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2013 Rhythmic World Championships

August 27, 2013

Results day 1 I think this is everyone. The US is currently in 18th and 20th place but tomorrow they compete with the clubs and one of these two American gymnasts (I think it was Rebecca not sure though) has issues with it and scored really low at Nationals.

Cheating judges have been cleared but only because there wasn’t enough evidence they cheated. Of course the fact that they all had the same answers and gave themselves special bonus points doesn’t make a This is why this sport needs to end.

Did you know the Rhythmic World Championships started today? Yeah me either but I thought I would cover it this year so here you go.

The US is sending two gymnasts including the National Champion Rebecca Sereda and silver medalist Jasmine Kerber. They are also sending a group consisting of Sharon Dassouli, Alisa Kano, Natalie McGiffert, Monica Rokhman, Jennifer Rokhman, and Laura Tutunikov.

The competition is taking place in Kiev Ukraine and the Official site can be found here The FIG site will also have info and you can find that here.

Jasmine Kerber

and Rebecca Sereda

I honestly have no clue who the current World or Olympic champion is in Rhythmic Gymnastics so maybe someone can fill me in:)

As the World Turns. Grishy Style

August 26, 2013

When Anastasia Grishina refused to do beam during the 2012 Olympic team finals I personally thought Russia would be done with her but they weren’t. They sent her to Europeans where she finished 3rd in the All Around and everyone thought she was turning a new leaf until a recent meet where she claimed a pinched nerve and took herself out of the competition. The rumor was she wasn’t really injured and was having trouble controlling her nerves and it looks like Russia believes that to be the reason for her recent “injury”

The blog, Rewriting Russian Gymnastics has all the dirt.

Someone in Russia saw something at the meet Grishina took herself out of to not want her to be at Worlds. I can’t believe they would just make something up to take her out of the meet so they could add Anna Pavlova to the team (a girl they wouldn’t even name to the National team the last few years in spite of the fact she competed and did well)

The article also mentions that Grishina was to blame for the Russian team not winning the Olympic title. While she certainly played a part in it she was not the only one. The article mentions she ” is at least partly” to blame and that is a fact. A big fact.

What do you think?

Shannon Miller had a broken wrist in Atlanta says Peggy Liddick

August 22, 2013


Didn’t know that. I knew she has issues but a broken wrist and the pulled hamstring. Just more proof Shannon is not given as much credit as she should be.



Article on Elizabeth Price.

Grishina is out of Worlds and Nabieva is in. Komova is sick and just got out of the Hospital allegedly but I wouldn’t be surprised if this is BS. Seems like a lot of hiding is going on when it comes to Komova. She seems to be always sick. Hope she isn’t being poisoned by Nabeiva to steal her Worlds

Michelle Kwan article. Well its not really about her but she is mentioned so its a Kwan article.

Media day at Nationals. (TripleTwistBlog)

Did I miss Chris Brooks at Nationals? I just realized I heard no screaming lunatic on the sidelines.

He went to Nationals

At what age do we have to take responsibility for our actions?

August 21, 2013

I guess my self imposed Gabby Douglas ban at this blog is officially over at least for today.

Writing this blog has been damn near impossible. It originally started out as a positive piece on life’s lesson and then quickly turned into a name calling hate fest. I am still not sure exactly what way I should go on this?

Should I call Gabby out for being a liar which she is or should I give her mother credit for finally putting her foot down and telling Gabby what she is going to do. (we are moving to LA as a family is what the article below implies)?

Confirmation that Gabby is in deed not training at Chows anymore.

At what age do we have to take responsibility for our actions? Gabby is 17. Technically she is still a child under her mothers control but Natalie Hawkins has not been much of a mother so far. If the article above is true and Gabby wasn’t the one that wanted to move to LA shouldn’t we finally give Gabby’s mother credit for being a mother? It sounds like Gabby was told what she is going to do and I don’t know about you but I think its about time Natalie Hawkins started acting like a mother.

Gabby will turn 18 this December and then she can make her own decisions. I just hope she still has some money left to live her life because I don’t trust Natalie “bankrupt” Hawkins to put her daughters best interest first. Though putting her foot down and moving the family to LA is a start.

What do you think?


You guys are more cynical then I am. lol You don’t trust Gabby’s mother at all while I gave her the benefit of the doubt. Am I the only one that finds it interesting that I gave her the benefit of the doubt and you people nailed her to the cross?

I will stick to my first thought (more like hope) that Gabby’s mother is finally going to act like a mother.

Who makes the 2013 World Championships team: The August edition

August 21, 2013

Everyone from Senior Nationals made the camp to decide the 2013 World team Kocian and Priessman are out with injury. Ohashi was not named to the National team or the camp and is rumored to not be not even training right now.

My question for you a few days after Nationals is which 3 gymnasts do you think will make the World Team? (We will do this blog again in a month)

Marta hinted in a Gymnastike video that she would consider taking only 3 gymnasts ,Simone Kyla and Mckayla and let them duke it out for the 3 spots.


As it stands right now I think taking Simone, Kyla and Mckayla and letting them fight it out for the two AA spots is a good idea. (If Mckayla is ready on bars and beam) but what if she isn’t ready?

Simone and Kyla have already locked up the two AA spots IMO. That leaves the Vault/Floor and Bars/Beam specialist. If mckayla does vault and floor who does bars and beam?

No one at Nationals stepped up into the bars and beam specialist position. Elizabeth Price fell on day one which allowed someone to slip into the third spot on bars and it says a lot that I don’t remember who that even is.

Kyla won beam and Simone finished second and I believe Kennedy Baker was third. Again that doesn’t say much.

What I do know is Skinner, Nichols and Dowell are not going to worlds. If Simone, Kyla and Mckayla are all locks for this team then there is no 3rd spot left for any event but bars and beam.

So we have our locks


Simone Biles- All Around
Kyla Ross- All Around
Mckayla Maroney- Vault and Floor

Then we have


Kennedy Baker
Brenna Dowell
Peyton Ernst
McKayla Maroney
Maggie Nichols
Elizabeth Price
MyKayla Skinner
Abigail Milliet
Madison Desch


My decision right now making a World team is to take the locks and add in Elizabeth Price as the forth gymnast. She is the only person on this list besides the locks that has proven herself this year. Even if it was 7 months ago I would take a chance on letting her go for just bars.

If Mckayla is ready for the AA, Dowell is the alternate. She’s messy as hell to watch but she finished 3rd at Nationals and can fill in on all four events if only difficulty wise. If Mckayla is not doing All Around I am taking Price for bars. Leave the beam spot empty or let Elizabeth or even Mckayla have the spot just so it isn’t left empty.

What do you think?

While I was Sleeping: The Yankees Still suck edition

August 19, 2013

Funny article about the scrunchie. Has a gymnastics mention. In defense of the Scrunchie

Mckayla Article

Back to school with Shannon Miller.

I remember nothing about going back to school except that I hated it. I remember my first day of High school and my first day as a senior in high school and that is it. Wait now I remember my first day of Junior High school too ( I walked in late) but I don’t remember anything else.

Leyva is out of worlds with an injury. Didn’t I read an article that said he wasn’t in play for worlds like a week ago? I knew there was a reason they put Bozo I mean Orozco on the alternate list. They knew Lleyva was not going to compete from the start.


From now on when you see the word Bozo it means Orozco. This kid is given special treatment like no other male gymnast from the Us I have ever seen. This kid acts like a prima donna and everything about him annoys me to no end but that is par for the course today:)

Bailie Key and Laurie Hernandez are going to the compete in Japan at a junior meet. I am pretty sure this is the Japan Invitational that the US usually sends its 6th place Junior National finisher even if that isn’t the way Gymnastike worded it in their article.

Indy gets 2015 Nationals I really hope Boston gets the Olympic Trials. No Worcester. Not Hartford Connecticut but BOSTON MASS. I know we have been spoiled on the East Coast but I still want more.

Skating Nationals and Worlds are here next year (still have not gotten tickets. Prices are ridiculous) I will be at worlds if it kills me. Not sure about Nationals but I really want to go back to the Olympic Trials and I can’t afford this unless it is in Boston.

I looked into going to Hartford and it would have been 200 a night for a hotel. 800 bucks. I just couldn’t justify it. Okay USA-Gymnastics I will settle for the 2019 Worlds being in Boston:)

If Marta is sending these two she has complete faith in them to smash the competition.

Ilya Kulik and Ekaterina Gordeeva daughter is a Figure Skater. She recently competed at the Southwest Pacific Regional Championships. Ilya and Ekaterina have been married since 2001? Wow it seems like yesterday.

They run a Skating rink in California. Kulik Skating

She’s adorable and has no artistry to speak of but I see loads of potential. She reminds me of a mini version of her father.

I kind of love this slide show of the girls that made the US National team. The pictures of Kyla and Mckayala are from the ESPY’s. The rest from


So the Red Sox have to play a night game on ESPN and then they travel ALL THE WAY across the Country with no day off to play a 10.00 PM game against the Giants? The Yankees of course have the day off. I am so over MLB right now.

After playing 17 games in a row ( 10 games road trip_ they have one day off and come home to play the Yankees for 3 games then fly across the Country to play again? Can we stop pretending MLB has fair scheduling?



If you stop posting here for a while and come back to find that you can no longer post at the blog you have NOT been banned. What you have been is “locked out” This is not me doing this to you it is wordpress. After awhile if you don’t post your name automatically has to be approved to post again. Its the way wordpress does things.

Please don’t expect me to remember you either and just approve you after not posting here for months. (Where the hell is Gym Mom by the way?) My memory is shot. I am getting old.

If you find you can no longer post send me an e-mail too and if I remember you I will
approve you to post again and don’t blame me if I forget you. Its just my old mind. It has a knack for forgetting people and remembering useless information about a certain baseball team or an ex NBA player.

That being said I am not stupid. Even an IP changer doesn’t hide your fake attitude and misinformation from triggering a memory in my old little mind that will clue me into your fake address from the Philippines.:) Nice 3rd attempt though.

While I was sleeping: The Yankees Suck edition

August 19, 2013

Worlds team for the men was just named

.@usagym names Mikulak, Leyva, Wynn, Dalton, Naddour and Legendre to World Championship team. Penev, Orozco and Ruggeri alternates.


Jordyn Wieber off to UCLA article via TripleTwist’s Twitter account.

While we weren’t sleeping Nabieva won the Russian Cup against No one.



Aly Raisman takes over the articles section on google.

[Cancer Fundraiser]

[ New York Times (from July)]

[Exhausting Summer]

[Parade Article]


If the Red Sox blow this game tonight there just might be an OT blog filled with complete disgust. A few swear words might appear also.

Best thing I ever did was end Tumblr and Twitter because I would be one pissed off baseball fan tonight.


2013 US Nationals : Seniors (Live Blogging)

August 17, 2013

Off to bed

Couch Gymnast Twitter

Kyla won bars and beam and Mckayla vault and floor. That sounds

Kennedy Baker, Simone Biles, Brenna Dowell, Peyton Ernst, Madison Kocian, McKayla Maroney, Maggie Nichols, Elizabeth Price, Lexie Priessman, Kyla Ross, Mykayla Skinner are your National team. No Ohashi.

Glad they named Price and Preissman. Sucks for Milliet

Rumor is Pittsburgh gets Nationals next year which sucks because it will be on the west coast in 2015

Gymnastike has pictures

Sportsperson of the year is Kyla Ross because she’s a BAMF. Coach of the year is Mihai Brestyan ( Who did he train this year?) because he’s a BAMF.

Triple Twist girls won the USA-Gymnastics contest. I voted:)

Vault Picture US Olympic Committee.

Congrats Simone.

FUCK YOU MARTA!!!!!!!!!!!!

So damn close. Wow. Kyla’s bobble killed her but she went for it. 6.0 start value. She connected the sheep jump to what ever the hell it was I was too nervous to

I am just so proud of her for putting it out there and trying.

Simone’s overscore on both her Amanars was the difference and the lack of deductions in her UB routine was blatant BS but I hope this means Ky;a wins Worlds.

Rotation 4

Kyla: Stupid side somi. I think we are getting some upgrades here. Awesome routine from Kyla minus the side somi.

Biles: She stayed on but missed her feet. I think they will still give her the title. Of course it does. That score is such bull shit for Simone but it is what it is.

Erin Macadaeg does exist. I have been saying that a lot tonight.Bobble on her full turn. All I can think watching this is shut up Nastia. Shut up Nastia. SHUT UP NASTIA. She babbles on about nothing. Its so damn annoying. Someone needs to do one of those videos that talks over what she is saying. Nastia has given plenty of ammo for a hate

Dowell UB: She stayed on but it was messy and she left out the connection because she was off. She is no Beth Tweddle.

Price on vault. DTY with a step. She looks annoyed. Must suck to be injured after being so successful during the year. Marta better name her to the National team. 15.150

Maggie Nichols: Beam fun with Maggie. Aw she likes Kyla. That is cute. She is staying on and no real big bobbles so far but little checks after every skill.

Skinner hit bars but it was typical messy.

Kennedy Baker does exist : YURCHENKO: Big step.

I am starting a new blog. It will be called SHUT UP NASTIA. Look for it soon because we could do a whole blog on how stupid and phony she sounds.

Milliet: Bobble, wobble.Bigger bobble. I like her leotard. Another bobble. Fall. Next.

Desch- Bars: Pak to the ass. Its too bad before the two mistakes she was doing a good job

Peyton on vault. DTY, No pointed toes.


Burn that shirt Nastia. You are not a grandmother.

Anyone ever heard the song lies? Wild Orchid has one. The Thompson Twin’s. En Vogue. Every time a Fierce 5 member talks I get those songs in my head.
We are all in the gym and training and deciding. LIES!

Jordyn does exist. Now lets make her cry. Hey, at least she still exists.

Phony laughing by the fierce 3. GAG ME.

Dowell: Amanar. Messy, piked and a step but it is what she is. Big pre-flight leg separation. They still gave her a 15.500 for that mess with a 9.2. Biles and Mckayla seem justified.

They don’t like Ersnt. Kim needs to kiss more ass.

Maggie on bars_ Mes, mess, messy but she stayed on.

Sloppy Chang by Skinner. Bent knee’s. Just yucky. They took all the deductions.

Nastia just called Skinner

Like you know vault Nastia. Shut up and stop repeating

Ut oh. Kyla just went to talk to Doc Larry and they went in the back. Hope this is nothing.

Simone has deserved this title so far but I hate that they make sure a fall won’t take her title away by slight overscores like her Amanar. Hell maybe we will get a tie and they can go to execution scores which gives Kyla the win. Then again this is Nationals so who knows if tie’s are broken. In the past they have not.

Peyton has pretty eyes. HATE that leo. Double layout. small step. I missed the rest waiting for Kyla’s bar score.I think that is the same as yesterday.

Kyla on bars- Hit handstands. Stuck landing. Maybe a small shuffle. I’ll see in replay. (no replay) 15.450

Nastia “blah, blah

Biles- Amanar. A little short and took a step back. 15.800
Great second vault. Small hop.
look Gabby. Real parents. I like Simone’s mom and dad. They seem real.
Rotation 2

Skinner got a 15.000 on floor.

Biles- 90.450
Ross 89. 550
Dowell 86.700
Ersnt 86.200
Nichols 86.050
Millet 85.450

We could be watching the girls competing but we are watching an interview and a routine from a girl that didn’t even win juniors. Laurie is an amazing gymnast but give me a break. I can;t stand Zmeskal or her gymnasts in general but this is just rude.

They lowered Biles score to a 14.950. Did they review the OOB?

Gabby lying through her teeth. That interview was not live. The crowd was empty.

Lauren did not win JR Nationals NBC. Wow this is a slap in the face to Bailie.

They will talk to Gabby and Aly with no mention of Jordyn. IF YOU CAN READ THIS go complain on USA-Gym’s facebook wall for that slight. 5 girls won gold, not 2 Excuse me. Jordyn doesn’t get interviewed and notice Gabby just stole Aly’s line about loving her teammates. Such a phony.

Peyton on beam. Bobble, bobble.Not a big fan of anything but her leaps.

Amanar: Same pre-flight issues and messy leg separation on the way to her landing but a small step. Pretty nice. 16.00 a bit much. The step was at least 3 tenths of close to it.
2nd vault: Small step. She was piked in the air. 15.400

Biles on floor. OOB on the Double double. Small step on double layout but still beautiful to watch. She has such power. Anna Li looks
Smiling is not artistry. Big step on last pass but it was better performed than two days ago. 15.150 High for real world not Nationals but this really proves how overscored she was on night 1

Kyla on vault: DTY with a hop. Its weird how Kyla has too much power for a DTY but not enough for a Amanar ( at her height) 15.300 (Too high in reality but compared to other DTY’s her block is much better.


Really you didn’t see the pike Tim or the pre-flight leg separation because we all saw it. There were more mistakes that I don’t remember off hand.

Dowell OOB and huge pike. Almost OOB on double front pike. Oh you people can see this yourself. Anyone watch the announcers in the background when they are not talking? Nastia has her bitch face on and looks bored to death and it is an even uglier look of disgust. I hope all this Fierce 5 talking is killing her.

Nastia talking about Dowell’s great floor routine makes me laugh. If you need more proof she has her head up her ass listening to her floor comments.
Dowell can tumble. PERIOD.

Really playing up the Fierce 5 angle. Kind of annoying. Then I think about how it annoys Nastia to no end and I get less

Rotation 1

Enough of the bad attitude by Mckayla. its not cute watching someone act like a brat. I know she apologized and all that BS but I wish they would just let it go. Why the same stories about this from all 3 nights so far. HA PRESIDENT, We make those at your decisions like giving 1.3 BILLION to Egypt while they kill anyone that protests.

I guess we don’t get Milliet on floor.


Only a 14.800 for Ebee.

Mckayla is very bright. (leo wise) Nice double Layout. Little wobbly double pike. Nice routine. 15.250 is way too high.

Al needs to go. I don’t even feel bad if they replace if with someone I hate.

Kyla, nailed double front. Step on full in. Other 3 fierce five in background.Hit double pike. Double tuck. Small step. SHUT UP NASTIA

Biles on beam. That leotard deserved to stay on beam. So far one bobble. Good landing. One step. Very good routine. Better than yesterday I am afraid what the score will 15.000 (deserved or at least not way overscored.)

I hope we get to see Price on bars. There she is. Come on Ebee.
She hits. Good routine. Form looked good.

Lets be real. Al she did not think she was on the team. Be real.

Mckayla is always interrupting Kyla. Its not cute but Kyla doesn’t seem to care.

I like Maggie Nichols leotard. Double layout and full in both with steps. I like the flame leo’s. Everyone hates them but me. She is another one with messy knee’s and leg separations and she hits her double back. OMG Nastia just called her artistic. LMAO

Al keeps bringing Nastia into the conversation. He needs to shut up already.
Peyton got a 13.850 on bars and now Al is explaining the same stuff he has been attempting to explain.

Skinner on beam. Bent legs. Short leap. Nailed the full with messy form. She doesn’t even attempt to straighten those legs.Orange bow and step on landing. 14.250

Peyton on bars. Gawd more Zmeskal love. GAG ME. I like Peyton though. Not that leo. Wonky legs and she hit the bar. I think that is 5 tenths and Nastia is making no sense. A huge mistake but did her job?


WE ARE LIVE and only God knows if I make it through 2 hours of Nastia.

Burn that leo Kyla and Mckayla. Yikes. Bright. I love Simone’s leo. I like Simone’s coaches jacket too.

My wish for tonight is that Kyla’s goes for it on floor. Its her first event. She should be rested and I want her 5.9 floor with the whipe double tuck and all the dance moves in. First event. No need to be tired.


Kocian is out with sprained ankle.

Start Lists.
Kyla starts on floor and ends on beam. Simone starts on beam. Ends on Bars.

Leotards for tonight. Gymnastike has the best updates so far. Check their twitter.

Mckayla’s was torn so she is wearing one from Classics.

Ooops says Mckayla:)

2013 Junior US Nationals: Day 2 (Finals) LIVE BLOGGING

August 17, 2013

This is your Junior National team.

(Baumann was overscored on her sloppy beam and was given a Woga pass to the Junior National team. What a crock. Polina never should have been named either. She has one event and it is messy as hell. She even missed her handstands and still got a 6.3 start value)

Marta games (I mean names) the National team.

Bailie Key, Lauren Hernandez, Amelia Hundley, Nia Dennis, Norah Flatley, Veronica Hults, Alyssa Baumann & Polina Shchennikova

Triple Twist girls list their highlights

Live Results

Rotation 4
ENOUGH OF GANGMAN STYLE. USA-Gymnastics like supporting a guy that wants to blow up American kids? Come on.

Baumann never impressed me as a junior and she doesn’t as a senior.

They are trying to jinx Bailie. A little bobbly but she stayed on. I like how she works on the top of her toe’s sometimes. That is what beams are supposed to be doing. She only does it a little but she tries.

Lots of leg separations from Polina you can really see at this angle. She was dinged for them too.

I like the Chow leotards today.

Poor Vasquez. She’s such a tiny little thing. She is mentally over this routine and if Sam laughs again I am going to find her and smack (Joking USA-Gym in case you are stalking me) 8.60 on bars takes away any chance of making the junior team which is a shame.

Lets talk about bar settings again SAM. I like how they pretend this competition isn’t over because Laurie has to go. Its impossible for her to make up 1.5 points on one event that isn’t vault and she isn’t a better vaulter than Bailie to do that.

Someone has Carly’s floor music. (Frack)

More Yurchenko’s

Nica on beam- Great first half. Messy second half and her sheep was short.

Hundley on vault- (not shown) Step to the side and of course Sam was all over her like she has been the entire time.

Sydney hit floor.

Chellsie is judging bars.

Hernandez was overscored on beam. She missed her leaps and how is it not an execution deduction if you don’t EXECUTE the jump correctly Sam?

Beam judges in the junior meet were blind.

I don’t think the Woga girls like that cute guy.

Lots of one event gymnasts in this junior competition. Sydney on floor. Agrapides on vault.

Sam is being biased again. The Woga girl took ten seconds between her connections and Sam calls it a little bobble. Calls it a solid routine when all she did was bobble through it and miss every connection. I wonder if she was told to bad mouth CGA by mommy dearest. It just seemed calculated to me.

Bailie wins. Laurie second and Amelia third. Hey this was by prediction for Classics. I was only a competition off.

6.50 tenths is not close Amanda (Floor)

I say goodbye to myself as I talked to myself the last hour doing quick hits for me. Woo. I know you can’t start live blogging in the end of the third rotation and expect people to show up.

See you tonight for live blogging Senior Nationals. I promise to be here.

Rotation 3

Dennis had a good beam but that score was too high.

Where the hell is Shannon Miller? USA-gymnastics lies

Yurchenko fulls. Welcome to 1992.

The more Peszek talks the more she annoys me.

Cho had some form issues on bars but she has potential.

That little girl has no luck on bars. Don’t want to butcher her name like Sam does. She falls again and is in tears. When you have a gymnast like this wouldn’t is be better to give her an easier routine and build her up? She swings the bars pretty well.

Replay with out music. Always fun.

Lots of leg issues for Nica bars but she stays on.

Laurie hit bars with a few leg issues not as many as Nica but it was a nice set. She’s very aggressive on bars. Not my taste but its nice to see her hit after the disaster at Classics.


If you would like to see what the Program looks like USA-gymnastics put it online.

Kocian is out for the Seniors (ankle) and North Stars’ Ashley Foss (Junior) is out with a dislocated left knee cap

Start Lists for Juniors

2013 US Senior Nationals. Day 1 ( Live bitching Blogging)

August 15, 2013

I got the feed at nbc sports network to work but i was hoping there would be online commentating too but I don’t think there is.

ALL Routines from night one (Seniors)

Ugly dress time These girls have no taste in cloths. Alicia is okay and I liked Shayla’s until I saw the bottom of it but the rest? No.
Bridget dresses like a Grandmother. Sam looks like a big fat orange. I don’t know what we call that frock Nastia has on? Stripes side ways are for skinny people. Ivie is okay. Alicia’s is too but Shawn. Those shorts are adorable on a person with legs. Not you.

Simone is funny

Will Graves ‏@WillGravesAP 2m

Simone Biles on how to block out the crowd, “it’s easy. I block out my parents all the time.”

Biles 60.500; 2. Ross 59.750; 3. Dowell 57.950; 4. Ernst 57.450; 5. Nichols 56.950.


NBC SUCKS. Did you plan Nationals for this night just so you could praise Nastia?

Nastia is annoying but I like how she shut up towards the end:)

Kyla, You are beautiful on beam. PLEASE upgrade. There is no reason that dismount can’t be upped.

Simone, You are a sweet kid. I like that I can root for you without feeling sick to my stomach but some of your form issues were back and the world judges are not giving you that floor score when your knee’s almost hit the ground.

Millet I apologize that NBC missed your hit routines and showed your missed one.

Dowell is a yucky gymnast to watch but at the end of every meet she seems to be in third place regardless of what us fans think of your form.


Peyton, I like your beautiful floor and leaps on beam but you need to get consistent and save us from the Dowell monster.

All and all these Nationals are exactly what Marta wanted.

MUTE. Fuck You NBC.


Kyla got a 15.500. It was a beautiful routine. 6.4 start value. Simone deserved the lead but both had the same bobble on floor (Kyla’s a little more) she needs to upgrade beam and stick floor and she will be close to Simone.

Kyla hit her bars. Beautiful handstands. A light leg separation on her Van Luewn and Tim is already making excuses for Biles being in the lead. Nastia has been quiet lately. Did she got to the bathroom????

Millet does exist. Stays on bars but leg separations and form issues and she missed something at the end. 13.200

Biles step on Amanar. Big hop but not huge. 15.800
Small step on second vault.(5.6) 15.000 (Mckayla has better scores averaged)

Biles is next on vault. If she does two vaults she could beat Mckayla who was messy on both her vaults.

Peyton was great on floor til her dismount. Knee almost down but not quite.

15.100 for Skinner that we did not see.

lol Wasn’t it Nastia that said Alicia’s floor speech was the help? Alicia is such a phony. Why the hell are we propping up Alicia. BUY OUT

Kocian is scratching vault. A good idea.
Come on Red Sox.


Rotation 3

Koceian (huge overscore on floor. a 13.700 with a fall?

( Biles 44.7, Ross 44.25, Milliet 43.6, Kocian 43.5, Ernst 43.25, Dowell/Nichols 42.85, Guerra 42.4, Baker 41.8, Desch 41.55)

Biles, dd, small step. Double layout almost to knee’s. Nice third pass. Small step on last pass. Minus the double layout to the knee is was a decent routine but a 15.150 score is ridiculous. Not even close. 56.2 start value.8.850 in deductions. Kind of an overscore. She didn’t dance in this routine. She looked bored the entire time. This routine was not her usual self.

Big step on Amanar for Mckayla. Big leg separation and form issues (knees) on vault.
Big step on her second vault.

Nastia down again on the tone. So phony

wow AL. She fell on vault in the event finals and they needed her to stick the team vault? ARE YOU AN IDIOT. FYI, That was not a ten. She was piked and had leg issues. Come on.

Kocian fell on floor. She has messy tumbling but was hitting until the fall in her third pass and a messy forth pass. She is hurt. Rolled her ankle after falling on her ass.

Stupid Woga coach didn’t even know what foot she hurt.

I feel like I missed something. Hmm.
By tie. SOX

Peyton off beam. Then she bobbles walking on the beam. Punch front wolf connected.

Right Nastia like you were great on floor.

Dowell hitting tumbling but blah form

Kyla, DTY stuck. Little messy bent knee but her usual vault. 15.300

(Mckayla hits her Amanar. Small step.
Second vault. Well she had huge steps on her second vault. At least 5 HUGE steps. Too much power.)

It doesn’t say she went yet. Those must have been practice. Ignore this.

Damn, There goes out lead SOX!!!



Alicia really plays head games on these This is hilarious. We all know what a bitch she really is but they play the party line like nobodies business.

14.400 for Milliet on floor. Not that we got to see it.

Nastia says Shawn was a squirt and her tone changes. The phony fake nice voice is replaced by the deeper phonier

Shawn talk time. Who needs to see Milliet DO ACTUAL GYMNASTICS when we can talk about Shawn.

Maggie only got a 14.100 on floor (I missed her last pass but heard a gasp)

Smiling is not artistry. Nastia talks about herself. DRINK

Maggie on floor- Double layout. Full in (both stuck)

Nice routine by Kocian.
The USA-Gymnastics Hall of fame is a bigger joke than the IG one. More Nastia talk. Now she is kissing Alicia’s ass because she knows she secretly hates

Shawn showing. Just for Gym Mom. Where is Gym Mom

Biles will have at least a point lead going into the last event. Kyla should get close to what Biles gets on bars vs Biles vault but Biles will take the lead on floor. With the way this has worked in the past I almost hope Biles wins so Kyla can go get the World title. We will see

Lots of sloppy feet on Peyton’s bars.

Hit first pass, stiff leg second. (Kyla) Almost hands down on double Pike. Landed double tuck. Ah. It is what it is. Her leotard is growing on my minus the neck thing. 14.250

Mckayla is trying to win a floor title dumbass.

Kyla on floor. (Baby Kyla and Mckayla . awww

Anna Li is the line judge on floor and she didn’t give her the OOB. I don’t know for sure if she was out. (Mckayla)

Mckayla out on first pass. Bobbly on second. All the vault judges eyes are on

Nice routine but not as good as classics.

Biles hit beam. One bobble. NAILED the landing 14.900 on beam. Not sure about the 9.2 execution but she only got a 5.7 start value.

Price is off bars. She’s in tears. Damn Parkette’s she should be at home. Something isn;t right with her injury.

I missed up some of my comments below so they might not be where they should be. Sorry about that.

I was this close to shutting off the volume but it is still on. Nastia has already talked about herself ten times and I can’t blame just her. Tim and that idiot Al won’t shut up about her.

Al was just funny. It does sound like a law firm ( Kocian, Price and Ernst)

Do we really need the Maroney bad attitude and look? Its time to move on.


Kocian leads with a 15.000 on bars. Price, Ernst, Biles and Ross follow

Rotation 1

Desch stayed on bars but hit the floor with her feet. Milliet is bombing beam. Nastia’s voice is grating into to me like no one else can do. That fake voice needs to go.

I am with you sainabou . Burn the leotards

DTY for Price. Nothing special. She’s injured and should be at home. They would have petitioned her.

Good news. I’ve got baseball update on the top of my screen:) 1-0 Sox

Biles was short on her handstands (2) but she stayed on.

Not Kyla’s best routine. She bobbled a few times but stayed on. NBC is propping her up and lying through their teeth about a great start. She missed the connection and bobbled a few times. Good news for Kyla is she gets better as the competition goes on. She will be better tomorrow. 14.7 (5.8)

Now we get a Kim fluff. I hate Marta. We don’t celebrate our most decorated we celebrate Kim ” Didn’t deserve her AA gold medal ” Zmeskal. Great she coaches a girl in the lead but remember when Nunno’s juniors swept Nationals. What did they accomplish as seniors.

Lets be real here. If Zmeskal wasn’t a Karolyi would we even be mentioning her?

Nice DTY by Peyton. Stuck.

Texas Dreams leotards would not be as ugly if the flower wasn’t there.

I like Maggie’s leo.

MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please burn that shirt and that voice. Nastia will for anything for attention and that is what she is trying to do with that shirt. Yet she was upstaged by all the ugly leotards from everyone else.

Same commercials, lovely.

BYE ELFI!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sorry I ever insulted you. I really am. I blame myself for this. I really do.

Drinking game every time Nastia talks about herself.

Explain to me how Gabby would not have made the team if she finished second at Nationals?


Live scoring is here. Live blogging will start when the broadcast starts or before.

All comments by me will be at the bottom. I will be going up for rotations so look for the bold lettering and please contribute. I might not always be able to comment but I am reading what you say. There is no point doing this if no one is reading. I’ll try to comment during the blog to the comments you guys make on the blog:)

Bridget into the Hall of Fame for USA-Gymnastics. Anyone know if the 1995 team was ever inducted into the Hall of Fame. That bronze was gold for those girls.

Mckayla has no taste in leo’s.

Neither is Kyla today. Yikes

The place is empty so why weren’t any of these tickets available the last month?

Half truths from Tim. Price never fit in the team. That is why she was left off

Here is Everyone’s start list.


Ariana Guerra
Elizabeth Price
Kennedy Baker
Peyton Ernst


Madison Desch
Simone Biles
Brenna Dowell
Mykayla Skinner
Madison Kocian


Abigail Milliet
McKayla Maroney (not competing)
Kyla Ross
Erin Macadaeg
Maggie Nichols