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God help the USA

January 30, 2011


I am pretty sure I wrote this blog last year. Only difference is this year Alissa won Nationals and now I am beside myself.

I watched the LP’s tonight without sound. That was kind of fun.

I listened to Janet Jackson’s Again for Alissa. Whitney Houston’s I have nothing for Mirai and Taylors Swifts That’s the way I love you for Rachael Flatt. Then I thought how appropriate for Alissa and Mirai. They lived up to their songs. Mirai leaves Nationals with no World Championships and Alissa won back her title, Again. Rachael’s song didn’t live up to her though. That LP wasn’t fun without music.

Okay so Alissa is our hope for 3 spots next year. She also just hit two competitions in a row. Anyone remember when that happened last? I am thinking 5 years ago. She then tanked the Olympic trials/Nationals.

Mirai must have had some huge downgrades with that LP. My guess is she missed something and lost points for something. Damn new code.

The good news about this years National Championships? No Emily Hughes. That in itself gives Nationals a passing grade for me.

Women’s SP opinion

January 29, 2011

Alissa Czisny :

Alissa’s SP was clean but I have never seen her that slow before. The music doesn’t help. LOVE the dress. I actually felt bad for her when she said that the fans, judges etc… have their own opinion. Guess she hears us when we called her a head case. The truth hurts. Honestly I don’t see the polish in her skating everyone else does. ( not to the level people praise her for) When you lower your expectations and are better then your competition in some aspects it makes you look better then you are. I call this the Nastia effect. Her form is horrible but compared to some of her competition it makes her look better then she is. Alissa has some pretty spins but that is it for me.

Christina Gao:

She is so tall and slender. Eat a cookie kid. Black dress is ugly. Triple flip looked pretty. Triple toe good. She does get nice height on her jumps (stop saying what I am thinking commentators) Hate the music. Messed up double axel. Unimpressive footwork. Now this is the skating I know and loathe.:) She’s a kid I’ll give her a break. Not bad except the axel. Thought her lutz was close enough to get credit.

Agnes Zawadzki:

Horrid dress. Nice triple triple, Triple lutz a bit wonky but looked clean, God she reminds me of Terror Lipinski. Not a positive. No she reminds me of trashy Nicole Bobek even more. Dress is still ugly but I like the color. Spins are slow. Her choreography was yucky. Scott calling this spectacular? I don’t see it. Overall she was clean but I wasn’t impressed.I will give her credit for her triples. They look rotated. I’ll give the judges credit to they don’t seem to be wanting Alissa and her head case on this team.

Mirai Nagasu:

Don’t like the dress., Ugly colors. Pretty design but I don’t like the fabric. Triple lutz (edge) double toe. Nice triple Flip. Pretty music. She is kind of slow tonight. Slow, really slow spin. Decent double axel. Overall clean but not feeling any connection to the music in her at all. Honestly I thought Alissa was better.

Ashley Wagner:

I like the music. Flubbed triple flip. I like the dress even though black looks horrible on ice. Double footed triple lutz. Missed her second jump for combination. Everyone seems slow tonight so far. Decent spin travel wise. Only a little movement. Shaky double axel. The hair looks horrible. Never a big fan of Ashley Lipinksi.

Rachael Flatt:

Oh Rachael that dress is the ugliest thing I have ever seen. You look like a banana. A bright banana. The dress is flattering on her style wise but she left the hairdresser at home. LOVE EOE but I don’t think Rachael can pull off a Kwan. I have decided the dress is actually pretty it’s the color that sucks. Yes a Kwan mention. LOVE this music. Triple double. It looked clean. Triple looked nice. She got good height. Lutz looked clean. Slow spins, traveled. Nice double axel. I liked the footwork. A lot of head moving but that was well done. F*** the haters. I liked it. It wasn’t Kwan but no one will ever be Kwan. She looks like she lost some weight. Her shoulders up look slimmer. Sorry but I think that should have been second behind Alissa. Mirai was over scored.

Would have been nice to see Caroline, Alexe and Vanessa.

Skating is alive

January 29, 2011


I have totally lost interest in Skating over the years. After Michelle went away it just ended for me. I guess I was more of a Kwan fan then a skating fan all this time. Well someone posted on my facebook wall that Sarah Meier won the European Championships for the ladies I went to watch it and actually found some joy I haven’t seen in years.

For those who don’t know Sarah decided that Europeans would be her last competition and she decided to make it her best one too. She was short on a few jumps but she nailed the landings and won the LP to take over first place and put Karolina Kostner in her dust.

Honestly I haven’t been this happy for a win since Shen and Zhao won the Olympics. Sarah is one of the nice people in the sport. She is genuine and a class act and she got to go out on top. Can you ask for anything else?

Then I watched Caitlin Yankowskas and
John Coughlin’s SP and found myself enjoying that. There side by side spins were beautiful. God I even found myself enjoying the beginning of Amanda Evora and
Mark Ladwig’s LP a few minutes ago and I can’t stand their skating.

Maybe I am just in a good mood. tomorrow I’ll be back to normal:)

Women SP results

January 28, 2011

SP Results

Marai, Alissa and Rachael are your top 3


Bridget Sloan’s sense of humor

January 28, 2011

Someone sent me a recent link to her latest facebook update and it was just to freaking funny I had to share. Bridget has this sense of humor and now we know where she gets it from.

Here is what she wrote.

Bridget Elizabeth Sloan
walmart lady-“your daughter looks just like you” my dad-“she’s adopted”

US Nationals SP (women, men) skating order

January 27, 2011

Here is a link to the results. I have less interest in Skating then I have in gymnastics these days but I’ll try to update.

LIVE Results for the pairs 4.17 pm eastern time.

I hate rooting against people and my luck usually helps them do well but the last thing the US team needs to do is give Alissa damn Czisny another shot at a world team. She hit at the GP Final and as great as that is for her do we really want to put the US’s 3 spots for next year in the hands of this girl? I am scared and you should be too.

Here is the starting order for the women.

1 Kelsey Traunero, SC of Wilmington
2 Felicia Zhang, SC of New York
3 Alissa Czisny, Detroit SC
4 Christina Gao, Northern Kentucky SC
5 Kristiene Gong, All Year FSC
6 Alexe Gilles, Broadmoor SC
7 Agnes Zawadzki, Broadmoor SC
8 Caroline Zhang, All Year FSC
9 Ellie Kawamura, All Year FSC
10 Mirai Nagasu, Pasadena FSC
11 Katy Jo West, Rocky Mountain FSC
12 Raina Narita, SC of New York
13 Tatyana Khazova, Broadmoor SC
14 Morgan Bell, Rocky Mountain FSC
15 Kristine Musademba, Washington FSC
16 Keli Zhou, SC of Oregon
17 Vanessa Lam, All Year FSC
18 Joelle Forte, SC of New York
19 Ashley Wagner, SC of Wilmington
20 Yasmin Siraj, SC of Boston
21 Rachael Flatt, Broadmoor SC
22 Danielle Kahle, All Year FSC (she is still competing?)
23 Melissa Bulanhagui, University of Delaware FSC

Men: Gee all the men seem to have been pulled into the sucky luck of Michelle Kwan and skating order.

1 Keegan Messing, Alaska Assoc of Figure Skaters
2 Adam Rippon, SC of New York
3 Brandon Mroz, Broadmoor SC
4 Jonathan Cassar, All Year FSC
5 Jeremy Abbott, Detroit SC
6 Wesley Campbell, Colonial FSC
7 Jason Brown, Skokie Valley SC
8 Douglas Razzano, Coyotes SC of Arizona
9 Parker Pennington, Cleveland SC
10 Andrew Gonzales, All Year FSC
11 Ross Miner, SC of Boston
12 Grant Hochstein, St. Clair Shores FSC
13 Sean Rabbitt, Glacier Falls FSC
14 Scott Dyer, Columbia FSC (MD)
15 Ryan Bradley, Broadmoor SC
16 Christopher Caluza, All Year FSC
17 Lloyd Ting, SC of New York
18 Joshua Farris, Broadmoor SC
19 Jason Wong, SC of Boston
20 Richard Dornbush, All Year FSC
21 Armin Mahbanoozadeh, Washington FSC
22 Alexander Johnson, Broadmoor SC

Georgia vs Auburn

January 27, 2011

Thanks to my new cable I now have the College channels for ESPN and currently the Georgia vs Auburn meet is on.

So far half way through the meet the only routine I can truly recall is Kat Dings’s bar routine where her legs stayed together through the entire routine. Now I only watched it once so I might have missed some form issues but how sad is it that I can only remember one routine from half a meet?

Hilary Mauro is now on beam. She nailed her routine. I must admit I have a soft spot for Hilary Mauro like I have for Lauren Mitchell. It’s hard to be critical of the real genuine nice people in the sport. Not that I couldn’t be but I am trying to be nice here.

One girl for Auburn just had the music from Halloween (or Friday the 13th I forget) as part of her floor music. Classic.

The commentators are Bart, Kathy and Suzanne Yoculan. Suzanne is AWESOME. She just ripped Christa Tanella a good one. It was hilarious to listen to. I actually thought she was kind of critical to a nit picky point.

3 falls for Georgia so far and I must of admit it is kind of fun to see Noel Couch actually compete. Not praising her gymnastics (God no) but she looks very happy out there.

Bart Connor thinks he is Scott Hamilton. A lot less annoying but just as loud.

Thanks to my HD television everyone looks in awesome shape. I think they might have filmed this with film instead of video tape. Movies do this and that is why everyone usually looks so tall, slender and skinny.

Rachel Inniss is a bitch. I LOVE it. The interview at the beginning was classic. (She said if you don’t want to hear the truth then don’t ask me with the bitchiest look on her

She looks like pure power why did she start with a double back? Apparently she did some kind of move in her floor routine because the Heisman cheater winner I mean Heisman trophy winner came from Auburn. Oh that’s right it was his father. I forgot (rolling eyes)

Lindsey Cheek, Beautiful double pike. The b52’s as music? She is having a great meet. 4 solid routines. Not bad for a walk on.

The camera work sucks at this meet. Way to up close to the routines.

8 tenth lead when you had 3 falls. This meet must be in Georgia.

Whoever did the hair for both these teams needs to be fired. There is a lot of red highlights in College gym these days.

Huge full in for Noel. Form was wishy washy but her height was great. Dance not so much. She nailed all her landings which was impressive. She has these bent knee’s after she lands her tumbling that are very annoying.

Mariel Box? She does exist. I always thought she was a myth. Double tuck with the same bent knee’s after she landed. Weird. I know this music from somewhere. To late to apologize???

Allyson Sandusky on beam: Front walk over, back handspring layout, full turn. leap combination, I blinked, one and a half twist landing. A couple of bobbles.

Cassidy McComb. LOVE the name. A double pike, Hernando’s hideaway music. Everyone doing her dance in the background. Shayla Worley was practically on the floor making this routine a duet. I love this music. Double back dismount. 9.95 was overkill.

Hey Courtney McCool in the background giving hugs.

Rachel Inniss on beam : I day dreamed through this routine. I don’t get why she is the team leader.

Georgia wins. Suzanne interviews Gymdogs coach. He looks nice in his suit. Praises his kids. The end:)

Camp Videos

January 27, 2011

Hell week is upon the US gymnasts and had provided some videos for the fans.

GGMB hates gymnastike but I don’t understand why. We get a lot from Anne and she should be appreciated. To each their own I suppose.

Jordyn Wieber’s vault

Aly Raismans beam

Elizabeth “is going to own College gym one day ” Price ‘s vault
and that isn’t meant as a dig. It is meant as a compliment.

Alicia LYING through her teeth about

Want to know who attended camp. This video will tell you. Well it says it will tell you. I didn’t watch it.


Meet Marvin Sharp Bridget Sloan’s coach. I really like him from seeing him at meets. Seems like a nice person and all the other coaches seem to gravitate towards him at meets.

Chellsie Memmel Videos

January 25, 2011

Stolen from Aunt Joyce. Okay borrowed.

Here are some better views at Gymanstike

Chellsie’s beam

Interview with Chellsie


Dad in a cheese head shirt. Can you say GO STEELERS!!! Vault was to far away to tell if she was clean. She fell on her bars dismount. I thought she looked best on beam but this was a warm up. She doesn’t look bad but not elite shape yet.

Memmel comeback 100% confirmed

January 19, 2011

Chellsie Memmel is back and will be competing 3 events including vault at some up and coming meet she is to going to be competing in. If Memmel is competing vault people that means she is doing AA in the future. This should be interesting. Chellsie has her issues as a gymnast but I am kind of excited for this. Well I will be only if she crazy upgrades her UB with some insane skill.

Memmel’s gymnastics comeback

Chellsie Memmel, a member of the U.S. silver-medal-winning team at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, will continue a gymnastics comeback in the Circle of Stars Invitational at the Indiana Convention Center.

The meet runs Friday through Sunday and is part of USA Gymnastics’ Nastia Liukin Supergirl Cup Series. It will include more than 3,700 gymnasts from 11 states, including Hawaii, and 120 clubs. The host club is DeVeau’s School of Gymnastics in Fishers.

Memmel, 22, the 2005 all-around world champion, is in the 5 p.m. session Saturday. She is scheduled to compete in vault, uneven bars and balance beam.