Shannon Miller cancer scare

From what I have been reading she is very lucky she got this early because this could have turned into something much worse.

In semi related news some gymnasts have created bra’s to be auctioned off for Breast cancer.
These are some gaudy looking bra’ and I don’t see them being used when bought. Maybe someone will frame

Sorry about the lack of updates. I am sure I’ll do something for the scam cup next week (or the week after. I don’t even know when it is.honestly) but it’s baseball season so I am very busy.

Old Shannon Miller radio shows for anyone interested


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One Response to “Shannon Miller cancer scare”

  1. needinghelp! Says:

    I saw you were using the gymnastyke (sp?) videos for woga classic. If there are any routines you are still looking for, I taped all the elite kids routines (we brought more than one camcorder) and woud be happy to send you whatever you would like.

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