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Mckayla Maroney is a thief

January 30, 2013


If I was Miller I would sue for royalties. Not only did she steal her not impressed look but she stole her scrunchie too:)

I got the picture of Shannon off of tumblr. I made the picture above. I could not find the blog again of the person that originally pointed out the look Mckayla stole from Shannon so if you were the one that noticed let me know and I will credit you.


Aly Raisman recently tweeted some comments about the MIAA getting rid of boys gymnastics in High school here in Massachusetts. Here is what that fraud of a newspaper named the Herald has to say about it.


I was looking at Alicia Sacramone’s twitter to find Sam Peszek’s twitter handle and it looks like she isn’t following Nastia anymore. I don’t think she followers a lot of gymnasts except her buddies like Sloan.

Stealing from Catherine

January 30, 2013

I am calling this blog, Stealing from Catherine because I went to her blog and stole these videos from her:) Thought I would give her credit.


First we have Beth Tweddle on Dancing on Ice. I love this girl to pieces. She is one of the few gymnasts I find it easy to root for even when I don’t love her gymnastics (accept bars which I love) Usually shows like Dancing with the stars play up the injuries but look at Beth, she looks sick. I thought 90% of this performance was amazing. She was a little stiff but when he held her upside down and she brought down her arms. It looked great. I hope this helps her floor routines in the future.



Bridget Sloan’s floor from a gymnastics meet. Pretty cheap tumbling there Bridget but I love watching double fulls that end forward.



Last but not least is Lizzy Leduc at an intrasquad meet at Metroplex. I think her elite days are over but her floor was beautiful and minus the fall done better then any College floor routine I have seen the last few years.


Alicia has retired I bet we get a Nastia retirement announcement any day She will see this attention and have her agent jump right in on this. USA-Gymnastics had a write up on their site. Links above.

I didn’t know Alicia co-owned those sole sock things she has been hawking. I figured she was a spokeswomen.


In totally unrelated news to gym I found this video of Maureen Flannigan from the 80’s TV Show, Out of This world. She looks the same but older but she looks great for 40. I loved this show as a kid.

Oh and Boy Meets world cast the daughter who looks nothing like Cory or Topanga. She doesn’t look like she could be their kid unless they adopted her. (Insert Mckayla’s look here)

Who will get the second American Cup spot

January 29, 2013


Gym is dead and I am bored. Only thing I feel like doing is tweeting obnoxious comments about the Yankees on twitter (That never gets old) but I am pretty sure Carolyn might smack me if I do that so I thought I would start a discussion on who should get the second American Cup spot since Elizabeth Price has withdrawn.

The questions:

Who should get the second spot? (Me: it should be Lexie. Junior National AA Champion

Who will get the second spot? (ME: Kaitlyn Ohashi. Marta’s blind Woga love)

Who do you want to get the second spot? (None of these girls interest me. If being fair it should be Lexie. Of the list of gymnasts I mentioned I would have said Sarah Finnegan but she is injured.

I am off to make a picture for the blog:)

National team members:

Kyla Ross- Going
Kennedy Baker
Brenna Dowell
Sabrina Vega
Simone Biles
Katelyn Ohashi
Lexie Priessman

This is a pretty small list. Who am I missing?

Madison Desch Injured
Rebecca Bross Not Training
Gabby Douglas Not training
Sarah Finnegan Injured
Anna Li One event gymnast currently not training
Nastia Liukin torturing NY, Not training
McKayla Maroney Not training
Elizabeth Price Injured
Aly Raisman Not training
Alicia Sacramone Not Training
Bridget Sloan At Florida
Jordyn Wieber Not ready to compete

Flippen Awesome

January 28, 2013

Mckayla and Kyla will appear at the Cartoon Networks 3rd Annual Hall of Game awards show on February 11th

2013 US Skating Nationals

January 28, 2013

Michelle Kwan Wedding pictures.

Here is what Jenny Kirk thinks.



Gracie Gold is a great jumping skater but her lack of presentation makes Tara Lipinski look like an artist. I don’t have the time or patience to go through every move she made on the ice and see if she received and deserved her points so I won’t say she deserved the gold medal over Ashley but I found myself bored to tears watching her throw her arms around and move from side to side throwing jumps. That isn’t skating. Actually it is these days but that doesn’t mean I want to watch it.


Aunt Joyce called Ashley the best from the rest on a good day . He says if she was skating against the Kwan’s, Cohen’s, Bobek’s and Lipinski’s ? she would always be 4th and even though Ashley annoys the hell out of me I find this line of reasoning ridiculous.  Kwan is well Kwan but the other three are like the skaters he is friends with and his reasoning is so blatantly biased its hard to take him seriously as an opinion.

For years the judges at Nationals tried to hand titles to every baby ballerina that came out of the woodwork just so they could get rid of Michelle Kwan and that used to drive me nuts. Now they are doing the opposite, holding up skaters with the best chance of getting the US three spots for the Olympics next year.


I have great respect for Jenny and her opinion because I never get the impression she is biased. She gets pretty excited about this sport she still obviously loves.


So what did you think of Nationals last night? Did you watch?


My impression was as followed. Christina Gao should have been on the podium. She had the jumps last night and had the one performance last night that actually made me smile.


Ashley was overscored but Gracie was too. I didn’t really have a problem with the results even when Ashley fell twice because I found Gracie so unwatchable. I think Agnes was held up most of anyone.



RIP Barry Mittan

January 25, 2013

Barry is the guy that gets credit for a lot of the amazing Skating photo’s you find online. He died from injuries sustained in a car crash a few days ago. He was 63.



Some of his work of Michelle Kwan

Christine Brennan wrote an article about skating having no more Kwan and they quote Joe Inman, the judge that cheated to give Sarah Hughes the gold medal in 2002. When I saw his name it literally made me sick.


Vera Wang dishes on the dress she made for Michelle Kwan

Floor music I want to see gymnast …….. use.

January 24, 2013

Gabby Douglas, This should have been your floor music.

Yes I am that bored:) 

Nastia, this should have been your floor music. (sainabou nyang’s suggestion. It fit so perfectly I gave the other song to Gabby:)

While my internet died (formerly called, While I was sleeping)

January 23, 2013

Aly dropped the puck at a Bruins game. The video can be  seen here

Here is an article

Shannon Miller article

Mckayla meets the cast of Jesse. Cast of Jesse???? Not sure what show that is but okay

My internet is not working, I am doing this through my phone so I apologize in advance for not answering the e-mail’s about twitter or approving comments I have for the blog. It seems a lot of you like to read the blog but don’t like to contribute:) partially my fault for not approving comments I know but a lot of you are against making this blog private.

The Sun will come out, tomorrow

January 21, 2013

Disappointment is Boston’s middle name lately but I expect a rise in our near future and if it means rooting for the likes of Tuuka Rask so be it I will, I’ll try, I will try


Now tomorrow I will be at work so if you have anything to say, leave it here. I will need something to read while I pretend I am working while I really read the internet.


Just remember I am in a antsy place so no Go Raven posts or I reserve the right to send your ass to hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I’ll have some questions and comments


1- I will be going to the American Cup this year but anything I have will be sent to twitter. Consider it a perk for following me. If you want to follow my twitter and listen to me bitch about almost anything send an e-mail to


2-  I am thinking about taking this blog private. What do you think? I like the group we have posting here and it will keep out all the people that love to start trouble. I have no patience for what TripleTwist blog is going through right now. That is why my twitter is private. I don’t and won’t deal well with idiots.


3- Do you think we have spies posting here? I know for a fact we have some people trying to ease their way in (  don’t brag about it in a chat if you want to keep things quiet, a word of advice:) but I recently found out that a “friend” of a certain gymnast reads here and reports back to said gymnasts mother what is going on. In fact there are two people but I won’t mention names.


4- Do you want “insiders” posting here or would you rather not? I love the insider info but I really hate the ass kissing that goes on when someone “in the know” posts.






Michelle Kwan gets married

January 20, 2013

Congratulations to Michelle on getting married. The articles I found on my own but all the pictures I stole links for the Michelle Kwan forum. I knew where to go to find pictures:) Now some of them were found at other sources. About 4 from the Kwan Forum

lots of pictures Leave it to another Country to get the best coverage.
Article 1 with picture.
E Online
Article 2- People Magazine
A message board of some type

Wedding Cake
More Wedding
Hair lady
Getting ready
At the Wedding
Out of the Church
With Uncle Dick
Leaving Church 2
Leaving Church 3
Dick Button at the Wedding


Quotes from Phil Hersch (really Michelle. You invite this asshole and not

When they reached the altar, the pastor said, “Michelle, you look amazing. Clay, you look okay.”

Later, pastor Kurt Vickman said, “you may kiss the bride a second time.”. So he did!

Kwan’s brother in law, Peter Oppegard, missed wedding to be with skaters he coaches in Omaha. His daughers, Sophia and Olivia, flower girls


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