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Mozart vs Lady Gaga

April 30, 2011

One is a genius. One is a Madonna rip off. After watching a bunch of Madonna rip offs (AKA the 2011 SP at the World Championships for skating) I felt like I needed a cleanse. So I watched this. I feel better:)

New professional gymnastics competition

April 30, 2011


When Phil is right he is right. SP Skating results

April 30, 2011

SP Results

When Phil is right boy is he is right the problem is he is usually wrong. I would like to disagree with him here but I can’t.

Having the worlds in Russia is a travesty. They cheat. It is disgusting how blatantly they cheat and their skaters suck. Both of them suck. That might be cruel but Alena Leonova is like watching a poor women’s Irina Slutskaya without the jumping talent. Ksenia Makarova being in the position she is in is hilarious. She isn’t good enough to be a US skater but competing in Russia makes her the worlds 3rd best SP? LMAO um no.

Alissa Czisny is kind of like a broken clock. She is right twice a day. Problem with Alissa is when she needs to hit she doesn’t. She had some issues in her SP but it isn’t an Olympic year so all we know for sure is she might stand up. She might fall. If it was an Olympic year she would be on her ass.


LOVE the dress. Like the music and to be fair her only real issue was missing the combination where she didn’t attempt the second jump so she could do it later. It’s hard to argue she was so bad she didn’t deserve to be near the top because most of her skating is light years ahead of everyone else but I agree with what Phil said about Miki.


Miki was Miki. Consistent if not a little boring. Mao was a mess. Missed two of her 3 jumps?

Rachael Flatt is injured. If she did not double the triple lutz she would be in third place right now. Apparently she got level 4 for her step sequence

I will not even bother to talk about the ridiculous scoring of useless Carolina Kostner.

Worlds sucks. You know what sucks worse? any skating competitions in Russia.

The US has gone crazy

April 29, 2011

I can pick on my own Country and I feel like doing it right now.

I don’t like my President but I respect him because he is my President. That doesn’t make me homophobic or racist because I don’t believe in letting every Tom Dick and Harry into the Country to live off my damn tax dollars. Not being a retarded idiot democrat does not mean I am against gay marriage (I am for it) or against abortion (I wouldn’t do it myself but I believe every women has the right to do whatever she wants with her damn body)

If you don’t mind supporting the Presidents Aunt who thinks the United States owes her (Those are her words) then you need to have a lobotomy. She isn’t an American citizen, she doesn’t work and she gets free money from people like you and me who work their butts off for a crappy paycheck every week. She gets an apartment and her whole life is handed to her.

She was told to get out and ignored it and now she gets to stay but hey don’t be homeless, live in a car and use your babysitters address to send your child to a better school system or we will put you in jail.

How fucked up is this that this women is going to jail because she sent her kid to a school system she didn’t live in because “technically” she took 15 thousand from the state? but the President can do a back deal to help his Aunt stay in the Country illegally? Did I mention this women is homeless with a child?

Another ridiculous thing is that the President. The leader of this Country never had to prove he was born in the US before he was elected. If you work in retail every 3 years you have to provide two forms of identification including something that proves you were born here like a birth certificate yet the President can give a form of identification but he doesn’t have to provide a birth certificate? Why the hell does the working tax paying American have to do this but the guy running the Country doesn’t have too?

Maybe this is my fault for getting mad when reading comments by a bunch of fucking Nazi’s who think banning people should be based on their opinion and not your own but I really have to laugh at the United States of America sometimes. Some of you liberal assholes need to be shipped off to some Country in turmoil to see just how badly you have it.

Why the hell does USA-Gymnastics have a boner for Nastia Liukin?

April 27, 2011

I am not in a good mood. Sounds like a great time to write a blog about Nastia Liukin. Haven’t done that in awhile.

I understand she is the last AA Champion from the Olympics but USA-Gymnastics current boner for this little bitch is starting to sound like her father paid them off. Many people already think this happened in China. The Russian way.

The annual competition for “level tens” was bad enough. Then we have her making decisions at meetings for USA-Gymnastics when she isn’t on their “board” Now we have Nastia being the creative decision maker on the 2012 Olympic tour?

instrumental in the creative direction of the performances, as well as serving as a cast member.

Does that mean we get more of this abomination?

If you want to call this creative by all means go ahead but you are seriously fried. She looks like she is trying to hump the beam. Not exactky something I want to see Jordyn Wieber doing next year.

USA-gymnastics has never made a gymnast the face of their organization and that is exactly what they are trying to do with Nastia. It just doesn’t make sense. There is nothing likable about her. She doesn’t come across as a nice person. She is as phony as a 2 dollar bill. So she won the sports biggest “prize” by default and bad judging and possibly daddies check book SO WHAT?

This just doesn’t makes sense. Why Nastia is the girl our gymnastics federation wants to make the face of their sport.

USA-Gymnastics likes people like Mary Lou Retton. Not like Nastia.

Please fill me in. I even want to hear from Nastia fans because I do not get the love.


I didn’t go to the tour last time because the fluff they were selling would have made me throw up my cotton candy. I didn’t go in 04 either but I attended every tour from from 84-2000. (some of those weren’t by choice. I was dragged by my mother:)

April 22, 2011

As I stay up late to torture myself watching a sport that isn’t gymnastics. A sport that will undoubtedly end in a tragic debacle I thought I would update the blog with a montage by someone with less to do on a Thursday night then myself.

College gymnastics ZzZzZzZzzzzzzzz I introduce you to MostepanovaFan.

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate Canadians:) Two brownie points to why that sentence has a smile at the end of it:)

Event finals at College National Championships.

April 18, 2011

Click here

All results can be found here

1 208 Marissa King University of Florida 9.8750
2 505 Madison Mooring University of Oklahoma 9.8250
3 452 Erin Davis University of Nebraska 9.8188
4 107 Kayla Hoffman University of Alabama 9.8125
5 106 Marissa Gutierrez University of Alabama 9.8000
5 454 Janelle Giblin University of Nebraska 9.8000
7 111 Ashley Sledge University of Alabama 9.7938
7 112 Geralen Stack-Eaton University of Alabama 9.7938
9 207 Alaina Johnson University of Florida 9.7875
9 403 Kylee Botterman University of Michigan 9.7875
11 254 Lindsey Cheek University of Georgia 9.7438
12 459 Jamie Schleppenbach University of Nebraska 9.7375
13 415 Katie Zurales University of Michigan 9.7313
13 661 Stephanie McAllister University of Utah 9.7313
15 153 Amy Borsellino University of Arkansas 9.6938
16 609 Brittani McCullough UCLA 9.6125

1 256 Kat Ding University of Georgia 9.9125
2 557 Jen Kesler Oregon State University 9.8750
3 104 Sarah DeMeo University of Alabama 9.8625
3 561 Makayla Stambaugh Oregon State University 9.8625
3 602 Monique DeLaTorre UCLA 9.8625
6 207 Alaina Johnson University of Florida 9.8500
6 408 Brittnee Martinez University of Michigan 9.8500
6 413 Trish Wilson University of Michigan 9.8500
6 562 Olivia Vivian Oregon State University 9.8500
10 458 Maria Scaffidi University of Nebraska 9.8250
11 462 Emily Wong University of Nebraska 9.8125
12 506 Kayla Nowak University of Oklahoma 9.8000
13 503 Megan Ferguson University of Oklahoma 9.7750
14 605 Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs UCLA 9.7500
15 112 Geralen Stack-Eaton University of Alabama 9.2000

1 610 Sam Peszek UCLA 9.9000
2 107 Kayla Hoffman University of Alabama 9.8875
2 604 Aisha Gerber UCLA 9.8875
4 504 Natasha Kelley University of Oklahoma 9.8750
5 302 Melissa Fernandez University of Illinois 9.8375
5 658 Mary Beth Lofgren University of Utah 9.8375
7 403 Kylee Botterman University of Michigan 9.8250
8 108 Kim Jacob University of Alabama 9.8125
8 503 Megan Ferguson University of Oklahoma 9.8125
10 558 Leslie Mak Oregon State University 9.4500


1 112 Geralen Stack-Eaton University of Alabama 9.9375
2 212 Maranda Smith University of Florida 9.9000
2 403 Kylee Botterman University of Michigan 9.9000
2 609 Brittani McCullough UCLA 9.9000
5 157 Jaime Pisani University of Arkansas 9.8875
5 207 Alaina Johnson University of Florida 9.8875
7 260 Cassidy McComb University of Georgia 9.8750
8 561 Makayla Stambaugh Oregon State University 9.8625
9 154 Katherine Grable University of Arkansas 9.8500
9 208 Marissa King University of Florida 9.8500
11 453 Lora Evenstad University of Nebraska 9.7875
12 452 Erin Davis University of Nebraska 9.7750

What is wrong with Shayla Worley?

April 17, 2011

Shayla has been a mess almost her entire time at Georgia. Some of it can be blamed on injuries but most of it can be blamed on Shayla being Shayla. Lets face the facts. She has never been very consistent as a gymnast.

I am sure they expected more from Shayla then to score 3 subpar routines at the biggest meet of the year. This is kind of sad and pathetic.

Georgia deserves better as a power house College gymnastics program. Shayla needs to start earning her free ride to College.

Alabama wins National Title

April 16, 2011


At least it wasn’t UCLA:)

I watched some of it on a live feed that didn’t start working until the 4th rotation so I got to see Alabama and UCLA be equally over scored on beam. Would have been nice to see more Oklahoma.

Congrats to Alabama.

1 University of Alabama 197.650
2 UCLA 197.375
3 University of Oklahoma 197.250
4 University of Nebraska 196.725
5 University of Utah 196.500
6 University of Michigan 196.425

Glasgow Results. Womens AA

April 16, 2011


The scores are very low. I hope Belu knows his gymnasts aren’t touching AA medals at a world or Olympics with these routines.