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Kyla, Mckayla and Aly: Updated 9-3

August 29, 2012

Aly at the Patriots game and I am calling BS on the Tom Brady is her favorite Patriot. That was totally the only guy she could

Mckayla baseball , I am not impressed with these either.

Kyla to be honored again. Better late than never:)

Kyla was named California High School athlete of the year ( before the Olympics)

A video of Kyla being interviewed before throwing out her first pitch at the evil Angels game. Damn straight I am bitter. Someone linked this is the comments section but I forget who so thanks.


: one Being Interviewed
: Two standing with pure Angel evil (Bad Torri Hunter BAAAAD)

Here is some video of her celebration at her gym. Her coaches are so cute.

Mckayla on Extra. Nothing like celebrating a girl for being a spoiled brat. Yes I know I have said that already.

Excalibur fights back.

A better video of Aly throwing out the first pitch to Cody “comeback to us next year” Ross. (Thanks Biyatch)

Aly throw out the first pitch at Fenway. Looks like she threw it to Dustin Pedroia Cody Ross, yep great Sox fan I but it’s hard to tell by this angle. It was funny listening to the kid screaming and telling the Sox players it was his Birthday when someone says, Do you have proof of that. The most entertaining part of the video for me and

FINALLY, Some video of Kyla from her homecoming party.

More Aly at American girl doll in NY.

Mckayla visits sets of TV shows,

Pretty little Liars.


I miss you Nastia

August 27, 2012

nastiavoodoodoll_2 Made for Blake:) Price lowered thanks to idea by Sainabou Nyang 🙂

I miss you Nastia. Remember when I used to call you a Narcissistic sociopath and people would come out of the woodwork to tell me I was wrong. I miss those days.

Now that your counterpart has turned into the same lunatic with a fat mother to boot all the fun has been taken out of picking on you.

Making fun of Gabby just isn’t as much fun. I think she makes it too easy and her fans are so f****d up the only defense they have of the way she acts is to say I pick on her because she is black. I mean how fucking boring is that?

You were always so coy in your insults Nastia (you did it in private or what you thought was private) and you rarely insulted your competitors out right. You just made little snide remarks or spelled their names wrong like they didn’t matter. I miss those days:)

(Not enough to tell you to come back though. Please stay on tour forever!!!!)

You could teach your dumbass counterpart the art of being a attention seeking fucktard that’s for sure.Make sure you work on that during the tour. My guess is you two will become the best Narcissistic BFF’S EVER!!!!

Excalibur Outrage. Gabby Douglas plays the “race card” Updated

August 27, 2012

Who has time to waste on Gabby Douglas’s mom backtracking her fat ass to some more BS. I don’t. Apparently she backtracks the race issue a bit.

Excailbur’s response.

More BS

ONE and two

This is really becoming so stupid. Everyone gets bullied. Lets whine to everyone about it

Lets just say that the people associated with Excalibur Gymnastics are none too happy with Gabby Douglas’s interview on Oprah tonight. I did not watch it so I won’t comment on what she said but this came over a facebook feed and someone sent it to me by the mother of an ex gymnast from the gym and she sounds very angry. I am not naming her name because this is her private facebook but I can totally understand why she would be upset.

I started my blog on Gabby and race multiple times and could never get it right so I just stopped trying. As a white person I might not have ever been discriminated against due to me being black but that doesn’t mean I have not put up with some crap due to my gender or color. It happens all the time. I just chose not to complain about it. That is the way I handled it.

Gabby being black is a non issue for me. She keeps bringing up the fact she is black. So do the people in her camp. Her brother was the first person I saw write on twitter about race and he is black. It was never an issue for me or for anyone else that can’t stand her. It’s her attitude that pisses me off.

My opinion is simple. Until we stop putting ourselves into categories, ANY categories things are never going to change. Whoever originally came up with the comments ” the human race” got it right.

What do you think?

Shame shame shame on you Gabby Douglas .I just watched the Oprah show so excited to see you and I was so disappointed in what was said. How dare you insinuate that excallibur treated you poorly because of your race. That fact is Excalibur has had more Afro Americans on the national team than any other club in the USA. Marcia, Morgan, Sheriese, Britney and yes Gabby. I do not think God wants people to hate and especially the people that helped you achieve your dream. You should show a little more respect to those who did so much for you and the coaches and girls who actually stopped there practice to watch you compete in the Olympic finals. Girls were spread out on the mats cheering for you and even had signs made for you, does that sound like a group of bully’s to you?Excalibur has been nothing but supportive of you and it is just a shame to see how unappreciative you are to everyone who was there for you in the beginning. God knows the truth and I truly pitty that you feel the need to lie about others in order for your sob story to sound convincing. Everyone knows how amazing of a gymnast you are and you have many young girls looking up to you and I am sure that you have hurt some of you former teammates with your heartless remarks. I hope you can find it in you to tell the truth one of these days.

Here is what an ex black gymnast from Excailbur has to say about this. I feel bad posting ehr words but it needs to be said

Morgan Jay
This is the last thing I am going to say. People have NO reason to lie, but everyone knows and should know that the truth has a way of being exaggerated and turned into something bigger to create a story out of it that people can relate to. It’s only human to say my experiences with gymnastics have not all been phenomenal, but that is just the sport itself, but many of my experiences have been great and memorable and these experiences have made me stronger and have pushed me to be the person I am today. I do feel I reached many of my dreams and had many successes in the sport of gymnastics and a ton of them during the time I was in club gymnastics. It just pains me that many of my teammates (sisters/bestfriends) are being hurt by outside people who do not even know ANYTHING about the situation at hand and only know what they see on tv or in social media. i love Excalibur Gymnastics and would never regret a moment of my life I have spent in this gym including the future time I am going to be apart of this organization. I just pray people will open their eyes and realize one persons experience is not a reflection of an entire organization and the young and teenage gymnasts who are working hard everyday to make their dreams a reality.

Khorkina on Rosie O’donnell

August 27, 2012

Or as I like to refer to her as, phony stupid bitch. (Not Khorkina but I do have a nick name for her that starts with bitch)

Anyway this video is hilarious. Khorkina has the phony Russian down pat. A lot of “celebrity” Russians love Americans , while they are here and then they leave and act like Irina Slutskaya bad mouthing everything about this Country.

I liked Khorkina as a gymnast even though some of the gifts she got were blatant cheating.

Anyone else think they should have brought Yelena Produnova up on stage too???

Aly takes over Massachusetts

August 27, 2012

Skip to 220 for the second of Aly. Sorry I can’t get youtube videos to imbed anymore.

I am really pissed I can’t find the first pitch from the Sox game.

Aly on the news. 7000 people came out to see her give a speech somewhere in Needham. That’s a lot of people. There were only like 6000 people a few years ago at Nationals.

As much as it annoys me to mention the letters WEEI on my bloh here is Aly on the radio during the red sox game.

Sorry it’s all Aly here but what can I say? She lives in the same state so information is easy to come by.

Video of her talking with Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo during another Red Sox tank job.

Hanging out with injured AGAIN, David Ortiz AKA “Big Papi”

Her parade was today.

Article one and two

53 Pictures from different events.

7 pictures from todays parade

Kyla Ross Royal Homecoming

August 25, 2012

Here we go.

\She has already been in the gym and training so this article is incorrect but it’s about gymnastic s. There is always something incorrect in those

Found some pictures of the event.

More pictures from the Sunday night concert series


Aly Raisman takes over Hollywood

August 25, 2012

Here is a clip from E

Aly Hanging out with plastic Joan She will be on E tonight at 10.30 I think (eastern time)

Tomorrow she throws out the first pitch to the minor league system of the Boston Red Sox at Fenway park. They will be masquerading as the major league baseball team but trust me, they aren’t.

I had hoped to go and get video for you guys but I don’t have the heart.

Watch this video. It has more interviews and more of the interviews already seen.

Aly gets married. Okay so the marriage isn’t happening but the headline made you click on the link right???:)

Aly helps school kids in LA get supplies. Not sure why she is in LA doing this but o.k.

Another one

Aly audio on life , love and the pursuit of happiness.

Video one
Video 2


Another reason to hate a Cheetah girl.


Dancing with the stars promo pictures for Shawn


Some Jordyn stuff


and in ACTUAL gymnastics news I can confirm for you that Kyla Ross is indeed in full training mode with planned upgrades for the 2013 season. I put this last to make sure you people actually read these pointless blogs about the updates of the Fierce 5:)

Kyla was honred at her gym this morning and Sunday night will be honored by her home town.

Welcome to my new blog, The new title, WTF Friday

August 24, 2012

What the fuck Friday is brought to you by the damn Boston Red Sox. I don’t know if I should cry or cheer?

My heart is in my stomach already after watching last nights game live and now I think I am going to be sick. I do not do speechless very well and now I sit before you with my mouth wide open.

Sorry gym fans but I had to vent. VENT, VENT, VENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gabby Douglas does the Onion

August 22, 2012


LMAO I swear I did not write this but I could have:P

I probably could have done a better job and used actual quotes by Gabby:)

Someone sent me the link and they got the picture online:)


Jordyn Wieber doesn’t think we should text and drive. Damn Olympians think they are politicians these days:) and no, NO ONE should text and drive, duh

This link has some pictures from tonight
t but I can’t guarantee they will be there in the future.

An article about her first pitch

Here is a direct link to a picture

Small article and video about the VMA’s

Geddert doesn’t believe in Jordyn. Tool she isn’t that old.

Aly Q and a

Mckayla Maroney, Aly Raisman and Nationals in Connecticut, wooooo

August 21, 2012

Lets start with Nationals being in Hartford, Conn in 2013. I think I might go. I have also decided to go to the American Cup in March and it better feature Kyla Ross because that is why I am going.

Aly Raisman the new Queen of New England has signed a deal with local water company, Poland Springs. Okay peeps, who has Poland Springs in their state?

Aly likes cupcakes and partying with her friends. I don’t see this kid continuing even though I do think it is interesting that New England is the place for gym meets in 2013.

A video of Aly where her voice sounds normal Message to Aly, your friend Talia should be able to get you Bruins


Last but certainly not least lets discuss Mckayla Maroney’s mother
. The women has hired security for her daughter because she is being hounded by crazy people. As the parent of a child (not really) I find Mckayla Maroney’s mother way out of touch with reality. She needs to parent her child and regulate her internet access if she is going to keep posting pictures of herself like this. Us normal people are not what Mckayla has to worry about it is perverts that see this picture and think disgusting things.

If my daughter posted this picture she wouldn’t have internet. Just saying.

More Mckayla and an 800 dollar purse? beats my 10 dollar back pack:)