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Help Save Rhode Island Gymnastics

March 31, 2011

Sign the petition at a facebook page a fan sent me the link too.

In honor of Sarah

March 29, 2011

I posted the first blog Sarah did in her series of ” Moral Rehab” at The Elite Gymnast and I was inspired. I decided to come up with my own blog of nice things to say about the 5 gymnasts she used in her series.

So the link is to each of Sarah’s individual gymnasts so you know who I am talking about. The comments are the nice things I can come up with.

Carly Patterson

1. The best part of re-watching the 2003 worlds is to listen to the girls on the team talk about someone from another team falling off a beam. Carly’s response to the fall was a sarcastic “Aw. That’s too bad” Classic line from Miss Carly that still makes me laugh 8 years later.

2. I liked her song “back to the beginning. One of those cheesy tunes I sing in the shower. Please excuse her being off key and the tune never changing she must have been sick. The outfit kind of looks like she is a stripper in a lounge act but I bet Nastia chose this for her. So we can’t blame Carly for it.

2. If it wasn’t for Carly, Nastia would be the first American to win the Olympic AA Gold medal in a fully attended Olympics. Think about that for a second. Imagine how many times Tim and Elfi would share this fact with us. I thank Carly every day for winning that gold medal.


Alicia Sacramone

1. Bradyn ” Brady” Tyler Quinn is “hot” Alicia doesn’t always have good taste in boys (he was QB for Notre Dame and every year he got his ass kicked by BC:) but this one is a keeper. At least in the looks department.

2. Alicia can beat up boys. Some boys need to get the shit kicked out of them once in awhile.

3. Alicia is from Massachusetts. Don’t listen to Sarah when she says we aren’t all nice down here. She doesn’t know what she is talking about. Just don’t drive with us. Or come to Fenway dressed in pinstrips because then you will see a nasty side of us that won’t put us in a very good light.

Nastia Liukin

She is a real blond. Well I don’t know if the carpet matches the drapes (I suppose we could ask Evan but I doubt he would have any insider information) but the hair looks real.

2. I love her name. Not her stupid nick name Nastia but her real name. The name Anastasia is very pretty.

3. She is single-handedly trying to bring back the 80’s phenom of the Flash dance sweatshirt falling off the side of your shoulder. I mean we could have lost this gaudy fad forever. Thank God for Nastia bringing it back.

Shawn Johnson

1. Shawn is cute as a button. All American’s are stupid and only like the cute ones so I thought I would further that notion and use it as a reason number 1.

2. She won beam in China. Saving us from another undeserved Gold medal like the one the UB judges tried to hand Nastia on a silver platter.

3. She had great difficulty and great form (minus the jumps) but anyone that can do a cast to handstand with her feet together in 2010 gets liked by me. Seriously watch everyone else. Even Komova and NO ONE does this anymore. It’s a lost art.


Dominique Moceanu

1. Ummmmmm. ????????

1. She isn’t a twin. One of them is Scary enough. Two of them? I don’t even want to think about it.

Sarah sells out

March 27, 2011

I don’t know about you but I would never sell my soul to clear up the blackness in my life. I have too much integrity for that but apparently Sarah doesn’t.

That’s right since I am in a funk for original material (I also seem to be in a funk for giving a shit about this sport much anymore) I am just going to keep stealing Sarah’s blogs until I can buy some of this new clarity Sarah is trying to pawn off as sincerity.

I tried this once. I started a blog that said the 40 nice things I can say about Nastia Liukin but after listing two things I couldn’t come up with any more (Sorry I can’t tell you what those two nice things are because some time before the world ends I might be able to come up with 38 more things (Don’t hold your breath waiting for that)
Or I could just shorten the blog’s title to “The two nice things I can come up with about Nastia Liukin but that seems cheesy.

So without further ado here is the link to the 5 nice things Sarah can come up with about Nastia Liukin.

Enjoy your new karma Sarah. I hope it was worth your soul:)

Chellsie Memmel comes clean

March 24, 2011

IG2 Magazine has an interview up with Chellsie Memmel. The interview is pretty gym article news worthy which means it isn’t newsworthy at all but Chellsie makes a sort of confession in it that I personally have been waiting for her to say.

You know what happened at the last Olympics. She got hurt and could only compete the uneven bars but from all accounts we heard at the time Chellsie played the good soldier. She played the part of happy cheerleader that Marta loves so much in her gymnasts. Problem was we all know that isn’t how she really felt.

No earth shattering news here but it was nice to see Chellsie be honest in this interview.

What is motivating you right now?

Mainly just wanting to be here and wanting to do it and seeing if I will be capable of being a top-level gymnast again, and also not having the total Olympic experience that I wanted. That’s definitely a motivator.

If you work your whole life for one goal and you don’t make the goal that sucks. If you work your whole life for one goal and you reach it only to have it ripped out of your hands with the force of a hurricane then that could scar you for life. Not if you are Chellsie Memmel.

We just don’t know if Marta will take the risk of adding an always injured at the worst moment Chellsie Memmel to a 5 member Olympic team but we can only hope Chellsie is given the opportunity.


Chellsie’s dad put some videos of her up on his facebook account the last few days. Doing some double layouts and double fronts piked She looked pretty good.

and you think no one remembers Carly Patterson

March 22, 2011

Here is a link to a TMZ story about professional hackers trying to get into people’s e-mails. Yep Carly was on the list and ten props to TMZ for remembering the gymnast gym fans have forgotten.:)

College Gymnastics Regional Assignments

March 22, 2011

Here is the link

Denver Regional – Denver
1. Florida (1)
2. Arkansas (12)
3. Boise State (13)
4. Denver (19)
5. Arizona (20)
6. Brigham Young (27)

Tuscaloosa Regional – Bama
1. Alabama (2)
2. PSU (11)
3. Illinois (14)
4. Auburn (22)
5. CMU (25)
6. Kentucky (30)

Corvallis Regional – Oregon State
1. Oregon State (3)
2. Nebraska (10)
3. Iowa (15)
4. SUU (31)
5. San Jose St (34)
6. MSU (36)

Ann Arbor Regional – Michigan
1. Stanford (4)
2. Michigan (9)
3. Ohio St (16)
4. Iowa St (21)
5. Minnesota (23)
6. Kent State (24)

Norman Regional – Oklahoma
1. Oklahoma (5)
2. Utah (7)
3. Washington (17)
4. UNH (32)
5. Missouri (33)
6. North Carolina (35)

Athens Regional – Georgia
1. UCLA (6)
2. Georgia (8)
3. LSU (18)
4. North Carolina St (26)
5. Maryland (28)
6. West Virginia (29)

Kyla Ross wins AA At Jeselo

March 19, 2011

Looks like Kyla won the AA at Jeselo. Check out the facebook from Cincy for pictures.

The team picture has US first, Russia second.

AA is Ross, Preissman, Ohashi

Some more results have come in. Look at the score Kyla Ross got on bars. Wow, Looks like someone upped the anti. Now she needs to do it on floor.

Kyla would have beaten Ohashi even with if she had not fallen off beam. Grasp that usa-gymnastics and stop trying to fix the competition for Kaitlyn every time.

The juniors out scored the seniors again

2011 French International

March 19, 2011

The Gym Examiner is there doing a live blog.

Prelim results are as followed. These Gymnasts qualified.

Here is a list of the full qualifications from GymNICETics. She is the Anti me (nice and all):)
Sorry no clue how to do pinbacks.

Women’s vault qualifiers:

* 1. Tatiana Nabieva
* 2. Aliya Mustafina
* 3. Diana Chelaru
* 4. Jennifer Khwela

Women’s bars qualifiers:

* 1. Aliya Mustafina
* 2. Huang Qiushuang
* 3. Elisabeth Seitz
* 4. Tatiana Nabieva

Women’s beam qualifiers:

* 1. Aliya Mustafina
* 2. Ana Porgras
* 3. Anna Dementyeva
* 4. Lauren Mitchell

Women’s floor qualifiers:

* 1. Sandra Izbasa
* 2. Diana Chelaru
* 3. Vanessa Ferrari
* 4. Anna Dementyeva

Men’s floor finals qualifiers:

* 1. Tomas Gonzalez
* 2. Gael da Silva
* 3. Thomas Bouhail
* 4. Flavius Koczi

Men’s pommel horse qualifiers:

* 1. Prashanth Sellathurai
* 2. Louis Smith
* 3. Saso Bertonclej
* 4. Cyril Tommasone

Men’s rings qualifiers:

* 1. Chen Yibing
* 2. Koji Yamamuro
* 3. Konstantin Pluzhnikov
* 4. Alexander Balandin

Men’s vault qualifiers:

* 1. Dmitri Kaspiarovich
* 2. Tomas Gonzalez
* 3. Theo Seager
* 4. Luis Rivera

Men’s parallel bars qualifiers:

* 1. Feng Zhe
* 2. Mitja Petkovsek
* 3. Epke Zonderland
* 4. Roman Kulesza

Men’s high bar qualifiers:

* 1. Danell Leyva
* 2. Epke Zonderland
* 3. Marijo Moznik
* 4. Jeffrey Wammes.

Look who qualified first on the high bar. Nice to see the men send gymnasts to real competitions.

US beats Italy and Russia at Jeselo

March 19, 2011

Cincinnati gymnastics on facebook has pictures up.

Full Results

Jordyn must have messed up floor.That is why she lost to Maroney.

There is a picture of the coaches looking like they swallowed a yellow canary. Too funny.

One picture has Maroney in the middle. Jordyn to her left and Aly to her right. Could be AA or vault.

There is another picture of Sabrina, Bridgey Caquatto, Maroney and Aly in that order. Bars maybe? Beam? Beam more likely if it has Aly but Bridget would mean it is bars. Maybe that is all 4 winners (according to someone somewhere. I forget where I read that)

Back to March Madness! I have money on this and I am in first place so far.:)

USA 232,250 61,900 55,950 58,550 55,850
MARONEY MCKAYLA 57,850 6,500 9,500 16,000 5,300 8,500 13,800 5,800 8,450 14,250 5,600 8,200 13,800
WIEBER JORDYN 57,700 6,500 9,450 15,950 6,000 8,250 14,250 6,000 8,700 14,700 5,700 7,100 12,800
RAISMAN ALEXANDRA 57,400 5,800 9,300 15,100 5,500 8,000 13,500 6,300 8,450 14,750 5,900 8,150 14,050
DOUGLAS GABRIELLE 56,750 5,800 9,050 14,850 6,200 7,200 13,400 6,200 8,350 14,550 6,000 8,050 -0,10 13,950
JETTER AMANDA 53,600 5,300 7,400 12,700 6,000 7,850 13,850 5,500 8,500 14,000 5,600 7,450 13,050
VEGA SABRINA 42,950 5,800 8,550 14,350 6,000 8,550 14,550 5,600 8,450 14,050
2 ITALY 212,800 54,850 52,350 54,450 51,150
FERLITO CARLOTTA 55,600 5,300 8,800 14,100 5,300 8,400 13,700 5,600 8,650 14,250 5,400 8,150 13,550
GANDOLFI CHIARA 52,400 5,000 8,600 13,600 5,200 8,500 13,700 5,400 8,200 13,600 5,000 6,800 -0,30 11,500
LENI GIULIA 51,900 4,600 8,900 13,500 5,100 7,000 12,100 5,000 8,250 13,250 5,200 7,850 13,050
GIOVANNINI CARLOTTA 51,800 5,500 8,150 13,650 4,800 8,050 12,850 5,000 8,350 13,350 4,100 7,850 11,950
RANDO ELEONORA 50,450 4,400 8,300 12,700 4,500 7,400 11,900 5,000 8,250 13,250 4,900 7,700 12,600
3 RUSSIAN FED. 210,200 54,600 49,800 52,800 53,000
BELOKOBILSKAYA YULIA 54,650 5,000 8,700 13,700 6,100 7,450 13,550 6,200 7,300 13,500 5,800 8,100 13,900
KRUGLIKOVA CHRISTINA 52,950 5,000 8,950 13,950 5,100 7,150 12,250 5,700 7,900 13,600 5,000 8,150 13,150
SAPRANOVA DIANA 52,750 5,000 8,650 13,650 5,200 7,750 12,950 5,500 7,800 13,300 5,300 7,550 12,850
INSHINA YULIA 47,900 5,000 7,200 12,200 4,800 6,250 11,050 5,100 7,300 12,400 5,300 7,050 -0,10 12,250
STEPANOVA MARIA 36,000 4,000 8,250 12,250 5,800 6,900 12,700 5,200 5,850 11,050
KURBATOVA EKATERINA 26,400 5,000 8,300 13,300 4,800 8,300 13,100

The Commies are coming. The Commies are coming!!

March 18, 2011


Here are the committee minutes for a January meeting for USA-Gymnastics. Watch out US, the damn Liukins are trying to take over the United States.

The committee discussed allowing the athletes who participate in the
Developmental Camps the opportunity to qualify to the 2011 American/US
Classic Meet.
Recommendation that only those athlete who participated at either the
February or April Developmental Camp will be eligible to attempt to qualify to
the 2011 Classics at the May Developmental Camp by performing full sets on
competition surfaces.
Motion Nastia Liukin
Second Valeri Liukin

I am a lot confused. Nastia is now helping USA-Gymnastics make decisions?

First of all her name is not listed above when it says who is at the meeting and what their official position is but for some reason she is allowed to suggest anything?

There is no way in hell that Nastia should be allowed to ask for anything and have her father be the guy to second the motion.

That is a lot more suspect then the conspiracy theory that Nastia did this to keep Shawn from making any teams in the future. Though it should not matter in this day and age of the sport that a gymnast be ready in April for a competition that takes place in October. A lot can happen between the 6 months but thanks to Nastia and her commie father if a gymnast can’t show full routines in April they will not have the right to qualify for Classics through the May camp. A meet that can qualify a gymnast for Nationals , Worlds and eventually the Olympics.

Then again this does benefit Nastia if she really isn’t in training at all. Say she is just getting in shape because she knew she was getting chunky and not because she was actually in the gym training.

The second motion on this page by a Liukin allows a very Russian sounding name to stop her job as some kind of video person so that she can judge the competition . The Russians are taking over!!!!!!!!!!!

I did do some research on Tatiana Perskaia and I found out she is or was a coach at Capital gymnastics. I knew the name sounded familiar.
If she is still as coach then this is ridiculous.