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Nastia Mocks Shawn then deletes it

August 9, 2014


Need more proof Nastia is a bitch? Probably not since we all know this but Nastia put this on her facebook page and then deleted it minutes later.

If you click on the picture/screen cap it gets a little bigger.

For those like me who didn’t know what this meant Shawn wore a gold ribbon during the AA at the Olympics in 2008 and Nastia wore the pink scrunchie.

Lets pretend these girls are all still BFF’s because someone says they are. Nastia is clearly still very bitter that Shawn has all the fans and she is teaching spinning classes in New York but hey, there is always the NBC gig to brag about Nastia where you sound like an ignorant phony and come across as a snot. That is something to be proud of.

Anna Li says tour full of bullies- Updated

October 29, 2012

Looks like those that thought Anna was being bullied might have hit the nail on the head. Here is a tweet from Anna from four hours ago.

At th end of the day, it’s a good feeling knowing you tried to say hi and was the bigger person regardless if they acknowledge it or not 🙂

No Anna Li, the bigger person would not have to advertise on twitter that they are the bigger person if they were indeed THE BIGGER PERSON.

Now here is some interesting stuff. This is Nastia’s tweet from 4 hours ago.

Let it be.

(Thanks Tyler:)


According to Anna Li (Thanks Aerial) there are bullies on the tour. Lets debate shall we??

Anna Li doesn’t believe in bullying. She’s above that. All I can say about that is people on top of the biggest soap boxes are usually the first one starting the trouble but hey, that’s just my experience with the subject. Than again I am not 12 and I can deal with bullies myself.

Anna implies someone is jealous of someone elses success and talks behind their back. Isn’t that what she just did?

Sometimes I wonder if these gymnasts live on planet earth. Anna you are an adult. If someone is being an ass go tell them to stop, posting it anonymously on your blog is the cowards way out. It certainly is not the adult way to settle a dispute. We’re not talking some gymnast you met twice we’re talking about someone you have spent the last few months with. Cowboy up.

Anyone care to speculate who is being bullied and who the bully is? I do find it interesting that the picture she used for that certain blog has only one visible face in it besides her. If she was trying to be subtle we could guess who the bully is:)

Here is a link to the blog. 28 down, 12 to go and in said blog Anna says this,

It’s not easy being on a tour with the same people but I think people have started to figure out how it all works. I’ve gotten close to some people and I love making new friends. Ill definitely miss them when tour is over. There’s also people who I feel they must be so insecure about themselves that they feel the need to talk down to people or about people. Intentionally hurting others or “bullying” is something that I wish I could help stop. Why can’t people just be happy for everyone? I wish people would walk a mile in their shoes before judging. I never want to be the type of person who judges someone without getting to know them for myself. If i could make one change, it’d be for everyone to just be happy with what they have, be grateful, and kind to others. But enough about life lessons….

Bow out Nastia. You are making a fool of yourself.

June 30, 2012

I listen to this interview and I remember just why I will never like this girl. Perhaps in twenty years when she grows up and becomes an adult (which she technically is now) she will understand just how obnoxious she sounds.

Who is she trying to convince in this interview us or herself? Acting like she is “honored” to be competing here at Trials, like she earned her spot getting here is ridiculous.

Listen to the interview, she is not bowing out gracefully. She is giving herself full credit for competing even though she isn’t hitting at all. She actually is politicking for a spot on the team with her “If I only had a few more weeks” BS.

Then of course she has to mention four years ago, acting like this Olympics doesn’t matter. I guess the politically correct thing for me to do right now is praise her for not quitting and giving it her all even though she is embarrassing herself out there but I honestly don’t feel that way. She is making a fool out of herself.

It was only two weeks ago where you told us you had upgrades planned after you tanked two bar routines. Then you show up at Trials with the same exact routines.

It’s time to admit not only to yourself Nastia but to the rest of the world that you did not give your all during this comeback until it was too late. Then maybe I will have some respect for you.

Even if she hits tomorrow and gets the going away gift of the Century it does not change the facts that Nastia thinks she is self entitled to get whatever it is she wants. That will never change.

Olympic Trials

June 28, 2012

Sorry I have been missing in action but life calls. Tomorrow is no exception. Work, the boy and my favorite little people in the world take president over gymnastics, even in an Olympic year.

I will be home tomorrow night but I am not sure when so if I get home in time for the men I will live blog. I just wouldn’t count on it.

If NBC shows Trials online there is more of a chance I will be online. If not it means me fighting the boy for the television during baseball season and lets just say I lose out big time when it comes to obsession of a sport:) plus I can’t really argue with him when I love baseball even more then the boy does and the only place the internet works is in said living room.

I leave you with this article that made my night. Usually when I read gym articles at night they piss me off but this one made me smile:)

Read the article if you like but my favorite part is below.

Liukin, who will be 23 in October, hopes to slip in the back door and be selected for one of the five spots on the Olympic team.

It’s real easy to root for Wieber. She has the complete package and all the credentials necessary to add Olympic gold to the treasure chest of awards she has already accumulated. And she has worked tirelessly for four years for this very moment.

It’s virtually impossible to root for Liukin
, who a couple of weeks ago at the Visa U.S. Championships placed sixth on the beam and did not earn a trip to the Olympic Trials on the basis of her Visa performance, but received a gift at-large spot on the basis of what she did four years ago.

As she awaited a decision as to whether she would be invited to Trials, she said in a television interview, “I guess I would understand if [I am not invited]; my scores weren’t showing that these performances would help the team in any way, shape or form, but I hope I get another chance.”

She could have taken that moment to bow out gracefully, too, but apparently the possibility of one more shining moment — even if she’s nothing more than a 100-to-1 long shot — was worth the gamble.

Ahaha. I could have written that

I am exhausted

June 11, 2012

I don’t usually get stressed over sports that aren’t baseball but I can’t tell you just how stressed out I have been over the last week and a half I can’t imagine what the gymnasts ere going through. This is tough.

I sit here watching Nastia Liukin screw up left and right getting a free pass to Nationals and I can’t help but think about how hard it must have been for Chellsie to sit there timing beam. She should have been on that beam given the chance for redemption. Instead Nastia gets a literal free pass to the Olympic Trials on name alone and all Chellsie got was a damn stop watch she can’t keep.

Then I think of Nastia and her arrogance. She could not hit her 6.5 set either day at Nationals yet she mentions an upgrade for a Trials she hasn’t even earned the right to compete at. The longer she stayed in the competition the worse her gymnastics got and for her to even want a spot at Trials kind of makes me sick to my stomach.

I am a known Nastia hater but I was scared for her safety her first night on bars. I thought she was going to kill herself with that routine. My stomach was a mess for twenty minutes after but there she sits, just a day later smiling like she earned that spot at Trials.

Anyone else would have bowed out gracefully. When all is said and done my impression of Nastia only got worse by the way she acted at Nationals. The self entitlement. The attitude. That is what I am going to remember about her entire career.

I know it’s not just me because I read the comment section but Gabby Douglas gets more annoying by the day. Maybe its me. I am more find of gymnasts that work hard and don’t feel the need to boost to the world, “All eyes are on me,” she said. “I’m going to do this thing and I’m going to do it up.” for attention. The arrogance Nastia has is finding a new body to possess.

Do we even need to discuss the judging? From Nastia on beam and bars to Gabby on every event. I think these girls are in for a huge awakening at the Olympics.

The worst part of this blog is it didn’t start with Jordyn Wieber, the 2012 National AA Champion. Instead we discuss the cockyness of Gabby Douglas and the judges having their heads up their butts. We discuss Chellsie Memmel being screwed over and Nastia being given a free pass, Something even her biggest fanatics can’t even excuse away any more. (I was wrong. Marta can excuse it away. Speechless here. Just speechless Thanks Jas for the article)


A lot of stuff is ending up in spam these days so if your comments don’t show up that is what probably happened. Just let me know and I will check. Oh and let me tell you how much I love my spam filter. It is awesome:)

So has it been worth the wait?

June 6, 2012

Nastia plans more upgrades on bars. If she falls on this 6.5 routine will she still try and update? I never want to give Nastia advice but it makes more sense to go consistent at Nationals and upgrade big time at Trials. Since she has a free pass to Trials already.

According to GGMB this set is only out of a 6.5. Impressive for 5 months of training? yes but more impressive then Gabby or Kyla? Not in my opinion. She misses a few handstands and her pak is being helped along by daddy not to mention she doesn’t even show a full set in these two videos.

What do you think?

I posted the same link. Here is the second one.

Secret Classic

May 25, 2012

Here is another version

This seems to be the only move Nastia can do on bars because it is the same one she showed earlier this year. She was slow and labored and messy but she was pretty close to handstand but still had the shitty leg separations.

If the judges are doing their jobs and this is what she has got she should be nailed.

Quick hits from the Examiner

Now I don’t like Nastia so maybe I am being too critical. What do you think?

Thanks to K for the video

Here is her beam
and again I don’t find it impressive.

More videos at Gymnastike

So I am watching these videos with my niece and she see’s Nastia and asks me if she gets dizzy when doing bars. Then I showed her someone else on bars and she says, wow she is much better then the other girl she can switch between those bars.

I love my smart niece:)

Crazy ass bloggers

May 22, 2012

The WTF Blog

Sometimes people write blogs that sound crazy. So mother ******* crazy I could see it happening. In fact before Kyla Ross did so well at the Pac Rims and Jeselo this bloggers opinion was my freaking nightmare. I guess that is why I had to re-write this blog after my original headline of “When people write stupid blogs”

If you read the blog above I am sure you easily figured out the opinions I found insane.

Lets start with,

It should be of concern to the younger gymnasts that even the very concept of Nastia competing is the most interesting thing to happen in US gymnastics this year.

Um, no. I seem to remember a lot of people being pretty excited about Gabby Douglas at the American Cup (though not me) I am a lot more excited to see what Chellsie Memmel pulls out of her ass than I give a shit about what Nastia is going to show us on beam. That could be just me though.

While a bar routine with something around a 7.0 D-Score would be her golden ticket to London, let’s not discount beam. She won’t be able to muster the huge difficulty in the 6.5-6.7 range that we’ll see from some others in London because she doesn’t have any E+ acro skills, but she will be capable of a very clean routine with low-6s difficulty, which would be useful in Team Finals. Kyla Ross needs to watch out for Nastia because if Nastia proves more useful on bars and beam, we could be looking at a situation where Ross is not top three on any event come Trials (especially because I’m not sold on the landing of that Amanar), and that’s a very dangerous position for a five-member team.

While I thought Marta might screw over Kyla in favor of Nastia I never thought Nastia could make this team over Kyla because she might pull out a clean beam routine. That is just plain ridiculous. (Notice I did not use the word stupid) No one has a cleaner beam routine then Kyla. No one has better leaps then Kyla either especially not Nastia damn Likun. I don’t care what Nastia code whores on beam if she outscored Kyla with a hit routine then these judges need to be tarred and feathered.

If anything a clean Nastia should scare Gabby Douglas more then Kyla Ross. Gabby is only good at bars and she gives us nothing on beam, floor and vault when we don;t know if she will quit in the middle of a routine like she did on vault at the Pac Rims and Beam at Nationals last year. If Marta trusts her for a beam or floor routine in team finals she should get her head examined.

-Alicia Sacramone and Shawn Johnson are not competing here, news that is hardly news. Johnson appears like she will never be able to adequately recover from her injuries, and Chow has been muttering about her missing Championships, which is the reddest of flags. Sacramone needs every day she can get to try to get those routines back, so it’s no surprise she’s missing out. I’ll be impressed if she can get her old routines back by Championships/Trials, but old routines don’t help people make Olympic teams.

You mean like the beam routine you said would put Nastia over the top ? I did read this blogger say that Nastia on beam could take Kyla off this team correct?

Now if the blogger read this blog PLEASE don’t take offense. It will be slow around here until Classics in a few days. Your blog is the first thing to light a fire under me in, days. Thanks for that:)

and in totally random semi related non gymnastics news these have to be the dumbest parents the world has ever produced. But boy can this kid tumble.

Against my better judgement

May 15, 2012

I didn’t want to write this blog. Nastia gets enough attention but this article where she admits she has only been training for 6 months (which really means 4 months) is about the most arrogant thing I have ever read.


To have the nerve to start training 6 months before the Olympics and brag about it?

She will only be competing beam at Classics.


Back to reality. Sadly Updated

April 29, 2012

Always late is my motto and sadly Avery died yesterday. And just so everyone knows I have a heart I cried. I want to cry now.

RIP Avery

As much as I want certain things to happen and might feel like it’s life of death at the time things like this make me realize that the real world has nothing to do with spoiled gymnasts playing by the rules or certain other gymnasts being headcases.

Read the story of the website


Read the website, Avery’s bucket list

If you are reading this and run a blog help spread the word.

Fight SMA