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Foreign gymnasts now in the US.

July 31, 2013

Ana Maria Bican now coaches gymnastics in Michigan. She was recently spotted at the American Classic (GGMB)

Natalia Yurchenko the inventor of the vault we now see every gymnast compete is also coaching in the US. She has her own blog on her new website.

She is currently the head coach of the woman’s gymnastic team at Lakeshore Academy of Artistic Gymnastics in Chicago, Illinois.

These are the two newest gymnasts I know about.


Kristina Baskett also has a new website. The most interesting thing about her website is seeing all the TV show stars she has done stunts for. You can find the gallery here.


July 31, 2013

Only the Red Sox would trade away the future for another over paid over the hill pitcher. Over a 4 ERA we have enough of those already JOHN HENRY!

Did I mention we need A CLOSER

US Classic: The Olympians

July 29, 2013


Kyla Ross: AA- 1st Total 58.650

Vault: 15. 200 (9.4) UB: 15.400 ( 9.00) BB: 14.650 ( 9.950) FL: 13.450 (7.70)

The bars looked great. She fixed some of the form issues she has had in the past but I have seen her fix them before only to bring them back later in the year. I said in the comments section it must be a head issue more than a technique issue but I guess we will see.

A 6.4 start value and the only execution score over a 9.00 in the entire meet that wasn’t on Vault is pretty impressive. I personally think Kyla should add this to her routine. She is certainly capable of it. What do you think?

On Beam we saw none of her upgrades which she plans on doing at Nationals. She was her usual clean self. I really wish she would get rid of that double back off beam. It is way too easy for her. This has all been said before. Same with her vault. Great block, great form. The judges love her DTY and she should be fine keeping that for world. She said in a interview on gymnastike that she is working with her growth spurt and the Amanar is getting harder to do. She said it probably won’t be back this year. Honestly I don’t see the point of her doing the Amanar now. Kyla always scores at least a 15.200 on that vault and she might just Nastia herself to a close score.

I now officially LOVE the Floor routine. I liked it before but seeing it with the real tumbling I now officially love it. The double front looks great. Amanda kept mentioning needing at least a ” B ” leap to get credit and I thought they changed there mind on that rule. Anyone know for sure? It was great to see the full in back in her routine and even though she fell on the double pike

I was thrilled not to see that double tuck. She does that so easily she looks like she could do a triple. She’s pretty bouncy on her full in so maybe adding a jump onto that might not be a bad idea and I personally think she is going to add a spin to her single turn and turn it into a Memmel.


Mckayla Maroney looked great for her first meet back. The vault was decent and her floor looked amazing. I am so glad she ditched that stupid 3.5 that was too small for the floor mat. I just hope she isn’t peaking too early.

I hate saying her vault looked decent. It looked better than anyone elses but I am afraid Mckayla now has the Michelle Kwan syndrome. Having been perfect before with her Amanar if she isn’t perfect everyone will find fault with what she has done. Hopefully the judges don’t screw her over like they did to Michelle Kwan.

[Vault 1] [ Vault 2 ] [ Floor]

MY LAST THOUGHT Both Kyla and Mckayla are locks on the 2013 World team barring an injury. Mckayla will have her Cheng back to go with the Amanar and if she keeps this floor as is or even upgrades a little I feel she gets the spot.

SEVERAL people have made comments that Marta only paid attention to Mckayla and a lesser extent Kyla during yesterdays meet and hell, if Marta added Mohini to a Olympic team because Pam Anderson got her media attention then Mckayla will go even if she is doing a tucked Yurchenko.


I am going out to dinner tomorrow night with friends and Tuesday night I have the kids coming over for dinner so I won’t have time to write the blog I originally planned on writing ( A write up of the whole meet) so I decided to just write one on the Olympians (for now) if I get home early enough I will try and finish another opinion on Classics.

2013 US Classic Seniors ( Live blogging)

July 27, 2013

2013 US Classic Results

Start Lists
Video Link
Live Scoring



Thoughts. Kyla got the only execution score over 9 on any event but vault for her 9.000 on bars.

Her interview after the win. I counted 15 ums, a Nastia mention and it looked like someone was coaching her or making her laugh behind the camera.

1- Kyla Ross- 58.650
2- Peyton Ernst-58.250
3- Brenna Dowell- 57.200
4- Abby Milliet- 56.800
5- Kennedy Baker- 56.450
6- Maggie Nichols- 55.750
7- Madison Koceian- 55.350
8- Ariana Guerra- 55.000
9- Erin Macadaeg- 54.050
10- Mckayla Skinner- 53.00
11- Grace McLaughlin- 52.750


Rotation 4

Lexis only did a DTY.

Maggie on bars- She’s off. She swings really fast but that is all I can see.

No Amanda, I can’t see she went OOB and why does Peszek laugh when she insults someone?

All these girls seem to swing the bars really well but it could be my feed.

I like a Zmeskal gymnast. There I said it. I actually like 2 (Peyton and Nica)

Brenna on vault: Amanar. Small step.

Someone on twitter c alled Kyla Gina Not

Kyla’s turn on bars. Great job during blur city. I could at least see she hit her handstands.

Now if anyone is a Zmeskal gymnast it is Kennedy

Simone scratched vault. Good decision.

Kyla Ross

That will teach me to not think Kyla will do something. Bad GTT

Sam remembers the Chinese girls names. One point for her. I believe by my calculation that puts her ranking at a negative 3 million.7

Kyla is capable of all these scores at Worlds. I think her beam would score better outside the US. She needs to upgrade and not screw up floor but I feel better about tonight than a few months ago.

Gabby is training so hard she comes to Classics. I hate little gymnasts.

Knee’s looked down on the double pike.


Rotation 3

STFU Sam, She did not deserve the gold on vault.

Mckayla hit vault but was off to the right. Not as good as usual. Still got a 15.600 with a step out. A little high. Second vault couldn’t see. Mckayla was overscored a little but its Classic. Not unexpected.

I forgot how much wordpress hates live blogging. They just signed me out and I lost the

Okay so Dee suggests that I now call shut up Shannon, Shut up Sam. GREAT idea.:) Lexie didn’t do beam.

Skinner got a 6.3 start value and a 13.050 on floor.

Hey Sam made a great point. If Mckayla skinner is too piked on her double times 2 layout she will lose credit for having the same skill twice. Lauren on twitter said Chellsie was catching her up on the code so that credit goes to Chellsie.

WOW, Lexie got a 14.8 on floor. I missed it. I was typing.

Kyla only needs a 14.050 to take over first. She usually gets a 15.2 on the DTY and I expect nothing less here. That was before Abby’s score. sorry she needs a 15.700. Not but her last event is bars so all is good. 15.200. Yep exactly what she got. She always gets that.

Biles is next on floor.

Love the double layout with a half. Double double was nice too. Hands down on last pass. Oh well. Not her night. Its still a month early for all these girls.

1- Peyton Ernst 43.750
2- Kyla Ross 43.250
3- Abby Milliet 42.600
4- Maggie Nichols 42.500
5- Kennedy Baker 42.400
6- Erin Macadaeg 41.950
7- Madison Kocian 41.700
8- Brenna Dowell 41.650
9- Ariana Guerra 41.400
10- Simone Biles 41-300

Red Sox 1- Orioles 🙂

Rotation 2

Biles put her hand on beam and had two huge bobbles.

It cuts out Kyla’s last pass for me and I missed her mistake at the end. 13.400 but with a 5.7 start value which is loads better than a 5.3 but I missed how short she was on the last pass so I have no clue if she was low balled. I’ll find out.

Mckayla hit floor but all I saw was a stuck double Arabian.

Kyla did fall on her last pass. How does that skinny little tall girl have endorsement issues?

14.350 with an OOB ).3) on floor

IG on Ross.

Ross FX – Arabian double front to stag; tucked full-in; whip, double tuck; short double pike (fall)

Marta wants Mckayla Maroney on the world team.

New drinking game. Every time Peszek talks about herself and uses the word drink a bottle of wine. Your already drunk and you don’t even know it.

All I see is blur. Leader board is funny but Kyla got the tough event and her worst event out of the way. Bars is last both she and Simone need to peak at Nationals. This meet should have been used for upgrades which it wasn’t for Kyla on anything but floor. I am afraid she will not go with that routine in August.

after round 2

1- Peyton – 29.050
2- Kocian – 28.900
3- Milliet- 28.600
4- Ariana Guerra- 28.150
5- Kennedy Baker – 28-100
Maggie Nichols
7- Kyla Ross- 28.050
8- Erin Macadaeg
9- Simone
10- Grace McLaughlin
11- Dowell


Rotation 1

Brenna screwed up bars but did not fall. Baker did vault but all I saw was blur.

Sam Peszek making more stupid comments. Everyones got to do it. Well duh Sam, Captain obvious. Maybe I should call this live blogging snarky GTT bitches about the stupidity of Sam ” I got the job cuz mom is Marta’s prison wife ” Peszek.

More Woga on vault. Smart USA-G:)

Off goes Biles. She looks tentative (Stole Amanda’s word:)

Kyla hit beam but she didn’t connect the sheep to the punch front like she did in training. It looked good through the blur. 5.7 start value is not enough for worlds. I thought these meets were for upgrades? (14.650) Looks like they are saving for a Biles fall. Typical

The feed goes out during Maggie’s beam routine.

Peszek’s voice goes right through me. Lexis on bars. She hit but I couldn’t see much. (14.350) Skinner tanked bars and it cost her more than a little bit. Peyton ‘s DTY looked nice, though the blur.

Abby on bars. Saw a few form break through the blur but she stayed on. OMG, Usa-gym is as stupid as other shows. Psy the lets kill Americans and their families and we hear this song? pathetic. I really think Marta owns USA-Gymnastics with all the anti US leotards for the Olympics and these songs.

1st- Peyton Ernst- 14.700
2nd- Kyla Ross- 14.650
3rd- Kennedy Baker- 14.550
4th- Madison Kocian- 14.450
5th-Abby Millett- 14.400
6th- Lexis Preissman- 14.350


According to IG, Mckayla is in black shimmery leotard. At least it isn’t pink. Apparently Mckayla is the only one competing because she is the only one they mentioned.
If anyone cares I am having the same thing I had for lunch for dinner. Tortilla Chips and water.

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-000000000000000000. Ha tricked ya. Starting soon

The feed is worse. Is there a reason we have to have the logo in front of our faces?

Simone Biles leotard is pretty. Mckayla’s is ugly black and Kyla has her warm up sui on. And I lost my coverage. Its back.

Simone’s leo is white with those swirl things but I like the swirl things. Mckayla has scratched beam and Desch bars. Chellsie is judging I just heard her name over this horrible music.

Warm up is over.

2013 US Classic Results : Juniors

July 27, 2013

I APOLOGIZE BAILIE. I spelled your named wrong. I’ll fix it eventually. lol

Junior US Classics

Junior Start Lists
Video Link
Live Scoring

Top 3
Bailey, Amelia and Nica (will post scores when IG does)

Bailey Interview after win Anyone else think Party of 5 when you hear her name?

Videos by USA-gymnastics

2013 Us Classic Podium Training

July 26, 2013

2013 Us Classic Podium Training

The kids went home and I am beyond exhausted. Pouring rain you would think it would be board game time inside but nope, she played in the rain. My niece brought her boots, raincoat and umbrella so I sit here in wet pants blogging. Ah the life of being the best Auntie EVER!

Podium Training Pictures

Gymnastike Interview

Kyla Ross
Mckayla Maroney

Podium Training Videos by gymnastike.
Videos by USA-Gymnastics

Thanks to all the girls not wearing pink. Mckayla you need to move on from the pink , please. Send me an e-mail and I will buy you a leotard if you promise to make it red, white and blue.

I appreciate the effort USA-Gymnastics but No sound on floor and across the room beam routines you might have done a better job placing the camera’s. (Vault senior is not too bad)

Hey I just got a Happy Birthday from wordpress. 4 years ago today I signed up for this blog. Happy Birthday to me:)


27.35 we get Kyla on beam
Hey Chris Burdette, get out of the way of the camera. Marta is standing there watching Kyla do her usual beam. Is the punch front new? You would think I could remember the routine she has been doing for years. Marta walks away ignoring whoever that is that gets up after her. Mckayla walked into the shot sometime during the last few minutes and she tries to talk to Kyla when she gets off the beam but Kyla heads straight to Jenny.

30.34 up goes Mckayla. Punch front. Back hand spring, layout. It looks like maybe eventually she wants to connect all 3. Punch front in a pike position. Oh you all saw this. What did you think?

40.22 Kyla is back on beam. She falls. Gets back on and gets off again. This is boring me.

At exactly 55.00 Kyla has the double Pike back in her routine. She also did the whip to a double tuck. While these are not amazing upgrades this means she will have a higher start value then 5.3. Not sure how much more but my guess is the whip to the double tuck will at least add a tenth and the D, double Pike also adds some value. Ad that to her double Arabian that still leave one more pass.

at 59.00 I am pretty sure that is some sort of full in. I think the twist was on the first flip. I need to find my glasses. 100.26 she does it again. This has to make the start value at least a 5.8 right? We never saw the double Arabian I am just assuming she still has that as her opening pass.

This is why I like Kyla. She is the only one of the floor looking out for other people. Maggie Nichols thinks she owns the floor never looking at anyone and Kyla moves out of the way for Erin Macadaeg. Kyla has the gold medal and she is moving out of the way for Erin Macadaeg. The only reason I even know who Erin Macadaeg is is because I just saw her picture in the link earlier or I would be calling her that girl.

I won’t be around much tomorrow (the kids are coming to take over my house and time til about 8 PM) so any discussion of the Classics until the actual Classics goes in this blog.

USA=Gymnastics has all the info.

Live podium training coverage. There will be a live stream of both junior (8:30 a.m. CT) and senior (11 a.m. CT) podium training from the Secret U.S. Classic on Friday, July 26. The stream will be available on


Simone Biles has a pretty impressive feat in this video. I know it is one of those trampoline like floor’s but she totally lands this with head and chest up.

Thanks to Fulltwist all the info you need is here


Kennedy Baker, Texas Dreams
Simone Biles, Bannon’s
Lacy Dagen, San Mateo
Madison Desch, GAGE
Brenna Dowell, GAGE
Peyton Ernst, Texas Dreams
Rachel Gowey, Chow’s
Ariana Guerra, Texas Dreams
Madison Kocian, WOGA
Erin Macadaeg, San Mateo
McKayla Maroney, All Olympia
Grace McLaughlin, WOGA
Abigail Milliet, Denton
Maggie Nichols, Twin City Twisters
Lexie Priessman, Cincinnati
Kyla Ross, Gym-Max
Mykayla Skinner, Desert Lights

(I had to delete the other post and start a new one because I had to fix a mistake in the banner because I am too tired to be making these now. Sorry about your few comments people)

The Gymternet

July 24, 2013

For some reason I hate the term gymternet. I don’t know why I just do but I suppose it fits being my blog today is about, the gymternet.

Triple Twist blog has a Q and A with questions that were asked of them by their followers. The two have a lot of guts for putting themselves out there and as sisters they have a lot of chemistry in this video. I can totally not imagine me sitting in a room with my sisters and brother answering questions about anything. One of us would have been knocked into the bathtub 2 minutes All I will say about their video is that I could tell Ashlee was the trouble maker of the duo right away:) (Watch the video and you will see what I mean) You two are adorable and stay that way. Haters are going to hate and there is nothing you can do about that.

Aunt Joyce and Jenny Kirk have a new interview with Ashley Wagner on the skating lesson. I will watch later and let you know what it says. Ashley is a little snobby spoiled, self entitled brat so this should be fun to watch:)

Super Space medals for the 2014 Olympics. I am surprised Russia doesn’t have their flags on them since they will do everything they can to cheat to make sure they win.

I need to know if people are going to help me get the Shannon Miller video some votes when the contest starts? This is the link to all the videos and the Shannon one is up. We will need votes starting on the 29th. This blog gets 3000 hits a day that means at least a 3rd of you actually read this blog. Please make sure you help.

Tell me this isn’t the coolest thing ever?

17 years ago today

July 23, 2013

I am the Queen of forgetting things. I forget my car keys daily I never remember what day of the week it is or where I left my sneakers but thre are certain dates that always find a way into my head regardless of what my life is like at that moment. Those days are, October 20th 2003. October 23rd 2004, October 27th 2004 and today July 23rd.


17 years ago today the Mag 7 were born and while ironically I wasn’t rooting for them to win this date is one of those days I just can’t forget.

Happy Anniversary Mag 7.

Because he can.

July 23, 2013

Aly and Aly

And old article on Bridget Sloan. It kept popping up in places about a month ago and I finally read it. She’s happy in College and thinks all Elite’s should consider it.

Its too bad she has no clue Sam Peszek went to UCLA and basically told them Bridget never worked hard. Still friends, ha

New USA-Gymnastics contest

July 22, 2013

They want you to make a Montage for your favorite moments in USA-Gymnastics history and this person created one that I really enjoyed so as of now I will be throwing my support behind this montage of Shannon Miller.


When its time to vote we need this to win so I really hope all of you will be voting with me. Imagine how much it will kill Marta if the winning video features Shannon Miller:)


Shannon will also be in the new People Magazine with Cory Monteith on the cover. Here is the article