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Thoughts and wishes. Part 2

December 31, 2010

and the award goes to?????

The who would have ever thought it awards goes to…
Macko Caquatto. For not falling once at worlds. Who would have thunk it???

The I saw it coming a mile away award goes to… Mattie Larson for screwing the US out of a team gold medal. Come on we all knew it would happen. The girl is a head case in a leotard. Don’t feel bad Mattie. Oh wait you don’t.

The thank you He Kexin for being human award goes to??? Beth Tweddle for taking advantage and hitting her routine to take back the World title

The gift from the judges award goes to???? Alicia Sacramone for winning your first vault world title. Okay I don’t like the rules allowing messy difficult vaults like Nabieva’s and to a lesser extent Mustafina’s 2.5’s to win medals is wacky but the rules are the rules. Even when the rules suck.

The bad luck award goes to??? Chelsea Davis for “earning” her way on to the world team only to get injured before the competition. Maybe it’s the name?

The Thank your lucky stars award goes to
Bridget Sloan If it wasn’t for Chelsea getting injured you never would have been able to prove yourself the valuable team member you are. You hit when it counted and Marta is going to have to remember that for future world teams.

The first time ever award goes to???? Lauren Mitchell for winning Australia’s first ever Gold medal at a world championships. An argument can be made for bronze but I’ll leave that up to the judges.

The tough as nails award goes to??? Rebecca Bross for competing injured. All gymnasts compete injured but this year Rebecca gets the award.

The Life sucks award goes to??? Oksana Oksana Chusovitina for not getting a shot at winning another vault medal. She was injured on her first vault and never got a chance to make a second one.

The born to early award goes to???? Viktoria Komova If it wasn’t for another stupid rule in gymnastics you could have been the AA, Beam and floor Gold medalist at the World Championships. Instead you had to settle for the Youth Olympic Games AA Champion.


The made my year award goes to??? Jiang Yuyuan. for winning the silver medal in the AA at worlds and finally living up to your potential. You should have received this award in 2008 but the judges were too busy over scoring the US AA’s to give you a chance.

The Shannon Miller and Lilia Podkopayeva award goes to???? Aliya Mustafina for making all four event finals at worlds for the first time since 1995 when Shannon and Lilia did it. (Svetlana Khorkina competed all 4 event finals in 1997 but she was put in two events over other gymnasts)

The FUCK YOU Marta award goes to??? Kyla Ross for hitting all 8 routines at the US Junior National Championships and winning her second AA title despite the fact Marta was hell bent on giving the title to Kaitlyn Ohashi even when she fell 3 times.

The FUCK YOU snobby fans award goes to??? Aly Raisman for her performance at Worlds. She was steady and consistent for the team when they needed her most. She wasn’t perfect but she did her job.


December 31, 2010

The majority does not rule and things do not end because you say so especially on a message board where having a free thought or opinion is not allowed.

Subject matter aside when you spend your life stalking the gymnasts tied with the subject matter your opinion is full of fucking holes.

I have read some amusing threads on certain message boards in my day but this one takes the cake.

Sending flowers and gifts to gymnasts to get them to like you is pathetic.


My thoughts on 2010 and wishes for 2011

December 30, 2010

Part one……..


Romania- Thoughts:

Maybe its the lack of coverage in the US. Maybe its my tendency to get bored with the sport of gymnastics to the point when watching a routine I some times daze out and forget I was in the middle of watching a video at all but do all the Romanian women gymnasts blend together for you like they do for me? I honestly do not know one from the other except for Ana Porgras.

Now I know I have watched some Romanian routines this year. I remember Chelaru’s overscored floor routine that won a medal at worlds but I couldn’t pick her out of a line up if she was the only person in it.

I have watched some of their juniors and was even impressed with one of them. I then forgot her name So my…

Wishes for Romania are as followed. A Real vault for Ana Porgras so she can stand a chance at winning an AA medal. Her bars, beam and floor are great. It makes no sense for her to be doing a full twisting yurchenko in 2010. My other wish is for the Romanians to find some way to help me remember gymnast :A from gymnast :ZBZ. Gina, Milo, Bontas and company might have been alike but they had some individual qualities that made them stand out from each other. Your current group not so much. Oh and an UB coach might be a good idea:)



Russia- Thoughts:

You had a great year. One of your best years in a very long time. You won your first team world Gold medal ever thanks to Aliya Mustafina. You had some of the most difficult routines of all time. Your gymnasts have personality (maybe even a little too much sometimes) and un like Romania I can tell your gymnasts a part even your lesser known ones like Anna Dementyeva or Yekaterina Kurbatova (even though I did have to look up how to spell their names) but my

wishes for you are as followed, A: I want you to keep Viktoria Komova in one piece. She doesn’t need to compete 10 times a year. She needs to stay healthy because in 2012 she is the only one I want to see on the top of the Olympic podium. She also needs to improve her form. My other wish is for you to take Aliya and Tatiana and teach them the word technique. Those Amanar’s are atrocious. As much as I LOVE Tatiana’s unique personality and skill set her form is a travesty. Your the Soviet union for Christ’s sake. Act like it.



China- Thoughts:

I still love you. Of all the Countries out there your team is still the only team that makes me smile. Sure your starting to forget that choreography matters but if I am going to watch anyone do trick after trick after trick I would rather be watching you over anyone else.

My thoughts on your 2010 is of happiness and disappointment all in one. Jiang Yuayuan getting her act together and winning the AA silver medal at Worlds was the highlight of 2010 for me. Watching her improve beam her worst event would bring me to tears if I actually cried over a sport that isn’t baseball. That being said your team bronze medal was a disappointment. You were capable of so much more. Your team imploded at the most inopportune moment and you allowed the US an opportunity to win the team gold medal and that would have been disheartening to every gym fan not from the US. Not because they wouldn’t have earned it but that they would have earned it by default, the worst way. Mackenzie and Mattie as world champions would have boggled the mind. So my

Wish for you China is to get more consistent. That is it. Oh and please re-consider having Huang Qiushuang on your team next year. Her bars are overrated and frankly, she scares me.


U.S.A- Thoughts:

If you had told me 3 months ago that the US would take Aly Raisman, Mackenzie Caquatto, Mattie Larson and an injured Rebecca Bross to worlds and come with in a front layout of a Gold medal in the team competition I would have sent you a straight jacket. Yet that is what happened. Macko never fell. Alicia stayed on beam and Becca only fell once the entire competition and the US nearly took advantage of Russia and China’s inconsistency to win the team competition. This would have been a huge WTF moment in gymnastics history if they had actually pulled it off. So my

wish for you is as followed. Find someone. ANYONE that isn’t Nastia Liukin to be your UB specialist. There has to be some hidden gem you have in your closet to save me from another year of Nastia freaking Liukin.


Tomorrow will be award season


December 30, 2010

I started watching Glee 3 episodes in and have a love/hate relationship with it. Personally I find the first 13 episodes to be the best and the show has steadily fallen short since then. They went from an ensemble cast to the Kurt hour and that is why I only like the show now instead of love it. (Random thought. It’s ugly shoe day in the NBA. Pau Gasol has bright yellow and Kobe Bryant and Lamar Odem have lime green. Yuck.)

My formspring has had quite a few Glee questions so I thought I would write a blog about it so here we go.

Favorite Character?- Santana until she broke up Rachel and Finn. She’s sarcastic. She’s mean. She’s me:)

Least Favorite? Kurt, Kurt, Kurt. He is whiny stalker. The stuff he pulled on Finn really made me dislike the character.

Favorite quote from the show? ” We were just taking a lesson from Major League Baseball. It’s not cheating if everyone does it.

I also ran across this quote while searching the exact working of the above quote and came across this classic line that I think I like better then the above quote.

It’s deplorable, contemptable, and it’s just plain wrong. It’s also cheating. As a matter of fact, I’m going to start calling you F-Rod!

Favorite Singer?- IMO everyone has a great voice except Quinn ( Diana) and Brittany ( Heather) but my favorite singer is of course Rachel. I also love Santana’s voice and Mercedes. I also think the kid who plays Finn doesn’t have a flashy voice but he sure can hit his notes. I bet his pitch is close to perfect if I knew anything about music.

Favorite song? – Gives you hell by Rachel. I also love Santana’s version of Valeri and pretty much anything Mercedes sings.

Favorite Guest star?
Kristen Chenowith and Idina Menzel. I am totally bummed they never appeared on screen together. Rumors were that they refused to be seen on the show together and that totally ruins Wicked for me:(

Favorite part time character ?- Jesse Saint James. I LOVE Jonathon Groff. I loved him with Rachel until he threw eggs at her.

Favorite couple? Finn and Rachel. Kind of funny that I also loved Rachel with Jesse and liked her with Puck.

What drives me nuts about Glee? The bullying that goes on. What Dave Karofsky did wasn’t just bullying it was assault. He should not only be expelled he should be in jail. I don’t find any of the bullying that goes on at this school funny regardless of who it is and that includes some of the stuff Sue has pulled. The facial slushies are ridiculous.

Favorite comic relief? Brittany. Heather Morris isn’t the greatest actress but she kills the dumb blond one liners.

Favorite minor storyline? Sue’s side kick Becky. Sue is mean and a bully sometimes but she has a softer side that is n just one of my favorite parts of the show. When she does something sweet like take care of her sister or be nice to Becky I just love the character development.

Favorite Musical performance? Gives you hell. I love the looks Rachel gives Finn.

Most under used character? Santana by far. She has a great voice. Her character has a personality and now it is time that the show let her character grow.

What if ?

December 28, 2010


I do not believe in ” what if ” It isn’t fair in my opinion to give the benefit of the doubt to one gymnast and not another. If gymnast A didn’t fall then she could have been World AA champion doesn’t work if gymnast B took 2 steps on her dismount but still won. If you what if gymnast A then you have to what if gymnast B.

This case however does not apply to Chellsie Memmel. Her injuries are so much more then anyone elses that I can picture Nastia Liukin hiding in a closet with a voodoo doll poking poor Chellsie’s entire body with pins.

Chellsie had the opportunity to not only compete at the Olympics in 04 and the Worlds in 06 and 07 but she had the opportunity win Gold medals on any given event including in the AA. If she was healthy leading up to the Olympics in 08 no one knows what she could have accomplished.

A last minute alternate to the 2003 World team Chellsie led the team to their first Team Gold medal. She also tied for Gold on the UB with teammate Hollie Vise. She won the AA Gold medal at worlds in 05 along with two silver medals on bars and beam. After that Chellsie’s entire career should be pictured next to the words “what if” in the dictionary.

In 2003 Chellsie had a rough Nationals but came back to nail her routines at the National team camp only to be left off the World team anyway (so much for hitting when it counts if Marta doesn’t like you) She was named to the Pan American team instead where she won the AA and UB Gold medals. Due to injuries by multiple gymnasts Chellsie was flown directly to the World Championships where she led the US to their first World team gold medal.

In 2004 Chellsie was injured, missed Nationals and Trials and wasn’t named to the Olympic team after competing bars and beam at camp. Everyone was led to believe there was a bars/beam specialist to be chosen but that was a lie. Marta had planned for Annia Hatch and her one event being the difference maker it never was. Annia’s gift was Chellsie bad luck.

In 2005 Chellsie was finally healthy and she won the Gold medal in the AA and silver medals on bars and beam.

In 06 Chellsie led the AA in the prelims and was on her way to being only the second gymnast from the US to win back to back AA Gold medals but she got hurt in team finals and never had the chance to compete. She then had to withdraw from the event finals she made.

In 07 she was injured and not named to the team after competing floor at Nationals.

We all know what happened in 08 (Injured before prelims at the Olympics) but if you had watched Chellsie from Nationals to trials the improvement was ten fold. Who knows what she would have pulled out of her bag of tricks by the time the Olympics had come around. She fell in prelims off bars but I don’t think a healthy Chellsie would have made that mistake.

Others have had injuries at key times like Shannon in 92, 95 and 96 and Nastia in 07 and many people love to say Nastia would have passed Shannon for a world medal count if she had been healthy in 07 (if you ask me she got lucky she was put on that team in the first place for one event. This never would have been allowed for anyone else) but these people never remember Shannon’s injuries that kept her out of 3 world championships. Both of these gymnasts had a lot of success that kept impressive medal counts down but Chellsie’s injuries kept Chellsie out which is even more heart breaking in the “What if” department.

In 06 Chellsie could have easily won the AA, beam title and a medal on bars or floor. In 07 Chellsie could have won an AA medal, Bars, beam or floor medal and in 08 Chellsie might have made the podium in the AA . Nastia fell off bars in the prelims and still scored a bit higher then Chellsie in team finals but Chellsie’s floor was miles ahead of Nastia and her beam on par so it would have been very close if she had her DTY) She could have had a beam medal or a floor medal also.

That is a possible total of 12 more medals Chellsie could have had and that doesn’t even bring into consideration the 2004 Olympics. It might not be plausible she would win all those medals but it was certainly possible.

Veronin Cup Videos

December 25, 2010 has posted some.

Check them out.

Sasha Artemevs comback attempt.

December 25, 2010

I knew about Sasha’s car accident (not to the extent of just how bad the injury was)and pretty much thought that was common knowledge. Guess it wasn’t. As much as Sasha would like to believe that was a secret you can’t keep something like that quiet for long.

Sasha was always a gymnast I couldn’t stand. He was a choker and his lack of consistency used to drive me insane as a gymnastics fan because the kid has such amazing potential. I was a true believer in the US winning a bronze medal without Paul “attention hog” Hamm so when they won it didn’t surprise me but Sasha actually hitting that routine shocked my mind. That is when my opinion on him as a gymnast changed. Lets just say he won me over.

I hope Sasha gets healthy and stays the gymnast he became that night two years ago.

Is Chellsie Memmel in training again?

December 25, 2010

Andy Memmel
the old girl 47.7 and the proud winner of a frozen coke!

Daddy dearests latest facebook update sounds to me like an AA score for 3 events. Not sure why you would reward someone with a frozen coca cola (sounds gross) but whatever motivates you Chellsie.

The score actually is a little high for a 3 event score but….

Learning to appreciate

December 22, 2010

(Sorry so late. It’s been a busy month for me)

Shayla Worley is one of those gymnasts I really liked as a junior but by the time she became a senior felt had lost all her spark. The injuries didn’t help matters because they contributed to her falling at least once a competition and being labeled as a headcase. Not that all her problems can be blamed on the injuries.

In 2007 Shayla finished 2nd at Nationals and made the world team where she nearly fell on her dismount in the prelims (taking at least 4 steps back). She redeemed herself in team finals scoring a 15.575. However that score would have placed her last if she had made the event finals. Pretty much proving she was no lock for the US team in 08 even if she had upgraded.

By the time 2008 came around a lot of vocal fans had her as a lock to make the Olympic team due to the lack of uneven bar stand outs. I was never one of those people. She always seemed to have a melt down at some point in a competition. She fell on bars day two of the Olympic trials which is where I felt she lost a chance at the Olympic team.

Shayla got injured at the World team selection camp and withdrew from consideration for the Olympic team.

In 2010 Shayla joined Georgia and started off slow. She finally came into her own a few meets into the season only to get injured once again and spent the second half of the season injured an unable to compete. Georgia lost regionals on a technicality (tie breaker)and didn’t make the National Championships. Shayla did not compete.

The 2011 season is un-written at the moment. You can hear coach Clark’s opinion on pre season here (Shayla can be seen at 40 seconds (ub) 2.39 (beam) 3.40 (cheering with team)
I originally started this particular blog to praise Shayla on somethings I thought I had over looked while she was competing but while doing re-search I realized I was right all along. Shayla was a gifted dancer that liked to twist. I thought she had great form on her cast to handstands and pirouettes but watching the videos again made me realize I was wrong. She was just like everyone else with the leg separations but not nearly as bad as some other people who shall remain nameless for now:) So all and all I find Shayla less of a gymnast then I remembered. So much for learning to appreciate