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Mckayla Maroney is the most popular Fierce 5 member

November 28, 2012

According to this article posted at USA-Gymnastics.

These polls mean little much in the real world. In two years when the lime light has died down most of these names will disappear but it is1 interesting to see who made the list.

A lot of people think Jordyn Wieber has a good story but her name is not on this list. I think that ship has sailed.

This list just shows that women stars have died across the board. Number 1 is purely for looks. 2, 3and 4 are for controversy. 5 is for a train wreck, attention seeking bitch etc….

1- Maria Sharapova, Russia, Olympic tennis silver medalist
2- Serena Williams, USA, Olympic tennis gold medal
3- Lolo Jones, USA, track and field Olympian
4- McKayla Maroney, USA, Olympic gymnastics team gold medalist
5- Hope Solo, USA, Olympic soccer gold medalist
6- Misty May-Treanor, USA, USA, Olympic beach volleyball gold medalist
7- Gabby Douglas, USA, two-time Olympic gymnastics gold medalist – team,
8- Caroline Wozniacki, Denmark, tennis Olympian
9- Alex Morgan, USA, Olympic soccer gold medalist
10- Venus Williams, USA, Olympic doubles tennis gold medalist
11- Missy Franklin, USA, four-time Olympic swimming gold medalist
12- Abby Wambach, USA, Olympic soccer gold medalist
13- Daniela Hantuchova, Slovakia, tennis Olympian
14- Allyson Felix, USA, Olympic 200-meter gold medalist
15- Candace Parker, USA, Olympic basketball champion
16- Kerri Walsh Jennings, USA, Olympic beach volleyball gold medalist
17- Jessica Ennis, Great Britain, Olympic heptathlon gold medalist
18- Claressa Shields, USA, Olympic boxing gold medalist
19- Kayla Harrison, USA, Olympic judo gold medalist
20- Aly Raisman, three-time Olympic gymnastics medalist: gold – team, floor exercise; bronze – balance beam

Dancing with the stars reaction here

November 27, 2012

So what do you think? I personally think this show is fixed. From the first season when Kelly Monaco won even though she messed up twice in the final show. It has never gotten much better.

I have watched enough of this show to know they low ball the favorites and Shawn had been lowballed all season long.

My new obsession is the new Boy meets world in planning for ABC, the same channel that just wasted my night.

The end……:)




Vote online, here Vote, vote, vote.

She is annoying me on twitter as much as the next person ( I almost deleted her a few minutes ago) but than I came to my senses and remembered that a vote for Shawn is a vote against Nastia so tonight is the night we all, MUST VOTE.

Remember, the more we see of Shawn the less we see of Nastia.

The entertainment media never splits the fame train (Think all the publicity Kim Kardashian gets compared to her sisters) so the more we get of Shawn, the less we get of Nastia. It’s a no brainer.

(By the way, I was told by someone that read it on GGMB that Nastia changed agents because she thought he did not get her enough endorsement deals after the latest Olympic debacle. If that isn’t enough of a reason to vote for Shawn than I don’t know what I have instilled in you fellow Nastia haters:) How the hell could Nastia expect ANY endorsements after that choke job? Her arrogance astounds me.



Thanksgiving Intrasquad , Florida

November 26, 2012

I don’t have time to watch it but hopefully it shows some Bridget’s

Rebecca Bross at Mexico Gala

November 25, 2012

Byatch posted these in the comments section.

Turkeys of the year for 2012

November 22, 2012



Gabby Douglas: You would think winning the AA at the Olympics would automatically keep your name off this list but not when your bad attitude and obnoxious comments before and after your win make you sound like an insensitive brat.

The “We all have to deal with disappointment” comment after Jordyn Wieber did not make the AA at the Olympics has to be the most second most obnoxious thing I have ever heard come out of a gymnasts mouth.

John Geddert: You were told that Jordyn Wieber would not get credit for her combinations on beam and yet you rolled your eyes and deduced the complaints to jealousy.

A good coach would have fixed the problem and probably prevented the injury to your gymnast that took away her chance at fulfilling her life long dream of being the Olympic AA champion but instead you let your ego get in the way of common sense.


Nastia Liukin: Where do I even start? She half ass’d a comeback a few months before the Olympic Trials. She then went to Nationals and put together two horrible routines and than admitted on National television that she only put an uneven bar routine together the week before competition. She than bragged about how she had an upgraded routine for the Olympic Trials that would take place two weeks later.

I wish I could find the video of her interview after Nationals. The eye rolling and arrogant attitude is something only a TV movie could dream up but we saw it live at a Gymnastics competition.

Someone please re-write this part about Nastia so I can help the people in the future reading this blog understand just how obnoxious this comeback really was. I did not do it justice above.

Nastia was told by Marta she would be on the team if she hit and when she failed Nastia made the media believe the comeback was for her love of the sport. She said a million times, “I didn’t give up” and made it seem like she kept competing after tanking every uneven bar routine because she wasn’t a quitter when in reality it was because she was told she was on the team if she hit.


Everyone involved in the Chellsie Memmel debacle.

Steve Penny, Marta, all of you. Anyone that was too scared to let Chellsie Memmel compete at Nationals because you knew she would show up prepared I hope Karma screws you over. You disgust me I think more than anyone else on this list including Nastia.


Gabby’s mother I actually understand you claiming bankruptcy before the Olympics to protect your daughters future earnings. It’s morally disgusting but I understand it. What I don’t understand is taking a free ride from a gym and than stabbing them in the back when you do hit it big.

If not legally you morally owe it to Excalibur Gymnastics to pay them back.

I will never understand how this women could justify flying all over the World to see her daughter compete while claiming she had no money. 2.500$ dollars in disability and child support and you can’t support your kids? They are old enough tell them to get a job. I have had one since I was 14 and that doesn’t include the babysitting I did from 11 on. Than again I guess I was raised by parents that taught me that being able to take care of myself is a priority. Even if it is pay check by pay check.


Who would you nominate for Turkey of the year?

I have to stop writing because all of this crap is pissing me off again. This is why I do not read about this family. They give America a bad name and never get called on it.

I planned on posting two articles but as soon as I saw the comments in the comments section I realized that certain people in this Country never have to take responsibility for their actions.

Mckayla on Hart of Dixie Tuesday night

November 19, 2012

The question of her acting talent has been answered. I say don’t quit your day job kid but if you want to be an actress, study the craft.


I will be paying a little attention to College gymnastics this season since Bridget Sloan will be competing for Florida. Here is what her coach expects of her.


Vanessa Zamarripa will do elite again. Not sure why but it is nice to see someone continue with no Olympics on the horizon.

Chellsie Memmel Officially retires and Vote

November 14, 2012

Vote in the Inside Gymnastics poll. Lets make sure we all vote Shannon Miller as best commentator. Maybe NBC will see it and fire the idiots currently doing the commentating.

I really wanted to vote Nastia as best half ass’d comeback but since the word half ass’d was missing I voted for Alicia instead:)


Here is a new article from an unapproved comment

The most interesting comment

Memmel said she and her father and coach, Andy, considered sticking around for next year’s world championships, where competition will be limited to individual events. But she decided against it, unsure she’d have the support of national team coordinator Martha Karolyi.

I am not exactly sure why she had an official announcement to retire (Non of the Mag seven did this, God even Nastia didn’t) but I do love how USA-Gymnastics has all of a sudden found love for Chellsie Memmel after you know, paying her off:)

Lets discuss? I wish she would not retire and go out with a bang but I guess training for one more Nationals would be a waste of time.

Chellsie will always be one of my favorites for her ability to shut the world up when they count her out and even with her bad form she was one hell of a gymnast. It’s too bad injuries pretty much robbed her of a chance at being America’s most decorated gymnast.


What are your favorite Chellsie memories? Mine will always be seeing her in person kick some ass at the 2003 Worlds. Marta didn’t want her there but after all the injuries she had no choice and Chellsie came and proved the old bitch wrong.

That and the 2008 Olympic Trials day 2 floor routine. Chellsie was the original Aly Raisman


November 13, 2012

I am so happy he is continuing. When he is finished I easily see him being the best gymnast of all time.

Can Mckayla Maroney act?

November 13, 2012

I guess we find out next Tuesday Her Hart of Dixie episode airs next week.

2012 Olympic team to be at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade

November 11, 2012

According to this article


Aly visited our local idiots on the radio last Thursday or as I should say our current local idiots because that guy is wearing a Tigers shirt.

Tour article about Aly. Boston sold out the show which is here tonight. Sigh Boston sigh.

Kyla was honored at the Lakers game (with other Olympians and video of her coaches receiving her street plaque showed up on youtube She was on tour at the time


Aly getting her Bruins sweater from Talia’s dad
. Not like daddy Peter has anything better to do right now and the stuff he has done like over pay Rask and screw over Tim Thomas the REASON we won the Stanley Cup is bad anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One day I will learn how to spell Chiarelli 🙂 Hopefully he will be fired so I don’t have too.

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