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Simone Biles alleged heartbreak. How we can help her through it.

March 27, 2020

Simone Biles hasn’t posted on instagram for 6 WHOLE DAYS. In that time she’s allegedly broken up with her boyfriend because he cheated on her, had her Olympics postponed for a year and now she’s quarantined in her million dollar mansion with no way to work out her problems so I just want Simone to know I have been there. Everyone has been there and we can get through this together….

So the first thing you need to know after a break up is it’s not your fault. Guys are assholes. By nature they can’t keep it in their pants so don’t for a second think you could change him. He doesn’t deserve you. He knew you didn’t want to get married when you started this damn relationship so is it really your fault he thought he could change that opinion? NO. Oh wait….


So besides eating your way through the kitchen what can you do to ease the pain? Music of course…

The first song to help you get through this trying ordeal is, Tracey Spencer’s, It’s my first broken heart. It might make you cry but crying helps get the sad out of you…. Free to be you and me baby. A childhood favorite.

I know you’re feeling a little dark and you might feel like taking your anger out on said boy “friend” That’s where these songs comes in…. Before Kelis brought the boys to the yard she made this song which is an all time favorite of mine, Caught out there..

The best line…

” So sick of your games. I’ll set your truck to flames and watch it blow up .. blow up… Ha ha.. How you gonna see her now?

I don’t know what it is with females wanting to blow up trucks but before Carrie Underwood was an annoying twit she sang, Before he cheats…

I also want you to remember that though you may have thought this relationship was going to end up in marriage it wasn’t. Or it shouldn’t because first marriages for gymnasts never end well especially with you being so young. Ask Natasha Kelly, Shannon Miller, Kayla Williams, Jaycie Phelps. I’m sure there are more… Perhaps the best advice I can give you is to listen to little Kayden Magnuson. WARNING!! This video may make you cry. I teared up twice and baby Kayden has the best advice of all time for you in this video. HEED HER BRILLIANCE ( or the writers brilliance )

“He was your training wheels.”
He was put there for learning”
“You don’t want your training wheels back on your bike. You leave them behind and ride on your own”

“New adventure await”

Seriously you want to watch this video. It’s brilliant..

When you’re ready to get over this I suggest you listen too, Shout out to my ex and any Taylor Swift song..

And just remember, eventually he will fall in love and when he does that is where karma comes into play…

Gabby Barret’s I hope… Might help you out there.

oh and when he comes back,

We are NEVER getting back together..

GTFO Who doesn’t love Mariah Carey ?

And just remember, Simone. Shamar Moore is still single. As long as he is still single there is hope for all of us ladies to have a happy ending 🙂 Just don’t believe the rumors about him.

**** My comments are meant in jest. I don’t suggest you really go blow up your boyfriends truck…:)

DISCLAIMER (Damn this thing is 8 years old) If you have any idea’s for me to add more to help Simone through this trying time…

Other songs..

Little mix. The break up song.

Fifth Harmony with Camilla Cabello, Miss movin on…

Adele, Set fire to the rain and Rumor has it

P.S.- If you didn’t break up save this for later. It will still fit.

Leona Lewis, Better in time

One less problem, Ariana Grande and Igg Azalea

Trouble… Don’t be Iggy…

She Daisy… Little goodbyes

Tonight I’m getting over you ..

Thank you – Next suggested by greytealbluemom

You break the heart of the worlds baddest Vampire gymnast and words gonna spread.

I will Survive. Suggested by Mary

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want too suggested by Hart of Dixie

I meant to put this up awhile ago but it still makes me laugh so here it is. Mykayla Skinner is a funny little shit.

Screen Shot 2020-03-13 at 3.09.15 PM

USA Today says Olympics will be postponed. If true, then what?

March 23, 2020

Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 5.40.00 PM


Canada has already said they are not going…

Norway leaning towards not going

So if the Olympics is canceled, then what?

You have to turn 16 the year of the Olympics to be eligible to compete in gymnastics so does that mean gymnasts like Sydney Barros, Konnor McClain and Skye Blakely will now be eligible ? Or will it stay the way it was the year the Olympics was supposed to start?

Will they start the process for making the Olympics the same with the extra 2 spots and will they continue the process of qualifying through certain meets or will they go back to 5 gymnasts per team?

Will gymnasts like Mykayla and Simone continue or will they cut their loses and retire?

For me it’s simple. For the safety of everyone, postponing to 2021 makes the most sense. It’s the safest thing to do.

Now when it comes specifically to gymnastics I am 100% in favor of keeping the rules the way they were in 2020.

It would be nice to have 5 member teams again but it’s unfair to gymnasts like Jade Carey and Fan Yilin to rip away the Olympics they pretty much already qualified for.

And in NO WAY , SHAPE OR FORM, do I believe they should allow gymnasts who weren’t eligible in 2020 to compete if the Olympics is moved to 2021. That’s completely unfair to the older gymnasts who have been working towards this goal for years.

What do you think?

Mykayla Skinner Q & A Part 1 and 2

March 18, 2020

Only answer I remember is she does not plan on competing after the Olympics. She SAYS , she plans on going back for her Senior year of college gymnastics but I don’t think I believe her. I think she will go pro if she makes the team.

Mykayla’s thoughts in the Olympics possibly being canceled.

Part 2

WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!!! Baku World Cup

March 11, 2020

Welcome to the Coronavirus panic of 2020.

World Championships for Figure Skating is cancelled.

No fans during March madness?

The Stuttgart All-Around World Cup, also cancelled.

Suni is sad

NCAA Championships is closed to the public

There is even talk of the Olympics being cancelled

But DON’T WORRY, USA-Gymnastics still wants to sell you Pan Am tickets because you know, #money

Other events postponed or cancelled

In other news Shannon Miller’s scrunchie is going to the Hall of fame

Screen Shot 2020-03-11 at 7.13.03 PM

Baky World cup



VT and Bars
Beam and floor

Fan Yilin (UB)
Iliankova (UB)
Andrade (UB)

Finals have been canceled.

2020 American Cup: Morgan Hurd Wins

March 6, 2020

Okay so my thoughts. It’s early. Morgan looked better than everyone else but she should. She is better than everyone else. Only Black here is her competition and Dicello, I suppose… Nothing Dicello did here makes me think she deserves to make the Olympic team. She doesn’t stand out on any event and if Grace hits I find her more appealing to watch and she has more difficulty and scores better.

Morgan was the only one who knew what to do on the

**** Jennifer Gadirova was capable of beating Morgan today if she has hit bars.


USAG Twitter
Quick Hits by Rocker Gymnastics AKA Blythe
(One of the few genuine gymnastics people that seems to exist in the world of media)
Italian Federation’s feed from NBC


2020 American Cup: LIVE Blogging with the mute button on 🙂

Rotation 4

So we’re watching the AMERICAN CUP and ye the US is wearing purple leos. ???

So I have to be nice, right> Nice landings, Ellie 12.600

Ukraine vaults and we get Ellie replays…

Sky high tumbling by Jennifer Gadirova. Well done… 13.700 Not a big fan of the choreography but she does it well. It was a great routine… Damn those bars or she would have given Morgan a run for her money….

Good height and distance by Dicello on vault…

Please take out the channeling , Morgan. A little short on her double double and some small landings but she hit. She wins but the lack of Choreography in this routine knowing what she is capable of irks me…

Of course Dicello gets the score she needs to move into second… 13.666

There is an entire set of gymnasts still to go but NBC, doesn’t seem to care. I really dislike this network….

Bless this poor little gymnast from Spain…. This floor tho ( yikes)

Zhang fell on floor. That’s too bad she was going well for awhile…

IT’S OVER. Thank God. 🙂

Ooops, sorry. I forgot about Charpy on floor… Never mind. She falls too and to James Bond… Did Charpy leave her music at home and decide to piece together 4 different songs??

Rotation 3


Charpy stayed on beam but kind of messy everywhere.

Godwin over rotated her first ass and hands down. She doesn’t look like an elite gymnast…

Solid beam for Ellie but her routine seems so empty to me….

Diana wouldn’t even make it in our College gymnastics system on floor.. I;m so negatiVe I know but THIS HAS BEEN A HORRIBLE MEET so far..

So I;m only going to try and say nice things from here on out so… Nice discount on beam, Jennifer…..

Hitomi Hatakeda DOES EXISTS. Nice floor…. 12.933

Nice routine by Morgan. 2 small adjustments one on her full turn and her new series and then a huge wobble on a leap but a nice, full in…. Best full in the game… 13.733. A little high for the big bobble and real judges would have had it lower but good job…

Villa off on her full…

There were no tickets to buy but the place is half empty. Why?

Nearly put hands down on her last pass and sloppy and my God, NO MORE HILL FLOOR ROUTINES… Oh that wasn’t nice 🙂 Her first pass was landed well…. 13.400

Kristie Phillips is the line judge on floor…

Beautiful routine by Zhang. Only one small bobble. Very precise. Can’t wait to see the judges give this a 13.4 (rolling eyes) OKAY SO A 14.133


First two rotations:

What the hell are you wearing, Nastia?

Kayla had a nice bar set. Some form and handstand issues but it was good enough for the scam cup. 13.733

14.133 for Zhang on vault. Totally piked.

Nastia laughing while making fun of a gymnast vaulting a Yurchenko makes me laugh hysterically. And Nastia talking a beautiful body position when Charpy totally piked a YURCHENKO is also 13.433 Dear Nastia, feet together and toes pointed is form. Straight body is position…

Ellie almost landed on her butt on vault but she stayed up. 13.733

Why does NBC think Nastia is liked? Her voice is even in the commercials. Someone needs to do some re-search because they clearly don’t see how un-liked she actually is. They tried sending her to the winter Olympics to use universally and it didn’t work. I don’t get the love.

Diana off the bars. Too bad because she was hitting a beautiful routine. Then hit her big move albeit sloppy but then off again. Too bad she was probably hoping for the money that goes with winning the individual event

Decent vault for Morgan. Off to the side and lower legs apart but she had much better height then she had during warmups.

Jennifer Gadirova hit vault but honestly I felt it was overscored. Form issues galore and piked . 14.566



Sounds like Zhang fell off bars but no video so we don’t know …. but we get to watch Morgan stand around..

Voss just fell on beam. Zhang got a 10.333 so she definitely fell…

Charpy hit her foot on bars and is hurt. Now they are checking the bars. Looks like it wasn’t set right… she hit her second routine. A little slow but you can’t blame her…

Nice routine on beam for Diana. A few slow connections and a small bobble..

Messy feet form on bars for Ellie and she stalled in the middle…. I have a bew found like of black but a 13.800″ nope..

The fall fest continues. Jennifer fell off bars. Form matters to me but not these judges… Really close to the bars on that dismount….

So NBC went to commercials when people were competing to comeback and watch Morgan stand around? Oh well we get a tiny internet is mean fluff peace but Morgan doesn’t listen to the bad. She takes the criticism. NEWSFLASH! If you DON’T want to see the comments DON’T READ THE COMMENTS!!

A lot of handstand issues for Morgan in that routine but it’s scam so the score will be big…. WOW, Only a 14.100. With what we have seen from others I expected a bigger score…

Villa off bars. She was hitting albeit messy before the fall.

Dicello hit beam but slow on the connections and soft knee’s…. 13.466

Alba messed up bars….

Screen Shot 2020-03-06 at 11.19.21 PM


Morgan Hurd


**** Hurd finished second at the most recent camp in the AA, behind, Simone.

Kayla Dicello


Gymnix Results Team, AA and Event Finals and American Cup Podium training

March 6, 2020


All Around
Event Finals
Senior Event qualifications

**** AA was tallied during the team event
**** Why Emily pulled out of bar finals


All Around
Event Finals
Event Final Qualifications

**** AA was tallied during the team event

Gymnix Results

Lily on floor
Lee on floor
Faith on floor

Video Live now Thanks Hart of Dixie

So right now they are doing some hip hop dancing with the F word in You do know those are kids watching right CANADA? Some young kids.

The biggest asshole of all-time judged Vault. He went by Danafan back in the 90’s and he was a biased , ego maniac, douche bag. He knew the code way before anyone else and he would act superior because he knew more than anyone else. One time he used to say the Yurchenko full had to be done a certain way and he admitted years later he lied. That’s just how he liked the Vault to be done and he judged vault here with Chellsie, tonight. He’s so lucky screen caps weren’t a thing back in the day or he would be busted for his complete bias and never allowed to judge a meet like this.

Skinner got a 14.6 on her second vault. 1 tenth deduction. 8.700 Execution.

US won by 7 points even with all the mistakes

1. USA
2. Belgum
3. Canada 1

All Around

1. Emyly Lee 53.831
2. Mykayla Skinner 52.631
3. Audrey Rousseau 52.532
4. Faith Torrez 52.198
5. Lilly Lippeatt 51.399

So… Skinner makes Vault, Floor finals.
Emily the bars and floor finals. Lilly the beam finals and Faith makes the bar finals. That’s if there is finals here. There always has been. Lily is two per Countried out of floor finals which is a shame… Skinner is two per outed the bar final…


Yurchenko full for Lily. Small step… Fall on DTY for Faith… DTY for Lee, short, small step forward… DTY for Skinner. Only one hand on that second vault.

Lily- (4.6) 13.500
Faith (5.4) 12.766
Emily (5.4) 14.266
Skinner(5.4) 14.333


Hit routine for Lilly with some bouncy landings but a stuck whip into a double tuck… Nice routine for Emily but that music should not be used… Hit routine for Faith, OOB on her first pass which was severely piked…. Skinner, OOB on her “Moors ” but it was huge. Great routine…. she didn’t do the triple full only a 2.5. Totally lowballed, AGAIN.

Lilly- (5.2) 13.366
Emily Lee – (5.4) 13.633
Faith (5.3) 13.166
Skinner(5.8) 13.766

Balance Beam

Lilly stayed on beam with no bobbles but a few missed connections. That was a good routine for her after bars…. Skinner off on a leap… Faith off on her full… Marta is laughing watching this meet…. Lee came of too. THE GOOD NEWS FOR Emily and Faith is if they had hit their routines would have scored well for beam.

Lilly (5.1) 12.800
Mykayla (5.2) 11.766
Emily (5.8) 12.666
Faith (5.9) 12.933


US starts on Uneven Bars

Lilly (5.7) 11.733
Lee (5.6) 13.266
Mykayla (5.6) 12.666
Faith (5.5) 13.333

Lilly messed up and had to take an extra swing and had huge messy form issues. Emily stayed on but also had a lot of messy issues. Skinner stayed on and was her usual messy self but her pak looked better than she has in awhile although still messy. Faith had the best routine and was of course messy but looked a lot better than everyone else form wise…. I felt like Faith was underscored compared to what Emily Lee put up and while Skinner’s form is horrible this is the best she’s looked in a long time and I felt her score was a little low.


If Skinner ( or Lilly) wins she (they or) will probably get her own blog for discussion but other wise it will be discussed here.

Thank you Gymnastea
for putting all the highlights in one place.

Later tonight I will make a blog for the American Cup.

You can really see how bad Dicello’s form is on her vaults from this angle and how small and short, Morgan’s DTY is.

I was most impressed with Jennifer Gadirova. Skye high tumbling and very good landings. Morgan looks tired and had issues finishing short on everything she did except her standing full on beam and Dicello’s form from these angles leaves a lot to be desired.