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Beth Tweddle 2012

February 29, 2012

Beth Tweddle was screwed out of a medal on the Uneven bars at the last Olympics. It’s that simple.

I don’t know how much Vodka, Valeri Liukin gave the judges to make sure Nastia made the podium but it doesn’t change anything. Beth Tweddle was robbed of a medal (Yang Yilin was robbed of Gold but that is a whole other discussion)

That is why this article almost brought tears to my eyes. You can hate Beth for her non existent dance ability but the one thing you can’t hate her for is her amazing UB routine. It’s exactly what an UB routine should be about.

Read the article here


‘It was all a horrible experience. I hated myself, I hated the Olympics and I hated gymnastics. There was no way I was going to carry on in the sport.’

and how sweet is this,

A package had arrived in the post in my absence,’ she explained.

‘Inside I found a [medal winner’s] pink Olympic baggage tag and a message from Tim Brabants, the gold medal canoeist, who told me I deserved a medal, or at least this tag.

‘It was a lovely touch and I knew I couldn’t walk away.’

Here is for home town bias. Beth Tweddle should be the Olympic Gold medalist on the UB.


Nastia the bitch part negative 1

February 25, 2012

Since this happened before the recent brush up I am calling it negative one.

Gotta love how these girls don’t even have the brains to take down their catty comments where the whole world can read them.

Read the headline and see Shayla and Nastia be assholes.

(Name removed to protect the innocent) dude where’s shawn???
April 20, 2008 at 9:57pm
(Named removed to protect the ignorant) hahah shawn would never be in this pic
but those are my two girls on the left then blakes on the far right
April 24, 2008 at 8:20pm

Nastia Liukin hahahah Sam, i love you friends even tho ive never met them! cant wait to visit you 🙂
April 24, 2008 at 9:02pm
Shayla Worley bahahaha…. that’s right Kofi
April 24, 2008 at 10:46pm

Nastia the bitch. LOVE it

February 22, 2012

Before I talk about how rude Nastia was to many gymnasts at the Woga Classic I have a few short things to talk about. has a cute video about BYU gymnastics and posters they made for the team using water. These girls were such good sports during the whole thing and the video was funny. Make sure you watch it.

Gymster posted this link in the comments section. Queen Nastia loves camp. Watch the video and laugh.


Nastia apparently was her usual eye rolling self at the Woga Classic and she refused to sign autographs for at least a couple of kids. Nastia’s bad attitude is the norm when the camera’s are not around but this time she must have gone too far because she actually issued an apology. Well more like an excuse. Not sure where this came from but here is her “apology” on facebook.

I’ve heard some were disappointed that I wasn’t able to sign autographs DURING the competition. In all fairness, I was told not to sign while the competition was going on, as I didn’t want to cause a distraction to the girls competing. I’m truly sorry if any were disappointed. That was not my intention. But I am pleased to say, we DID get thru the entire line that wrapped around the whole building Saturday evening…. I appreciate your love and support. Xo NL

In all fairness ? LMAO. Did she really say that. How is, rolling your eyes and ignoring a bunch of kids “In all fairness” This girl is a flipping disaster and everyone makes excuses for her. It’s amazing. Is the word, DURING really capitalized in her quote on facebook? OMNG, This is hilarious.

IG has a new stalker in ‘I punched A-Sac” I can’t believe that retard is a mother. I guess I should quote what was written for TCO but I don’t feel like it.:)

Woga Classic

February 20, 2012

IG’s facebook has some video
IG Article
Gymnastike Videos

Better Quality videos (This is the march in)

Other Videos

I wasn’t impressed but it is February so no one needs to impress now anyway.

That being said Rebecca Bross looked like crap. She was her usual aggressive self on beam but I will never get what it is about this girl that impresses people. She is worse then Carly Patterson when it comes to being robotic but at least Carly had a little bit of rhythm to her on her best event. Rebecca is just clod hopping skill landed low after clod hopping skill.

On bars her form was worse then usual. You would think with all that time off on the power events she would have worked on her execution and technique on bars but she didn’t even swing the bar well.

I know. I know. IT’S FEBRUARY!!

I know the world loves Katelyn Ohashi for her potential but I think she has lost a lot of the spark she had as a junior gymnast. Technically she is still a junior but she has grown a lot the last year. The rhythm and flow she had seems to be disappearing too.

Her beam skills are looking more secure but she isn’t going to credit for some of her connections if the judges are being fair.

Her floor had a lot of messy landings and she flung a couple of passes.

I will give Valeri a little credit. The scores were not scam cup worthy like I expected but then again his Princess Nastia didn’t compete. Then again I just compared her scores to other scores and she was generously scored compared to others.

Nastia was apparently rude to some autograph seekers last night. I read somewhere her shoulder was sore so we now have #NastiaExcuse#1

:Sore Shoulder

Here is Madison Kocian on bars. She hit almost every handstand near perfectly except two. She had several form breaks from the calves down and one big leg separation. I had originally had this as the most impressive routine of the night but I changed that when I saw a better version of the video.

Here is Simone Biles, Amanar. This kid has power.

Her floor was blah presentation wise and her double layout wasn’t as impressive as her vault but she has potential on these two events. It’s too bad I see her in College more then as successful elite.


Junior All-Around VT UB BB FX Total
1. Kaitlyn Ohashi 5.8 14.45 6.0 13.50 7.0 15.70 5.4 13.75 57.40
2. Madison Kocian 5.0 14.00 6.3 15.10 5.6 14.05 5.2 13.40 56.55
3. Simona Bile 6.5 16.15 4.5 11.35 5.7 14.00 5.5 13.85 55.35
4. Peyton Ernst 5.8 14.60 5.1 12.15 6.4 14.50 5.3 12.05 53.30
5. Polina Shchennikova 5.0 13.50 5.9 13.35 5.3 13.40 5.1 12.70 52.95
6. Olena Vasilyeva 5.0 12.85 6.2 14.20 5.6 10.70 4.9 12.05 49.80
7. Macy Toronjo 5.0 12.90 0.0 0.00 4.7 12.35 5.3 12.90 38.15
8. Veronica Hults 6.0 14.00 14.00


Senior All-Around VT UB BB FX Total
1. Mackenzie Brannan 5.3 14.05 6.0 14.00 5.3 13.60 5.5 13.25 54.90
2. Krystyna Sankova 5.0 13.55 5.3 12.40 5.9 14.10 5.6 12.05 52.10
3. Claire Hammen 5.2 13.60 5.1 11.90 4.7 12.70 5.1 11.75 49.95
4. Leslie Delgado 4.6 13.10 4.5 11.15 5.0 10.00 4.5 11.25 45.50
5. Briley Casanova 5.3 13.90 4.8 12.55 5.3 13.50 39.95
6. Hayley Sanders 5.9 13.90 13.90

More Caquatto Drama

February 18, 2012


Macko and Bridgey will be switching to Texas Dreams. I guess they are sick of playing fiddle to Anna Li.

GGMB is the source.

2012 Moscow Championship

February 17, 2012

Watch the Russians fall all over the place here


This meet looks to be a mess and I can’t find results anywhere but all this falling bodes well for Russia. You do not peak in February.

Videos has some more info.

Komova was overscored with a 15.1 beam where she bobbled all over the place.

The 2012 Olympic team

February 10, 2012

About a week ago I sat here and thought I came up with the perfect Olympic team. Then the other day I realized that Mckayla Maroney wasn’t on it.

I honestly don’t see a team that doesn’t have that Amanar on it.

So I did some more thinking tonight realizing that my thinking Nastia would fit perfectly with Aly for a spot ( in Marta’s mind) was……

Then I realized last night she actually fits better with Mckayla.

Vault-floor vs beam/bars.

Then I thought again how Alicia Sacramone better just retire right now. A vault and beam specialist has no shot at this team. Someone would have to be good at bars and floor to fit with her. Then the scary words Gabby Douglas came to mind and I screamed really loudly inside. Her floor is not strong enough for that.

No matter what team I come up with I can find no logical reason to take Nastia even if she gets her UB routine in shape.

Jordyn, Kyla, Aly, Rebecca and Nastia leaves Mckayla off the team.

I know a lot of people think Aly has no shot at this team and I know Marta will pick Nastia regardless of how she competes at Trials and Nationals.

Would Marta have the gall to screw Kyla Ross of a spot on this team in favor of Nastia.

All Aly ever does is hit. If she hits at Nationals and Trials will Marta dare leave her at home?

I know this is all just thinking out loud.

What do you think? I need help here. Am I too set in stone having Aly on this team?

Maybe I should start trying to come up with teams leaving Aly at home.

Interesting Winter cup day 1 results

February 3, 2012

Orozco leads but none of his scores stand out on a single event.
Hamm tanked big time. (Does not move on to day 2)
Horton competed just pommels and screwed up.
Dalton didn’t compete floor.
David Sender is back but has no real bright spot individually except vault.
Legendre was over scored per usual and hit only his two best events. On vault he was only 7th.
Leyva is third AA but only had one big score. He was second on high bar but score isn’t very impressive. He hit floor too for second place
Chris Brooks is in second, as hot as ever and he beat Leyva on HB and parallel bars.
Ruggeri screwed up his best event (pommels)
Christopher Maestas had the best rings

Here are your results.

Anyone else thinking Horton better wake up or he will be lucky to make this team? I honestly cannot remember his strengths (I am thinking rings maybe) but this injury has could be huge for team USA.

I have issues remembering exactly who is best at which events when it comes to the men but early in the season is early in the season.


Big (est) start values


Rank Num Name Gym Diff E1 E2 Exec ND Score
1 2 Christopher Maesta Illinois 7.000 8.400 8.500 8.450 _._ 15.450
2 86 Brandon Wynn Ohio State 7.200 8.100 8.200 8.150 _._ 15.350



1 50 Steven Legendre Oklahoma 7.000 8.900 8.900 8.900 _._ 15.900



Rank Num Name Gym Diff E1 E2 Exec ND Score
1 34 Glen Ishino Cal Berkeley 6.700 8.900 9.000 8.950 _._ 15.650
2 60 John Orozco USOTC 6.700 8.700 8.500 8.600 _._ 15.300
3 47 Ellis Mannon Minnesota 6.400 8.600 8.400 8.500 _._ 14.900
4 80 Ty Echard Ohio State 6.600 8.000 8.300 8.150 _._ 14.750


P bars

1T 16 Christopher Brooks Cypress Academ 6.900 9.000 9.200 9.100 _._ 16.000
1T 41 Danell Leyva Universal 7.000 9.400 9.200 9.300 -0.3 16.000
3 42 Ryan Lieberman Stanford 6.900 8.800 8.600 8.700 _._ 15.600
4 60 John Orozco USOTC 6.900 8.400 8.600 8.500 _._ 15.400
5 59 Samuel Mikulak Michigan 6.000 9.300 9.200 9.250 _._ 15.250
6 86 Brandon Wynn Ohio State 6.900 8.200 7.900 8.050 _._ 14.950


High bar

1 16 Christopher Brooks Cypress Academ 6.900 8.400 8.600 8.500 _._ 15.400
2 41 Danell Leyva Universal 7.500 7.900 7.800 7.850 _._ 15.350
3 73 Paul Ruggeri III Illinois 7.500 7.900 7.700 7.800 _._ 15.300


Vault has too many

Paul Hamm thinks a lot of himself.

February 2, 2012

Every time this man makes a comment I want to smack him. He is like 5 feet high and weighs like 100 pounds. It shouldn’t be too hard to pick him up and throw him like a frisbee right ?

Article 1

Article 2Article 2 Same but from ESPN

Lets discuss.

1- Not Hamm’s fault per say but the writer of the article tries to make it seem like Hamm acting like a jackass is “against his character” even using the way he acted during the Yang Tae Young situation as a reason to why this is against his character. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Oh yes the press conference he had nit picking every one of Yang’s routines as a reason to why he should have won anyway is just so classy. NOT

2- He talks about himself in the third party. Yep this is taking being an ego maniac to the extreme. This is like Manny Rameriz ego territory here.

“But I think you’re going to see Paul Hamm in four events this weekend.”

3- I’m not thinking about winning the all-around or winning an individual event.” LIAR


Paul Hamm wants to be remembered as a great Olympic champion

This comment makes me laugh. If the gymnastics is the “last word” in this sport then Hamm is NOT the Olympic Champion. He’s a fraud. He might “want to be remembered” as the Olympic Champion but he is anything but in every aspect except unfortunately for Yang Tae Young is the one that counts. The record books.

January camp info via our favorite dictator

February 1, 2012

Not me silly people. Abomb of course.

Here you go. This is the best news possible. For me at least.


1. Jordyn
2. Kyla (and I hear it was CLOSE to ^^^)
3. Aly

Finnegan has a huge SV on beam and did great on floor too.

Wofford has “never looked better”.

Nastia verified bars, scored low but it’s evidently great for her to be even this far at this point.

First Kyla being close to Jordyn is great. It means Marta isn’t going to screw the new kid to add Nastia to a team.

My favorite part is Nastia scoring low. Maybe Marta will do the right thing and not over score her to keep her in the running.

Explain to me how ” it’s evidently great for her to be even this far at this point” even makes sense? It’s less then 6 months away from qualifying to the team. If she is this far off then maybe Abomb’s opinion is wishful thinking. We all know GGMB is a “Nastia is perfect ” zone or you get banned.

Unless this is Nastia giving out info to make it look like she is super women for coming back with only a few months to go.

What do you think?