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World team scenario’s with alternates



A new picture will be added tomorrow and sorry for any mistakes it’s late and this took awhile.

Simone, Aly, Maggie, Gabby, Mykayla, Dowell/Kocian

At least for the purpose of this particular blog. The above gymnasts are your 2015 World team but one of these gymnasts is the alternate and we won’t find out until the actual prelims starts which one will be sitting on the sidelines so I have speculated for the time being that Kocian/Dowell are one person. One will be the UB/BB specialist and the other will sit in the training room practicing bar routines over and over and over again for no reason at all. Unless you count Marta enjoyment.

So here is some speculation for possible prelim line ups.

Team 1 and 2

Switch out Kocian/Dowell depending on who wins the death match through podium training

VT:  Aly, Gabby, Maggie, Mykayla, Simone (Kocian/Dowell)
UB:  Aly, Maggie, Gabby Simone Kocian/Dowell ( Mykayla)
BB:  Kocian/Dowell, Maggie, Aly, Gabby,, Simone (Mykayla)
FL:  Gabby, Maggie, Mykayla, Aly, Simone (Kocian/Dowell)

Vault is fine. 4 Amanar’s and a Cheng. Even the alternate has an Amanar or a DTY depending on who gets picked

UB’s is okay. Maggie has a decent 6.0 set. Simone 6.3. Aly is a low 5.7, Gabby 6.4 and Kocian/Dowell 6.6 or 6.5

Now my big issue here is beam. Doesn’t matter what team we pick from these 7 girls the beam line up is the weakest of all four apparatuses. Maggie is consistent but has issues. Aly has missed connections. Kocian/Dowell are inconsistent and messy. Gabby is overscored and Simone well she isn’t scary at all.

Floor has the most potential and team finals should have 3 of the highest totals of the night in Mykayla, Simone and Aly.


Team 3

Simone, Aly, Gabby, Kocian, Dowell and Mykayla ALT Maggie

VT: Aly, Gabby, Dowell, Skinner, Simone (Kocian)

UB:  Aly, Gabby,Brenna, Simone, Kocian (Mykayla)

BB: Kocian, Brenna, Aly, Gabby, Simone (Mykayla)

FL: Brenna, Gabby, Mykayla, Aly, Simone ( Kocian)

This team is kind of scary. VT remains the same but can we trust Brenna on vault”

UB is more improved without Maggie but can we trust Brenna on bars?

BB remains iffy because Brenna is inconsistent, Kocian sucks on beam and what I said above

Floor remains the same for team finals but Brenna is still Brenna. The more I think about this Brenna is our scariest hit or miss asset. Though it won’t matter in team finals because the only event she has a chance of competing on is bars.



Simone, Aly, Gabby, Brenna, Kocian, Maggie ALT Mykayla

VT:  Aly, Gabby, Brenna, Maggie,  Simone (Kocian)

UB: Brenna, Maggie, Gabby,  Simone, Kocian (Aly)

BB: Brenna, Aly, Gabby, Maggie, Simone ( Kocian)

FL: Brenna, Gabby, Maggie, Aly, Simone, (Kocian)

VT remains the same adding an Amanar for a Chang

UB takes out the weakest link

BB remains the same wishy washy and

Floor is where this team takes a hit having to depend on Brenna to stand up. Maggie is somewhat consistent but has in the past had some mis-steps that might be trouble in a team finals and Gabby’s worst event is floor.


Honestly there is no way in hell that Simone is ever an alternate. Aly and Gabby a step behind so we have all the opportunities for alternate covered (Maggie, Kocian/Dowell and Mykayla) but just for fun (for me anyway)

Aly, Simone, Mykayla, Brenna, Madison, Maggie ALT Gabby:)

VT: Aly, Maggie, Brenna, Mykayla, Simone (Kocian)
UB: Aly, Maggie, Brenna, Simone, Madison (Mykayla)
BB: Maggie, Brenna, Aly, Madison, Simone (Mykayla)
FL: Maggie, Brenna, Mykayla, Aly, Simone (Kocian)

This team is weaker on beam because Gabby is so overscored but heck I had to try:)


Jas made a great point about Marta adding Bailie at the last minute 9which I believe she can do until the competition starts but am not sure on that) so whose place she would take makes this very interesting. Hearing Bailie is a great All Arounder with no great event is very much bull shit.

She’s better than Maggie on bars, beam and Floor. She is better than Kocian on vault, beam and floor and her bars are only a few tenths off. She’s better than Mykayla on bars, beam and floor. She’s better than Aly on bars and beam (and vault if were talking form vs start value) She is better than Gabby on beam and floor which on this team with any given gymnast being named alternate not named Simone on any event not named vault puts her top 3 on every event ahead of the so called stand out event gymnasts. She actually makes more sense than Maggie does. I still don’t understand how being top 3 in the best team on the planet isn’t enough to get you on the world team but Marta being Marta is so Manny.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO This very long blog doesn’t need a math problem does it?:) Which team do you like or do you have an opinion I didn’t think of.

Team finals are usually decided by how the gymnast performs during prelims so I didn’t do that tho I kind of did in the order I put the gymnasts.

If I had to decide right now I would say Brenna is the alternate.

World team named



Biles, Douglas, Dowell, Kocian, Nichols, Raisman, + Skinner!

My Thoughts

Bailie Key. I am at a loss for words on how she isn’t on this team but per usual I have my thoughts on why she isn’t. Marta knows the international judges like her a lot better then the Marta judges do and she clearly has her own idea who should be getting the second AA spot. She can’t chance Key going to worlds and beating her money gymnasts now can she. She did this to Anna Li in 2011 after subjecting her to a routine minutes before the team was about to march out and compete hoping she would tank but she didn’t and knowing full well Nastia had decided to “train” again down went Anna. I wonder if Aly will sit out bars in prelims if she does this conspiracy will make a lot of sense.Sadly it might mean Maggie is the alternate

Should be interesting to see the alternates. 7 people named, 6 spots. Is there a non traveling alternate?

Bailie and Baumann are staying at camp to train with team which is interesting

Bailie Key finished top 3 on 2 events at Nationals and was a fall from finishing top 3 on beam. I find it hard to believe she tanked camp so badly she didn’t deserve to be on this team.

Kim Zmeskal has been very quiet on social media.

What do you think?

Biles, Douglas, Dowell, Kocian, Nichols, Raisman, + Skinner!


Camp Martamonga- Updated (9 pm Wed)


Nope it’s not time for a bad TV movie about camp starring a young Jennifer Aniston pre nose job it’s Camp Marta and it starts tomorrow.We should get an announcement of the team sometime Thursday night.

NIGHT 1 is over

MLT’s pictures below.

Who wants to read between the smiles?

Brenna looks exhausted and thrilled it’s over
Bailie looks happier than I have seen her in awhile.
Maggie is holding up 3 fingers. My guess is third AA at this camp. SPECULATION NOT FACT




Gabby has already placed herself on the World team before the competition has taken place. Thanks for this LOL (screen cap of a screen cap) Original is from this tumblr


To start you off we have some videos of a bandaged Amelia Hundley’s work out on floor before leaving for camp and Nia Dennis and her new Maloney 1/2

This interview with Shannon is a little better than the other one because Laura the diver actually calls out that Miller was robbed in 92 when no one else will do it. Skating and Gym fans suck. Let the diver do the interviews

Why aren’t you naming these judges FIG?

Yankee elimination party is now in full blown happy mode.:)

RIP 2015 Red Sox (Tigers too for you Case)



The baseball season officially ended for me yesterday afternoon. As I long for the days in April where I knew our pitching was suspect but hoped our hitting would help us muddle through I can find solace in the fact that unlike 2011 and 2012 (and 2014) at least these kids fought til the bitter end and we have potential to win in the future.


So here’s to you Brock Holt for your first appearance in an All Star game and for hitting for the cycle and for almost always coming through when we needed you and here’s to you Mookie Betts for totally being our superstar of the future. Thanks for that amazing catch to rob that obnoxious Chris Davis of homerun in that meaningless game in September.

Here’s to you Jackie Bradley JR sure your hitting ability sucks but there isn’t a player in the game I would rather have in our outfield to throw out some dumbass Yankee who thinks he can score from 1st with your amazing arm and here’s to you Xander Bogaerts for letting us know way early in your career that you’re the next Jacoby Ellsbury who will run out on us to become a Yankee at the first sign of free agency so I was smart enough to not get attached to you at any point in the last few years and here’s to you David Ortiz for homerun 500 and actually running out your hits cuz the fans finally booed your ass when they should have done it 7 years ago and here’s to you Eduardo Rodriguez for one hell of rookie debut 2 years before you probably should have been here and here’s to you Pablo Panda Sandavol because in spite of the bitter media waiting to pounce on your ass for stupid reason’s you stayed quiet and classy and didn’t let the idiot reporters like that douche bag from the Herald get to you when if it was me I would have dope slapped him yesterday and here’s to you Handley Rameriz for taking the same route as Panda and I hope you come back next year and make them all pay.

Here’s to you Henry Owens for showing part of your potential after being thrust into the spotlight way too early and here’s to you Alexi Ogando, for not being twins and screwing up every game you played twice as badly as you did on your own and here’s to you Wade Miley for well being better than the rest of your so called “ace” pitching staff and here’s to you Clay Buccholz because in spite of the fact you pretty much sucked with the exception of a few games I can’t help but still like you because well no reason I just do and here’s to you run on sentences because damn it I don’t remember where every damn period or , is supposed to go. It’s been ***** damn years since I sat in an English class and here’s to you Blake Swihart for filling in for a late injury by Christian Vazquez to compete admirably like other players on this list years before you should have.

Here’s to you Travis Shaw for batting 375 for a good part of the year and backing up Ortiz when he got walked and here’s to you Koji and Taz just because like Okajima I will always remember what you did for us when we won the world series (2007 and 2013 respectively) and

Thanks for the memories. Some of my favorite Red Sox moments were called by you and I will forever be grateful that I got to be part of your last game at Fenway Park. Good luck to you in San Diego

and last but certainly not least thanks to you Larry Lucchino,


for 3 world series we wouldn’t have with out you. I am sorry the fans at Fenway we’re too stupid to give you the farewell cheer you deserved the same day Don got his standing Ovation but sadly sometimes the idiot fans believe the BS the newspapers shovel out but I am not one of them. I will always remember you talking to fans during the worst Red Sox season in my history of being a Sox fan and not hiding like the other managers and for that I will defend you to my death.

Other RedSox players if you weren’t mentioned it was because you didn’t deserve it:)

See you next year….

Case sorry about your tigers year but they will be back in no time. Here’s to a healthy MVP

So baseball isn’t really over and as always I have to pick a team I want to win so if I had to pick someone it would be the Pirates. They are the only team left I don’t hate for one reason or another. I also wouldn’t mind the Cardinals.

So die Yankees die is my first thought:) Same with Mets ( I don’t root for NY) No thanks Dodgers unless Carl Crawford is dead. Same to you Blue Jays. Only player on your team that doesn’t act like a fool when they win is Dickey. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate David Price? I hope the Blue Jays are one and done. I hate KC and their new found bandwagon fans that weren’t around before last year. Who’s left? Houston, yep their bandwagon fans are just as bad as the Blue Jays who had no fans a month ago. I also hate the Texas Rangers so pretty much it’s Go Pirates and Cardinals, woo

STFU Shannon takes on a whole new meaning


I don’t think I have ever heard a gymnast talk this longs and much like your annoying friend who tells you all about her kids when they think you care you get 28 minutes of it in this video.

I made it 4 minutes 22 secs, you?

3 more days until camp discussion.

Kwan and Dickson to compete for Belarus . WTF Wednesday is back. Kyla not going to camp



You’re not good enough to make the World team. Technically the US could field 2 teams and neither of you would sniff the second team you are that useless to the US so what do you do instead? You go compete for Belarus at the urging of Nelli fucking Kim and screw two of their gymnasts out of a chance at competing for a Country they were actually born in.

Sound fair to you? It doesn’t to me.

I have joked for years Memmel should have gone to a different Country because she was screwed but 2 girls that were way back of the pack being given this chance is HIGHLY suspect to me and completely unfair to the poor girls from Belarus.

I know I am being over dramatic I just feel like taking these 2 girls and not someone with a chance at actually succeeding is ridiculous.


Kyla out of Worlds camp. Smart decision? We will see I personally would have liked to see her fight back and at least do well at camp.

The best of Simone Biles

Sleep blogging is not a good idea :)

Couch Gymnast article on Romanian Nationals

Full AA Results

Larisa won. Andreea fell off bars and Diana came in 3rd. After that it’s all relative


Figure skating TV Schedule When did Gracie become the face of FS/

Japan Junior Results



All Around
Event Finals

Interesting to see the scores at this meet. No videos but for lower start values these scores seem high. It’s also interesting to see how Jazmyn is scored outside the US verses in. I never got the hype of this girl and thought she got lucky everyone was injured last year.


Kerri Strug “threw some shade” at Bela in this video but I am too tired to watch.



I have been getting messages about approving comments and if you want to post here especially with Worlds coming up you need to send me an e-mail to with a link to your facebook that is connected to your e-mail.

I know this sounds elitist but in reality this is to keep the peace. The new people who have posted here have fit in very nicely but that isn’t always the case. I don’t have time to play babysitter and thankfully I haven’t had to be doing it this way. I would like to open the place up a bit before the every 4 year fans come along for next years Olympics so now is the time to sign up.

Starting next year I doubt I will be approving anyone new so now is the time. This e-mail is for anyone that wants to get in touch with me.

Worlds, Worlds, Worlds



I dedicate this blog to Katie D. If it wasn’t for her I never would have been motivated to finish it:)

Every blog turns into an episode of the Brady bunch lately (Marcia, Marcia,Marcia, Worlds, Worlds Worlds) so I thought I would add my two cents. I was planning on waiting 2 weeks but we can always make another blog for the camp and team being named so here we go.( What is 2 plus 8? Write the answer down on your first comment so I can make sure someone is reading this blog and not just commentating on it. Rocío and H are excluded for actually reading what I wrote in the comments section. I’m kidding for those who don’t know I am always being sarcastic:)

Camp Marta
( No vault mentioned)
AA: 1-Simone 2-Gabby 3- Aly
UB: 1-Kocian 2- Brenna 3- Simone
BB: 1- Simone 2- Alyssa 3- Gabby
FL: 1- Simone 2-Aly 3- Mykayla.

As far as I am concerned we all need to forget those placements because they have little to do with who will be named to the team. Kocian has been hitting UB this year and mad props to her but I am starting to wonder if we even need a specialist for UB when IMO the team will have Simone and Gabby on it. I still think Bailie Key will also be on this team which means we have the 3 up for team finals we need. Maybe it’s me but doesn’t it make more sense to bring another specialist with a chance at an individual medal say Mykayla Skinner who verified an Amanar at camp and already has a Chang? Sure Kocian could win a medal on bars if she hits but the only reason that even has a chance of happening is because Yao Jinnan and Aliya Mustafina won’t be at worlds and the only chance she could win a gold medal is because the Chinese in general get royally screwed when it comes to bars). Brenna Dowell, placed second on bars at camp and there is no way Marta is bringing her to Worlds as much as I would love to see her have a chance but she is way too inconsistent to count on and I would hate to see Marta Maddie Larson her way back to Oklahoma. Same with Alyssa Baumann is way too inconsistent on beam and useless on every other event to even consider for this team but bringing a vault / floor specialist means we need a bars/beam specialist and there is no one that fits that description. Well one person does but she hasn’t been hitting lately. What is 10 minus 2, let me know:)

This entire selection is one big fat wad of gum Writing a blog and trying to keep it straight is literally the hardest blog I have ever had to write. There are so many things that should happen, things that make sense but they aren’t probable when it comes to Marta and how she chooses a team.


The situation that makes the most sense but won’t happen:
Simone, Aly, Maggie, Bailie, Gabby and Madison Kocian.

Simone, Maggie, Bailie and Gabby duke it out for the AA and Aly does VT, Beam and Floor with Kocian doing bars.

That could very well be the team but I don’t see Aly being left out of a chance to do AA and frankly I don’t think she should be. She placed third at Nationals and placed third at the most recent camp and as far as I am concerned she deserved the shot at an AA medal with how consistent overall she has been since her comeback started. She has consistently won an AA medal at 3 of the 4 meets she has competed at (Nationals, Jesolo, and the most recent camp. She finished 4th at Classics with a fall on floor )

Then that brings us to Maggie Nichols. Maggie has had a great year. She’s been consistent but whatever she brings to the table as an AA gymnast is lost completely when you say team finals. She isn’t top 3 on any event but vault and the 3 people ahead of her on Marta’s chart all have Amanars ( Simone,Aly and Gabby) which sadly makes Maggie disposable. Now if we can get away without using Aly’s Amanar the team will be better for it but as of right now Gabby’s Amanar is a myth and we really don’t know how good it looks.

Then we have Gabby. Now I personally find it interesting that she didn’t finish top 3 on bars at either Nationals or the most recent camp. The one thing on her side is she was beaten by specialists like Brenna and Kocian. I personally always fine her overscored and overrated but my dislike of her is obviously not shared by Marta or the US judges she has competed under this comeback. The only internationals judges she has faced are those at Jesolo where she finished 4th and still got a gift on beam (tho she has improved since then start value wise) There is no way Marta is leaving her home and the camp judges are as bad as the real ones.

Bailie Key is a huge enigma in this scenario. The international judges like her better than the Marta camp judges do. Bailie never seems to rank high at any of these camps yet at Nationals she managed to be top 3 on floor and bars and would have been top 3 on beam without a fall. I really think Marta is sending her a message by low balling her at camp events to try and force her hand at upgrades she is training but not competing. Forget what you heard she did at the most recent camp or scored at any camp ran by Marta and look back at her past results in general. While I think the National judges are still on Marta’s payroll when it comes to Gabby and Aly IMO they were in general pretty good this year for anyone not a former Olympian with a comeback.

So look At Jesolo where she only scored a 14.900 on bars but it was the third best score for the US team. On Floor she finished 3rd but her score was a 15.00. That is very usable in a team finals. I still consider Bailie a lock unless Marta goes whacko and decides to add a specialist and make Bailie the alternate but I personally think Key will be the second AAer as long as she doesn’t fall when it comes to international judges.

Aly Raisman is as close to a lock as you can get without actually being a lock. An Amanar and a floor routine that by the time Olympics comes around will rival Simone Biles in start value (mark my words) along with a beam in progress is too good to be left at home the only thing we really need to consider is if Marta will use her on 3 events or 4 which brings me to

The NON AAers

Madison Kocian She might have finished 6th at Nationals but an AA gymnast she isn’t. Injury or not her DTY is below average and her beam is a mess. She is a pretty dancer but her only useful event in a team finals is a bar routine she doesn’t always hit in pressure situations. I can see her hitting it at camp and missing at Worlds or missing at camp and being left off this team altogether. With all due respect to what she has done with her UB this year remember Jana Bieger hit her bars too until camp time at the Olympics and Marta then pretended she didn’t exist. The real problem here is she isn’t good enough on beam to be used as a bars and beam specialist. Her only useful event is that bar routine which brings me to

Alyssa Baumann. Any way you slice it she has one useful event and that is beam but unlike Madison she hasn’t been consistent with this routine. It’s beautiful when she hits but there is no way in hell I would ever trust her to be part of a team finals UNLESS you’re team USA. Much like Madison she is part of a US team that is going to dominate Worlds team finals. Unless the team falls apart as a whole there is no way the US is losing that gold medal. She is Serena Williams against an un-ranked Italian at the US Open (Oh wait…………) No chance in hell she makes this team.

Brenna Dowell She verified an Amanar and camp and hit her uneven bar routine finishing second at camp (rumor is she was 5th or 6th in the AA but I don’t remember where I read that. Lets be real here NO WAY Brenna touches this team but I very much like her improvement on bars since Oklahoma. Her big connection is actually done pretty well when she hits but with Kocian being more consistent she is on this team way before Brenna is even considered. She basically has no shot.

Mykayla Skinner Much like Kocian she is an AA gymnast in no sense of the word except that she competes the AA. Say what you want about Mykayla she competed admirably at Worlds last year and IMO should have come home with 2 individual medals (VT and floor) If she gets a chance to compete at Worlds, She, Hong, Biles and Paeska will be fighting for the 3 medals during vault finals but finding her a place on this team is kind of hard unless you remove Maggie Nichols as an AAer from this discussion. Making Maggie the alternate is the only way I see Mykayla on this team (adding her with a bars/beam specialist or Kocian who will be allowed to compete beam even though she sucks. It’s a tough situation because like I said above do you take Maggie and use her as an AAer with an Amanar who has no shot at making any event finals or do you take Mykayla and use her Chang for team finals knowing she has a great shot at winning a medal on vault. I can see why people think Maggie deserves this Worlds and I agree with you 100% but I also think Mykayla deserves these Worlds too.

Kyla Ross Okay so this year has been a complete loss for my poor Kyla Ross but how many times did Dominque Dawes choke away a National Championships yet still be added to the US team because the coaches knew when it came down to it she would be there for the team? I refuse to give up on you Kyla even though I personally feel if you really had your head in the game you would be staying home from those weekend trips to UCLA and spending extra time in the gym preparing yourself for a chance at Worlds. I don’t see Marta taking her but lets say she gets her bars down for Worlds camp and finishes first would you leave her at home? Would it matter if Kocian fell or say Kocian hit but Kyla was better. Lets just say there is a lot to think about.

Ashton Kutcher Okay Locklear. She was injured. She had surgery what happens if she shows up to Worlds camp with a 6.6 routine and hits it both days would you leave her home (in spite of placing 4th at Worlds last year) or would it all depend on what you get from Kocian.

The lock of all locks

Simone Biles She is the best gymnast on 3 of the 4 events and top 3 on bars. She could finish tenth and still be put on this team and not a single person would argue with that decision. I would hate to see her do all 4 events in qualifying and team finals so she is tired for the event finals but she will probably have to do that.

Hey I felt like we owed it to her to at least mention her:)


My Team (s)

My brain says we should take the team of Simone, Aly, Bailie, Gabby, Maggie and Madison and leave Aly off bars in prelims but my Marta brain says we take the same team and leave Maggie off bars in prelims so Aly gets a chance at the AA.


We take Simone, Aly, Gabby, Bailie, Skinner and Kocian with Simone, Aly, Gabby and Bailie doing AA in prelims with VT/FL Skinner and Beam/Bars Kocian making Maggie the alternate. This same situation could be used for Bailie being alternate and Maggie taking the AA.

My BLIND self would take a team of Simone, Maggie, Aly, Bailie, Skinner and Ross (who hits at camp) using the first four for AA and Skinner and Ross as the bars/beam specialist.

and last but not least I would take a team of Simone, Kyla, Aly, Maggie, Bailie and Kocian and leave Gabby at home for my sanity :)

Spiridonova wins AA at Russian Cup



IG Article

AA Videos
Rotation 1
Rotation 2
Rotation 3
Rotation 4

( Angelina Melnikova competed as an Exhibition and had the best AA score but didn’t win do to her status as a exhibition (too young to officially compete ) She scored a 14.167 15.067 14.400 13.600 for a 57.234)

1. Daria Spiridonova                14.000 15.400 14.000 13.700       57.100
2. Seda Tutkhalyan                  14.533 14.233 14.867 13.100      56.733
3. Maria Kharenkova                13.933 14.233 14.500 13.800      56.466
4. Yevgenia Shelgunova          14.100 13.800 14.200 14.000      56.100
5. Daria Yelizarova Tula           14.100 13.800 13.900 14.133      55.933
6. Anastasia Dmitriyeva            14.033 12.667 13.700 14.467      54.867
7. Lilia Akhaimova                    13.867 12.500 13.533 14.100       54.000
8. Polina Fedorova                   13.467 12.967 13.567 12.967       52.967
9. Alla Sosnitskaya                   14.367 14.900 13.200 10.100       52.567
10. Alla Sidorenko                    13.567 13.567 12.933 11.900       51.967
11. Yulia Biryulya                     13.800 14.100 10.267 11.567       49.734
12. Daria Mikhaylova                13.400 9.900 13.733 11.933         48.966
13. Anastasia Cheong              13.633 10.700 11.833 12.200       48.366
14. Arina Nedovesova               12.467 11.000 12.433 12.367      48.267
15. Maria Iontef                     13.233 9.433 11.400 12.633        46.699
16. Yevgenia Menovschikova    13.767 10.167 10.767 11.867      46.568
17. Anastasia Osetrova             11.800 12.167 10.233 10.767      44.967
18. Yekaterina Ischenko            12.567 8.567 11.400 12.333        44.867

Daria Skrypnik 13.233 15.400 14.200 42.833
19. Viktoria Komova 15.467 13.667 29.134
20. Maria Paseka 14.800 14.133 28.933
* Natalia Kapitonova 14.833 13.433 28.266



Videos from youtube
Full Qualifying Results

1. Daria Spiridonova 13.700 15.467 14.300 13.833 57.300
2. Yevgenia Shelgunova 14.200 13.433 14.533 14.833 56.999
3. Alla Sosnitskaya 14.367 14.700 14.333 12.967 56.367
4. Maria Kharenkova 13.867 14.167 13.800 14.133 55.967
5. Seda Tutkhalyan 14.700 14.333 13.400 13.333 55.766
6. Anastasia Dmitriyeva 14.367 12.733 13.967 13.033 54.100
7. Alla Sidorenko 13.567 13.333 13.267 12.433 52.600
8. Lilia Akhaimova 11.800 12.700 13.400 14.400 52.300
9. Yulia Biryulya 13.767 14.000 12.000 11.933 51.700
10. Polina Fyodorova 13.400 11.933 13.533 12.400 51.266

1. Maria Paseka – 15.300 15.633
2. Seda Tutkhalyan – 14.700 VT2
3. Tatiana Nabieva –
Ksenia Afanasyeva 14.533 VT2

Uneven Bars:
1. Daria Spiridonova – 15.467
2. Maria Paseka – 15.300
3. Alla Sosnistkaya – 14.700

Balance Beam:
1. Evgeniya Shelgunova – 14.533
2. Ksenia Afanasyeva – 14.367
3. Alla Sosnitskaya – 14.333

Floor Exercise:
1. Ksenia Afanasyeva – 14.967
2. Lilia Akhaimova – 14.400
3. Maria Kharenkova – 14.133

Darya Spiridonova on bars (15.467)
Ksenia Afanasyeva on Floor looked horrible on floor and pretty much walked through her routine. She looks out of gymnastics shape to me but these videos can be distorted (14.967)

Komova only did bars and beam(14.167)

Where is Aliya ?



Rumor is Aliya’s currently not training and taking some time off. She could be pregnant (made up rumor meant as a joke) or had a fight with Valentina Rodionenko and was kicked off the Russian team all we know for sure is someone knows something but they aren’t sharing.

Thanks to LOL for all this riveting information many days late because my new job and current boyfriend apparently need to spend more time with me.

The Return of Catalina Ponor


Full Results from Full Twist
Videos by Anne-Sophie Henri

It’s completely insane that after 3 years off she comes back and easily takes over as the second best gymnast in the Country.

Sorry I have been missing action but work and life have gotten in the way.

Larisa Iordache won the AA with a 58.150 with a fall off bars


Where is my girl Andrea Iridon ?????

This was pretty impressive for a Romanian. Not sure what he start value was but Romania will be desperate for bars workers if they are bringing back Ponor and Izbaza so anyone that can stay on with decent form has a huge shot at making this team.

Anamaria Ocolisan on bars


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