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2018 Pan Am Games. Live video

September 15, 2018

Team Results

Video of prelims

All Around
Team prelims
Event Finals

US scores


Trinity Thomas: 14.200
Grace McCallum: Vault 1: 14.233 Vault 2: 13.533
Shilese Jones: 14.667
Jade Carey: Vault 1: 14.667 Vault 2: 14.433


Kara Eaker: 12.433
Trinity Thomas: 14.433
Grace McCallum: 14.533
Shilese Jones: 14.133


Shilese Jones: 12.433
Grace McCallum: 14.000
Trinity Thomas: 13.433
Kara Eaker: 14.300


Kara Eaker: 13.767
Trinity Thomas: 12.367
Grace McCallum: 13.600
Jade Carey: 14.400

2 pm, Central, today, Saturday the 15th of September for the US. It’s 254 PM eastern time right now and a team is competing.

Lets discuss Fan Yilin

September 12, 2018

6.3 start value. Pretty good. This is the Chinese Individual Championships from a week or two ago. Shang Chunsong was supposed to compete but pulled out.


Fan Yilin was royally screwed and I just learned why. I found this video online that has all the judges scoring so I screen capped the video.

COMPLETE BULLSHIT. Now I can’t find the video but here is the screen cap. Look at the real judges. They have her average at a 5.533 but the two back up, dumbass’s have an 8.300 and an 8.100 and low and behold the average Fan received was a 8.366. The score she received was in the middle of both so I’ll just assume since I haven’t done math in twenty years they did some type of average of the scores (dropping the high and low?????) anyway, I DON’T CARE. THIS IS COMPLETE BULL SHIT. I don’t care what anyone says I think they lowballed her to make sure Mustafina won the Gold medal. That was set from the start that if she hit she would win. I’m starting to think there are some , Rhythmic gymnastics, Russian skating, Ukraine, toe tapping behind the scenes deal going on and I am going to start a go fund me to hire a private dick to investigate this and the 92 Olympic AA. Think about it. It’s easier to bribe a no name judge then one from a big Country and don’t even try and justify that, 8.100 execution score by whatever damn Country that flag represents.

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 9.01.13 PM