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The ignorant Wayne Gretzsy wins again

February 28, 2010

lord stanley is ours

Congrats to Canada on your gold but we still have the Stanley cup biatches:)

I could not be more proud of the US hockey. Our team was made up of a bunch of kids and they almost pulled off the impossible. Thanks for the effort guys. The entire United States is so proud of you. I am tearing up, sigh

Back in 2001 the arrogant overrated Wayne Gretzky made an obnoxious comment about the US fans only cheering for the US well he can take those comments, double them by infinity and shove them up his ass because his Canadian crowd was that much more pro Canada tonight then the crowd was in 02 for the US. Guess that makes you a hypocrite now doesn’t it:)

Enjoy your happiness Crosby because you are so getting booed here in the

THANKS GOD these damn Olympic are OVER!

P.S.- I am fully aware that Crosby the Canadian that scored the winning goal plays for the Current Stanley Cup Champions from the Pittsburgh penguins but that does not change the facts that Canada the Country has no Stanley Cup.

Where is Chellsie Memmel?- UPDATED

February 28, 2010

Chellsie tweaked a ham string and that is why she isn’t at camp. The way it was worded at GGMB was some big no show but whatevevers:)

Chellsie planned on going to camp and 21 hours ago her father advertised she was on her way to camp but as of a few hours ago she had not shown up according to GGMB.

This is plain weird.
Where is Chellsie??? I hope everything is okay.

College Gymnastics week 8

February 27, 2010

week 8

I am coming to the conclusion that College Gymnastics scoring is a we bit like a roller coaster ride. Some of these scores are ridiculous and based on your school is how you are judged. Maybe it has to do partially with line up order but when the lower member of Georgia team gets a ridiculous score there is only one place to go but up for the Courtney McCools of the world. This is hardly fair to schools like Oklahoma that don’t get this kind of judging. Well not compared to the way UCLA, Georgia and Alabama do. Should be interesting when they all compete against each other. Anywhooo

Susan Jackson went back to her winning ways where the AA is concerned but LSU lost to Georgia 196.57 -196.050

Alabama easily beat Kentucky with Morgan Dennis owning the all around (Who doesn’t love Morgan Dennis????)

Oklahoma beat Michigan State to remain the only en-beaten team in Women’s College gymnastics. As much as I love Oklahoma it is going to suck big time when they compete at Nationals and get low balled compared to UCLA and Alabama. Even if they remain un-defeated (they have a big meet against Alabama coming up) I just don’t see the judges giving them these scores at Nationals even if they deserve it.

and UCLA won their tri meet against other Cali teams Vanessa Vanessa Zamarripa scored a perfect ten on vault.

Chinese Gymnast found under age in 2000

February 27, 2010


Here is the article

The FIG’s statement

It seems here someone is fueling the fire and my guess would be the United States of whiny Romania because I’ll be damned if Marta and Bela Karolyi are going to blame this on the US.

She was under aged. It has been proven but this is not the first time this has happened. What makes this such a big deal? Oh right because the US and Bela will get credit and the US will be bumped up to the Bronze medal status.

Back in 91 Kim Gwang Suk lied about her age but was able to keep the medal. The North Koreans were banned for 3 years and not allowed to compete. This is the EXACT same situation but will the IOC really stop China from competing for 3 years which will keep them from qualifying to the 2012 Olympics? I guess we will see.

This is just another case of cheating that the IOC and Individual heads of Federations has allowed for years and I will start a revolution if they strip the Chinese of their Gold medal without stripping every under age or under-handed thing done by the Romanians, Soviet Union or any other Country for that matter.


Tatiana Gutsu, 1992 Olympics Tatiana fell and did not qualify for the AA but the Soviet Union coaches lied about an injury to Roza Galieva and allowed Tatiana to compete in her place. The Soviet Union lied, broke the rules and it was over looked. This has been known for at least 15 years and the IOC did nothing about it knowing full well this happened.

Alexandra Marinescu, 1996 Alexandra admitted she was not yet the age allowed to compete at the Olympics and that Romania has changed her age to allow her on the team. AGAIN the IOC has known about this and done nothing.

Daniela Silivas See above

Gina Gogean See above

Kim Gwang Suk See above

The list goes on.

Ladies Gold medal decided

February 26, 2010

Sorry I didn’t comeback last night but I was a bit annoyed and way over tired.

First I want to say that NBC sucks. To only show the last flight and some scattered skaters was easily their worst coverage in years and that is saying a lot. Not to mention that they showed the other Olympic medalists in the crowd but left Michelle Kwan out when she was AT THE COMPETITION. NBC gets a big Z for coverage, commentators and an all around sucky Olympic coverage. I would give them an F minus but it doesn’t seem low enough so they get a Z.

It must really suck to watch the skater before you receive their scores and know that it doesn’t matter what you put on the ice you have no chance of winning. That is in my opinion how Mao Asada must have felt last night. The look on her face makes me believe she knew it to. Even if she denies it which she did. She looked like she was going to cry before she even started her long program. She heard Kim Yu-na’s scores and knew right then and there that even if she threw 5 triple axels she wasn’t going to beat the scores the judges had given Kim.
This is what I will take with me from last nights competition.

I agree 100% with the medals awarded. Kim, Mao and Joannie all deserved their medals even if they didn’t deserve their scores. In the end the placements for medals is all that should matter right? except if you are Rachael Flatt and Miki Ando and have worked your whole lives for this moment only to be low balled and treated like the ugly step sisters. Gotta love how Scott and BB (stands with Bitch Bezic) harped on Rachel and Miki but defended Marai for the same underrotated triples. Let me just say I am glad the Olympics are over. I won’t miss them.

Kim Yu-Na: She did a beautiful job and easily deserved to be the overall winner of this competition. Kim had an entire Country on her back and she easily did triple after triple with all of them attached like an ugly hump. NBC proclaiming she gets hate mail when she doesn’t win gold made me so proud to be an American because while we celebrate Gold over anything we also praise Silver when it comes in a deserving package like Michelle Kwan. I can’t even imagine what poor Kim was going through and I am glad she won the Gold medal even if some of the people in her Country do not deserve to have such an amazing Olympic Gold medalist.

Mao Asada: Mao wasn’t perfect. She got credit for both triple axels even though IMO the second one was short but she should be so proud of going out there and skating as wonderfully as she did. She wasn’t as fast as she was in her SP but she gained a fan in me for fighting through that. If you know me I don’t usually like someone I have not liked in the past but Mao can be added to that very short list.

Joannie Rochette: She was great last night. She messed up one jump but overall I thought she did a very good job. She should be very proud of her effort.

The rest: I might be back to discuss this and I might not be. At this point I am just glad it is all over.

Off to get ready to watch the Ladies Long Program

February 26, 2010

I am “sick” and off of work tomorrow so I should be back on tonight to complain about the results:)

Michelle Kwan is happy

February 25, 2010

happy kwan:(

Glad you are so damn happy Michelle Kwan but these Olympics are so very blah without you at them.

I found it interesting that she is happy now and doesn’t regret not going to another Olympics. While I wake up every morning in a cold sweat crying my eyes out because she doesn’t have the gold medal she should have had 12 and 8 years ago.

Damn if Michelle has moved on maybe so should I? Sorry it just ain’t gonna happen. I will be expecting a Michelle Kwan comeback for 2014!! woo hooo

Ladies Short Program

February 25, 2010


Dumb and Dumber Skating Video

SP Results

The ladies SP was last night and I must say it was a nice surprise. Of the top 6, 5 had clean skates (no falls) Only Miki had a small problem (from this code I call it a small problem) That being said Joannie Rochette having only a 2 point deficit to the best SP of the night (IMO) was really a bit much for me to handle.

I wrote my original article about rooting for Joannie when it was still an emotional topic for me. I came back to my senses and what happened last night just wasn’t fair.

Joannie had a nice short but she was void of emotion as she usually is when she skates. I realize it must have been tough for her and I agree she should have been in third place but to only be 2 points behind a triple axel combination and the performance of Kim Yuna is a great travesty to the sport.

I liked Kim Yu na’s SP last night but I wasn’t wowed by it. I have seen her do it much better. I will never compare Kim Yu na to Michelle Kwan but I think right now they are both in the same kind of situation. Michelle had so many perfect performances in her repertoire that if she wasn’t perfect it showed. Kim Yuna had that problem last night. While she was still great it wasn’t one of her best but seeing how she has had so many bests that doesn’t mean she didn’t deserve her outcome.
Yes I might be wishy washy on this SP for

For me personally I was more impressed with Mao nailing her SP and that is probably why I enjoyed the performance so much. That is also probably why I won’t argue with the actual results of the first two though IMO the scores should be closer.

All and all I thought it was a great night for skating. Everyone we saw did a good to great job and I can find something positive to say about every single SP I witnessed last night (I did miss Alena Leonova last night so this is probably why I feel this way:)

The Long Programs are tomorrow night. Below is the skating order. Marai lucks out skating last and Rachael gets screwed again starting first in the last group. Back to back dueling LP from Mao and Kim should set the night up perfectly.

Group 1
1 KARADEMIR Tugba 21 50.74
2 LAFUENTE Sonia 22 49.74
3 LIU Yan 19 51.74
4 GLEBOVA Elena 20 50.80
5 GIMAZETDINOVA Anastasia 24 49.02
6 HECKEN Sarah 23 49.04

Group 2
7 PHANEUF Cynthia 14 57.16
8 KORPI Kiira 17 52.96
9 LEE Cheltzie 18 52.16
10 MEIER Sarah 15 56.70
11 SEBESTYEN Julia 13 57.46
12 KWAK Min-Jung 16 53.16

Group 3
13 LEONOVA Alena 8 62.14
14 SUZUKI Akiko 11 61.02
15 KOSTNER Carolina 7 63.02
16 LEPISTO Laura 10 61.36
17 MAKAROVA Ksenia 12 59.22
18 GEDEVANISHVILI Elene 9 61.92

Group 4
19 FLATT Rachael 5 64.64
20 ANDO Miki 4 64.76
21 KIM Yu-Na 1 78.50
22 ASADA Mao 2 73.78
23 ROCHETTE Joannie 3 71.36
24 NAGASU Mirai 6 63.76

Ladies Short Program and ….

February 24, 2010


First lets start with Nastia. Tonight will be her last night in Vancouver YEAAAA:) Maybe now she will stay off my TV. All kidding aside Nastia’s latest tweet. You won’t be able to read it because like her Sasha Cohen National tweet Nastia has removed it from her twitter account.

“Love/Hate relationship with the media. Why can’t they mind their own business?- Nastia Liukin

Kind of funny that a girl who contacted People Magazine to announce her relationship is telling the media to mind their own business. Sorry to tell you this Nastia but if you did not seek so much attention then the media would not be saying anything about you. Think about that for a second.

Alicia Sacramone is back from vacation with the boy toy. I must admit Alicia has great taste. Brady is cute. I just feel bad for Eric.

Okay the SP for women are tonight. I think I have changed my mind on rooting for Joannie Rochette. I still feel bad about the girl losing her mother but extra points for her sad story are just not fair to any skater that is working just as hard as Joannie to win a medal.

Six things to watch

Their was another snarky article by Elvis online that I cannot find right now where he was kind of obnoxious in his comments. I don’t think the man should write for Yahoo.

So my predictions for tonight are as followed. I don’t do predictions. I am never

Ice Dance is fixed

February 24, 2010


The Ice Dance competitions at the Olympics have been questionable for quite a long time. It seems every 4 years someone is calling the competition fixed. Well what I want to know if what makes this year so different?

No offense to the winners but I found them boring. During their performance last night I literally picked up the remote and was about to change the channel until I realized I wouldn’t be able to comment on this blog if I did. I found them slow, boring and unconnected. I really did not see what put them at 110 points.

The Russians of course are complaining about the competition and while I don’t agree with them that they deserved a medal I do agree with them that I found nothing great about that program.

I am not the A-Typical person that roots for her Country just because they are my Country. Last Olympics I found myself rooting for the Chinese in gymnastics because I found them gymnastics wise a lot more appealing with overall better form and technique (except those kips)so my opinion that Meryl and Davis’s performance was light years more entertaining then the Canadian pair is an honest assessment of what I saw with my own eyes.

With the exception of the lift that was to long for Meryl and Davis I can’t see any reason that Meryl and Davis should not have been ahead of the Canadians. If someone is completely schooled in ice dance wants to explain to me why the Canadians were that far ahead of the Americans I will listen.

Now my original question was why all of a sudden are the judges not trying to fix the Ice Dancing? How do we know that something behind the scenes wasn’t done to make sure the Canadians won? If the scores had been closer I might understand this.

Lets discuss the Russians even being on the podium. Something was up with that. Belbin and Agosto were certainly robbed. I havn’t heard one person say the Russians deserved their medal so to say the competition was fixed is not that much of a long shot. Something was up with the judging in this competition and I want to know why there is not one single person calling this out?