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Grace Mccallum teaches the judges how to count. They need the help since they can’t see steps on vaults they give 10’s

January 15, 2023

And that is your College gymnastics week 2 update. Judges are stupid. They cheat. Or they are just plain inept. Her coach chanting for a ten and Jade acting like she deserved a 10 says it all.

College Gym: Week 1. Livvy Dunne’s rude fans. Morgan’s fall, Suni’s ten, Poison as floor music? etc..

January 8, 2023

I have to blog about something so here we go. This will not be a weekly thing but unless someone has a blog idea, This is what we get. Pretty much just focusing on the Elite gymnasts. If you have a highlight for anyone else, add it in the comment section.

Apparently, a bunch of so-called young men showed up at the LSU meet and behaved like idiots. (Why does 31-year-old, Sam Peszek have a Tik Tok?) They didn’t behave much better during the meet. Livvy asked them to calm down on Twitter or Instagram (I don’t have a link. Just read about it) Moral of the story, you attract the way you act.

Suni got a ten on beam. She looked great on bars too. Her feet form looked amazing. Less difficulty helps with that but if she did this during her elite performances she would be close to the Chinese on bars (she doesn’t) [Floor] [Vault]

Kayla Dicello won the AA at Florida’s first meet of the season. Trinity also had a perfect ten on beam. [Bars] [Vault]

Oklahoma easily beat, UCLA, Michigan, and Auburn. Morgan Hurd went the way of Riley McCusker during her freshman year of College and looked like crap. She fell on bars after having a really bad warm up. She also looked like crap on beam ( Nerves galore and completely overscored )

[LSU vs Utah ][Michigan State vs Bama]

Jordan Chiles is trying to go “viral” with her hip hop floor routine but all I could do was laugh because the song Poison (And this is coming from a huge Bell, Biv, Devoe fan) is not exactly lyric-friendly floor music. Good thing College doesn’t allow lyrics. Hell, even BBD, doesn’t sing the bad parts when performing the song anymore (At least on TV)

Jordan Chiles [Vault] [Bars] [Beam]


Grace Mccallum [Vault] [Bars] [Beam] [Floor]

Ragan Smith [Floor] [Bars] [Beam]

Kara Eaker [Beam] Emma Malabuyo [Beam] Jordan Bowers [Beam] [Vault] [Floor] Audrey Davis [Bars]

Aleah Finnegan [Bars] [Beam] [Vault] [Floor] Maile O’Keefe [Floor] [Vault] [Bars] [Beam]

Leanne Wong [Bars] [Vault]

Norah Flatley learning the hard way that when you aren’t at UCLA your shit routines don’t get gifts like they used to. [Vault]

Jade Carey [All Around] Last year these routines would have been 9.950’s. Finally some more fair scoring

Freshman, Faith Torrez debut for Oklahoma on Floor

Adeline Kenlin on Floor Alexis Jeffrey on bars

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year

December 18, 2022

I just realized it’s been a month since I blogged. It’s been a busy month at work. Anyway, Merry Christmas. Hanny Hanukkah, Happy New Year, etc… oh and, FUCK THE NFL REFS, You cheating bastards. His foot was over the line you blind, mother fuckers! (For future reference, The Patriots were cheated out of a win by the refs. December 18th, 2022)

Artistry is alive (Overseas) A star is born

November 14, 2022

What a little performer and that flexibility is to die for. And the Romanian gymnast (Sabrina Voinea?) in the background seems to be enjoying it too 🙂 Hwang Seo-Hyeon (She’s almost as adorable on beam as she is on floor) She fell but still. Keep this kid bubble wrapped.

(Videos are from Live From Paris’s youtube channel)

And even though they all seem to start with double tucks can we talk about how artistry is alive in Europe? Alessia Cortellino has some very pretty moments in this floor routine. (My favorite part is at 1.14) And even though she reminds me a little bit of Nastia in the arm slinging as choreography, Elena Colas also has some pretty moments in this floor routine. (With time to improve) (Her bars has Nastia’s form or lack thereof when it comes to feet issues) And while Chloé Baert isn’t as polished as some of these other gymnasts, the choreography in this routine just matches the music perfectly. It’s clear that Europe is taking the new artistry deductions seriously, and these kids are JUNIORS. As young as 13 years old. (Speaking of which, I got an anon e-mail a week or so ago talking about Chellsie and Alicia taking a serious interest in Jade Carey’s floor and beam artistry. It’s clear they already want her on the next Olympic team. And you thought her father posting just about Carey until he was called out for it, wasn’t calculated) Overall the bars routines at this meet were horrible but lots of potential on beam. I love the way Alessia Cortellino (I will call it choreography-d) into her triple wolf turn. Beam should be as fun to watch as this combination was.

It’s very seldom that the Junior gymnasts hitting in 2022 will become the stars of 2026, so when watching videos of the juniors, I try and always look for a diamond in the rough. (Think Jaycie Phelps finishing in like 17th place in 1993 and making the Olympic team in 1996) Giulia Perotti didn’t have her best floor routine but all of these juniors from this meet look way far ahead of the US juniors we have coming up. Even when they have a hard time. Caly Chayani had the first up-tempo routine I saw at this meet. I liked some of her Chorography (It was different) and she too had potential if she would slow down.

And it looks like, Sabrina Voinea is coming into her own (At least on Floor) Her form even looked a little better here (On Floor) I think she really enjoyed winning that Vault Gold medal at Junior Europeans. She took second at this meet on floor (5.7- 7.700) Prelims: 11,233 (4.6 D – 6.633 E) [Bars] 13,066 (5.1 – 7.966) [beam] Finals [Vault] [Beam] Oh Romania. Bars dude. Bars. Sabria so badly wants to be a good gymnast but unless she gets a real coach that wants to teach her about details, she is going to be stuck.

The other Romanians: Valentina Miruna BOTEZ {Floor} [Beam] Bianca VISOVAN [Beam] [Floor] Alexia VANOAGA [Beam] Alexandra Florea [Floor]

Eden DESAULTY [Beam]

And the Italians have the best last names

2022 World championships: Event Finals

November 4, 2022

Live Scoring [FIG] [Official Site]


[Vault] [Bars] [Beam] [Floor]


[Vault] [Bars] [Beam] [Floor]

2022 Gymnastics World Championships: All-Around

November 2, 2022

I was going to just leave the team finals blog to serve as the All-Around blog, but it is too long right now. [All Info]

Live scoring [Official Site] [FIG] Neither of these worked very well during team finals but it’s what we have. I’ll add the BBS link to his commentary tomorrow.

All-Around results

My opinions: BY THE NUMBERS

Ellie Black only had a 5 start the value on the floor. it was 6 tenths behind Alice Kinsella. An entire point behind Jessica. 5 tenths behind Shilese and 1.1 behind Rebeca. Her execution isn’t to write home about in general so can we please stop with the “Ellie was robbed” It’s just not the case. Start value doesn’t decide things but it makes a difference when everyone has execution issues and those like Jade with real execution issues are not scored like it. if anyone had a case for being robbed it’s Alice Kinsella.

I guess I am supposed to be happy Jade didn’t win a medal, but I am not. The medal isn’t the issue, it’s the execution benefit she gets on every event. Take a look at the beam execution. If you can watch Jade on beam and then watch Ou and agree their execution scores should be within two tenths of each other with a straight face then you are in fact a biased US Gymnastics fan. You can take this opinion and add it to bars where they were within nearly the same amount. Even with mistakes, you cannot call this fair judging.

(VT-UB-BB-FL) Start Values

Starts values & Execution:

1. Rebeca 5.6 (9.566) 6.2 (7.600) 6.0 (7.533) 6.1 (8.300)

2. Shilese 5.0 (9.333) 6.3 (8.066) 5.2 (7.900) 5.5 (8.200)

3. Jessica 5.0 (8.933)5.6 (7.633) 5.7 (8.033) 6.0 (8.400)

4. Alice 5.0 (9.166) 6.0 (8.166) 5.8(7.400) 5.6 (8.033)

5. Ellie 5.0 (9.033)5.7 (8.233) 5.8 (7.633) 5.0 (8.333)

6. Jade 6.0 (9.133) 5.4 (7.763) 5.2 (7.433) 6.1 (8.066)

7. OU Yushan 4.2 (8.900) 5.8 (7.400) 6.2 (7.666) 5.6 (8.133)

8. Shoko Miyata 5.0 (9.233) 5.5 (7.366) 5.7 (7,266) 5-7 (8.033)

9. Maggio 4.6 (9.433) 5.7 (7.100) 5.4 (7.633) 5.7 (8.166)

10. Alice D’amato 5.0 (9.166) 6.1 (7.166) 5.3 (7.233) 5.0 (8.066)

Anyone else says this including Shilese and they get labeled arrogant. Just saying

2022 World Championship: Team Finals

October 31, 2022


Alice Kinsella is training an Amanar and it looks pretty good. I hope she competes it in the AA.

Live scoring [ FIG] [Official site]

Videos: Team USA & Great Britain on [Vault] USA [Bars] [Celebrating their win] [All team’s entrances] [Medal ceremony] Jennifer Gadirova [Floor] Jessica Gadorova [Floor] Skye [Beam] Flavia [Bars] Leanne [Bars] Jade [Beam] [Vault] Shilese [Bars] [ Vault] Jordan [Floor] Rebeca [Bars] [Vault] [Floor] [Beam] Ellie Black [Bars] Jessica Gadirova [Bars] Maggio [Floor] [Beam] [Bars] Shoko MIYATA [Floor] [BEAM] Boyer [Beam] [Floor] Carolann Heduit [beam] [Bars] [Vault] Manila Esposito [Floor] [beam]Melanie de Jesus dos Santos [Beam] [Bars] [Floor ]Tang Xijing [Bars] [Beam] Villa [Beam] Friess [Bars] [Floor] Carolann Heduit [Vault] [Beam] Coline Devillard [Vault] Luo Rui [Beam] Kinsella [Vault] Lorrane Oliveira [Bars]




FENTON Georgia-Mae GBR


FENTON Georgia-Mae GBR



I feel like this is worth repeating. Chellsie Memmel’s father showing support for Jade Carey on his Instagram when his daughter is in charge at worlds is a conflict of interest.

2022 Gymnastics World Championships: Podium training & Qualifications

October 27, 2022

Qualifying Results: [Romanian interview in English]

[Team] [All Around] [Event Finals] (EF, and AA does not include just the top 8. It includes everyone)

Event Finals Qualifiers:

Vault: 1. Jade Carey (USA) 14.483 2. Jordan Chiles (USA) 14.316 3. Coline Devillard (FRA) [1]14.299 4. Yeo Seo Jeong (KOR)[1] 14.249 5. Jessica Gadirova (GBR) 14.200 6 .Ellie Black (CAN) 13.749 7. Miyata Shoko (JPN) 13.666 8. Lisa Vaelen (BEL) 13.499

Bars: 1. Luo Rui (CHN) 14.900 2. Nina Derwael (BEL) 14.700 3. Rebeca Andrade (BRA) 14.666 4. Wei Xiaoyuan (CHN) 14.600 5. Shilese Jones (USA) 14.566 6. Sanna Veerman (NED) 14.533 7. Naomi Visser (NED) 14.400 8. Elizabeth Seitz (GER) 14.400

Beam: 1. Ou Yushan (CHN) 13.900 2. Skye Blakely (USA) 13.733 3. Miyata Shoko (JPN) 13.700 4. Marine Boyer (FRA) 13.666 5. Wantanbe Hazuki (JPN) 13.600 6. Zsofia Kovacs (HUN) 13.533 7. Rebeca Andrade (BRA) 13.400 8. Ellie Black (CAN) 13.266

Floor : 1. Flavia Saraiva (BRA) 14.200 2. Rebeca Andrade (BRA) 14.200 3. Jessica Gadirova (GBR) 14.100 4. Jordan Chiles (USA) 14.100 5. Jade Carey (USA) 14.066 6. Naomi Visser (NED) 13.666 7. Jennifer Gadirova (GBR) 13.600 8. Alice D’Amato (ITL) 13.600

Team Finalists :

1. United States – 167.263 2. Great Britain – 164.029 3. Brazil – 163.563 4. Italy – 162.798 5. Japan – 162.564 6. China – 162.064 7. France – 161.428 8. Canada – 159.661

Day 2 of qualifications:

Ondine [Beam] [Floor][Vault][Beam] Flavia [Beam] [Floor]Team Canada [Bars] Team China [Bars] [Beam] Ou [Bars] [Floor] Boyer [Floor] Black [Floor] [Bars] Miyata Shoko [Floor] [Bars] Luo Rui [Beam] Zsofia Kovacs [Beam] Tang Xijing [Floor] [Beam] Ellie black [All Around] Zhang Jin [Floor] Yeo Seo Jeong [Floor] [Beam] Tisha Volleman [Beam] Kinsella [Beam] [Bars] Jessica Gadirova [Bars] [Beam] Martina Maggio [Vault] [Beam] Alice Damato [Beam] Manila Esposito [Beam] Georgia-Mae Fenton [Beam] Tang Xijing [Beam and Floor] Ou Yushan [Vault-UB-BB] Wei Xiaoyuan [Bars and Floor] Carolann Heduit [Vault-UB-Floor] Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos [Beam and Floor] Aline Friess [Beam & Floor]

Day 1 of Qualifications

LIVE scoring Prelims day 1(I’ll be watching NY Undercover) The BBS [Quick Hits] [Live scoring 2]

Vault: Wong13.433 (13.766 / 13.433) Shilese14.200 Jordan-14.316 ( 14.466 14.166) Carey 14.483 (14.600 & 14.366)

Bars: Jordan,14.066 (5.9 – 8.166) Carey 13.333 (5.4 7.933) Bakely, 12.566 (5.5- 7.066)(Fall) Jones 14.566 (8.366 & 6.300)

Beam: Carey, 13. 133 (5.4 & 7.733) Jones, 13.200 (5.2 & 8.000) Blakely, 13.733 ( 6.0 & 7.733) Chiles 11.366 (6.166- 5.2)

Floor: Blakely, 13.600 ( 7.900 & 5.7) Jones,13.800 (5.7 -8.100) Chiles, 14.100 ( 8.300 & 5.8) Carey, 14.066 (6.1 & 7.966)

Other videos or versions of videos: Nina Derwael [Uneven Bars] [Bars & Beam] Shilese [Bars] Chiles [Bars] [Floor] [Beam] Jade [Floor] Ana Barbosu (Floor] [Beam] [Beam] [Bars] Andrea Preeda [Floor] [Bars] [Beam] Follow the links for more videos. I can’t link them all. Sorry. Team USA [Bars] [Floor] [Vault]


They finally added Leanne to the National team. USAG being Manny.

Podium Training

The BBS Quick Hits [Day 1] [Day 2] Looks like Leanne isn’t doing the AA so enjoy worlds. This will most likely be the one blog for all of it. (Podium training Leo’s are hideous)

Other links:

[USAG Website with schedule ] [Worlds Official website] [FIG Website] [USAG Twitter]

Podium Training Videos : Gymnastics now on Instagram

Podium: Gymnastics Universe : [US Bars] [US Vault] [US Floor]

Gymnasttea : [Brazil] Leanne [ Floor] Shilese [Floor] Jade [Floor] Jordan [Floor]

If you can deal with this idiot, Heath Thorpe has some videos up too on twitter.

Gymcastic : [Team China’s warmup] Ana Bărbosu [Floor] Andreea Preda [Floor] They have closer videos of the US but I am not linking them all. Leanne [Beam] [Floor] [Bars] Nina Derwael [Bars] Lexi Zeiss [Floor] Chellsie Memmel [interview] team USA [Interview] Jade [Floor] You can really see her form issues in this video. Skye Blakely [Beam]

Conflict of Interest much?

Chellsie Memmel’s father is posting things like this on Twitter when his daughter is in charge of the World Championship team, and USA-Gymnastics. I call this a conflict of interest. He didn’t post about anyone but Jade Carey. He didn’t post about the team. just about Jade.

2022 World Championship selection camp for World team & Gabby “leaks” info she is back in the gym

October 19, 2022

Camp, World Trials (Night 1)

Leanne’s lost her consistency (Last year was nice)The judges have lost their minds (Jade missed two connections and won beam at camp) and I’ve lost interest. USAG NEVER changes.

Night 1 Gymnastea [Leanne Wong] [Shilese Jones] [Jordan Chiles ][Skaye Blakely][Jade Carey] Night 1 Gymnastics Forever [All Vaults ] [All Uneven Bars routines] [All Beam routines] [All Floor routines] USAG Twitter [All Second Vaults]

Night 2 Events:

Group A: Jones – UB, BB Blakely – BB, UB Matthews – BB, UB Chiles – BB, UB Fatta – FX, BB

Group B : Carey – BB, UB Disidore – FX, BB Neal – UB, BB Wong – UB, BB Zeiss – UB, BB

Skate America Results. So many empty seats for a sold-out competition.

Yep, that Gabby. I was going to shut this place down. This sport, I THOUGHT, couldn’t get any worse but then Gabby Douglas decided to go back to training, AT WOGA (Rumor) So much for USA-Gymnastics turning over a new leaf. The last person they cheated to put on an Olympic team is now back at the gym, training at Woga, when Alicia Sacramone”Puppet ” for Liukin” Quinn is in charge of picking the team. Nope.Nothing to see here. I don’t have a problem with her coming back if they pick the team fairly but what is the chance of that happening?

Camp [Article]

Camp for the World Team selection starts tomorrow. Behind a paywall. We will get scores.

Shilese Jones, Katelyn Jong, Skye Blakely, Nola Matthews, Jordan Chiles and Addison Fatta will start on vault, while Jade Carey, Amelia Disidore, Marissa Neal, Lexi Zeiss and Leanne Wong

VALERI LIUKIN BROKE KONNOR : The 2022 Worlds season starts with a wimper

October 6, 2022

Like we didn’t know he would eventually do it. He’s broken every gymnasts he’s ever coached except the daughter given special treatment and was put on teams for one event when she was hurt.

The US named their men’s team yesterday. Rumor is Yul was sick and that is why he wasn’t up to par at Trials.i am actually surprised that USAG didn’t take him anyway. They probably would have if he was better at Nationals. One hit wonder who fell 50% of the time at Nationals and Trials was named. (I didn’t realize he was from Mass) Apparently Brody and Donnell didn’t compete , they just used their scores from Nationals. [Day 1] [Day 2] [Combined] Asher Hong tanked day 2 of Trials. He’s young so I forgive him. There should have been only 1 guaranteed team member from Nationals. So Wiskus was 3RD AND 4TH each day but lost out to Hong who fell apart on day 2? Okay. I guess the men have no choice to be weird when taking a one event gymnast like Pommels boy.

Wait until next year bitches. The years after we suck end up in world Series titles! Let the streak continue #AnyoneButTheYankees #AnyOneButTheDodgersOrYankees #AnyoneButTheBlueJaysOrYankees #LetsGoMariners #LetsGoBraves #LetsGoAnyoneButMannyMacado #LetsgoAnyoneButMookieBetts #BitterRedSoxFan #LetsgoBravesToHellWithFreddieFreeman #SoManyHastagsSoLittleTime #AnyoneButTheTampaBayDevilRaysOrYankeesOrAnyoneCurretnlyFromTheALEastInThePlayoffs #ICannotRootFortheMetsButLesserOfAFewEvils #LetsGoCardinalsWinItForPujols #LetsgoAstrosButOnlyBecauseIMissChristianVazquez #DidILeaveAnyoneOut