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Merry Christmas and Happy New year : Things I learned while spending a few weeks on Instagram: The gymnastics edition….

December 23, 2019

I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hannakah and a Happy New year. Where almost there everyone. The OLYMPIC YEAR is less than a week and a day away…


I kind of knew Instagram and I wouldn’t ever be BFF’s. You see I am extremely anti social. I took my first and only selfie this summer while on vacation with my nieces and it’s since been deleted, I think. There might still be a copy out there somewhere (Something was mumbled about remembering how much they loved me when I wasn’t around anymore. Nothing like the guilt of some kids to make you do something you really hate to do) so without further ado, this is what I learned following every gymnast known to man kind on Instagram ( Yes, even Nastia but read on for detail on that)

What I learned…..

Elizabeth Price is smarter than everyone…

*Updated. She’s book smart. Not common sense smart.

Screen Shot 2019-11-25 at 4.23.56 PM

A new code to stop the latest Alien attack, perhaps??????

What the hell does Ashton Locklear do to make money? It doesn’t look like she has a job but she lives in a nice house and wears Prada bags and spends every night partying so, there’s that.

Ragan Smith has never found a motivational quote she didn’t like. I was about to praise her collection of quotes til the day she quoted Derek freaking Jeter She did redeem herself and quote Teddy ballgame a day later but I think it might have been too late for this Yankee hater..

Morgan Hurd is everyone’s best friend… She never forgets a birthday. She’s the first one to like a comment whether it’s a fan or a friend and she seems to get along with the greatest variety of people from the lowest level gymnast at her gym to the College gymnast still trying elite and yes, she even likes, Simone Biles posts. Oh and lets not forget that Morgan Hurd is the selfie Queen of the internet ESPECIALLY after a meet or a camp. She’s never met a phone or camera she didn’t like…

Screen Shot 2019-11-25 at 5.10.41 PM

Everyone should be glad Alicia Sacramone isn’t their mother…..

Her daughter’s are adorable and no child in the history of social media has as much personality and charisma as her oldest daughter Sloane and maybe its a generation thing but,I have to question the sanity of any mother that when finding their kids have climbed into a dryer, taking a picture instead of lecturing them on how unsafe that is. Back in my day, kids climbed into dryers and fridges with doors left on and didn’t make it out. Just saying…. Hey now, I’m not “Mommy shaming” her ( okay maybe I am I mean this is the same mother that let her daughter walk out of a store with a Balloon and skipped that teaching moment too, so…….

Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 4.12.36 PM

Nastia Liukin will never change….

I have learned so much from Nastia on instagram, I don’t even know where to start…. I learned that the only way to put a selfie online is to make sure you hire a make up artist and hair person so you can share that special ” Spontaneous ” moment with the world. I learned how to, not, dress. I learned how to celebrate August 8th with the same picture every year . I learned she never met a bottle of bleach she didn’t like. Perhaps the biggest thing I learned from Nastia on Instagram is that I am so damn thankful I don’t live in fucking Detroit and have to deal with her dating a member of their, no fun league team. THANK GOD she doesn’t date a Patriot 😦 (Remember all those times you made fun of me because she dated the hockey guy from Boston? Well suck it Case. She’s your problem now 🙂

I learned that way too many members of the 2007 Olympic team still exist

You never see members of the 1992 Olympic team ( bronze) or 2004 Olympic team (Silver) gracing us with their presence on TV and the internet like they won gold. I mean seriously besides Bridget Sloan and the occasional Chellsie Memmel ridiculous skill, I have never seen a group of self centered , ego maniacs, slither their way into the media like these gymnasts have. GO AWAY and stop trying to sell your fans boxes of crap they don’t need.. And if you have to tell us you have cool friends you probably don’t ( Just sayin)

I learned that I like to listen to Claudia Fragapane talk…..

She is one of the new generation gymnasts I had to force myself to follow on twitter but once I did I found her to be a pleasant surprise. She’s kind of personable or it could be the accent. That being said, she is Great Britain’s version of Nastia when it comes to posing like she belongs on a girly magazine so……

That Octavian Belu is still alive… Thanks to Olympic Champion , Monica Rusu’s official twitter.

Screen Shot 2019-11-25 at 6.20.40 PM

From this post I also learned that Larisa Iordache still exists. So does Silvia Stroescu and Andreea Raducan Marian Dragulescu, Sabina Cojocar , Steliana Nistor ,
Sandra Izbasa ,
Catalina Ponor ,
Ioana Crisan and even Simona Amanar ( Though she doesn’t post) Sarah would be in heaven with all these Romanian gymnasts on Instgram

Other things I learned on Instagram…

Simone Biles likes to creep me out. Waaay too many butt pictures. Sorry Simone, but you’re not bringing sexy back….

I will never like Sam Peszek. Her voice grates on my last nerve….

That Marie Fjordholm is a great mom ( at least online) and the attends all her son’s hockey games. She also teaches them to help the less fortunate.

That Russian gymnasts are the same as US gymnasts. Selfies. More selfies. Some gymnastics thrown in then of course, more selfies….

I learned that Morgan White LIVES and so does Suzanne Yoculan Who knew ???

That Larisa Iordache is the Romanian version of Nastia. I’ve never seen a girl take more selfies of herself in full make up.

That Victoria Moors does nothing but party. I also noticed she never seems to mention her sister and her gymnastics successes .

That Mary Lou Retton’s daughters are annoying. Well two of them are. Mckenna milking everything she can out of one floor routine and I’m not sure why Shayla even exists on social media.

That Laurie Hernandez is illogical. I mean come on kid, NO ONE thinks your an introvert

Jade Barbosa  liked to climb walls as a child. That’s a life skill we could all use and if gymnastics doesn’t work our for her she can do stunts for Spiderman..

I wish there was more to add to this but besides the edumacation of Nastia Liukin I didn’t learn much. I guess I learned that unless you’re in your twenties or younger no one should have an instagram.

P.S.- I forgot to follow Shawn. Might be a future blog idea 🙂

Sat it ain’t so, Rocio. Shang Chunsong not training for the Olympics

December 16, 2019

According to this twitter, Shang Chunsong is not on the National team and only training for the Chinese games in 2021. Also according to this twitter, Shang will have a hard time getting back on the National team due to Politics. exact wording,

“Its not only a matter of how good she is, lots of networking efforts are also required.”

Anyone think this sounds like games Marta’s played ?

Liang Chow is supposed to be better than this. He’s the nice coach.

Video of floor training

Just for the record I read this , this morning at like 5.30 AM and felt like calling in sick to work I was so bummed. If only someone knew Liang Chow’s e-mail????

Morgan Hurd and choker boy to the American Cup ( Wake me when it’s over)