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Live Bloggimg. Womens team finals

July 31, 2012

I doubt there will be much from me but please add all the scores you can in the comment section. I will do my best but my computer freezes every time I try and watch the video. It works eventually but it takes multiple times.

mckayla finally did the vault we have been waiting for and I found the Chinese were underscored. All of them hit and stuck their landings,

Anyone have the Romanian scores and the link for live scoring?????????? Thanks in advance.

Looks like China got lowballed on bars. The Russians looked physced out after the US vaulted.

This is over the US has this in the bag. Grishina’s score was pretty low. These judges have made up their minds. Usually scores go up but not for the Russians.

There is no way the Russians match the US on floor especially with Aly being scored the way she is.

Gabby was off on her release move is that allowed? (the feet to the side?)

Sui Li had a great beam from what I saw and Deng fell.

This is what kills me about the judges. This routine Gabby did was her best yet for her. Two bobbles, small and a step but it got the same score she got in prelims for a messy routine with missed connections. There is no way she should have been in the AA finals and wouldn’t have been if the judges had done their job.

Beam is like 20 second behind. I was watching floor and saw Afan dismount in the background and then 20 secs later Afan dismounted on the big

Russia just tanked floor big time. Their whole attitude that all that matters is gold needs to change. I love Afan’s new routine and I think if she hits Aly might say good bye to the Floor gold.

I am so glad I will miss NBC’s coverage tonight.

The Great Britain girls were screaming for Aly which I thought was adorible and I need a Beth Tweddle bar score tonight

The US wins and now I get to go get ready to drink myself silly at the Fens. Congrats to to the US. It was well deserved. China was royally screwed on bars and China did a great job. I will only say this once . Don’t get used to it or expect it again but Gabby did a great job even with that gift floor score. Now I hope she chokes the AA away, woooo

OMG, Are we seriously wearing grey warm ups?

After looking at those yellow sneakers I am seriously going to get drunk

I love Andy Memmel

July 31, 2012

He hasn’t sold out to the Kelloggs tour of Champions. I love this bitter article. NBC is so clueless. They should have played up the Jordyn was screwed angle. It would have been a ratings winner.

Be Afraid. Be VERY afraid: Mens Team Finals

July 30, 2012

I can’t wait to see what NBC does with


Maybe it is me but I think it is better to get the results right now than have another Paul Hamm situation where someone is screwed over a day later. From what I have read this was the right call but I am worried about Superman screwing up the AA.

Watching Great Britain win a medal was a lot of fun. The crowd was awesome for them. It wasn’t as loud as the Mag 7 but it was great.

The US tanked but they seem pretty proud of themselves for fighting, of course they fought after they fell 4 TIMESSSSSSSSSSSSSS



Women Team finals line ups

July 30, 2012

Here we go

Romania is using Bulimer in team finals but they did not use her in prelims. Diana deserved a shot at the Floor finals over Cheleru who did a good job but still.

US ends on floor.

Does anyone have the AA start list?

Beth Tweddle on bars in prelims

July 30, 2012


I feel better:)


July 30, 2012

Post 666 will not jinx anyone but Gabby Douglasssssssssssssssss

I have to say it, JorDyn Wieber was robbed

July 30, 2012

No one seems to care at all that she was 100% underscored on floor and Gabby was overscored on beam, floor and vault (the same score as Mckayla who literally 5 feet higher than everyone else on that Amanar)

If Gabby fixes her floor do you realize she could beat Komova by a point? I bet Komova doesn’t realize that.

Gabby was gifted this AA and if Tim Daggett even mentions that Jordyn was underscored when he is a flipping Gabby cheerleader you know something is up.

NBC will not come out and say the fix is in because they have spent so much time hyping up Gabby it would interfere with their advertising. Imagine if this had happened to Jordyn and she was competing against a non American? All hell would have broken lose.

So sick of the biased NBColympics/ media coverage

July 30, 2012

Here is what NBCOlympics just tweeted. Notice anything about this that might be fixing the twitter world?

NBCOlympics ‏@NBCOlympics

Alexandra Raisman, #TeamGabby and Jordyn Wieber are trending in the US. Read more here:

When you use twitter and something is trending it is trending because someone used a hash tag. For those that don’t know a hashtag happens when you use the number sign and some words with no space in between it. Here is nbc’s latest tweet, notice anything?

NBC uses the hashtag on Gabby’s name and helping her trend on twitter. People re-tweet this because it is NBColympics and Gabby’s name trends. Jordyn Wiebers name has no # sign and has spaces so NBC is not helping Jordyn trend.

Is this petty BS that no one cares about, sure but it proves the fix is in for Gabby AGAIN.

I love Beth Tweddle

July 30, 2012

Here is a link because I can’t add a picture.

The arrogant American

July 30, 2012

I always defend my Country when people call us the Arrogant Americans because I think the label is unfair. The more I watch this Olympics and read up on what the media and some athletes have to say the easier it gets to understand why so many people hate us.

If the only thing you heard about something came from the US media why wouldn’t you hate us? All that seems to matter to any of us is Gold and if you listen to the idiots on television you get gems like this from Nastia Liukin’s agent. Why the hell is this man making a comment about an athlete that ISN’T HIS? There is a way to say something. A time, a place and this was not it. How this fat slob got this job is beyond me.

Gabby Douglas had this to say when she found out Jordyn did not make the AA. It has to be the most obnoxious comment I have ever heard another gymnast make about a teammate during the competition.

“Everyone was talking about me and her (Wieber) and ‘the showdown’, and after Aly’s floor routine everyone got really shocked. But, all have to learn how to deal with disappointments. But I’m so proud of Aly. She deserved it.”

Don’t get me started on Hope Solo.

FYI, Michelle Kwan says differently Mr agent.