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Routine Catch up time. Ponor, Hundley, Raisman etc..

March 27, 2016

2016 Worlds Results


Catalina wins Gold on beam at the Doha World cup.

Aly Raisman’s Gold floor routine from Jesolo Event Finals

Hundley on beam in Stuttgart.  Here are also her Floor and Uneven Bar routines. Also here is the Medal Ceremony

Diana Bulimar on Floor at Doha (Silver)


More Doha routines A Play list…


If you follow the people who uploaded these you can find more Jesolo routines.



Regan Smith should have won beam in the EF over Hernandez. I hate Regan Smith’s floor routine. What are you doing to this kid Kim Zmeskal? Not sure I like Ashton Kutcher on bars any better than Kocian anymore. This routine is very labored. She is a lot cleaner in the leg separation department and her lines are pretty but I am just not impressed.

Other routines


Flavia on Beam. Flavia on Floor. Aly on Beam. Gabby walking through her Floor routine.

All Around

Uneven Bars







Laurie (better version)


Malabuyo (junior)

Thomas (Junior)









The Re-return of Catalina Ponor

March 25, 2016




You need to be signed into facebook to see it but I think she looks great on beam.


This is her prelims routine at the Doha Challenge



Jesolo, Hundley takes bronze at Stuttgart World Cup

March 19, 2016

Hundley took bronze at the Stuttgart World Cup. She was a mistake on bars from winning the whole thing.





US won gold at Jesolo.


AA Results


AA results


Event Finals




Event Finals





Jesolo is tomorrow. 11 AM for Seniors and 5.30 am for Juniors ( I think) I can’t believe people still get up this early for gym


The above video is for Italian’s only but if you have an IP changer or Hola you can watch.

You’ll never be Michelle Kwan, Gold and Wagner so just STFU

March 18, 2016

Sorry not sorry, Gracie Gold and Ashley Wagner but It’s never going to rain Teddy Bears  for you.   Your straight line footwork is never going to elicit screams like this and while you might get a standing ovation it’s never going to sound like the video above so maybe you should concentrate on your own inability to stand up consecutive programs at the same competition before you start bad mouthing, Michelle Kwan.


Ashley Wagner thinks she would have won multiple world medals you know if she competed in the days of Michelle Kwan. Not that she would ever call herself , Michelle Kwan….. There are so many more competitors of quality out there now compared to back in the days of mediocre quality skates like say, this or



Oh and Gracie Gold, you have no right to even utter the name Michelle Kwan out loud. You just need to really , put a sock in it before you ever think of uttering another skaters name out of your big fat, over scored, held up every competition, mouth. Michell wasn’t perfect, honey her worst skate of all time has more skating quality than anything you’ve ever put on the ice.

I guess we should be happy that Michelle Kwan’s name is still the name mentioned when comparing anything to perfection unlike USA-Gymnastics who only cares about Olympic AA Gold medals ( completely ignoring their gymnast with the most medals) but nothing pisses me off more then when someone like these two brats who have nothing to brag about as skaters has the audacity to mention , Michelle Kwan’s name  in a negative light.


Every other year? How do you win 9, NATIONAL TITLES IN A ROW, Every other year and last time I looked 2000 and 2001 came right after each other.


Gracie has been held up every year she has competed. She has never had to deal with what, Michelle had to deal with every year at Nationals where the judges did everything they could to hold up which ever ” Baby Ballerina ” they felt the need to  over score that day. Yet somehow, Michelle always ended up on top and she deserved every last single National title she accomplished.

I guess I should prepare myself for more of this being Worlds is in my back yard for the next 3 weeks. I couldn’t get, good enough seats to merit spending the money to watch this live for the likes of 3 overrated Americans , 3 interchangeable Russians  or anyone , not named, Michelle Kwan so……

NCAA Senior night is a better gift giving holiday than Christmas. Jesolo team named

March 14, 2016


Can’t believe Bridget Sloan is finished with College already. It seems like yesterday she got injured before Trials and left me teary eyed.


Skinner wins World Cup

USA-gymnastics article



Skinners Routines

Uneven Bars

Balance beam



Speaking of gifts go watch UCLA gets UB scores in the 9.950 range with double tucks as their dismounts and then watch Madison Preston get a 9.875  with a big step and a small step and she’s off to the side. This is why I HATE UCLA gymnastics. The overscoring they receive is blatant cheating.


But a flash was in my eyes, waaaaaaaah. Do over for you. OMG this is so ridiculous. Maybe when Katelyn broke the beam merited a do over (maybe)but give me a break.



Seniors to Jesolo: Raisman, Douglas, Skinner, Hernandez, Smith, Locklear, Schild, Johnson-Scharpf, Gaskins.


Juniors to Jesolo: Chiles, Malabuyo, Perea, Thomas.


Why is Marta over competing Gabby is my question. Glad Simone and Maggie are staying home to stay healthy tho I wonder if Marta is trying to let Gabby keep winning because Maggie won’t be there. Aly better step up. We get to watch Steve Nunno act like a fool again, That is always fun 🙂


My mean side is hoping Marta is over Gabby and she wants her to fail but if she really wanted that, Maggie would have competed her Amanar at the American Cup.


Why is Schield sent to so many meets. She’s just so , blah..

Simone Biles on Ellen

March 8, 2016


This is Simone Biles. You know that and I know that but the every 4 year fans are just learning about the savior to our sanity and I don’t know about you but I am glad she exists 🙂


Thanks to whomever put this link in the comments.


Aly’s opinion on the code of points. This moves ahead of Mckayla’s interview. Not Michelle’s 🙂


Skinner and her Amanar. I don’t think the girl liked being alternate last year:)


Lets read into the 5 gymnasts they put at the Olympic media summit and laugh when this ends up out Olympic team:)

Olympic year rules

March 6, 2016



1- I am sorry to say this and annoyed to have to say it again but no one else will be approved to comment from here on in. I am very sorry to have to do this but at this point I have received so many trolls asking for approval (impatient ones to boot) that it is really hard to tell the genuine people from the crazy ones. I wish I had a sure fire way to keep out the people who want to sign up  just to disagree with everyone for the sake of arguing but there isn’t and I am afraid I have no other recourse but to just not allow anyone new to post. I don’t like making this place inclusive but since the start of late January the amount of e-mail and people that want to post has zillionafied and I don’t have the time or patience to deal with it. I am sorry if I didn’t get back to you some of you recent people but it’s been hectic around here and that is why. The e-mail address to contact this blog is


 2- I want the recent people I have approved that you’re all on Probation and if you all of a sudden can’t post the people above are the reason why. I can’t tell if you’re crazy or not so we will see:)



3- As of now the blog will not go invisible  during the Olympic year. I got even more people asking for me to keep it open so as of now I will agree to do that.


4- Dearest Regulars, Thanks for being you. You all have free reign to do as you please because I trust you to be your respectful selves. This blog is not about the gymnasts or their mothers or their family members ( multiple of which posted last year and were not approved to keep this blog about the fans of the sport) Yes I know insiders are fun but once they get in this place turns to , well lets just call them other places we love to hate and I don’t want that to happen here.


Good Luck


Some Gymnix Videos

Maggie Nichol’s American Cup

March 4, 2016


American Cup Results




Nastia Cup