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2019 European Games Full Results

June 28, 2019


Full Results

All Around

1- Angelina Melnikova 54.498
2- Lorette Sharpy 54.166
3- Diana Varinska 52.766
4- Aline Friess 52.699

Event Finals


1. Teja Belak 14.283
2. Angelina Melnikova 14.133
3. Sara Peter 14.066


1. Angelina Melnikova 14.466
2. Becky Downey 14.400
3. Anastasiya Alistratava 14.233
4. Nina Derwael 13.933


1. Nina Derwael 13.766
2. Angelina Melnikova 13.600
3. Diana Varinska 13.100
4. Denisa Golgota 12.933


1. Anastasiia Backynska 13.200
2. Aneta Holasova 12.966
3. Jessica Castles 12.933


All Around

(Event Finals Finalists is also listed above. Individual links can’t be linked)

2019, Junior Worlds : Russia wins Gold. China Silver, USA, Bronze.

June 25, 2019

Screen Shot 2019-06-28 at 6.27.28 PM
This picture came from,

Somewhere in the middle of Texas, Marta and Bela are drinking their Ţuică , in tea cups, playing with their Llamas, mildly amused at the fact the US team at Junior Worlds only finished third and no US gymnast won an AA medal.


Team Finals
All Around

Event Finals

Screen Shot 2019-06-29 at 2.40.06 PM


1- Kayla Dicello 14.166
2- Jennifer Gadirov 14.133
3- Vladislava Uravova 14.116
4- Anastasiia Motak 13.950
5- Sydney Barros 13.916
6- Chenchen Guan 13.683
7- Camilla Campagnaro 13.683
8- Viktoriia Listunova 13.599

Uneven Bars:

1- Vladislava Uravova 14.433 (5.9 8.533)
2- Viktoriia Listunova 14.200 (5.7 8.500)
3- Xiaoyuan Wei 13.800 (5.7 8.100)
4- Sloane Blakely 13.766 (5.5 8.266)
5- Yushan Ou 13.766 (5.7 8.066)
6- Kayla Dicello 13.500 (5.3 8.200)
7- Stacy Bertrandt 13.100 (5.0 8.100)
8- Noemie Louon 13.100 (5.1 8.000)

Start lists: Day 2

All 4 Event finals


Interesting tidbits. Romania beat the US on beam and Floor. Off to find videos.

Some Russian Videos off of twitter. Her full twitter account has more videos. Her name is Rachel

Gym Canada is also uploading videos of Canada

Ou Yushan

[vault] [Bars] [Beam] [Floor]


Wei Xiaoyuan

[Vault] [bars] [beam] [ floor]

Guan Chenchen

[vault 1 ] [ vault 2] [bars] [beam] [floor]

Russian Videos
(Bars and Vault)
(Beam, Vault and Bars)

Elena Gerasimova

Vladislava Urazova


Viktoriia Listunova


Skye Blakely

[Vault 1] [ vault 2] [Beam]

Kayla DiCello


Sydney Barros

[Vault 1]
[Vault 2] [ Floor] [Beam]



Ioana Stanciulescu

[Beam] [Vault]


Event finals Start lists
(Live Results)

Day 1

Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 7.17.36 PM

Official Website
FIG , Youtube channel
Live Scoring


Qualifying, Team Finals and All Around: June 28th

Subdivision 1: 10 a.m. (USA. Great Britain)
Subdivision 2: 12 p.m. (Russia)
Subdivision 3: 2:30 p.m.
Subdivision 4: 4:30 p.m. (Romania)
Subdivision 5: 7 p.m. (China)

Event Finals

June 29: 2 p.m. – men’s floor exercise, pommel horse, still rings; women’s vault. uneven bars
June 30: 2 p.m. – men’s vault, parallel bars, horizontal bar; women’s balance beam, floor exercise

The USAG Article above says Event Finals will air live on the FIG Youtube channel. Looks like Flo Gymnastics owns the rights to the Team and AA. Though I read somewhere it was only certain Countries.

Piibunina’s Weibo account might have videos so check the channel out.

Woman Start lists

US team:

Balance beam: DiCello, Blakely, Barros
Floor exercise: Blakely, Barros, DiCello
Vault: Barros, Blakely, DiCello
Uneven bars: Barros, DiCello, Blakely


Podium Training

Podium Training Videos are at USAG. if this doesn’t connect to their playlist you Might have to click the USAG link in the above video.

Tom Forster has his facebook page open and he’s been putting up pictures ( Thanks Rainy)

European games highlights from Prelims

2019 American Classic. Pan Am team

June 21, 2019

US Pan Am Team will be decided at the conclusion of the US Classic.

Sloane Blakely, Frisco, Texas/WOGA Gymnastics
Kara Eaker, Grain Valley, Mo./GAGE
Aleah Finnegan, Lee’s Summit, Mo./GAGE
Morgan Hurd, Middletown, Del./First State Gymnastics
Shilese Jones, Westerville, Ohio/Future Gymnastics Academy
Sunisa Lee, St. Paul, Minn./Midwest Gymnastics Center
Riley McCusker, Brielle, N.J./MG Elite
Leanne Wong, Overland Park, Kansas/GAGE


Start Lists
Live Results

Full Results with D and E scores

Start List


For those interested in College gymnastics this is a meet for you. The best thing I came out of watching this meet was Skye Blakely’s Arabian on beam and Olivia Hollingsworth’s parents being two centuries late having a kid because her name sure sounds like it could have been a great name for a character on Dynasty or Falcon Crest in the 90’s.

There were two Sienna’s competing ( Sienna and Ceina) and heck even a throw back to 80’s Soap Opera’s in Nola Matthews. ( She had to have been named after Nola Reardon, right? Well I guess there is the nick name for New Orleans…

If I ever become a Night time soap opera I am using this meet to come up with my characters names. Why am I talking names you ask? Cuz I was that bored watching College gymnastics. You know how that annoys me.

P.S.- I missed Mya Witte on beam and can’t find it so if you do watch and can point out the time so I can watch it I would greatly appreciate it. 🙂

Now I feel like watching old Guiding light episodes with Nola and Quinton.

Who wants to laugh? After watching the meet it has been taken down for copyright. USAG had it’s own meet deleted. That’s kind of funny.

Elsa Garcia’s comeback

[Beam] [Bars]

She is in great shape and those were two pretty good routines. I am most looking forward to this comeback.

My two favorite gymnasts to watch will not be at Worlds this year. You suck Japan but I’m glad Kohei is such a nice person.

US Junior World team named

June 14, 2019

Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 5.03.26 PM


Sydney Barros , Skye Blakely and Kayla DiCello
Konnor McClain, is the traveling alternate.

I hate everyone.