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Price takes DBT Pokel and ……………

November 30, 2013

I am going to combine all the Turkey weekend results into one blog because I see no point starting a new one with only 8 comments.

Maggie Nichols finished second and Peyton Ernst 3rd
at the Mexico meet.Didn’t Peyton fall twice on day 2? If that was true she would have finished with a 59 plus without the falls?

Anyone have individual scores? I will look around.

Elizabeth Price won the DBT Pokel.

USA-Gym article
Couch Gymnast report

1- Elizabeth Price: 58.032

Playlist of all 4 routines
Vault: 15.700
Bars: 14.466
Beam: 13.500
Floor :14.366

2- Larissa Iordache: 57.988

Playlist of all 4 routines
Vault : 14.933
Bars : 13.466
Beam : 15.166
Floor : 14.433

Bozo placed 5th for the men out of 8 and his scores weren’t all that bad ( he must have fallen off high bar) at the DBT Pokel.

Turkey Day Gymnastics Results

Anna Pavlova has finally wised up and switched Countries. She will now compete for Azerbaijan.

Anna’s best days are over but I can see her still making a Vault Event Final here or there. Good for her for finally realizing Russia did not appreciate her at all.

Sophina De Jesus will now represent Puerto Rico. She is currently competing for UCLA.

I am not a big fan of switching Countries but for Anna I think it is the right thing to do.


Bailey Key won the International Junior Mexican Cup



1 US -169.367 points.
2- Brazil -150.834
3- Mexico -149.232.

She fell on floor and beat Laurie Hernandez who fell off bars. Emily Gaskins came in 3rd but due to the 2 per Country rule she did not medal. Nica Hults fell all over the place and finished 4th (No medal due to the 2 per Country rule)

1. Key -56.901 ( 14.900 14.267 —— 13.267 )
2. Hernandez-56.567. ( 14.533 13.167 14.367 14.400 )
3. Martins (BRA)
4. Castro (MEX)
Gaskins- 54.466
Hults -51.999 ( 13.633

Laurie: 14.400
Nica: 11.633
Emily: 13.233
Bailie: 13.267

US on VT:


US Men finished 5th in the team event and missed the finals at the DTP Cup finals : Team Challenge


Full Results can be found here.


Facebook has an official page for the competition

Peyton Ernst is leading day 1 of the Mexico Open over Maggie Nichols. Peyton scored a 15.100 on vault and a 14.450 on bars. Maggie got a 15.250 on vault and a 14.250 on bars.


Another reason to hate Nastia. Its bad enough she is wearing THAT hat but what a bandwagon jumper.

The DTB-Pokal Stuttgart World Cup is also taking place.


While we were sleeping : The random edition

November 27, 2013


An interview with Aly Raisman that makes me like her again. She seems so genuine here its hard to hear the rumors and realize they might be partially true but regardless of outside influences Aly needs to take responsibility for her own actions and realize just who her real friends are.


According to my stats this blog was once visited by the Russian Federation. Yep has a picture of Russia’s flag next to it and says Russian Federation.

Price has her Amanar back.

Inside Gymnastics has their annual Readers choice awards out . Feel free to vote. Nastia is up for best

Simone Biles Simone will get the Kyla treatment on floor and get a new routine from Dominic Zito ( I wonder if he is related to Barry?)

Dwayne Wade does his impression of a gymnast. Too funny and pretty impressive for a 6.6 foot

Shannon is honored for never shutting up as she saves the world from fat kids and cancer. Kidding aside its nice to see someone make a difference with a real issue.

Retired Chinese gymnasts
. I didn’t realize Sui Lu retired. What a shame. Jiang Yuyuan apparently had a B-day on November 1st. Awww

And just because I think it is sweet that a little boy knew enough about his favorite skater to know to give him this I am adding it to the blog. Hope the Shibutani’s don’t get the shaft at the Olympics like they have been getting the last year or 2. The Politics of sports sucks.

Shannon Miller Interview

Rumor has it Sabrina Vega is injured again.

Top 10 : Biggest assholes in gymnastics

November 26, 2013

Number 10: John Roethlisberger: You never really hear anything about John to suggest he is an asshole but if you ever listened to the Inside Gymnastics radio show you would understand why he made my list for biggest asshole in gymnastics. During a discussion on the sport he listed Paul Hamm as the best US gymnast of all time male or female. When people on twitter corrected him asking if he remembered a certain gymnast named Shannon Miller he gave huge attitude and suggested the fans of the sport were all stupid making a comment on the lines of, well does she have two all around titles in a row (mentioning Hamm’s World AA win and joke of a win at the Olympics the following year) and then he obnoxiously said NO (You could just see him rolling hie eyes as the stupidity spewed from his mouth) I guess the two AA titles she has back to back never happened. I probably wouldn’t think twice about his arrogance if it wasn’t for the fact he spouted several untruths during that interview (Patriots never taped the walk through dumbass) and that he is a biased piece of shit and clearly that effects his opinion. I’ll assume you all heard the rumor about a certain gymnast having an affair with a married man , guess who was rumored to be the ” man”


Number 9 : : Bela Karolyi: Many people dislike Bela for many different reasons but the one real problem I have with Bela isn’t the way he treated his gymnasts (I blame the parents of every child that ever sent their kids to him knowing full well what he was like) or the way he tries to make everything about him the one thing I can’t forgive Bela for is the way he screwed 7 innocent teenagers out of a medal at the 1988 Olympics and he isn’t even man enough to admit this is all on him.

Back in 1984 Bela was seen practicing his jump over the sides the night before the AA so he could piss off Ellen Berger. He was warned during an earlier part of the competition not to jump over the side and he did it anyway. He took pride is the fact that he knew she would never take a deduction because the Olympics were being held in LA. and he was right.

Fast forward 4 years and Ellen Berger gets revenge. While I am sure Bela wasn’t thinking about anything but himself in 84 what he did ruined a dream for 7 innocent kids. All he had to do was not be an ass and of course he is incapable of that.

Article 1 on the situation

Article 2


Number 8: Paul Hamm : Some people may think blaming Paul Hamm for defending the Gold medal he thinks he deserved his right and while I might agree with that sentiment in principle I cannot agree with it in reality because another human being had his life changed forever that night and his name is Yang Tae Young ( His name however is not that Korean guy)

Paul Hamm’s arrogant press conference where he got up and belittled the routines of the real victor, Yang Tae Young to defend his win has to be the most obnoxious thing I have ever heard a gymnast do. The real victim in all of this is the true Olympic Gold medalist who has all but been forgotten since then.

I guess Hamm is in his own hell. This all turned him into an alcoholic loner who could have been the toast of the Country but instead chose to go all out for an undeserved medal he probably has in a shoe box under his bed. Thankfully no one gives a shit about his ” historic” win that wasn’t really a win to begin with.


Number 7 : :Alexander Alexandrov : He can whine about pressure all he wants but the FACT of the matter is he cheated. He lied and he never had to pay for it. Russia can break rules and admit it and it just never seems to be an issue.



Number 6 : Jackie Fie: Lowering Miller’s scores in 96 (when the judges all agreed but she didn’t)but allowing the Romanians to keep their UB compulsories scores, Lilia on bars in the AA and the bars scores for Dawes where her best routine got her lowest score for her best routine (Dawes even was quoted saying the same thing about why her best routine was scored the lowest) She was Nellie Kim before Nellie Kim but at least she was smart enough to do it behind the scenes and not run down to the judges table. Rumor has it she hated Steve Nunno and even though she played nice in front of people she was consistently heard bad mouthing him when the camera was not around.


Number 5:
NBC Commentating team especially AL TRAUTWIG: His constant stupidity and ridiculous comments are enough to make you throw up. The highlight of his career as a gym commentator for me anyway is when Paul Hamm won a medal over Yang Tae Young in the highbar???? final and he literally screamed that this some how proved Paul should have won the AA over him. Al Trautwig is stupid. He’s fake. He’s a pervert and an annoying little twit. John Tesh might have been repetitive and annoying but he wasn’t a biased asshole just for the sake of being a giant asshole.


Number 4 : Nastia Liukin : Of course she is on this list. You wouldn’t expect her not to be would you? 🙂 Teenagers make mistakes. That is how they learn so the way she acted when Chellsie beat her in 2005 is not a big deal to me in theory because lets face the facts, we all make mistakes as kids we wish we could take back but when you don’t change that attitude into your 20’s you definitely deserve to be on this list.

See Marta for more reasons


Number 3 Marta Karolyi : I don’t even know what to say here. Its all been said. She gets paid to mentally screw with the minds of children and we let her do it. We celebrate the Gold medals. We support the federation and while we might bitch about the situation we stand by and let it happen.

Every time she does something corrupt and we think she can’t get any worse she one ups it. The gymnast you want on the Olympic team for one vault isn’t good enough to contribute on another event make her not compete at the meet to qualify to Trials so you can sneak her on to the team (Annia Hatch in 2000)

Want to add your pet “not good enough “gymnast to the Olympic team when she clearly isn’t prepared to put the work into making it on her own allow her to stay home from camps so you can hide just how bad she is until you can give her that free pass to Trials with hopes she might just hit a Bar routine so you get your way ( Nastia Liukin)

Number 2: Nellie Kim:

Running to the judges table to make sure Nastia got credit for the connection she missed in 08. Getting Paeska credit for Amanar in 2012, the way she thinks she should have had Nadia’s fame. Cheating as a judge giving Bogi and Gutsu 10’s on bars, giving Silivas a 9.8 on vault. The more she cheats the further up the chain she gets in the sport.


Number 1 TIE
: The International Federation of Gymnastics and International Olympic committee. Together they screw this sport up more then they help it.

They allow everything wrong with this sport to exist. They allow Nellie Kim to cheat. They allow her to run the sport. They allow past cheaters to still compete. They allowed the code to change to hide their inept judges. They hire the judges. They allow the rules to apply to some people but not to others.

I also have a huge issue with the way they decide who should and should not lose their medals for cheating. Why is North Korea banned from competing for 3 years for their underage gymnasts yet when Russia lies about Roza Galiyeva being injured they turn the other way and pretend they never saw it. Why was Romania never investigated for under age gymnasts like Gina Gogean , Daniela Silivas and Alexandra Marinescu but China lost a medal for it? I realize the IOC is in charge of the Olympica and the FIG, Worlds but when China lost their medals in 2000 the FIG recommended to the IOC that they take away the medals. Its all connected.


The reason we have this code is partially due to Paul Hamm falling on the judges table. The IOC wanted a change to the code so they could hide the back lash that came with the way they handled that situation in the first place (Expecting Paul to give back the AA medal instead of doing their jobs as the head of the Olympics to insure that the results were fair and just)

Everything anyone finds wrong with this sport is because the FIG and for the Olympics the IOC allowed it to happen. How can they not be tied at the top of the the top ten asshole list?

Dishonorable mention. John Geddert. Dominique Dawes. Steve Penny. Difficulty score judges at the 2013 worlds who had one job ( to get the start value right) and they couldn’t even do that. Dominique Moceanu

: I left Gabby off this list because she is a kid who was raised without two stable parents but if she continues to be an ass through her twenty’s she will be on the next list 🙂

The Mentalist: Red John revealed and who called it? Yep that was me:)

November 25, 2013

Red J

The Sheriff is Red John and he was always my suspect. I feel so smart and yes I am smarter than you:)

Okay so I was wishy washy the last 2 weeks but the Sheriff was always my number 1 suspect til that damn wikipedia page made me think differently for a few seconds but the reason I always suspected the Sheriff was because he was so calm, cool and collected. When he was on the roof a few weeks ago and he saved Jane he made it seem like he was scared of heights and then he saved Jane on the roof and that was something I always felt was something Red John would do.

And as of now Rigsby and Van Pelt are not part of Red John so if the Patriots pull off this miracle comeback tonight I might just call this a good day 🙂

While I was sleeping : My Favorites Things

November 24, 2013

Preview for Mckayla’s episode of Bones.


With her singing career over before it ever should have began Carly Patterson is now whoring herself back out to USA-Gymnastics. She will be appearing in the Pittsburgh My Macy’s Holiday parade.

Aly Raisman is hanging out with Big Papi at the Kayne West concert. Sorry but this child has clearly lost her mind 🙂

Athletes that should have their own shows. This person is smoking

Boston Globe has an article titled, My Favorite things. The sports sections list has a few things I agree with so I thought I would put what they said here. (Article will be gone by tomorrow)


■ Koji Uehara

He was the oldest guy in the Red Sox bullpen, the closer by attrition. The man didn’t say much, but there was nobody on the mound to talk to. K-K-K-Koji just threw strikes, one after another after another, all the way to a most unexpected piece of autumnal jewelry for his bushy-faced mates. And he proved that you didn’t need a beard to be feared.

■ 1980 US Olympic gold-medal hockey team

They were a bunch of no-name post-adolescents from Winthrop, Mass., and Warroad, Minn., and points between who had no business beating the planet’s best hockey team. “The common man goes nowhere,” their coach told them. “You have to be uncommon.” So they were for a magical fortnight in Lake Placid in 1980 when Mike Eruzione and his amateur playmates won the most uncommon Olympic gold medal of them all.

■ Michelle Kwan

She was a ponytailed 12-year-old when she jumped into a women’s global sport and made it her own for a decade. She was a graceful and gracious sportswoman who left figure skating’s global stage to become an ambassador to the world with a master’s in law and diplomacy. Diplomacy is the better for it.


I know the sport is dead right now but I am working on a new blog I think you guys might like. The title, Top 10 : Biggest assholes in gymnastics. Should be up by Monday or Tuesday. Probably Tuesday

While I was sleeping : The College gym edition.

November 18, 2013

Not gym related but if you know me you know why I loved it:)


Ling Jie Interview. One of my all time fave Chinese gymnasts. I agree with her on the medal removal being unfair but the only way to discourage these types of things if you don’t penalize.

Foam blocks aren’t safe? You would think that gym makers could find something else to use?

The Clemmer School of Gymnastics has been around since 1935 and it will be closing. You see someone offered them a lot of money to buy the building and who can blame them for selling it right? I bet we find out later that Walmart bought the place out so it can pay its workers 8 dollars an hour and make billions. If you read the article and are a College basketball fan you might recognize the name of their most famous alumni. (Okay its a slow gym day I will tell you. It’s Mike Krzyzewski)

Ashley Wagner won the Trophee Bompard Beating no one of merit. Chan won the men’s competition because he showed up. JUST KIDDING. Not sure how he did but he won.

Bridget Sloan does her own version of Cribs. Florida style.

Talia Chiarelli on beam at the Michigan intrasquad thing. More videos of the “meet” practice or whatever it is. They only showed her on beam and vault and she looked pretty good to me.

LSU IntraSquad

Stanford in Training.

Florida also had an intrasquad.



Secret Video

November 16, 2013

I am supposed to think twice before sharing:)

Here is the link if the embed did not work

The next Michelle Kwan ? Awww

Michelle’s husband has left his post as something or other in our lovely Government and rumor has him running for Governor of Rhode Island in 2014. We don’t need another bleeding heart democrat in Office but hey, at least it isn’t Massachusetts:)

Elite Calender for 2014

Baby Aly Raisman with expression and pointed toes and Princess Lea buns:)

Glasgow World Cup participants.

Full line up

Vanessa Ferrari (ITA)
Elizabeth Price (USA)
Ruby Harrold (GBR)
Carlotta Ferlito (ITA)
Roxana Popa Nedlecu (ESP)
Asuka Teramoto (JPN)
Larisa Iordahce (ROU)

Oleg Verniaiev (UKR)
Andre Likhovitskiy (BLR)
Fabian Gonzalez (ESP)
Daniel Purvis (GBR)
John Orozco (USA)
Sam Oldham (GBR)
Masayoshi Yamamoto (JPN)


I am keeping this for the future in case I need to either be sick at the audacity of it all or laugh, which ever suits my feelings that day.

This is video of Nastia not making the Olympic team after half assing her routines only to be consoled by Marta.

Does anyone have a video of her interview on NBC after she screwed up twice and with her usual arrogant attitude proclaimed she would come back better than ever with her new harder routine in two weeks? That needs to be saved for future

When secrets get leaked

November 15, 2013


   I love Elizabeth Price’s Aunt. She is like our very own spy inside USA-Gymnastics. She  tweeted this earlier today ( Thanks Gigi) I don’t think Marta will appreciate this kind of info being leaked to us mere mortals of the gymternet but I am glad it is being leaked non the less:)

Peyton Ernst and Maggie Nichols will be competing at an up and coming competition and apparently they were supposed to duke it out at camp for the right to compete but Marta has decided to send both.

While I was sleeping: The Fierce Five edition (Minus 1. As if:) Plus

November 14, 2013

Jordyn Wieber looks great. Hindorff and DTY into the pit. Hindorff is the most overrated skill in the sport (next to the Pak) but it looked good anyway.

Aly also looks great. Check out the face. She is losing the weight.

Teen of the week has a Fierce 5 mention

Article with a Mckayla Maroney mention.

Mckayla Maroney helps a sick women feel good about herself, indirectly

There doesn’t seem to be any Kyla news so I will just post this. Someone has too much bleach and too much time on his but whoever this kid is very impressive.


Simone Biles article. I like that I finally like some US gymnasts and can be happy they won their medals.

Gracie Gold the idiot.

She is not a child and she is not slow. She has to know how this sounded and how it made her look. People are defending her stupidity and the hypocrisy needs to stop. Look at the outrage at what went on with the Italian gymnast. Peopled raked her over the coals.

Stop blaming Phil Hersch for pointing out what she said. Reporters report the news.

What is missing from this picture? More reasons to hate Canada

November 13, 2013

First this is all I have to say about the Manager of the year award. It will be once I fix the word I left out.:)

Toronto cost Farrell the win by being bitter cheaters.

Alexi Bonderenko is still alive and still cute:)

What is missing from this picture?

Two of my favorite things of all time in the same room (technically the room is the favorite thing) and there is only ONE thing missing from this picture, ME. (Forget Dikembe Mutombo Mpolondo Mukamba Jean-Jacques Wamutombo is in the picture)

Michelle Kwan was at Fenway today with the 3 WORLD SERIES TROPHY’S that I have never seen in person and no one told me this was happening?