insanely upset if she even makes alternate to the Olympics. There are many, MANY, girls who deserve to be on that team; she does not. It being a 5 member team isn’t doing anyone any favors. The only way she will make the team is if someone who actually deserves to make that team is cut in order to make room for her subpar bars. She’s no where near Olympic shape, and we all know this, hell, neither is He Kexin.

Conclusively, the deletion of my comment isn’t the issue here, the issue is the lack of respect for others opinions if they aren’t pro-Nastia or Marta, and that isn’t something I support, especially, from an organization whose purpose is to represent United States Gymnastics, not the biased views of those who work there, or to glorify athletes who are has-beens.