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Peggy Liddick Steps down

December 22, 2016

Has it really been 20 years? She really hasn’t had much to work with to be honest. A lot of people dislike her but I always loved her as a coach.

Got an e-mail from the creator of this video asking me to watch it. Thought I would share. I love the music and it features Olympian Vasiliki Millousi.

While I was sleeping. The Monday night football edition. (Updated)

December 13, 2016

Aly Raisman has a new boyfriend albeit one without  an overrated College Career so he can’t parlay that into hosting a football show like Alicia’s husband. Okay to be fair he’s cute and I have no clue where he went to College…

Kohei Uchimura( who for some reason I keep wanting to call Koji lately) will not be turning into a specialist . HEAR THAT WORLD! Kohei will continue to do the All Around which makes my year because I bought Worlds tickets. That’s right I will be flying to Montreal in my Milan Lucic Bruins shirt just to start world war 3:) Anyone else going?


Aly talks throwing out the first pitch.

College gym is starting soon.

Mykayla Skinner on floor at Utah’s preview. Double double looking better than elite. Amanda Borden is excited…

Maggie Nichols getting a 10 on bars.

Maggie also got a 9.925 on floor

Brenna Dowell getting a 9.9 on bars at the same meet…

Mustafina vs Kocian from Gymnastics Coaching.

News is slow. It’s Christmas time. People are busy. I’ve gone back to work (insert crying Emoji here)


Future reference to myself. I called this blog, Monday night football because the Patriots are playing the Ravens. I’ve been reading old blogs where I reference sports I can’t remember so this is for me in 2 years:) We’re winning 23-3 in the 3rd….. Still winning but two stupid mistakes by the same idiot and it’s now 17-23 , Ravens have the ball….. On to the 4th quarter…… Whatever Patriots. I am going to bed…… I’ll delete this tomorrow… Never mind. We won. 79 yard touchdown in less than a quarter of a minute…. and fade…..

Happy Birthday Hollie Vise

December 7, 2016

That’s Hollie not Holly to Ya’ll (Hollie is from Texas get it? Oh leave me and my corny jokes alone. I went back to work Monday and can’t feel my armssss)

One of my favorite Floor routines of all time. ( tumbling aside overall I loved the dance)The best part of this particular video is  it was the year Hollie tied for second at Nationals and Marta was forced to take her to Worlds based on the rules she put in place. Talk about Karma biting you in the ass ( insert laughing emoticon here) Marta used Hollie for years making her think she was in the running for an Olympic Bars/ Beam specialist position that never existed and it was just not fair.



You can also call Hollie, WORLD CHAMPION, Hollie Vise if you want too. Hee hee Marta.