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Family Fued ? 60 Minutes

February 19, 2017

screen-shot-2017-02-18-at-7-56-25-pmI have overrated gymnasts and Shannon Miller for 1000, Alex. Oh wait. Wrong show.



60 Minutes

Where have all the gymnastics competitions gone?

February 12, 2017


Remember when the American Cup had a mixed event?  When Romania came for tri meets? When the Hilton Challenge existed? When junior Nationals was shown on National Television. The Goodwill Games , The Visa Challenge etc…  Heck we even had events like the Reeses International which was basically a fluff competition but where gymnasts did real skills like full in’s on floor.


It’s a shame that USA-Gymnastics fixed so many non World/Olympic competitions for the US (Remember when Kristen Maloney and Atler won all the event finals at the GWG? or when the US beat Romania at one of those international cups) that now these meets have disappeared from Television completely.


Suck it haters:) Superbowl Champs

February 7, 2017

and the haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate…….


Now excuse me I have a Superbowl parade to prepare for:)

Hey Gabby and I are happy about the same



AND…. Can I seriously bitch about all the celebrities at last nights SB that didn’t give a shit about who won? Those seats could have been given to REAL fans. Suck it John Legend and you’re bimbo wife who looked bored.

My Favorite Chinese gymnasts to watch.

February 5, 2017

The Superbowl will have my attention ( Go Patriots and suck it haters) so depending my mood which we all know depends on the Patriots winning who knows when I’ll feel like blogging so for now…….

This blog keeps getting longer and longer the more I watch youtube videos. In no particular order…

Zeng Siqi: Retired way too soon. I loved watching this kid. It’s a shame she was so inconsistent. I loved her so much she gets 2 routines in this blog.



Zhang Nan:



Jiang Yuayuan: See the blog I wrote for Videos.  


Fan Ye: I saw this live.

Sui Lu: Spent her career getting robbed

2011 Worlds :Floor

Yang Yun:

Ling Jie:

Yang Yilin: The real Olympic gold medalist on bars.

(Actually found a better video from NBC but refuse to use it because Tim and Elfi are biased dumbass’s in it and it pissed me off)

He Kexin : in 2007

Liu Xuan: I loved her beating the two whiny Russians that thought they deserved gold over this. In their dreams.